Anime-Inspired Woman Wanted More Plastic Surgeries

By Shivam B

From a different nose to 2000cc breast implants, this anime super is looking for some help on “Botched docs Terry Dubrow & Paul Nassif.” This article describes the transplant that the woman has undergone over the years. However, she is focussing on getting more plastic surgery which includes tiny lips, a good nose, big breasts, a tiny waist, and a cute bum.

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What She Has To Tell Regarding The Previous Plastic Surgeries?

By far, she has already undergone two breast augmentations. At the age of 21, she got her first surgery. But after getting the surgery done, she wasn’t happy with the result. She found the breasts were too small, which encouraged her to go for the second one.

What Happened In The Surgery?

Seven months later, she got an 800cc breast implant done without her mother’s permission. The same doctor has done the procedure. But one week later, she started having a fever. After visiting the doctor, she found out it was because of the right breast. There was some infection, and she had to go to emergency surgery to remove the implant. She had to go put on a small implant, and the doctor says that the girl was too lucky. It was a risky condition.

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The Ending Note

Now she plans to get her nose done to get a more curved surface and more refined from the tip. Also, her objective is to get a 2000cc breast, and she feels it inspires her to live longer.