5 Movies You Would Never Believe Were Based on True Stories

By Francis Tunwase

Movies stretch our imaginations. However, for some people, true-life stories do not exactly cut it. Some real stories tend to come off as documentaries rather than as movies. Other times, they get unnecessarily long or have too many details cut out.

However, this doesn’t change the fact that true stories can be very enjoyable. In fact, some real-life stories seem so unreal and absurd that you’d think they were imagined. Here are five famous movies that really happened.

The Hunt for Red October

You must have heard that this movie is based on a Tom Clancy novel. Well, the full detail is that the plot of both the novel and movie is from the true-life story of Valery Sablin, who led a mutiny on a Soviet ship.

Image credit: Paramount pictures

The Irishman

The interesting but lengthy crime movie is based on Frank Sheeran’s confession about the murder of Jimmy Hoffa, recorded in Charles Brandt’s novel, “I Heard You Paint Houses.”

Image credit: Netflix

The Sound of Music

The hills were truly alive with the sound of music. The movie tells the true tale of Maria, who was shipped off to become the governess of the Von Trapps. The rest, as they don’t say, is melodious history.

Image credit: 20th Century Fox

A Few Good Men

This legal drama is an adaptation of several factual accounts from the true story of a US Marine who died after his disappearance. The Tom Cruise lawyer finesse is exaggerated, though.

Image credit: Castle Rock Entertainment

Girl, Interrupted

You probably didn’t think Susanna was a real person, did you? Well, she was, and the movie is entirely based on memoirs detailing her experiences.

Image credit: Columbia pictures