5 Celebrities And Their Civilian Doppelgangers

By Kanyi M

It’s no secret that Hollywood stars have lookalikes that do all the cool actions on set. But their stunt doubles aren’t the only people that can fill in for these celebs. Everyday folks from all over the world have discovered celebrity doppelgangers, some of which are even mistaken for their famous “twins” by passersby.

Let’s take a look at just a few of these matching pairs:

1. A Pakistani Mr. Bean

Lookalikes don’t need to come from the same country. This Pakistani man is a spot-on replica of Mr. Bean — suit and all!

Image courtesy of demilked.com

2. Adam Sandler’s Doppelganger who was invited to a film premiere

The internet is a great place to meet people with whom you have the same interests. And, apparently looks, too. Take this man for example, who was able to meet his celebrity double in person. Better yet, Mr. Sandler invited him to a film premiere!

Image courtesy of gene100001/Reddit

3. A Bruce Willis clone on the bus

This is the most uncanny celebrity lookalike ever and we would love to see how the original actor reacts if he sees this photo. This man’s facial features are a spitting image of Bruce Willis’.

Image courtesy of JM2845/Reddit and PAN Photo Agency/Shutterstock

4. Alfredo Linguini from Ratatouille

This chef had nothing to do with the making of Ratatouille, but he sure looks like the character model for Alfredo. This poor guy apparently gets comments about his likeness nonstop.

Image courtesy of zombi3123/Reddit and Lindsay Sharp/YouTube

5. Keanu Reeve’s doppelganger

Apparently there are tons of people who look like the famous actor, but this guy is the spitting image of our favorite actor.

Image courtesy of same.de.la.same/IG and DFree/Shutterstock