2021 Rom Coms

By Shane R

(C) Pexels

2020 is over and a new year has started. And that means more romance-comedies in 2021. With a variety of streaming service movies and ones in theaters, you can get your fix this year. Netflix is a great place to start with “Marry Me.” The movie will pair Owen Wilson and Jennifer Lopez together, which will end the trilogy of “To All The Boys,” released by Wes Anderson.

“Stars Fell On Alabama” looks to be another stellar movie for next year. With James Maslow and Ciara Hanna working together, this movie should be a fun way to pass the time. James Maslow plays a Hollywood agent who brings a client with him to pose as his girlfriend for a high school reunion. In the end, do they start to have feelings for one another? You will have to watch in January to see what happens.

Another Hulu film is coming to the platform in 2021 called “The Ultimate Playlist of Noise.” On January 15th, viewers get to see Keean Johnson play a teen obsessed with music. Over time, the teen loses hearing due to a tumor. A musician, played by Madeline Brewer, shares life with the boy, even if music is not a part of it.

Craig Adderley/Pexels

“Cinderella” can’t be missed in 2021. Disney+ cast Camila Cabello to play the lead the role. Enjoy the retelling of this classic on February 5th, with the help of Cinderella’s godparent, played by Billy Porter. Even Prince Charming will be great, with Nicholas Galitzine taking the role that is one of the best stories ever told.