Abandoned Dog Enters a Police Car and Refuses to Leave

By Letizia L

Recently, in a city near Santa Catarina, Brazil, a little dog got into a police car while the policemen were performing their duty, probably because he was afraid of being abandoned again. The video that was shared by the Polícia Militar Rodoviária de Santa Catarina page moved more than two million people in no time.

Facebook: Polícia Militar Rodoviária de Santa Catarina

The puppy was visibly shaken and was crying, probably because he was just abandoned on the nearby highway. When the men tried to get him out of the car, the reaction of the dog was so heartbreaking that they decided to give the little guy a chance and bring him along.

In the video post, the agents wrote: “Yesterday afternoon the policemen were conducting a speed control operation on the SC-135 highway in the city of Rio das Antas when they were surprised by a puppy who got into the vehicle. He was crying a lot and it seemed that they had recently abandoned him on the side of the highway. The two policemen, soldiers Borges and Mateus, tried to get him out of the vehicle, but he was crying desperately as if he was about to be abandoned again”.

Facebook: Polícia Militar Rodoviária de Santa Catarina

The video shows the animal’s crying and anguish for wanting to stay inside the vehicle. The policemen, deeply moved by the situation, took the puppy to the police station and Corporal Maurício decided to adopt him and bring him home, making his children happy.

The gesture of this good policeman has been applauded by many people and now Rex has a wonderful family that will take care of him forever.