45 Funny Typos And Spelling Mistakes That Make It Hard for Us To ‘Turn The Page’

By John A

Errors, typos, and grammatical mistakes are things people have to deal with every day, whether they are reading or sending an email. Spelling seems to be one of those things that people of all age groups struggle with. Nowadays, there are cases in which misspellings attract attention and become viral content before you can ‘turn the page.’ Being a grammar genius is not necessary to notice these hilarious blunders. Everyone knows that perfection does not exist and that we all have the right to be wrong. But sometimes, it is impossible not to laugh and share with the ones closest to us. Don’t worry. We aren’t turning this into a grammar class or anything like that. We are only here to have fun. Here are just a few of the most memorable mistakes going around the web that sent people into a laughing fit.

A Difficult Payment

They are only “excepting,” and we are only rolling our eyes at this picture. Right out of the gate, we have something more than a typo. This mistake, of course, changes the entire meaning of the sentence. Oh, the pesky English language.

Image courtesy of u/unsafekibble716/Reddit

First of all, it would have been better to use the word” “accepting.” When you say then quickly, we suppose they sound the same, but we are almost sure someone went inside and made a joke – “how am I supposed to pay if you take exception to cash and cards?!”

Good Advice

This funny mistake teaches us that it is better not to smoke while we are alive and makes us laugh out loud. So, we can say that smoking is harmful to our health, and this text is bad for our brains.

Image courtesy of u/sqoo-5900/Reddit

Perhaps when this text was being written, there was a lot of cigarette smoke in the air, and the person in charge of writing couldn’t quite see what he was writing at all. That is why it is good to remember that smoking is harmful to our health and those around us.

Supervise Your Grammar

English can be a very tricky language, and changing a single letter can ruin the entire meaning. So it never hurts to check before printing something and making it public, especially if it is as important as this notice was supposed to be.

Image courtesy of u/SantiProGamer/Reddit

People have to be very careful in this store and read the instructions at least twice. The intention is clear, at least, and they did spell the last bit perfectly, so we think this isn’t the worst. Just be aware that if anything Brockens, you’ll have to pay for it.

Ruining A Great Reputation

Merchandise can help grow a brand, or it can ruin its reputation. This typo wouldn’t be a big deal if it were on another product, but sadly it is on a mug from Harvard, one of the most respected universities in the world.

 Image courtesy of @oddstuffmag/Pinterest

Harvard has regularly ranked number one in the world, and its alumni include eight US presidents, 62 living billionaires, and the list goes on. So it would be better for everyone if they took the cup out of the gift shop.

A Labyrinth

Just give us one more second. We’re trying to understand these lines. Don’t know if we have to read from left to right, top to bottom, or in circles. What would be the best way? Maybe the best thing to do is just give up.

Image courtesy of u/philsown/Reddit

This text is a maze of letters. It was beautifully written, and large letters attracted the eye, but unfortunately, they missed something in the planning stage. We get the idea, but the longer you look, the more confused you get.

A Little History

We have to admit that chicken is one of our favorite foods. We like it in all its forms and with different garnishes. It is delicious. But history is not a subject we enjoy so much, so this post had us all over the place.

Image courtesy of u/MothyBoii/Reddit

But if this person tells us that we can find roast history chicken at Walmart, maybe we will expand our brains a bit and get to learning. That might be one area of history that wouldn’t make us fall asleep!

Learning Anatomy

Every day is a learning experience, isn’t it? And in writing this article, we learned so many new things. We already discovered a little about chickens and history, and now it is time to read about parts of the human body.

Image courtesy of u/IThinkIThinkTooMuch/Reddit

Surely until two seconds ago, all of us thought that the pulp was something that only fruits had, but now we know that is not the case. We also (apparently) have pulp on our fingers. But don’t put this as an answer on your anatomy exam, just in case.

I Think, Therefore I Am

“I pay, therefore I am…” This might not be the worst offer if it meant we only had to pay for parking once in a lifetime! Perhaps this lot serves as a spirit guide as well as a spot to park cars.

Image courtesy of brusselssprouts/Imgur

It’s an extreme case of “prepayment!” Most of us probably wouldn’t have even noticed this typo, but now we can’t unsee it. And now we are delving too deep into philosophical thought. How does one pay their parking fee before being born?

Glaciers Are Awesome

For those of you who don’t know, glaciers are enormous masses of snow, ice, and chunks of rock that accumulate in large quantities. They form landscapes that leave everyone speechless. So if one day the opportunity to visit one appears, do not think twice!

Image courtesy of GalileoGalilei2012/Reddit

But here, we should not be talking about glaciers because they have nothing to do with this comment posted on social media. Even though we all want to assume this is a typo, it could be this woman’s way of being quirky.

Bring The Dictionary

Nowadays, technology advances quickly, and with it, new words appear and, of course, we must learn all the cool new slang. So let’s take advantage of this image to learn a new term” “meoring.” Is there someone tech-savvy around who can explain to us what this means?

Image courtesy of forever_strung/Reddit

Or maybe it’s not someone from IT that we need. Because this looks more like a typo. Did they mean “meowing”? Like what a cat says? If they meant “mirroring” (which we know they did), well, they didn’t come very close to that.

Broken English

Not only did people have to climb the stairs, but they also had to correct other people’s mistakes – double effort. There is only one thing that is worse than finding out that the elevator is not working, and it is finding out by reading a misspelled message.

Image courtesy of failblog/spoki.lv

At least they got close, though. We can give them a thumbs up for the effort. If you say it out loud, the meaning is definitely clear. This just gets the grammar enthusiasts among us all riled up, as you can see.

A New Recipe

As we said before, we are big fans of chicken because there is practically no way to mess it up. But the truth is that we’ve never tried the bonless wings; they are undoubtedly delicious. We have only had boneless wings.

Image courtesy of Cyanide08/Reddit

What happened here? Is this a new recipe, or did someone forget to write an “e”? We want to believe that it is a new recipe so we can taste a new way of making chicken. But as much as we’d like to hope, we don’t believe that’s the case.

To Be Or Not To Be

Deciding to close a page has never been more challenging. Imagine doing routine tasks on the computer, and suddenly an existential question like this pops up. People surely thought twice before answering, just in case they got the answer wrong.

Image courtesy of me irl/ Imgur

Indeed the person who was using that page was sure that he wanted to leave the website, but perhaps he would have to have a therapy session to find out if he wanted to continue existing. It’s a profound and personal question; that website is very nosy!

The First… What?

We love when people come together on social media to help each other. This is what we call being a supportive virtual community. All for one and one for all! So let’s try to understand what this user wanted to ask.

Image courtesy of BMN112/Reddit

Luckily there is another user who helped us understand what the question of our virtual friend was. He was interested in the first amendment, and it seems that he was so excited when he wrote this message that he did not even re-read it before posting it.

Tongs Or Tongue?

Although it may sound delicious to try a few bagels before choosing which one to buy, it can also create a bit of confusion among customers. This spelling mistake is beyond hilarious. We can just imagine all the jokes the staff had to endure!

Image courtesy of failblog.org/me.me

It would be fun to see a customer doing literally what the sign says, tasting the cakes, and then seeing the baker running over in a panic. It would have been better to use Spellcheck or ask someone else’s opinion.

Looking For An Angel

The person who wrote this seems to be someone very romantic and is probably a fan of rom-coms. And also someone very absent-minded because not only did they misspell a word and publish it, but they also highlighted it by capitalizing it.

Image courtesy of b00ga00ga/Reddit

We hope that this person has found the love of her life, and learned the difference between the two words she mixed up. Is there anything romantic about angles? Straight, acute, or obtuse, how do you know if you’ve found the right angle?

Keep Calm And Go To Class

It is not clear what happened here. What is clear is that something went wrong somewhere in the designer’s education. Here we can see the famous battle between “your” and “you’re,” which is undoubtedly one of the most common mistakes.

Image courtesy of Luke Biley/BuzzFeed

We won’t go into the differences between the two. If you know, you know, and if not, hopefully, this helped clear up any confusion. If they have a sense of humor, this is the perfect gift for an English teacher.

Parking lot for frogs only

It is always a relief to find a place to park your car. But this parking poster, more than relief, only inspires disappointment. Just when you think you found a great spot next to the restaurant, you suddenly feel annoyed to be human.

Image courtesy of bitrebels.com

Well, who would have thought they’d regret not being an amphibian? We didn’t. Once again, when saying it to yourself, it makes sense. But that heavy-duty sign could have used a once-over by someone who knows their homonyms better.

Too Literal

Luckily dogs can’t read because they’d be horrified to go through the park and read this sign. They would never go back to that place! Green spaces always encourage owners to clean up after their pets, but this time, something went awry.

Image courtesy of Badderasprince/ Imgur

It does not correctly say what was intended to be said. You find these signs everywhere in public parks, but indeed no one will find them written quite like this. It is more common to see signs that convey the message a little better.

Social Network Is The Enemy

Bad spelling is an eyesore, but it gets even worse if the mistake is made publicly. People are just as likely to slip up when posting on social media as they are when texting. It happens! But what about when it isn’t one word but the whole post?

Image courtesy of Typical_Budget7020/Reddit

Let’s not laugh too much because this is something that happens to all of us. First of all, we forgive the “parashut” misspelling because we can read it. But the joke loses its effect because they meant “ground” and not “floor.” The rest, we’re leaving alone…

Okay then

Oops, something went wrong! But before going into details, have you already seen the number of responses this person received? After all, we know it isn’t always so bad to make mistakes on social media. We all know the typing struggle.

Image courtesy of twolatedvck/Reddit

One thing that we have all probably noticed is that people like to type exactly as they speak. Ever seen a post with “mayn” instead of “man”? Yeah, that’s what we mean. This might have been on purpose, but more likely a typo.

A Permanent Mistake

A design for a tattoo should be well-thought-out, as it will be something that will remain on your skin for the rest of your life. However, it seems that some people are a bit impulsive and don’t think twice. We’ve been there.

Image courtesy of @goldskingcarecenter/Diply

This was supposed to pay homage to Bon Jovi’s song “It’s My Life.” Who started singing right now? Because now we can’t stop! Well, one thing is for sure; it is a unique and original tattoo. Truly one of a kind!

Existential Questions

We absolutely love these kinds of crazy questions. What better way to use the fantastic invention that is the internet? Can you guys see the air around us like fish see water? We’d never thought about it before, but now we are.

Image courtesy of  u/SmugDruggler95/Reddit

Now I want to go to Google and find out a more scientific answer. But wow, let’s appreciate the first result for just a moment. In a short and chaotic paragraph, you can learn a lot about life in the deep blue sea.

Feeling Bad

Usually, when people buy mobile phones, televisions, refrigerators, they never read the instructions because who needs them? But there is something that people always read: the directions on how to take medicine. But sometimes, we get this and are left wondering.

Image courtesy of u/JukeboxSommelier/Reddit

Take one capsule by mouth nightly, 3 hours before ded, you say? Well, we certainly hope this prevents us from an untimely demise. That’s what medicine is for, after all. But how we’re supposed to time it properly is beyond us.

Alphabet Soup

This mistake reminded us of being little and playing Scrabble with the family. Since we were not particularly eager to lose when we were missing letters, we’d make up words. Indeed, we would have written something similar to win more points.

Image courtesy of shifty300/Reddit

And we definitely would have wanted this person on our Scrabble team. Their confidence is worthy of applause. We can hear the debate now. “It’s ‘suffercading’ because you suffer while it’s happening to you. Duh.” New rule: only made-up words, but they have to make this kind of sense.

And Free Husband Too

Does anyone know the password? This is not a Las Vegas church or anything like that; this is, once again, a misspelling. Such a short word and such a big mistake. But it cannot be denied that this confusion caused a lot of laughter.  

Image courtesy of @lovex2_usa/Twitter

Although it is no longer an innovation but an expectation, it is still nice when a place makes sure you know they have WiFi. So this is a service we are used to, but free wives are new to us.

Confused Students

All it takes is one missing letter to make a sign ironic. There is nothing worse than starting the school year feeling confused, and this notice in the supermarket didn’t help matters at all. Maybe they were mimicking those spelling quizzes we used to have.

Image courtesy of @thatgirlmystic/Twitter

You know, the ones where we had to circle the misspelled word? Sometimes, you have to give the benefit of the doubt and buy the school “suplies” so you can send the kids back to school and out of the house.

Walking On A Tightrope

Here it would be better if we clarified a couple of things before proceeding. In the world, there are many types of ropes, and one of them is the tightrope. Are you following us? Because the person who wrote this stopped following us a long time ago.

Image courtesy of Seonghwa_dom_Danwha/Reddit

It would have been advantageous to have AutoCorrect activated while writing this text. As has been shown time and again, AtuoCorrect can cause hilarious mistakes of its own. Ad maybe it wouldn’t have even caught this one since it’s pretty far off course.

A Rude Book

This doesn’t seem very nice! What a regrettable mistake. This didn’t look to us like a funny story and was certainly not the beginning that the author was hoping for. We’d say this was on purpose, but this book was published almost 200 years ago.

Image courtesy of @M_Z_Harrison/Twitter

So who knows? Imagine that you spend years writing a book, and when they print it, they do this. We would probably cry at first, but we think we would laugh for a long time. The author of this book surely treasured this hilarious memory.

Learning New Things

Earlier, we read that fish might be able to see water, and now we have been informed corners can talk. But both times we were laughing, weren’t we? We’re always happy to learn from our mistakes and from others’ mistakes as well!

Image courtesy of Ryan-O-Photo/Reddit

So for those who don’t know, we will tell you that they should have written “coroner.” But that would make it a bit too aggressive for our taste, so we are more than glad that their window sticker ended up with a funny typo instead.

English Is Not Working

There are many more things that are not working there besides the toaster. That part of the brain that files those pesky homonyms properly was not working that day either. But hey, we bet more people were upset bout their room temperature sandwich than the typo.

Image courtesy of u/534seeds/Reddit

Although they sound very similar, these two words have completely different meanings. We can imagine ourselves stumbling in to get coffee and breakfast and being totally confused for several minutes about what exactly this sign was trying to tell us.

Honesty Is Such A Lonely Word

There are honestly a lot of things that went wrong with this sign. And if they ask us for help to be better, we will be honest and tell them that this sign was poorly written. But honesty is more important than grammar.

Image courtesy of ourielb003/Reddit

The message comes across as friendly. Despite the typos and placement issues, we couldn’t be too hard on them because – let’s be real for a moment – how many establishments take their customers’ opinions so seriously? It was probably a nice place.

Everything Is Wrong

The only recommendation here is to clean that window and start writing that message from scratch. Sometimes it is better not to say anything or maybe just draw some cute pictures. A graduation cap would have gotten the message across just fine.

Image courtesy of u/CarpeNivem/Reddit

As this image says, that person will need a lot of good luck not to continue living such embarrassing moments. But again, because we are the type, we can’t help but think this was a joke. What better way to announce you got accepted into college than by using irony?

A Riddle

Here is a very interesting sign indeed. First of all, who doesn’t love Pikachu? We all love him, of course. We spent hours and hours watching this little cartoon on TV after school; it was the best! Pokemon for life, right?

Image courtesy of Odd_Following_8743/Reddit

Now that we are all smiling because we’ve traveled back to our childhoods let’s come back to the present. Do you think it is a strategy to attract attention or that it is a mistake? We believe this is just an example of English being weird again.

It’s Time To Go To Church

This is what happens when a letter is put in the wrong place. It goes from loving Santa to worshipping Satan. This typo is super cute and creepy at the same time! Maybe that girl never got the toys she asked Santa for. Revenge is a dish best served cold, after all.

Image courtesy of @memobaby_/Twitter

Writing mistakes that children make are our favorites. The little ones cannot be blamed because they are learning little by little. And the best thing is that they learn from their mistakes. So let’s have a chuckle and move on.

Please Change The Song

Does anyone here know the artist Adene? Komeone must know her… Adele, hello from the other side; at least they can say they tried! Haven’t we all seen something like this on our satellite radios? Ah, we live for this stuff.

Image courtesy of solidsnake4545/ebaumsworld.com

One line of the chorus of this beautiful song says, “Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead.” What hurts is the disrespect to our girl! Although, we would like to have fun and rewrite the lyrics in this gibberish style.

There’s So Much To Learn

While it is true that exercising is an essential healthy habit, it is also true that it is equally necessary to write without errors. And it is always important to remember that “knowledge is no burden; let’s go exercise our brains.”

Image courtesy of yabadaba211/Imgur

This may not be the most effective motivational message ever, but the truth is that it is hilarious. We are 100 percent convinced this was written on purpose, and the intention was to make a play on the old stereotype that someone who is all brawn has no brains.

A New Game

Who wants to play? The rules are unclear, but this table rings a bell for us. Maybe it is a mix of bingo and ping pong. Or perhaps it is just a simple mistake. But that is no fun, so let’s keep theorizing.

Image courtesy of larakj/Reddit

Ping-pong is an entertaining and popular game, but there is not much information about Bing Bong yet. Well, that isn’t entirely true. As soon as we saw this, we thought of the main character’s imaginary friend from the movie Inside Out. 

Pears Are Good Friends

It is unclear where this message came from, whether it came in a fortune cookie or a misery cookie (haha). Such a short sentence with such a big mistake makes it challenging to read the destiny of a person’s life.

Image courtesy of u/Whatisthischeese/Reddit

Well, honestly, wouldn’t we all love some respect, regardless of where it comes from? And man, let us tell you, we hear pears are quite a tough crowd to please. We want them to look at us like those smiley faces: supportive and happy to see us.

A Very Boring Room

Whoever wrote this sign must have had a lot of dull moments in there or just skipped a couple of spelling classes. This is one mistake that completely altered the way we said it in our heads. You have to let about a big sigh and say, “executive bored room. Ugh.”

Image courtesy of helendoron.com/Pinterest

The primary function of a boardroom is to house meetings of company’s board of directors. And the truth is that this sounds pretty boring. So, on second thought we think that this grammar mistake can be forgiven. We encourage renaming all boardrooms.

Not Very Romantic

Okay, if we walked in and saw this, we can say without hesitation we would not care for a second. Not one. Anyone who takes the time to do this, whether or not it’s their job at the hotel, doesn’t get points taken off for spelling.

Image courtesy of u/joshuambrose/Reddit

Even though the decorative objects that were placed on the bed are lovely the truth is that it’s the petals that get us. You negative Nellies can get annoyed all you want, but we’d be happy to enjoy our honeymoom here, thank you.

Turn Down The Volume Of The Cigarette

This sign should be explained so that we can all understand it. It seems that smoking is allowed in that place but without making too much noise… or something like that. But I have a question: if a rule is poorly written, is it a crime to break it?

Image courtesy of guardian.co.uk/Pinterest

How many homonym mistakes does this make? The more we look at this, the more we giggle. Smoking may have several adverse side effects, but we never heard of them being too noisy. Is vaping any quieter? We imagine not.

It’s 2 Easy To Make Mistakes

A television station aired an embarrassing error during a news report. Talking about education while making grammar mistakes is not a good combination. This is a legendary mistake, and yet another one to put on the list of ironies.

Image courtesy of u/saralynnswims/Reddit

A picture is worth more than a thousand words. And the face of this journalist confirms it. School may be too easy for the kids, but it seems to be very difficult for adults. The world has been turned upside down.

Out Of Use

What is the purpose of this sign? It says nothing specific and is more confusing than anything else. It can even be dangerous because drivers are likely to be distracted when they see it. Generating laughter on the road is not a great idea.

Image courtesy of u/SleepyCommuter/Reddit

But all jokes aside, can someone explain this photo to us? We’ve seen a lot of strange things in our lives, but never anything like this. This is not a grammatical mistake, but it makes zero sense and so we just had to share it with you.


This sign gives us a riddle: people must guess which is the correct path. Something went wrong with the print job here; it could have been the design or the translation. Anyway, it isn’t clear. We wonder how long this stayed up before enough people complained.

Image courtesy of fathamster/Imgur

On every street, avenue, and highway in the world, there are multiple traffic signs that indicate to drivers and pedestrians what is and is not allowed to do. But there are times when it seems they only exist to create chaos.