15 Year-old Labrador Abandoned Because He Wasn’t a “Good Boy”

By Letizia L

There are stories that look like tacky jokes. Stories that, if they weren’t sadly true, would be difficult to imagine. Like the one that happened in Upchurch, a small town in Kent not far from the more famous Canterbury, which featured a dog, a chain, and above all a note. It all started when the dog, a 15-year-old pitch-black Labrador, was found tied on a leash to the fence of the Jasmil Kennels, a local dog shelter.


Noticed by a group of people who initially thought of a momentary departure of the owner, the big dog stood there, alone, patiently waiting for someone who would never return. So, after a while, those people who take care of the stray dogs in the area became suspicious because, together with the poor dog, they found an unbelievable note.

“Hi”, said the delusional message, “please, could you take me with you? My master left me after 10 years because I am not a good boy. So, he took me back here where he found me. Thank you and sorry for the annoyance”.


At this point, once the “writing” dog was saved and, after having disseminated the images that were published by the Swale Borough Council Stray Dog Service, they tried to trace the author of the gesture and the message that moved and at the same time disgusted the community.

A useless search that, however, has also meant luck for that old labrador. Since now, finally, he has been adopted by someone who pampers him and with whom he will live peacefully in the last years of his life.