40+ Animal Pictures To Look At When Cheering Up Is Needed

By Larissa C

Whenever we’re having a bad day, some things help us cool off. For some people, eating chocolate is a way of relaxing. For other people, it’s enjoying a long, nice bath that calms them. There are also those people who prefer to exercise and let some steam off.  And then there are people whose bad day only ends when they get home and see their pets.  For those people, there’s nothing better than to hug their pet, play with them, laugh with them. Animals are truly powerful when it comes to melting our hearts and making us feel happy even when our day was awful.  If you’re having a bad day and need something to make you feel better, check out these 40+ funny animal pictures. We assure you that you’ll be smiling so hard by the end of this article your face will hurt!

Before vs. After someone says you did a great job!

It’s true that we all like to say that we’re too confident to care about other people’s opinions. But it is always good to hear that we look good or that we did a great job, isn’t it? It makes us feel seen and appreciated — and when someone says we did a good job, we probably look like this:

Image courtesy of Weibo

Isn’t that the cutest frog you’ve ever seen? We’re opening this article in great style, and we bet you’re already smiling just by looking at how adorable this tiny creature is. We wonder what his owner said to make him smile so big!

When someone throws you a surprise birthday party!

Have you ever had a surprise birthday party? It feels great knowing that your friends and family appreciate you that much. If you have had a surprise party, you know exactly what this cat is feeling. If you haven’t had one, don’t worry, your time will come!

Image courtesy of AmbJohnBolton/Twitter

You can totally see the happiness in this cat’s eyes and on his beautiful smile! Judging by the single candle, we’re guessing that this is his very first birthday. Hopefully, he enjoyed it as much as possible — and may he have many more birthday “cakes” in the next years!

When you and a stranger wear the same outfit!

We’ve all watched a movie where two women wear the same outfit to a public event. Have you ever been in that situation? It may sound a bit too superficial, but it’s actually quite annoying when we put effort into wearing a nice outfit only to find someone wearing the exact same one.

Image courtesy of sawyersgvnn/Twitter

Looking at this picture, we wonder who wore the outfit first and who copied it! Based on the way that the cows are looking at this adorable dog, he probably copied it. All jokes aside, this picture is hilarious, and we wonder what was going through all of their heads as the cows and the dog realized they looked “similar”!

This is how we wanted to be!

Meeting a special person and falling in love with them is simply amazing, especially in times like these. Having someone’s company during the pandemic was one of the things that helped lots of people remain calm and collected. If you had a significant other quarantining with you, you guys probably looked like this:

Image courtesy of Daily Mail

Aren’t those two cats so adorable? We all know that love works differently in the animal kingdom — and that is why our hearts melt when we see animals (especially cats, considering their reputation) being cute and affectionate to one another!

Catch him, bro!

Tom and Jerry are iconic characters that marked most of our childhoods. We still remember watching their hilarious cartoon, though we never knew who we should root for. Do you know who doesn’t have that problem? Cats. It’s pretty clear who’s their favorite!

Image courtesy of imgur.com/new/time

We guess we’ll never know how the owner got to distract all his six cats at once, but kudos to him! It’s pretty obvious that these cats are desperately rooting for Tom to finally catch Jerry, right? But imagine how hilarious it would be if they were actually rooting for the mouse!

 A helping hand?

This picture should make you smile — but not because it’s funny. This image is actually quite touching, considering how humans can be so mean to animals sometimes. Regardless of everything, this orangutan is kind enough to offer a helping hand to a human in need!

Image courtesy of reddit.com/r/natureismetal

We have no way of knowing the context behind this moment, but we’re glad it was caught on camera. This picture should work as a reminder that animals are incredibly good, and we should always treat them with kindness and love!

Do you have a minute, ma’am?

If you’re a homeowner, one thing is for sure: you don’t like it when people knock on your door on weekends. Those are the only two days that we get to have some rest, after all. But imagine walking up to your door only to find that this adorable creature was the one knocking:

Image courtesy of coraldeville/twitter

We bet that you wouldn’t mind opening the door for him. If you were having a bad day and saw this adorable dog on your doorstep, you would for sure feel better immediately. We hope that the person who took this picture gave him a treat at least!

Is that a heart?

Unless you grew up on a farm or in a rural area, you’ve probably never heard of anyone having a pet cow. It’s actually quite common for children and teens to “adopt” a baby cow as a pet. We bet that you would want this next animal to be yours!

Image courtesy of boredpanda.com/important-animal-images-funny-pics

Have you ever seen a cow with a heart-shaped patch on its forehead? Though we’ve never seen one in person, it’s actually pretty common for cows and oxen to have these adorable markings on their heads. And we thought that baby cows couldn’t get any cuter!

Safety always!

During the coronavirus pandemic, some things became a constant part of our lives. One of those things was face masks, which we had to use whenever out in public. Because they wanted to protect their pets, some pet owners had to get creative too.

Image courtesy of hbuzzfeed.com/sydrobinson1

And they got creative by creating face masks so that their pets would be safe as well! The thing about face masks for small animals is that it not only protects them, but it also makes them look extremely cute!

So you think you’re funny?

Do you know what tiny hands are? They’re small fake hands that have become incredibly popular among social media comedians. Although they’re not exactly fancy or anything like that, there’s something about this toy that makes everyone laugh right out loud.

Image courtesy of karmadecay.com

See what we’re talking about? There’s not a lot going on in this picture, but it is incredibly funny. The interlocked tiny hands and the cat’s serious expression are enough to make us burst out laughing. It’s almost as if he’s saying something like “so you think you’re funny, John?” — it’s hilarious, really!

You can’t see me!

Maybe if it weren’t for us, you would spend a couple of minutes trying to understand what’s going on in the next picture. This is what we would call an “optical illusion”, one of those images that trick our eyes.

Image courtesy of godsavetheq/Tumblr

Get what we meant? This picture is quite tricky because the cat’s fur is the same color as the chair he’s sitting on. If his eyes had been closed when this picture was taken, we probably would never realize there was a cat in there!

Cloudy with a chance of…giant cat?

Cats are magnificent and extremely photogenic. We dare you to try and take a picture in which your cat looks anything other than great. It’s basically impossible! And if you’re lucky enough, you can even take plenty of interesting photos of your cat. Like this following picture:

Image courtesy of KarmaDecay

The owner of this cat was really clever when they decided to take this picture. The cat was standing on something that made him look tall. When its owner saw that the cat’s position was overlapping with the reflection of the clouds, he took this amazing picture. It looks like the cat is on the clouds, looking down on the rest of us!

Find the dog!

In another episode of the optical illusion saga, we have a mystery to solve. Where is the dog? If you find it, congratulations. You’re good at solving puzzles. If you don’t find it, don’t worry. We didn’t find it at first either!

Image courtesy of DogSolutions/Twitter

Unlike the cat in the other picture — whose eyes were wide open —, this dog is completely camouflaged with the bedsheet. He’s positioned exactly on top of the design of a bear, and you can barely even tell the dog is there!

Yes, Your Honor!

Do you know those period set films in which judges wore wigs in court? Those wigs are still worn in the UK, but judges stopped wearing those wigs a long time ago in the United States. Apparently, this duck missed the memo!

Image courtesy of AnimalsBeingDerps/Reddit

Isn’t his hair simply amazing? We wonder who’s his hairstylist! All jokes aside, it’s actually quite interesting to see this duck looking like that. We’re not sure if that’s actual hair or if someone put a wig on his head. Either way, he looks like he’s ready to judge you!

Kitten love is everything!

We all know the kind of reputation that cats have. We’ll often hear people saying that cats are cold, distant, and selfish. However, that is far from the truth. Just because they’re not as affectionate as dogs, it doesn’t mean that cats aren’t loving. 

Image courtesy of theChive

Is that enough proof for you? Cats look after their own, and they’re very affectionate with each other. We don’t know what was going on with this cat, but the other cat was gentle enough to hold her until things better. Hopefully, this picture will also make you feel better!

Custom-made balconies!

We’re sure you’ve probably seen a custom-made house at some point in your life. These homes are ideal for families who want their houses to fit them (and fit their needs) perfectly. However, we bet you’ve never seen a custom-made balcony…for dogs!

Image courtesy of pikabu.ru

Yep, that’s right. This family built a custom-made balcony for their dogs, who love enjoying the weather outside. And they didn’t stop there. The family also added a cover so that the dogs wouldn’t have direct contact with sunlight! Now that’s what we call love and dedication to your pets.

What are you looking at?

For a few years now, pet owners who have mini-breeds are allowed to bring their pets to private spaces such as shopping malls and other spaces. Some people even put their pets on strollers, and it’s absolutely the cutest thing ever!

Image courtesy of Viral/Imgur

This owner didn’t bring a stroller for his adorable dog, but this tiny creature didn’t mind. In fact, he had a blast when his owner had to go to the restroom. Instead of being stuck in a stroller, the dog walked under the stall door and stared at the people in the bathroom!

The original duck face!

If you have social media accounts, then you probably know that there’s a trendy pose among people who take selfies. It’s called the duck face, and it’s a pretty simple pose: all you have to is pout your lips. 

Image courtesy of Aww/Reddit

Do you know how that pose came to be? Well, this adorable “kid” (that’s what baby goats are called) invented it! See his pouty lips? We’re just kidding; he didn’t actually create that pose. However, this baby goat definitely took the “duck face” pose to a much better level!

What did you do?

Do you know when we’re kids, and we do something naughty? Our parents can immediately tell we’re up to something because we can’t hide the guilty look on our faces no matter how hard we try. This next animal looks just like that:

Image courtesy of AnimalsBeingDerps/Reddit

You can literally see his guilt in the way his eyes are wide open, and he’s standing still. He knows he did something bad, and he’s obviously hoping no one has seen it. Unfortunately, our pal didn’t realize that he broke the cat door and it is stuck on his body!

That was my home!

We know that we’ve already mentioned that cats get a bad rap because some humans think that they’re lazy, selfish, and cold-hearted. We know we defended cats and said they’re not like that at all — but we have to admit that some cats are indeed a bit selfish.

Image courtesy of uboyno.ru

See what we mean? This cat kicked the cute bunny out of his home and took over the whole place. This picture shows two contrasting emotions: the cat looks pleased with himself, and the bunny looks helpless. We also have two contrasting emotions over here. We don’t know if we should laugh (because this picture is hilarious) or if we should feel sorry for the newly homeless bunny!

You don’t see that every day!

Do you know how they say that there’s a first for everything in life? This next picture will show something that you may have never seen before. We can’t explain how the events in the picture happened, so let’s just stare at it in amazement.

Image courtesy of RarePuppers/Reddit

Looking at this dog calmly sitting on top of a tree is mind-blowing. We have so many questions right now. How did it get there? Why is the dog not freaking out? How in the world is it going to get out of that tree? All jokes aside, we sure hope this person rescued this adorable pet after taking the picture!

You’ll always have a shoulder to cry on!

Who said that dogs and cats fight all the time? Sometimes, these two “rival” animals find the time to be friendly to each other. If they’re raised together, they will even be friends for life. Have you never seen a dog and a cat being friends? Check out this next picture!

Image courtesy of jvfvsl/Reddit

Isn’t that adorable? That’s what the friendship between a dog and a cat looks like. Instead of fighting or bickering, they spend some quality, just chilling together. Although it kind of looks like something happened because both animals look kind of sad. Maybe they both did something naughty and were scolded by their humans?

Oh, no!

For this next picture, we have to prepare you mentally. It is easily one of the funniest pictures we’ve ever seen, but it makes us feel bad for laughing. If you can’t handle this duality, we suggest you skip to the next slide. Just kidding!

Image courtesy of MemeEconomy/Reddit

See what we meant by laughing and feeling bad about it? The way that this animal is staring silently at his broken double is the perfect definition of a funny animal picture! It’s funny because it looks like he’s assessing the situation and thinking “uh-oh”.

Cute and comfy dogs!

If you ask any dog trainer, they’ll tell you that you’re absolutely forbidden from allowing your pet to sleep on your bed. We’ve been there, and we know how hard it is to resist temptation. We want our dogs to feel the comfiest, after all!

Image courtesy of MadeMeSmile/Reddit

This couple obviously ignored that rule and saved a spot on their bed for this adorable dog. And let us tell you something: all three of them look incredibly happy. Breaking the rules is totally fine sometimes, and this ball-of-sunshine picture is proof of that!

What’s up, girl?

We’re certain you’ve probably seen cute animals, funny animals, angry (yet cute) animals, upset animals, and so on. You must’ve seen animals in every mood ever — but this next one will probably be new to you. Check out this flirty animal!

Image courtesy of Daily Mail

While we’re sure that this adorable raccoon is not actually flirting, his stance reminds us of flirty people. Do you know that pose when movie characters want to seduce someone? Now, all that this adorable animal has to do is say, “hey, there”!

Hair! Hair everywhere!

All dogs are cute. It doesn’t matter if they’re big or small; we love all dogs in the world. But we must admit that furry dogs make us want to squeeze the cuteness out of them! If you disagree with us, look at this picture:

Image courtesy of .reddit.com/r/blessedimages

So, are we right, or are we right? These adorable dogs are so furry we can’t even see their faces! Perhaps we would’ve been able to if only someone weren’t blowing their fur with a hairdryer (or with a giant fan). Either way, this picture proves our point that furry dogs are the cutest!

Are you for real?

Do you know those scenes from movies or TV shows where a character tells something shocking to another character? And then the character who heard the news gasps in surprise? Well, the next two cats decided to reenact one of those scenes. Check it out:

Image courtesy of WhatsWrongWithYourCat/Reddit

We have no idea what the person behind the camera said, but it must have been super shocking. Judging by the hilarious way that those two cats are looking at the camera, jaws dropped and all, they probably weren’t expecting at all to hear what they heard!

I’ll do anything for milk!

If there’s one thing you should know about cats is that they’re super flexible. They’ll pull stunts that you didn’t think were possible. They squirm and twitch in imaginable ways. And they’ll fit in places you never imagined they would.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/r/hmmm

In case you’re wondering: no, this is not an edited photo. This is an actual image of a cat sticking its face into a glass of milk. That’s clear and concise proof that cats will go to great lengths just to have a cup of milk!

He never thought he would love this cat this much!

Do you know how some parents forbid their children from having pets at home? Want to hear something funny? Those parents are always the ones who fall in love with your pet as soon as you bring it home! If you don’t know what we’re talking about, you’re probably one of those parents.

Image courtesy of Funny/Reddit

The man in this picture explicitly forbade his daughter from adopting a cat. The girl decided to try her luck and brought home this rescue cat. Her dad was mad for a couple of days, but this adorable animal won his heart. Two weeks later, the father had even bought a custom-made rocking chair for the new addition!

This is our face when we open the fridge and see that someone ate our leftover pizza!

If you have a roommate or if you still live with your family, the title for this slide looked very familiar to you. There’s always someone at home who eats the food that we saved for later. Even if we put our name on the food, they’ll eat it anyway!

Image courtesy of pikabu.ru

This cat represents what we look like when we find out that someone ate something that we were saving for the next day. Isn’t it hilarious how his expression changes completely in a matter of seconds? We can feel his disappointment all the way from here!

When you don’t know anyone at the party!

Have you ever been to a party or an event where you didn’t know anyone? Or maybe you were with a friend, and they left you all alone with a bunch of strangers? If that has happened to you, you know how awkward it is!

Image courtesy of imgur.com/hot/time

This cat is a rather accurate representation of how we look when that happens. We can only glance around while standing awkwardly in the corner of the room or sitting in this exact same position. Though we’re sure we don’t look half as cute as this cat!

Why do bad things happen to good people?

No, we’re not about to get existential here. But this next picture will leave you wondering what did this adorable creature do to deserve a broken arm. However, we must warn you that you’re about to see the cutest picture ever.

Image courtesy of New/Imgur

Isn’t this picture so adorable? It’s kind of hard to tell how this beautiful animal injured his arm — but we would do anything to take this hamster’s pain away, that’s for sure. We do love how dramatic he is, closing his eyes for the picture and all!

Looking at the mirror in the morning!

No matter how much we take care of our health and focus on our skincare routine, we always look pretty rough in the morning. Puffy face and ruffled hair; that’s basically all we see in the mirror when we wake up.

Image courtesy of koha.net

Do you feel represented by this cat? We certainly do. That’s our exact reaction when we walk past a mirror before we wash our face in the morning. Our jaws drop, and we just can’t believe we’re seeing! But let’s be honest: this cat is beautiful. Maybe he’s amazed at his beauty instead?

A hippopotamus…dog?

Do you know what a hippopotamus dog is? We didn’t, either. That is, we didn’t know what that was until we saw this next picture. Trust us when we say that you’ll have lots of questions once we show you this hilarious photograph:

Image courtesy of reddit.com/user/true-romance

That is a hippopotamus dog! It’s not actually a hippo, but it’s definitely a dog. A filthy and muddy dog. How he got that dirty is not a mystery once you look at the huge muddy puddle he found after heavy rainfall. Our guess is that he dived in the mud as if he were diving into a chocolate pool! 

I’ll have a pet to go, please!

When we go to a drive-thru, our objective is to get food as quickly as possible. Because of that, it’s not unusual to see other people getting upset whenever it takes a little too long for our orders to be ready. But would you be upset if this was the reason:

Image courtesy of Aww/Reddit

We’re pretty sure that no one would lose their patience if they saw this scene. Delaying our orders to pet an incredibly adorable dog? Sign us up for it! In fact, we would give a huge tip to this attendant just to thank her for making this dog so happy.

Taking selfies with your boyfriend.

If you have a boyfriend, you know hard it is to get them to smile for pictures sometimes. Guys act like they’re super shy in front of a camera. While that’s kind of adorable, it’s also pretty annoying when we want to take cute pics with them, and they just refuse to smile!

Image courtesy of aww-cute-animals/Tumblr

Most pictures we take with our boyfriends end up looking like this, right? We act cute for the picture, and they simply stand there! Well, what matters is that we know that they love us whether they smile for pictures or not, right?

Find the cat!

For the following picture, we have a challenge for you. You have to find the cat in the next picture. It sounds pretty simple, right? Well, we might have a surprise in store for you! Look at this picture carefully and find the cat:

Image courtesy of Weibo

If you found the cat, congratulations. You’re a good cat finder! If you found all the cats — yes, in the plural —, you’re a highly-skilled cat finder! All jokes aside, this picture is so adorable we can’t stop smiling. We wonder when these beautiful flowers will bloom!

We got them, bro!

We’ve already talked about friendships between different animals, haven’t we? These friendships are simply amazing, and we can tell by their gestures that animals do understand the concept of forming bonds with one another. Want to see what we mean? Check out this next picture.

Image courtesy of memecenter.com

These two birds are looking at each other and shaking their “hands” in a very familiar manner. Do you know when you and your best friend pull pranks on your friends? These birds look like they just pranked someone — and they seem very proud about it!

This cat loves you!

Remember that baby cow we showed you, the one with a heart-shaped patch on its forehead? What if we told you that that baby cow has a feline cousin? Yep, you read that right. There’s a cat with a heart-shaped patch on its body!

Image courtesy of PoorlyDraws/Twitter

Can you imagine coming home to find this adorable cat lying on the living room carpet like this? Better yet, coming home to see this cute heart-shaped patch on your cat’s fur — almost as if that’s its way of telling you it loves you? That must be amazing!

The cat in the…colander!

You’ve probably heard of Dr. Seuss’s book “The Cat in the Hat.” Now it’s time for us to introduce you to “The Cat in the Colander” — an original book written by yours truly! Check out a preview of the book cover:

Image courtesy of twitter.com/idlewildgirl

All jokes aside, this cat isn’t even inside a colander. It’s actually a small plastic basket. And we’re not really releasing a book. But if someone were to release a book about this adorable cat, we sure would buy it! How did it get inside this container We have no idea — but kudos to him for being so skilled!

Always remember to wash your hands!

When we’re kids, one of the things we hear all the time is: wash your hands! Our parents teach us from early on that we need to keep our hands cleans, especially before eating our meals. Keeping our hands clean is even more important now during the coronavirus pandemic.

Image courtesy of @frogreacts

Because we’re so busy thinking about work and life when we’re adults, it’s pretty easy to forget to wash our hands before eating. If that’s a problem you have, you can now purchase a reminder frog for your sink! Just kidding. This adorable frog is not for sale — but we wouldn’t mind having such a cute animal reminding us to lather up!

How to carry your cat!

Do you have a kitty or a puppy at home? Are you having trouble carrying them around with you? The guy in the next picture may have a solution for all your problems. Here is the world’s most practical “small animal carrier”!

Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

We bet you have one of these carriers at home, don’t you? If you want to bring your baby animal with you wherever you go but want to keep your hands free, this is a solution. All you have to do is put your kitty or puppy inside the hood!

Do you have room for one more spoon?

Caution: cuteness overload ahead! We should’ve probably added a warning like this one before each picture in this article. They were all cute because all animals are cute, isn’t that right? Multiply that cuteness times 10, and the result will look something like this:

Image courtesy of Sommerville Bakery

Isn’t that the most adorable rodent ever? Tiny animals are already cute as it is, but when they’re this furry and have such pretty paws, they make our hearts melt instantly. We wish we could have a spoonful of adorable creatures in our lives!


Do you know those moments when you break something you weren’t supposed to break — and suddenly your entire life flashes before your eyes? We’ve all been there. And we’re pretty sure that the cat in this next picture felt the same way:

Image courtesy of twitter.com/catshouldnt

How did this cat trip over the phone charger? We have no idea! Maybe he was walking in one direction but looking the other way? Or maybe he was running at full speed and didn’t have time to stop before he crashed into the cable. Either way, we can tell by the look on his face that he knows he’s in trouble now!

A pretty cat is ready to win your heart!

Most people love animals. If you’re not a cat person, then you’re probably a dog person or vice versa. Hopefully, you’re having a much better day after having read our article and appreciating all the funny and cute animal pictures.

Image courtesy of AnimalsBeingDerps/Reddit

This picture is the cherry on top of a delicious cake. Doesn’t that cat look incredibly good? Judging by her pose and facial expression, this beautiful animal feels like a supermodel in the midst of a photoshoot. The red leaf is overlapping her lips and giving the impression that this cat is wearing lipstick. One thing is for sure: she’s a very chic cat!