From Models To Entrepreneurs: The Many Flings Of Alex Rodriguez

By Isabel K

Alex Rodriguez was once well-known for his baseball prowess, but he left the limelight after he retired from the New York Yankees. However, he became a household name again in 2017 when he confirmed he was dating superstar and singer, Jennifer Lopez. Alex confirmed their relationship on an episode of The View, and later that year, Alex and J.Lo made their first public appearance as a couple at the 2017 Met Gala. But this isn’t Alex’s first public relationship with an A-list celebrity. He has been linked to different famous and beautiful women in Hollywood. He’s dated fitness stars, models, and entrepreneurs, some of which you probably already know. Here is a list of women that Alex was romantically linked to before dating Jennifer Lopez.

Lauren Hunter — 2011

Lauren Hunter is a fitness model and swimwear competitor. She was once in a love triangle with the former New York Yankees baseball player. Lauren Hunter claims she met Alex Rodriguez at the Los Angeles equinox gym in 2011. But in 2011, Alex was in a relationship with Cameron Diaz. 

Image Source: ExploreTalent/YouTube

Lauren came forward with many allegations, including the fact that she had been intimate with Rodriguez on the same day he took Diaz to the MTV awards. Hunter was very public with her allegation that Alex cheated on Cameron throughout their relationship.

Lauren Hunter — Now

The drama between Lauren and Alex didn’t end in 2011. In 2017, when Alex and Jennifer Lopez made the relationship public, Lauren came out with more allegations about the former baseball player. She says they constantly texted and face-timed throughout May 2017. 

Image Source: Instagram

May 2017 was around two months after Alex confirmed his relationship with Jennifer Lopez. Although she shared flirtatious texts — supposedly from Alex — it didn’t affect his relationship with J.Lo. According to her Twitter bio, Lauren’s primary focus is raising her three sons and working as a personal trainer. 

Candice Houlihan — 2004

In 2008, the only news surrounding Alex Rodriguez was about his divorce from Cynthia Scurtis. That was until former stripper Candice Houlihan came out with allegations that he cheated on his wife when she was pregnant. Candice claims it all went down at a Red Sox game in 2004. 

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The ex-dancer claimed that she only spent two nights with the former baseball player. Candice said that Cynthia was doing the right thing by filing for divorce from Alex. She said, “ Good for her; I think she’s doing the smart thing. And she’ll probably get tons of cash. ”

Candice Houlihan — Now

Candice Houlihan became famous overnight after sharing details of her two-night fling with the former Yankees player. Unfortunately, the fame might’ve gotten to her head. According to Candice, her 15 minutes of fame landed her in jail and left her with a hefty fine to pay. 

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She claims this was because she revealed private details of her affair. The tabloids didn’t leave her alone. The unemployed hairdresser faced a lot of backlash from the public as well. They were going as far as calling her a homewrecker. After this incident, Candice decided to stay out of the public eye. 

Erin Simmons — 2015

It’s clear from the women Alex has dated that he has a type. That must be why no one was surprised when he got together with Erin Simmons in 2015. He was just fresh out of a relationship with Tori Wilson when he started dating the fitness model.

Image Source: erinsimmonsfitness/Instagram

The couple was photographed together at a charity gala in December 2015. Erin and Alex met at a gym and seemed to bond over their love for fitness. Most people speculate that Alex always goes for girls with bigger muscles than him. 

Erin Simmons — Now

Unlike some of the other women that Alex Rodriguez dated, Erin Simmons has had a lucrative career in the fitness world. The former Aggie Track coach is now a research physiologist and holds a Ph.D. in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. 

Image Source: Instagram

With philosophies like “eat well, live well,” it’s clear Erin is taking care of herself with better life choices. With over 100,000 followers on Facebook, Erin spends most of her time sharing some of her best workouts and lifestyle changes to stay healthy and strong.

Kyna Treacy — 2012

In 2012, Alex was rumored to be dating Australian model and actress Kyna Treacy. While Kyna was seated watching a Yankees game, he spotted the model and decided to ask for her number during the game. How did he do that? He threw a baseball her way!

Image Source: kynatreacy/Instagram

At the time, though, Alex denied the rumors that he asked the model out because he was in a relationship with Torrie Wilson. However, Kyna’s nosy friend, who was with her at the game, revealed that the two met up later that night for a steamy date.

Kyna Treacy — Now

A week after that iconic game, Kyna was no longer just an Australian model. She became a national story, and with the fame surrounding her, she decided to pack and move to Los Angeles. She landed an acting deal on the show Deal or No Deal from 2018-to 2019. 

Image Source: kynatreacy/Instagram

She still resides in Los Angeles and is the founder of Kini Glow. According to their About Us page, Kini Glow is a customizable organic airbrush tanning done by the celebrity artist Kyna. Having worked with stars like Mandy Moore and Emily Blunt, her business seems to be doing well. 

Melissa Britos — 2009

One of the women Alex dated after he divorced Cynthia was Melissa Britos. Melissa is a model and artist who dated the former baseball player after meeting at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach opening party. Rumors say he was obsessed with Melissa. 

Image Source: melissabritos1/Instagram

True to his nature, Alex wasn’t single when the rumors started. At the time, he was supposedly dating Madonna. Alex and Melissa were spotted together on Valentine’s Day in 2009. A friend revealed that Alex sent Melissa over a dozen messages, just wanting to spend time with her.

Melissa Britos — Now

After living it up in Miami Beach and getting photographed by the paparazzi, Melissa and Alex were never seen together after that Valentine’s Day. They both moved on to other romantic partners soon after. Melissa would continue to focus on her passions in fashion and style. 

Image Source: melissabritos1/Instagram

She launched her women’s clothing store Foxy Fable in 2022. The store features vintage, one-of-a-kind clothes to help women stand out and release their inner strength. Melissa loves spending time with her children and her husband Sean Sullivan as well as running her business.

Julianne Hough — 2013

The romantic relationship between Julianne and Alex was never confirmed. Julianne is an American dancer and actress. She is well known for her work on Dancing with the Stars, Footloose, and Safe Haven. In 2013, the tabloids alleged that Alex had a massive crush on Julianne. 

Image Source: juleshough/Instagram

Unfortunately for Alex, Julianne didn’t feel the same way about him. The Enquirer alleges that the Dancing with the Stars sensation was not interested in Alex. After three years of dating Ryan Seacrest, she still had feelings for him even after they broke up.

Julianne Hough — Now

A lot has happened in Julianne’s life since 2013. She got married to Brooks Laich but later divorced him in 2022. The actress and singer proved to be even more talented, securing a permanent judge spot on The Dancing with the Stars show in 2014. 

Image Source: juleshough/Instagram

She became the first former contestant on Dancing with the Stars to serve as a judge. The professional dancer won a 2015 Emmy for Outstanding Choreography. Julianne also made waves by joining America’s Got Talent as a judge in 2019. With such talent and success, we’ll likely see more of Julianne on our screens.

Anne Wojcicki — 2016

Before his relationship with Jennifer Lopez, Alex was dating another famous woman in Hollywood, Anne Wojcicki. Anne was married to Google co-founder Sergey Brin, whom she divorced in 2015. After going public after two months of dating, their relationship seemed to be going well. 

Image Source: annewoj23/Instagram

Unfortunately, their romance didn’t last for long. According to Anne’s mother, they didn’t have much in common. She said they couldn’t even have an intellectual conversation about anything because he had no academic background and he always wanted to spend his time watching baseball.

Anne Wojcicki — Now

Anne has fond memories of her relationship with Alex Rodriguez. She said he was a really sweet and smart guy, but their relationship was ultimately a cultural collision. Anne is now focusing on work as the co-founder and CEO of 23andMe — a DNA testing firm in California. 

Image Source: annewoj23/Instagram

Anne is currently worth $91 billion but says she isn’t a fan of fancy cars and houses. Anne had her third child in July 2019. The single mother is now a voice to help improve the treatment of young mothers in tech companies, especially when it comes to breastfeeding. 

Joslyn Noel Morse — 2007

You will realize about this list that Alex has been caught a couple of times cheating on his ex-wife Cynthia. One of the women Alex allegedly cheated on his wife with was Joslyn Noel. Although the two were frequently photographed together, their relationship was never confirmed. 

Image Source: joslynnoel143/Instagram

Joslyn and Alex were seen together in 2007 in Miami, Tampa, and Dallas. Joslyn was a former Las Vegas club dancer. They went to dinner, hit a strip club, and later returned to Alex’s hotel for a little one-on-one time. This was a year before Cynthia decided to file for divorce from the baseball star. 

Alicia Marie — 2008

Alicia is yet another fitness model and bodybuilder romantically linked to Alex Rodriguez. Alicia and Alex were photographed together numerous times almost immediately after his divorce in 2008. Although Alicia was mainly seen as his just a friend, their pictures suggested otherwise. 

Image Source: aliciamariebody/Instagram

Alicia called Alex “sweetheart,” and they spent a lot of alone time together at her apartment. Despite all these rumors, she insisted that they were only close friends — maybe because this was when everyone, including Candice, was coming out of the woodwork. 

Alicia Marie — Now

Alicia Marie still works in the fitness industry and is a well-known fitness guru and competitor. She is currently famous for cosplaying on Instagram and has an all-female gaming Livestream on TwitchTv. She loves playing games like Warcraft, Soul Calibur, and DOA.

Image Source: aliciamariebody/Instagram

Alicia is also a published author, having written the Booty Bible. The Booty Bible features workouts to help get the behind you want. With over 220,000 followers on Instagram, she loves sharing her cosplay outfits and workouts. Her costumes are a work of art. 

Joslyn Noel Morse — Now

According to Joslyn Noel’s bio, she is committed to living a healthy lifestyle and still resides in Las Vegas. She is now a fitness coach and realtor in the area. Joslyn enjoys spending time with her kids, sisters, and her adorable dog.

Image Source: joslynnoel143/Instagram

She loves sharing her workout progress on Instagram and tips to stay healthy. Joslyn also loves taking selfies with her adorable dog. When she isn’t showing off beautiful homes, she hangs out with her family or at the beach. Joslyn seems to be enjoying life.

Elaine Spottswood — 2010

Like most of Alex Rodriguez’s previous relationships, he met Elaine at a gym in Miami. Elaine and Alex supposedly started dating soon after his split from Kate Hudson in 2009. He was spotted with the beautiful model soon after his breakup with Kate. 

Image Source: arevalo.co_/Instagram

Elaine and Alex were photographed a couple of times before their relationship ended. Alex reportedly told his friends that the relationship wasn’t working because Elaine was too clingy. Multiple sources also claim that A-Rod was still seeing Hudson when he started his relationship with Spottswood. 

Elaine Spottswood — Now

Elaine seemed not to like the spotlight and has kept her life on the down-low ever since this relationship. The former model is currently a Miami-based designer and the founder of Spottswood Interiors. She has worked with Miami and New York design firms on residential, hospitality, and commercial spaces.

Image Source: spottswoodinteriors/Instagram

Elaine is a versatile interior designer and loves to approach a project with each client’s unique and individualized vision. Elaine is also the vice president of Design Spotswood hotels. This design company is a subsidiary of their family business, Spottswood companies.

Demi Moore — 2012

Alex Rodriguez seems to have a habit of dating women as fit and famous as he is. It wasn’t a surprise when he was spotted dining with Hollywood actress Demi Moore in 2012. They were out on a date with two other people, but that didn’t stop the tabloids from coming to their own conclusions.

Image Source: demimoore/Instagram

Although neither of them ever confirmed that relationship, the two were spotted together again later that year. Page Six reported that after picking up a stray cat during Miami’s Art Basel week, she went to dinner and later at Rodriguez’s Miami mansion. Demi still claims that they weren’t dating.

Demi Moore — Now

Demi might not have wanted to admit it because, at the time, Alex was romantically linked to another woman. Demi moved on to date Sean Friday in 2014, which lasted less than a year. Even after her amicable divorce from Bruce Willis, the actress seems to be doing fine.

Image Source: demimoore/Instagram

During the pandemic, she spent part of her quarantine with her ex-husband Bruce Willis and one of their daughters. In 2022 Demi got back into the dating scene with Swiss Chef Daniel Humm. While Daniel works long hours at his restaurant, they still make time for romantic dinners together.

Torrie Wilson — 2011-2015

True to his nature, Alex Rodriguez dated WWE Diva Tori Wilson. According to paparazzi photos, the two seemed cozy and weren’t afraid to show it to the cameras. But the story in the tabloids was different. Sources claimed that Torrie and Alex were not on the same page regarding their romantic relationship. 

Image Source: torriewilson/Instagram

After three years of dating, the couple called it quits. Sources close to the couple said they were constantly fighting because of his inability to commit to her. According to Page Six, they would fight because Alex was flirtatious with other women and wasn’t ready to settle down. 

Torrie Wilson — Now

The former WWE star moved on after this relationship and is now happily married to Justin Tupper. In 2019, she was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame class 2019. The former professional wrestler is now an entrepreneur, fitness model, and health advocate. 

Image Source: torriewilson/Instagram

Although she made a return for their 2021 Royal Rumble, she hasn’t made another appearance in WWE for a while. When she isn’t working out, Torrie motivates her over 1.1 million Instagram followers to work out, eat healthily and focus on their physical wellness.

Ella Magers — 2011

Another bodybuilder that Alex Rodriguez dated was Ella Magers. The two already had a previous relationship because Ella was his trainer and nutritionist. Rumors had it that she was why Alex and Cameron Diaz split up. Ella and Alex were frequently spotted together in Miami Beach. 

Image Source: sexyfitvegan/Instagram

The relationship between Ella and Alex was getting serious when Ella was photographed with Rodriguez and his children on vacation in November 2011. Almost like clockwork, their romance was over. Alex moved on to the next relationship and left Ella heartbroken.

Ella Magers — Now

Ella’s primary focus is the vegan lifestyle because she has been ethically vegan for the last 25 years. Having published books like How To Go Vegan: Beginners Guide and How To Make Your Own Superfood Shakes, she has a passion for helping busy people go vegan and stay fit. 

Image Source: sexyfitvegan/Instagram

She is a vegan life coach and hosts The Vegan Life Coach podcast, where she shares advice on meal planning, workouts, and eating a healthy vegan diet. With over 10,000 followers on Instagram, this fitness coach seems to be the go-to guru when in need of vegan life advice.

Cameron Diaz — 2010-2011

The Charlie’s Angels actress dated Alex Rodriguez from 2010 to 2011. Shortly after his split from Kate Hudson, Rodriguez and Diaz were spotted dancing together at a Super Bowl party in Miami. At first, they kept the relationship down low before going public months later. 

Image Source: camerondiaz/Instagram

They confirmed their relationship when Diaz was spotted feeding Alex a piece of popcorn during the 2011 Super Bowl. According to sources, the relationship didn’t work out because the two superstars were busy with their careers. Though some people say it was because he cheated.

Cameron Diaz — Now

Alex and Cameron Diaz have fond memories of their short-lived relationship. Sources close to the couple told People magazine that they are still close and will continue to be close friends because they have considerable respect for one another. They just wanted to focus more on their jobs. 

Image Source: camerondiaz/Instagram

Cameron Diaz is now married to musician Benji Madden. They live in Beverly Hills, California, and have a two-year-old daughter. They met through his twin brother Joel who is married to Nicole Richie. Cameron is also an entrepreneur with a clean wine label named Avaline.

Bethenny Frankel — 2009

Bethenny revealed that she once dated the former New York Yankee baseball player in 2009. During an episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, she revealed that she went out with Alex on two dates. This was after his divorce from Cynthia.

Image Source: bethennyfrankel/Instagram

The Real Housewives of New York City star revealed that she doesn’t even remember whether Alex was a good kisser or not. It was a few months after his divorce, so this fling only lasted a short time. In 2009 the relationship was only tabloid rumors.

Bethenny Frankel — Now

Bethenny Frankel moved on and focused more on her career as a reality TV star. Her popularity increased when she starred in The Real Housewives of New York. She appeared in a total of eight seasons! She later left the show and decided to leave New York City.

Image Source: bethennyfrankel/Instagram

Although she still loves New York, she wants to move to Connecticut because she feels it’s safer for her and her daughter. She is the founder of the skinnygirlbrand, which offers practical products for every girl. Bethenny is also a chef and the author of Business is Personal

Kate Hudson — 2009

Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez dated for seven months. Kate was usually spotted in the stands during Yankee games to cheer on the baseball player. Like many of his other relationships, the spark faded soon after the two were branded a couple by the public. 

Image Source: katehudson/Instagram

Kate was newly single after the end of her relationship with Owen Wilson, and Alex was fresh out of a marriage. Their constant PDA made it clear that they were more than just friends. Although they seemed to be having fun, the couple eventually parted ways and ended their romantic relationship. 

Kate Hudson — Now

According to rumors, the relationship might have ended because Alex didn’t want a girlfriend who constantly enjoyed being on camera. A source close to the couple claimed that the relationship ended because Alex was still communicating with Madonna. But breaking up could’ve been a good thing for Kate Hudson.

Image Source: katehudson/Instagram

Kate has been in a long-term relationship with musician and actor Danny Fujikawa. They have been together since 2016, and he proposed to her in 2021. He’s also the father of her daughter Rani Rose. Kate is either with her kids or building her company, Fabletics, which she co-founded in 2013. 

Madonna — 2008

Despite the highly publicized affair, Madonna and Alex have never confirmed that they were in a relationship. In 2008 Madonna was going through her divorce from Guy Ritchie. At this time, the pop star was often spotted in the stands of Yankee games. According to rumors, their relationship started while Alex was still married to Cynthia. 

Image Source: madonna/Instagram

During the divorce proceedings between Alex and Cynthia, Cynthia’s lawyers mentioned that Alex had an ‘affair of the heart’ with Madonna. When the rumors of their affair started, Scurtis decided to end her marriage to the baseball star and filed for divorce. 

Madonna — Now

Madonna moved on from the relationship just like Alex. She fell in love and started dating her backup dancer, Ahlamalik Williams, in 2018. The two first met in 2015. Williams’ father confirmed the relationship in 2019, saying that they have been dating for over a year.

Image Source: madonna/Instagram

In February 2021, Madonna posted a loving picture with her 26-year-old partner wishing him a happy Valentine’s Day. Aside from her love life, Madonna focuses on taking care of her six children and traveling the world. Both of Williams’ parents are supportive of the relationship.

Cynthia Scurtis — 2002-2008

Cynthia and Alex first met at a Miami gym in the ’90s. They quickly became friends and started dating for a couple of years before they married in 2002. Alex became even more famous when he started playing for the New York Yankees two years later. 

Image Source: Instagram

Although the couple welcomed two beautiful children together, their marriage ended in 2008. Despite years of supposed flings, Cynthia finally had enough when rumors emerged that Alex was having an affair with Madonna. The divorce occurred shortly after the birth of their second child. 

Cynthia Scurtis — Now

After the divorce in 2008, Cynthia fell off the social media radar for a while. Although divorced, Alex is still a considerable part of their children’s lives. Cynthia has moved on to become a real estate developer in Miami. She also uses her psychology degree to volunteer with different women’s groups. 

Image Source: Instagram

As for her personal life, Cynthia also moved on and is happily married to entrepreneur Angel Nicolas. Although they didn’t share details of when they tied the knot, Nicolas posted on June 19, 2020, “happy anniversary, my love!” The happy couple welcomed their first child, Camila, in 2016. 

How Alex First Met Jennifer Lopez

In May 2005, Jennifer and her then-husband Marc Anthony attended a Yankees game at Shea Stadium in Queens. When Alex and Jennifer met during the game, he was still married to Cynthia Scurtis. As for Lopez, she later divorced Marc Anthony in 2014. 

Image Source: Instagram

In 2017, People confirmed that Jennifer and Alex were officially dating. Rodriguez explained how they met during an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. It started when Jennifer spotted Alex while she was having lunch at a restaurant. But he made the first move and texted her to go for dinner.

Alex and J.Lo Got Engaged in 2019

In 2017, Lopez began posting romantic pictures with Alex on her Instagram. They made their relationship Instagram official when they posted a car selfie on their way to the 2017 Met Gala. This was also the first official debut as a couple.

Image Source: arod/Instagram

While dating, the couple went on vacations together, spent time as a blended family, and attended their second Met Gala. On March 9, 2019, while on a beach vacation in the Bahamas, Rodriguez finally popped the question. Fans were excited when they shared their engagement photos on Instagram.

Alex and J.Lo Call off their Wedding

A day after Alex and Jennifer Lopez announced their engagement to the world, the former baseball player was accused of cheating on Jennifer with Jose Canseco’s ex-wife. The couple went quiet about the incident and didn’t respond to the allegations for months. 

Image Source: arod/Instagram

The pandemic hit, and the couple was forced to postpone their wedding plans. Rumors of irreparable problems in their relationship started going around in April 2021. They released a statement on April 15, 2021, to confirm their split to the Today Show

J.Lo and Ben Affleck Get Back Together 

After leaving Alex Rodriguez, J.Lo rekindled her romance with Batman actor Ben Affleck. They met and fell in love in 2002 on a movie set. In April 2021, they made headlines when they were spotted hanging out together in Los Angeles.

Image Source: lacarba/Instagram

Nearly two decades after they first split, J.Lo and Ben are engaged again. Ben promised to try and be a better partner this time around. In April 2022, J.Lo announced that she was already engaged to Ben Affleck and showed off her sparkling pink diamond. 

Is Alex Rodriguez dating someone new? 

Alex Rodriguez is no longer grieving over his relationship with Jennifer Lopez. He has moved on to dating model Kathryne Padgett. According to sources, Alex enjoys spending time with the 25-year-old model. Padgett is also a bodybuilder who loves sharing her passion on her social media pages. 

Image Source: katpadgett/Instagram

They haven’t confirmed their relationship, but they seem to be spending a lot of time together. A source close to the couple claims that Alex and Padgett are having a good time together. Alex has also taken pictures of her and commented on her Instagram photos.