A New Twist to Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s tumultuous relationship

By Divya G

For the general public, celebrity relationships have always been a focal point. People want to know what’s happening in their favorite people’s lives. Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s relationship has been the talking point lately. The Pirates of The Caribbean actor was accused by then-wife Amber Heard of domestic violence, and a case was filed against Depp for hitting his wife. 

As the relationship progressed, there were rumors creeping around the edges. Starling reports of physical abuse, and violent rages emerged. Later, these allegations were backed by video and photo evidence. Amber also shared a picture that showed her bruised face. 

Nevertheless, they went their separate ways with Amber Heard bagging the biggest role of her movie career with Aquaman. A few years later, they are back in the spotlight with new information and rumors surrounding the estranged relationship. 

In an explosive audio confession, the Aquaman star has confessed to hitting ex-husband and pelting him with vases, pans, and pots. Above all that, the most shocking rumor that was heard lately was Amber going to the bathroom in Johnny’s bed. But Amber has ruled out this incident as a made-up story and said that nothing like this has ever happened. 

It seems like Heard has posed as a domestic violence victim for so many years. But the audiotapes tell another story. There are rumors that after new information surfaced about the Depp-Heard relationship, Amber may have lost her deal with the Warner Bros studio for the Aquaman and Justice League franchise. 

Let’s see what road their tumultuous relationship next takes.