Anitta Gets Candid About Funny Episode Before Meeting Madonna

By Martin B

Anitta, the Brazilian pop star, recently appeared on the talk show WWHL, where she recounted her experience working with Madonna back in 2019.

Source: @anitta/Instagram

Anitta admitted that she was extremely nervous before the meeting, which led to a bout of “Madonnarrhea,” a term coined by Andy Cohen for the unfortunate condition of getting diarrhea before seeing Madonna.

Anitta, who was apprehensive before meeting the pop icon, revealed that she experienced severe nervousness before their meeting, which led to an upset stomach. However, she was relieved that Madonna didn’t show up right away, allowing her to use the bathroom and calm her nerves.

Despite her initial fear and gastrointestinal distress, Anitta was eventually able to put on a brave face and pull off the recording session with Madonna. The whole experience felt surreal, and she even got to recreate her Madonnarrhea moment for Cohen.

Anitta also discussed meeting her other idol, Mariah Carey, on the show. While she didn’t get sick, she revealed that she was nervous and frozen in awe because Carey was the first singer she had ever heard in her life.

Source: @anitta/Instagram

The story of Anitta’s tummy problems episode quickly gained attention on social media, with fans and followers sharing their own anecdotes about experiencing nervousness and stomach issues before meeting their idols.

Despite the initial discomfort, Anitta has proven to be a consummate professional in the face of adversity, and her fans are thrilled to see her continued success on the global stage.