3 Actors That Adopted Their Animal Co-Stars

By Kanyi M

Dogs, turtles and horses featured in movies and TV shows are a sure hit with viewers, but what happens to these animals when the shoot is done? Nowadays, many animals used in films are rescues, and often go on to be adopted after the film. And, sometimes, their forever home is with their human co-stars. A lot of famous actors and actresses who have had animals on set have not been willing to part ways with them. They’ve kept the animals as pets and given them a loving home.

1. Chris Evans

Image courtesy of chrisevans/Instagram

True to his character, Steve Rogers — sorry, Chris Evans — adopted a puppy. The pure-hearted Captain America star was on the set for Gifted in 2017. One particular scene was shot at a shelter, but those weren’t actor dogs populating the place. So, what did Evans do? He walked in and bonded with a cute pup he named Dodger.

2. Yvette Nicole Brown

Image courtesy of misterharleybrown/Instagram

Although she played a cat lover in Lady and the Tramp (2019), Yvette Nicole Brown is a dog lover. She might not have been able to cuddle any of the pups while on camera, but there was plenty of off-camera love. The trainer on set knew just who would be the perfect dog companion for the actress.

3. Tiffany Haddish

Image courtesy of KinoCheck.com/YouTube and Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

After filming Keanu in 2016, Haddish wasn’t willing to part with one of her co-stars so soon. There were actually seven different “actors” playing the eponymous kitten! One of them, now known as Catatonic, went home with Haddish.