Digital Artist Mr. Bean-ifies Celebrities, And The Results Are Beyond Entertaining

By Aileen D

Rowan Atkinson has made a name for himself playing the famous Mr. Bean. The British actor has delighted film audiences and television watchers with his standout visual comedy. To this day, we can’t think of anyone more suited than Mr. Atkinson who can embody the adorable character. With a quick grin and a smirk, we can tell just what Mr. Bean is thinking as he drives his car, seated in an armchair he had bought at a yard sale. He is one of the rare TV/film characters that make us guffaw in laughter, and at the same time, we identify with the character. Might it be that there’s a little piece of Mr. Bean in all of us? Let’s find out…

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Casino Royale

Although Mr. Bean has his own Mission Impossible, it’s hard not to imagine him as the British Secret Service Agent assigned to win a high-stakes poker game. He tightens his tie and then fixes his cuffs, then Mr. Bean looks to both sides before tripping on the last step.

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Fortunately, he has lightning-quick reflexes. He holds his arm out. His hand lands just on top of the limousine. Mr. Bean manages to keep his face from smashing into a taxi. “Next agenda on the list,” he rides the limo to a 7 pm appointment with a cartel drug lord.

Queen Elizabean

Queen Elizabean has been the UK’s ceremonial figure since 1952. Her royal beanness has been the longest-reigning queen in all of British history. Might it be because she makes light of things, or that she knows how to make everyone laugh?

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Her royal beanness has been served by almost 14 Prime Ministers. These include Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher. Can you imagine a weekly meet-up with either one? We would be crippled out of fear, but “no, not her royal beanness!” She knows how to break the ice.

An Idiot Sandwich

This is the most unlikely person Mr. Bean can ever become — a hot-headed world-class chef. His face is set to a frown by default. He terrorizes sous chefs, and he places two loaves by the side of your head and asks, “what are you?” Answering “an idiot sandwich” is not enough.

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An idiot sandwich chef.” That calms him down. He points at the clutter of pans that need scrubbing and rinsing. You quietly shuffle towards the back of the room, and hope to stay unnoticed for the rest of your shift. Some are just destined to clean the pans.

Cheers To You

Like Rowan Atkinson, Leonardo di Caprio has played a number of characters exceptionally well. Di Caprio has had near Nominee-wins with The Aviator, Blood Diamond, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. But it was his performances in movies such as The Revenant and The Great Gatsby that won him awards.

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That’s right. This is a “toast to all those who had nearly won in the Academy Awards.” Leonardo DiBeanio knows how painful it feels to have prepared a gratitude speech but never get the opportunity to read it aloud. Your time will come, as did DiBeanio’s.

No Neck Bean

When he was young, Ed Brown was quite a looker. With his slick black hair, he would draw the attention of women walking past him. He could pick any woman that caught his eye. But those days are long gone…as is his neck.

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No Neck Ed has gained infamy on the reality show 90 Day Fiancé, not only for his neck condition but for his treatment of women. Men like him might want to think twice when looking down on Filipinas. That should keep him from getting dumped.

Bean Knows Nothing

This crow had been banished to the North because he was the illegitimate son of some lord. He took an oath in the dead of night. “I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children. I shall live and die at my post.”

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But little did Bean Snow know that he would ally with the wildlings against the White Walkers. These savages were the lesser evil against the ice creatures who had come from north of Westeros. The White Walkers sought the extinction of every living thing, regardless of their loyalty to the throne.

In Love With the Shape of You

Who would have thought that this ginger would claim a seat of fame in Hollywood? He had sung about his insecurities in a song after realizing that he cared too much about what other people thought. In time, he learned how to grow thicker skin.

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Bean Sheeran woos women at the bar. He’ll join his friends for shots at a table. Strike a conversation with Bean Sheeran and you will find yourself following his lead on the dance floor. Careful now. He might just fall in love with the shape of you.

Poorer by Inflation

This rapper was once the talk of the town. You would find him In Da Club, sipping Bacardi like it’s your birthday. With catchy songs, he gained a massive following and even bigger earnings. Do you recognize this rapper by this picture?

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Some of you might recognize him, but most of you won’t. Beany Cent hasn’t been able to produce many hit songs. And it seems like, with the current market inflation, he is growing poorer by the minute. Would you care to support this artist in need?

One Direction Going Astray

With their world-record fame, fans were comparing One Direction to The Beatles. This boyband was growing more and more popular with every passing minute, almost as quickly as The Beatles did. Might it be because the heartthrob looks like Beany Styles?

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Unfortunately, the famed group disbanded in 2020. When asked to comment, Beany Styles said that he never really lost himself in spite of One Direction going their separate ways. We have received word that Beany Styles is working on building his solo career.

Big Cat Rescue

Who would have thought that this animal rights activist would be catapulted to fame for all the wrong reasons? As of 2021, this woman was accused of murdering her husband and feeding him to the strays they looked after in the animal sanctuary.

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She was featured in the Netflix documentary, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness. Of course, she denies the allegations. As of now, no one has been arrested. But would you consider taking any of those big cats into prison as an accomplice? Yeah. We thought not.

Going Crazy Over Kitties

The drama isn’t complete without another drama king in the mix! Our next contender is Bean Exotic. The star of Netflix’s Tiger King was sentenced to almost two decades in prison after he was convicted of trying to hire two men to kill Carole Beanskin!

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Adding insult to injury, it’s been said that he would even abuse animals kept in his private Oklahoma Zoo. He shot and killed some of his tigers to make space for cats. After his conviction, Bean Exotic’s tigers and animals were moved to a sanctuary in Colorado.

Just Like Wrestling

Catfish is a reality-based TV series about the truths of online dating. The show is hosted by Nev and then co-host, Max. Rated highly, the show is deemed too entertaining. Many people have speculated that the show might have been staged by executives and producers.

Source: kingdom.of.bean/Instagram

Can you recall the craziest meltdowns that have happened? MTV has ranked them per season. There was that time Bryan ended the half-true friendship with Jennifer, claiming he only wanted to brush up his game. Or that time Sarah Grace created a fake account of someone else. Oh, the drama!

Beanoncé Runs the World

Who doesn’t love Beanoncé? With her feisty attitude and overflowing confidence, Beanoncé knows how to command the crowd. Every song is a hit. It’s no wonder she has received 28 Grammy awards. Her sterling voice can soothe your heartache or rouse girls to run the world!

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Beanoncé has come a long way from being the lead singer of an R&B group to launching her solo career. She is a role model for women, especially black women. Because of her success, she donates a sizeable amount of her money to emergency responses and free mental health services.

Is It Too Late for Bean to Say Sorry?

Justin Beanber grew up in the public eye. This Canadian-born singer was often bullied for his high-pitched voice and nice-guy attitude. After his shot to stardom, haters had every reason to diss him. “Why him? What’s so special about Beanber?

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Fortunately enough, Beanber had the support of then-girlfriend Selena Gomez, and now has his wife Hailey Beanber by his side. Beanber has mellowed down, and the paparazzi have bullied him less and less. After all, he is taking the shape of the man that even haters can’t hate on.

His Money Doesn’t Jiggle Jiggle

This British-American filmmaker and podcaster won the hearts of fans because of his gentle, questioning approach. Not to mention, he likes to discuss unusual and taboo subcultures in his documentaries. Recently, he has gained notoriety for saying his money …folds.

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Your brows knit and your chew on your lip. The familiar rhythm comes to mind. “My money don’t jiggle jiggle, it folds…” Yep, Louise Theroux can make a fortune of himself as a rapper, too! We guess even the most awkward of us can grow a massive online following.

Killing Bean

Rated 89% on Rotten Tomatoes, Killing Bean keeps drawing more and more TV watchers. Bean, the MI5 security officer, soon goes on a mouse hunt for the psychopathic assassin, Villanelle. Deemed disturbing, the series has a lot of violence and dark comedy every viewer must be aware of.

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Are you rooting for the brilliant Polastri, who has no leads about the killer on the loose, or are you the type to find release in Villanelle’s killings? Whoever you choose, make sure to buy some popcorn because we wouldn’t want to miss a thing when watching this horrifying series.

Can You Feel the Magic Tonight?

Decades after his hit song, Beanton John remains a household name. Many singers post their own renditions of Beanton’s most successful song, “Candle in the Wind.” No one can snuff out this Grammy award-winning artist’s fire. And as far as we know, his legacy is only growing brighter.

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Another reason to love Beanton John is his courage. He has been openly gay since the ’80s and has even married his long-term partner David Furnish. Beanton John is not only a legend amongst audiophiles but he’s an LGBTQ+ advocate and icon, too.

Dame Bean

Anyone who asks, “is Dame Beana actually a dame?” has been seriously out of the loop. This fictitious character has such a rich identity that Macmillan published My Gorgeous Life as Dame Beana’s autobiography. This woman has been a self-proclaimed mega-star for over 50 years.

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Dame Beana is actually just one of many alter-egos of Barry Humphries. But it is his best one yet. Dame Beana is known for her satirical humor and brutal honesty. It’s hard to believe that underneath all the glitter and makeup, this woman is just a fiction created by Barry Humphries.

The Lost Bean

After posing as a pageant contestant, Sandra Bullbean finds romance and adventure on a book tour with her cover model. Might it be more than enough for this reclusive romance novelist? We think not. This might be the stuff of all romance books, but somehow, Channing can’t find…

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The Lost Bean. It’s every woman’s frustration. Sandra Bullbean is convinced it does not exist, but her billionaire kidnapper claims the key to the ancient city lies in her latest book. Do you reckon they will ever find it? Watch on Amazon Prime to find the answer.

Harry Potter Finding the Philosopher’s Bean

It is said that the philosopher’s ruby-red stone can be used to create the Elixir of Life. Drink it, and you will become an immortal being. The stone itself can be used to turn any metal into gold. No wonder everyone is dying to get it…

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…all except Harry, of course. Harry has little care for money or fame. And that was why, when he was standing before the Mirror of Erised, said mirror put the philosopher’s stone in Harry’s pocket. Once again, Harry Potter manages to defeat the dark lord.

The Winged Vigilante

We wouldn’t expect this of Mr. Bean, but in the alternate universe, anything is possible. Here Mr. Bean takes on the shape of the winged vigilante, Batman. The orphan takes to the streets of Gotham, rescuing its residents from robbers, madmen, and mad scientists.

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The vigilante has his trusted butler, Alfred, by his side. Alfred is at Beanman’s every beck and call. When the Beanman is paroling the streets, Alfred stays up to date on the millionaire’s social events and appointments. It’s the only way the Beanmen can keep his identity a secret.

You Can Never Have Enough Beans

How many times have you watched Friends? We can’t remember. All we know is that, decades after the finale, we find ourselves revisiting the Central Park cafe in the hopes that we will see Beanchel Green, Beanoss Geller, Beanica Geller, and the rest of the gang.

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Had a rough day? Your friends will be there to listen to you. They might even throw in a couple of jokes, or, in Tribbiani’s case, be his natural naive self to make you laugh out of character. Just remember: there’s no such thing as too many Friends reruns.

Like A Beargin

We think this is the only character we wouldn’t want Mr. Bean to embody. We could care less if Mr. Bean had made it through the wilderness, or found out how lost he was, so long as he doesn’t confess that we made him feel shiny and new…like a virgin.

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There’s only one Madonna in all alternate realities. Even Mr. Bean can’t take her place. But as much as we hate to admit it, our heart beats next to Madbeanna’s, and our foot taps to the familiar beat of this ’80s song. Feels like we’re going to lose our minds.

Whosoever Holds The Hammer

Midway through the battle, we come across this massive hammer. On its side is an inscription, “whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess power.” In the distance, we hear the thud of footsteps, and we find ourselves making way for this Chris Beansworth.

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He grips the handle and raises it above his head. You can hear an audible gasp. The Worthy One! Beansworth is the only one who has been able to wield this precious hammer. You wouldn’t be able to measure the span of his grin as he looked at the crowd.

The Golden Buzzer

After America’s Got Talent, producers decided to create a spinoff of the famed show. Everyone agreed that Beanon Cowell had to be one of the judges. His sharp criticisms were made for juicy drama on primetime TV. If you happened to wow him, you might just receive the golden buzzer.

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But if anyone asked us, the drama on American Idol between Beanon Cowell and co-judge Paula Abdul was incomparable. Paula was the heart of the competition, whereas Beanon was its iron fist. Now, it seems that Beanon is only in on judging for the money.

A Dishonest Man

Mr. Bean effortlessly played the role of Captain Jack Sparrow. This legendary captain is a pirate of the Seven Seas and is known to be a drunkard and a trickster. Rumor has it that the Pirate can drink a keg in just one sitting without a gulp of air.

Source: kingdom.of.bean/Instagram

As if on cue, the drunkard lazily looks at you and points a finger. “This is the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow,” and he quickly jumps on the tables to keep from settling his tab.

The Strangest Thing Yet

We don’t know about you, but things just keep on getting stranger. We remember Harrington as a good-looking student at Hawkins High School. He’s known amongst his peers as a high school sports star. But why is it that he’s begging to be bullied in this picture?

Source: kingdom.of.bean/Instagram

Looks aside, this tough guy grew more and more protective and caring about the people around him. In doing so, fans all over the world fell for the heartthrob. Strangely enough, he even won ours. What do you think is next for this protagonist in the hit sci-fi TV show?

Pots and Pans

Little did we know Beanie Oliver had spent his childhood learning how to crawl and walk around the kitchen of the Cricketers. The first words out of his mouth were “pans” and “pots,” and he had learned basic food prep by the time he was in elementary school. Sounds neat!

Source: kingdom.of.bean/Instagram

In his adolescence, Beanie Oliver had mastered basic apprentice chef skills and had been able to invest time working in different restaurants across London. This self-taught chef is thought to be the second richest celebrity chef in the world, even beating Gordon Ramsay.

Friendly Neighborhood Spiderbean

If Mr. Bean were agile, he could pass as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. He would be driving that seat he had bought on sale, secured by cobwebs instead of ropes, or he could be hauling that seat through the city, cradled in one arm while spurting webs from the other.

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If there is one thing we learned from this Marvel movie, it would be that nice guys don’t finish last. In fact, if it weren’t for his charismatic and helpful attitude, Spiderbean wouldn’t have won the favor of his classmate, Michelle Jones.

Doesn’t Have Time For Hobbies

Let’s play a game: which famous footballer said, “I never do anything half-heartedly. I don’t have time for hobbies“? It should be easy enough, especially if you see him in a tux with his hair slicked back. It’s hard to miss this ridiculously good-looking athlete.

Source: kingdom.of.bean/Instagram

You guessed right. It’s David Beanham! But oddly enough, David is out of his game this quarter. He kicks the ball, which lands squarely in the goalie’s chest. Next, David Beanham trips on the flat, well-trimmed lawn. Might he be feeling under the weather?

The Greatest Showbean

Where can your ambition get you? For this orphaned, penniless entertainer, it had been the Circus. It wasn’t just any Circus. It was a world-class spectacle full of oddities and acrobatics. This showman knows how to dazzle the crowd and keeps them rooting for more.

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But as with all stories, focusing on material things will only distract you. The greatest showman soon discovered that his family and his life’s work are the two things he needs most. Everything else is just a bonus — the flowers, the applause, and even the profit.

John Beack

We have got another stud in our midst. His first name actually means “cool breeze over the mountains.” But it’s opposite to what women feel when he walks by. Keanu Beans is one of the richest actors in Hollywood, but you will seldom see him living a lavish life.

Source: kingdom.of.bean/Instagram

His stellar performance as Neo in The Matrix and his heart-pounding acting as John Wick have amazed audiences. Who knew that this collected introvert has that wide range of emotions? The guy doesn’t look capable of hurting a fly! Best believe that this actor can shoot a quick three-gun run.

Next Level

There are some movies best left as is. After executives added a couple of installments to the 1995 movie, Jumanji, we can’t help but grow disinterested. The sequels just look boring, and the acting seems forced. What do you guys reckon of the franchise?

Source: kingdom.of.bean/Instagram

Even other fans agree. If it weren’t for Beany Oberon, most viewers would have slept through the entire movie. What a waste of $10. We might be better off playing the board game instead of watching the cast try to stay alive.

Have Faith In Yourself

Despite the abundance of neon pink and sorority girls in the movie, Legally Blonde is a good film to show young girls. There are two main lessons in the story: you shouldn’t have to change who you are to be successful, and you can be a smart blonde.

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All this time, Elle Woods just had the wrong priorities. We would say that the break-up was a rude awakening, but it was one of the reasons Elle Woods determinedly chose to study at Harvard Law. She even graduated at the top of her class.

Don’t Chase Women

Many have a love-hate attitude towards Piers Morgbean. His comments almost always seem ridiculous and unfounded. “Don’t chase women,” he claims, even going as far as comparing them to cows. But we love Piers Morgbean because, frankly, he’s someone we can hate on.

Source: kingdom.of.bean/Instagram

We can applaud the man for saying his truths. At least we know he isn’t a two-faced liar. And if it weren’t for his aggressive tactics on tabloid magazines, then we wouldn’t have any bodies to feast on when we’re in need of drama.