5 Most Powerful Marvel Supervillains of All Time

By Divya G

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is incomplete without its supervillains. We all praise a good superhero, but a supervillain is who makes the movie more entertaining and gives it the plot. While there are hundreds of villains in Marvel, we have compiled a list of the most powerful ones and ranked them accordingly. Let’s have a look at them. 

#1 Galactus 

Galactus is probably the most powerful supervillain in the entire MCU. He is the most formidable wielder of the Power Cosmic. In order to sustain, he must devour the entire universe and its inhabitants. 

#2 Thanos 

The Mad Titan is one of the biggest cosmic threats to exist in the Marvel Universe. Apart from being a good leader with armies that you cannot count, he has strength, stamina, and the Infinity Gauntlet that can wipe 50% of the entire universe. 

#3 Hela 

The Goddess of Death and Chaos, Hela is the daughter of Odin and sister to Thor and Loki. She was banished by Odin and sent to the underworld for her misdeeds. Hela is one of the most powerful and ruthless supervillains in the MCU. 

#4 Abraxas 

Abraxas is a destructive antithesis that came into existence even before the multiverses were formed. He is pretty much impossible to beat. The only way to ensure that he doesn’t create any nuisance is to prevent him from emerging in any other universes. 

#5 The Fallen One 

The Fallen One is the very first herald of Galactus. Known for its aggression and destructive fits of rage, he is powered by the dark energy in combination with cosmic radiation. In short, he can control Black Matter – a substance that binds all the universe together. 

These are the top 5 powerful Marvel super-villains of all time.