Bachelor Frontrunner Cassie Randolph Addresses Ex Colton Underwood Coming Out As Gay

By Fatime G

Break-ups are hard. We all know that, but public break-ups are magnified twice as much, especially for those in the spotlight. Imagine not being able to access your social media or even conduct a simple google search without the images of your ex or you as a couple being rubbed in your face. As such was the case with The Bachelor ex-cast Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood when the couples called it quit back in May 2020. Things took a sour turn for the couple as drama after the break ensued during stalking and harassment allegations and a restraining order; the ex-pair made it to the messiest break-ups of The Bachelor history. In November 2020, when Randolph dropped the restraining order, she did not expect only five months later that she would become trending news again when her ex Underwood came out as gay. 

Image courtesy of Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

The Public Reveal

On an appearance on Good Morning America, Underwood revealed he was gay. Underwood offered an apology to Cassie on the show, where he stated that he was ‘in love’ during the relationship. He also added, ‘I wish I would have been courageous enough to fix myself before I broke someone else.’ The news shocked most people, but no one was more stunned than Cassie, whose ex(Colton) did not give her a heads up about the announcement he would make on Good Morning America. 

Cassie Breaks Her Silence 

After almost two years of silence, Randolph finally spoke on the Off the Vine podcast addressing the couple’s split. The reality star felt so much pressure to talk about it and although she would love to be candid on the issue just wasn’t here yet. Regarding the coming out of her ex as gay, the Biola University graduate later told interviewer, Brostowe, that she found out the news like everyone else through Snapchat on Good Morning America. ‘It was horrible,’ Randolph said, wishing she had time to process the news before the whole world knew. 

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Finding Love Again 

Cassie and Colton had a good run, but after such a bad break-up, we are happy to see both parties have moved on and are finding happiness again. Colton has been engaged to his fiancé Jordan Smith since February of 2021. And Randolph opened up about her relationship with Brighton Reinhard after seven months of dating, telling People in December 2021, ‘He’s honestly my best which is such a key thing to have in a relationship.’