A Boy From Toronto Has A Couple Of Unexpected Encounters With Celebrities

By Moureen N

In the world of celebrity sightings, a run-of-the-mill meet-and-greet is not uncommon. But what about running into two of the biggest stars in one night? That’s exactly what happened to a boy from Toronto. When the unexpected meetings occurred, an 11-year-old boy named Harrison and his family were out to supper in Yorkville to celebrate Harrison’s father’s 50th birthday.

Image credits: toronto.ctvnews.ca

After dinner, Harrison and his family decided to go for a stroll around the neighborhood. They were strolling when they walked by a restaurant named ONE, and outside the restaurant, there was a large group of photographers and a luxurious car.

Harrison was intrigued, so he approached a paparazzo who was present inside the restaurant at the time, and the paparazzo revealed that Drake was the person in question. Harrison was excited to learn that a celebrity he admired was close by, and he tried to look around to see if he would see Drake in person.

About half an hour later, Harrison’s brother saw Adam Sandler and yelled out of excitement. Sandler walked by Harrison and entered a restaurant, but after 15 minutes came outside. Sandler offered Harrison a high five when he asked for one. Sandler then patted Harrison on the back and told him he was a good boy. That day, Harrison had an exhilarating, surprising, and mind-blowing encounter.

Image credits: toronto.ctvnews.ca

Shortly after his encounter with Sandler, Drake came out of the restaurant he was in with his bodyguards, and Harrison requested a picture with him. Harrison was grateful that he had such an amazing day in this way and that he was thrilled with how everything turned out. After all the surprises he had been thrown throughout the evening, Harrison decided that he wanted to enjoy the rest of his night.