Actors That Should Have Won An Oscar But Haven’t …(Yet)

By Letizia L

There are too many great actors and not enough Oscars. Among the most amazing performances and artists that have never won an Oscar for Best Actor, there are several very well-known names. Do you know them all? Or even better, are you ready to be shocked?

1. Richard Burton


Seven nominations in twenty-four years, yet no Oscar: that’s the case of Richard Burton, who never won the statuette. Among the films that earned him at least the Nomination, we mention Becket and His King, 1965, Who is Afraid of Virginia Wolf ?, 1966, Equus, 1978.

2. Peter Sellers

Source: IMDb

Peter Sellers, never won an Oscar for Best Actor. In 1965 Sellers was beaten by Rex Harrison for My Fair Lady. Fair or not, we really wish this amazing performer had won at least one Oscar!

3. Ralph Fiennes

Source: Pinterest

Anthony Minghella’s film – The English Patient – won almost everything: directing, film, photography, screenplay, editing, costumes… yet neither Ralph Fiennes nor Kristin Scott Thomas won the Oscar for their performances.

4. Edward Norton

Source: IMDb

American History X has become a cult classic, despite not receiving praise from the critics or the Academy. The only nomination was in fact for the immense interpretation of Edward Norton, who fought with giants of the caliber of Ian McKellen, Nick Nolte and Tom Hanks, and lost.

5. Bill Murray

Source: SwashVillage

Bill Murray: you’re sure he won at least one Oscar, but we are sad to let you know that he actually hasn’t won any. Too bad, because he deserved several during his spectacular career.

6. Brad Pitt


Brad Pitt had multiple Oscar nominations for Best Actor, yet managed to win the statuette only as a producer of “12 Years a Slave, and as a supporting actor for “There was once upon a time… in Hollywood”. No Oscar for Best Actor yet. Keep trying, Brad!