Actors Who Played Unrecognizable Roles

By Anthony K

It’s incredible how actors play characters that don’t resemble them, leaving them without even a trace of their normal look. It can at times be so taxing to act in some of these roles, which can end up draining the actors’ emotional, physical, and mental states. Some roles require just a few minutes of make-up, while others can take hours. From acting techniques that seem insane to undercover comedians, some of the unrecognizable actors in movies are discussed below.

In Black Mass, Johnny Deep turned into a scary gangster

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Johnny Deep is known to be a fan of props, funny hats, and make-up. However, in Black Mass, his role as the infamous FBI informant, homicidal mobster, and the Winter Hill gang head gave him his most astonishing transformation. Johnny Deep copied Bulgers look into his icy blue eyes. His real eyebrows got entirely covered up, and to achieve the Bulger’s disturbing smirk; Deep had to stain his teeth yellow.

In Cloud Atlas, Hugh Grant turned into a cannibal warlord

Cloud Atlas does it best when it comes to unrecognizable performances. It is a science fiction film about souls reincarnated over time; Hugh Grant has six diverse roles in the film. In one role, he plays as an evil Asian businessman and in another as an elderly dude, but where his unrecognizable performance is evident best is in the 24th- century Hawaii storyline, a cannibal warlord covered in radiation burns and blood. He is full of tattoos of snakes that slither up his arms and fill his face.

In The Dallas Buyers Club (2013), Jared Leto was unrecognizable

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In this film, Jared Leto played a transexual woman immersing himself into an entirely different looking self.