Actress Sofia Vergara Stuns Fans With No Filter Selfie!

By Kanyi M

If only everyone had a fun-filled, carefree life like Sofia Vergara. She told fans that she and her friends were in Miami for an engagement party. In her latest selfie, she shows off her beach-side hair and stunning body to the world, looking like she has a carefree life.

Image courtesy of @sofiavergara / Instagram

Sofia Vergara reveals she and her friends sang and danced the night away in Miami. The Modern Family actress looks like she’s having a fun weekend on a gorgeous Miami beach, posing for pics with no filters while wearing her tortoiseshell oval glasses for all to see.

Fans commented on how beautiful Sofia looked and how confident she was in the caption for her selfie alongside the beautiful Miami beach. In a previous selfie, she showed off her gorgeous tan, so it isn’t surprising why people are craving more from her. The actress is famous for her penchant for scantily-clad selfies, and her fans seem to love them. Sofia even posted another revealing white bikini photo with a caption telling fans she had a fun weekend thanks to Miami.

Image courtesy of @sofiavergara / Instagram

The actress is a natural beauty, so no filter is needed for Sofia Vergara. Especially not in a photo that features her enjoying a day at the beach, given her toned body. A relaxed Vergara is seen lounging on a chair and enjoying the view of the beach. Vergara showcased her enviable curves in a stunning dress, with her hair and make-up looking flawless.

Who can even tell that the woman is 50 years old?