Part Dog Part Bear? Dogs That Could Pass As Teddy Bears

By Iulia P

You have to agree with us! When they are babies, all the animals on Earth are the definition of cuteness. Tiger cubs, zebra foals, bear cubs, eagle chicks, you name it! All of them are simply adorable. So are our beloved four-legged best friends, dogs. But what happens when you have a mix of a puppy and a baby bear? Let us tell you; you get something so adorable that you might not even be able to bear it without saying a long, overwhelmed “awww”. It turns out that there are some dogs out there that, when they were puppies, they look exactly like bear cubs. Whoever came up with this idea of creating a more friendly version of bears for humans to be able to play with and give hugs, well, that “person” was a genius. Get ready to get overwhelmed by the amount of cuteness that you will see.

Polar bear pup

When we saw this picture, we had to look at it twice just to make sure that we are dealing with a Samoyed puppy and not with a polar bear cub. The resemblance between the two species is nothing but striking.

Photo courtesy of

And so is the amount of cuteness this pup delivers to the camera. How someone can be this photogenic while playing is something we can not understand, but this puppy is doing it, and he made us fall completely in love with him.

Grizzly bear or…?

If you can not decide if this little guy pictured below is a Grizzly bear cub or a puppy, we are here to help you. Turns out that our little buddy here is a mixed breed of German Shepherd, Akita Inu, and Corgi.

Photo courtesy of

It is known that mixed breeds produce beautiful puppies, but we never thought that the combination of the three breeds mentioned above would give us a Grizzly bear look-alike pup. We love the result, and we are so here for it!

Panda pup

Get ready and prepared to fall in love with a puppy that looks exactly like a Panda. We were aware of the resemblance between the Chow-Chows and bears, but we never thought that they could look so similar to pandas too.

Photo courtesy of

But now we know, and this picture makes us love Chow-Chows even more. They are not only fluffy balls of fur with blue, long tongues, but they are loyal, playful dogs that are a perfect match for families with kids.

Wally the bear

Meet Wally! According to his owner, Wally- who is not a bear, by the way- loves swimming in the lake, adores eating berries, and fish cans are his all-time favorite. Wally is a pom-pom (Pomeranian), but you wouldn’t say so, right?

Photo courtesy of

Imagine deciding to get yourself a normal pup, and instead, you get a pup that not only looks like a bear but does exactly what bears do and loves exactly what bears love. We would say this is nothing but fantastic luck!

Fluffy is an understatement

If by now you’ve seen some fluffy doggos, we assure you that you have never seen a dog more fluffy and puffy than the puppy in the picture below. Yes, you read that right! The doggo is actually a 5-6 month-old puppy.

Photo courtesy of

You wouldn’t say, right? He looks exactly like a fully grown dog, but he is not. Well, it turns out that a Caucasian shepherd adult can grow up to 70 cm and weigh around 100kg—no wonder the puppies are this huge.

Adorable beyond measure

We usually save the best for last, but this time we can not help but share this picture with you now so you can fall in love with this little guy too. This is the Chow-Chow pup’s first time seeing and playing with snow.

Photo courtesy of

This is beyond adorable, and if the photo turned out this cute, we can only wonder how much cuter a video of him playing around in the snow would have been. We’re sure that his reaction would have melted everybody’s heart.


We are out here wondering how can a puppy that is not even in the same room as us conquer our hearts the way this Pomeranian did. Not only does he looks like a teddy bear, but those puppy eyes he is serving make the picture more adorable.

Photo courtesy of

And not to mention that smile. He is such a photogenic little fellow. Everything about the picture is just perfect: the background, the light edit, and last but not least, the subject: his coat, his cute face, and his winning smile.

What would you do?

How would you react: Someone is ringing at your door. You go open the door to a person that is holding these three teddy bear-looking pups in their arms. What do you do, besides letting out a huge “AWWHHHHHH,” followed by a ‘Hand them over to me immediately”?

Photo courtesy of

Us, we would probably pass out a couple of times. Seriously who would be able to handle such an overdose of cuteness in one go… way too much! Nobody! Not even Tin Woodman ( The Wizard of Oz), who had no heart, could bear this.

Shar-pei love

Who knew that Shar-Peis could look like bears too. Well, it turns out that those long-haired Shar-Peis look exactly like teddy bears when they are puppies. We’ve never seen a long-haired Shar-pei until now, but we love it.

Photo courtesy of

An affectionate and devoted dog, the Shar-pei is a great family dog, especially for those families whose children are a bit older. This little bear look-alike will grow up to be one amazing dog for his human mom, dad, and siblings.

More Chow-Chows

In case you haven’t gotten your dose of fluffy Chow-Chows up until now, there you go! Here are two balls of fluff that will probably satisfy all of your sweet cravings for the rest of today and tomorrow and for the whole entire week, in fact.

Photo courtesy of

We’ve seen quite some cute dogs today, but these two win the award for the cutest and fluffiest of them all. Seriously they are so fluffy they should be starring in a pillow or soft mattress commercial. They would be the best selling tools ever.

Malamute pup

So it seemed that Pomeranians and Chow-Chows were the breeds that resemble bears the most. That’s what we thought until this photo. Now, it turns out that baby Malamutes look just like teddies too. More exactly, polar teddies and are the absolute cutest of them all.

Photo courtesy of

The more we look at this picture the more confused we get. We know that he is not a polar bear cub at all, but looking at his fur, and cute face, we cannot help but question his species. Maybe he is part dog and part bear, no matter what he is, we wouldn’t change him at all. He is pawfect!

Meet Mufasa!

Meet Mufasa, the Chow-Chow!By now, you are used to it. When we say Chow-Chow, we mean fluffiness, teddy bear face, cuteness, adorableness, and everything nice. So we are sure you were expecting all of that, but this little guy managed to surprise you with his level of darlingness still.

Photo courtesy of

We love the name his humans gave him. This little guy will grow up to have a mane as big as Mufasa’s from Lion King. And not only this, he will be a very proud and brave doggo who will make his human parents proud.

Keeshond and Eskimo Akita

If you were ever curious to see what a mix between Keeshond and American Eskimo would look like, we are here to tell you that it looks exactly like a fluffy cloud of cuteness. But you would have probably expected it since the two breeds have rich fuzzy coats.

Photo courtesy of

But when you mix the two breeds, the result is even more fuzzy and fluffy. So fluffy that even Agnes, the little girl cartoon character from the Despicable Me series, would be jealous and would want to squeeze him.

Park day

All of our four-legged besties love going to the park. And can you blame them? Fresh air, a lot of grass, sometimes there is even a lake there for them to cool down in after a couple of runs around the park.

Photo courtesy of

We never thought that dogs love going to the park because of the swings they can find there. Well, not all dogs love the swings, but it turns out the one above loves them so much that whenever he goes to the park, he runs straight to the playground area.

Hi there!

From all the puppies that we have seen until now, this one bears the closest resemblance to a polar bear pup. Fuzzy, white coat, chubby face, and cute small ears, he can easily be mistaken for an artic inhabitant.

Photo courtesy of Finkenbinder

And have you seen those paws! They look so soft. We would definitely have said that this little guy is a polar bear if we did not already know that he is a Samoyed and Golden Retriever mixed puppy. What a resemblance, right?

No, not a toy!

If you thought that this miniature piece of ginger fluff was a toy, then we would have agreed with you because this little lady here looks exactly like a stuffed animal plushie. But in actual fact, she is a Teacup Toy Poodle.

Photo courtesy of

We knew that Poodles come in different sizes, but we never thought they could be this small. This one can easily fit into her owner’s palm. On top of this, she looks like a teddy too, which makes her even more adorbs.

The definition of fab

Yes, another Chow-Chow, you may think. You’ve seen quite a few till now, and at this point, this babe here might not impress you anymore. But what if we tell you to look at the picture but focus in on his/ her nails?

Photo courtesy of

How could we not add this picture of a very fabulous Chow-Chow to this collection? She is such a cool lady with her nails painted in gold. Is it even mandatory to tell you that gold is the color of the year?

Which one is which?

We have a game for you! Tell us, which one of the pups below is real and which one is just a stuffed animal? Hard to tell, right? We know, we stared at this picture for some good 5 minutes.

Photo courtesy of

No matter who is real and who is not, we have to agree that they both are so cute. Poodles are the definition of fluffy, and the ginger ones are beyond adorable. We don’t know about you, but this picture is giving us major pup fever.

The black panther

If a jungle black panther would ever retire and stop running around chasing prey, this is precisely how he would start looking like. A bit chubby, a bit fluffy, with big cheeks, not frightening at all but all in all still gorgeous. Retirement is hard on everybody, you know.

Photo courtesy of

Even though this black Chow-Chow, who is still a baby, and nowhere near retirement age, he loves being lazy and also enjoys being carried around by his human. If this guy is not a spoiled pup, then we do not know who is.

Baby Chow

Up until now, we’ve seen some Chow-Chow pups, but we haven’t seen a tiny baby one yet, more precisely a 1 month old one. Warning, If you get easily emotional about adorable things, please do not look at the picture below. It is dangerous.

Photo courtesy

Dangerously cute! Not only he looks like a very squishy plushie toy, but look at that muzzle and those puppy eyes that he is serving to the camera. We just wanna hug him so bad. We are officially completely in love with him.

Kai Ken puppy

We hadn’t heard of the Kai Ken dog until now, a Japanese breed, but we had a look online, and it turns out that they too look exactly like teddy bears. The puppies are so adorable, and when they grow up, they turn into gorgeous dogs.

Photo courtesy of

Oops! We forgot to tell you to avoid looking this pup straight into his eyes. Well, we assume that it is too late now and that you have already fallen completely under his spell and want to get one for yourself too. Puppy magic is real folks!

Fizzy hair

Someone does not look that happy! By the wet hair and the wet towel in the picture, we can only assume that it was the bath that made him upset. So sorry, pup, but if human mommy bathed you, she probably had a good reason.

Photo courtesy of

Well, he might be all angry and upset but at least someone is smelling good now and is super clean. Let’s see how long it will take him to dirty his fluffy coat again. We bet on 2 or 3 days max. How about you?

Newfoundland pup

Out of all the fluffy balls of fur we have seen so far, this one is definitely one of our favorite. We knew that Newfoundland dogs were fluffy, but we never thought that the puppies look like complete teddy bears.

Photo courtesy

And if you think about it, when this bear look-alike pup will grow up, he will not only look like a bear, but it will be almost as big as one too. A Newfoundland dog can reach up to 80 cm and 70 kg.

80’s vibe

We don’t know about you, but this picture is giving us major 80’s vibes. Do you know those cliché photos in which the subject would look away from the camera and smile coyly during that decade? This is it right here.

Photo courtesy of

It looks like someone is pretty much obsessed with the ’80s, but at this point, we can not figure out which one it is: the doggo or the photographer. Or could it be the human mommy of this pup?

German Shepherd pup

Look at this German Shepherd puppy! His human mom posted this picture of him, saying that she thinks he looks a bit like a bear cub. And looking at those cute, small ears, we kind of understand why she thinks this.

Photo courtesy of

Although we might not really find any other similarity, we can not ignore the fact that this pup also looks exactly like a black baby wolf, a type of wolf that is now extinct. But that’s not such a stretch, seeing that wolves and dogs are cousins.

Polar bear or just a pup?

If you wouldn’t see the second picture, you would probably think that the guy on the right might be a polar bear cub. Although his coat looks a bit fluffy, it is not as fluffy as a polar bear’s thick heavy fur.

Photo courtesy of

But from a distance, you can easily mistake the two. This as long as the pup stays a pup because when he grows and looks like the doggo in the right picture, he looks more like an earless wolf.

Hi, there!

Hi there, you little fluffy-puffy pup! We have seen so many adorable dogs today, and still, we are never prepared to see another one. We are just falling in love with all of them and wishing we owned a huge backyard to adopt an entire pack of furry bear-like cuties. And we are sure we are not the only ones.

Photo courtesy of

This guy is only three months old, and his fur is already the definition of softness. The crazy thing is that, even if we can not physically touch that fluffy coat, we already know how soft and cozy he would be to cuddle with.

Safest place

Do you know what the safest place for a pup is? The place where he or she has the best sleep and feels the most protected. If you look at the following picture, you will find the answer to our question.

PHoto courtesy of

His human’s arms. It is known that the arms of the person you love is the place where everybody feels the safest. And it turns out that this applies to dogs too. Dogs, the more they live with us, the more they pick up human behavior.


This picture was taken at a fair. The teddy-looking dog and his owner were sitting there with their family, trying to sell some merchandise. It is sweet and adorable how this little girl has both a puppy and a teddy as a best friend all rolled into one.

Photo courtesy of

We don’t know the breed or mix of this dog. We don’t know how big he will grow but we do know that he will grow into a very good doggo that will make his little human proud. Not to mention that we are sure that he will be there to protect her at any cost.

Big loaf of bread

Call us crazy but if you minimize the picture below you might think that this Chow is actually a loaf of puffy bread. Or maybe it’s just us and the fact that we might be a bit hungry at the moment.

Photo courtesy of

Never mind! As long as the picture is in high resolution, we can all agree that this guy is beyond adorable. Even if he has all that fur, we know that beneath it, there are some chubby rolls. Oh boy, there we go thinking about food again. He is so cute; we cannot take it!

Another Caucasian Shepherd

Here is another Caucasian Shepherd pup. If you do not understand why we call this one a puppy, let us explain. If there is a person behind the dog, able to still pick him up and carry him around, it means that the dog is somewhere about 4,5 months old.

Photo courtesy of

An average person would not be able to carry an adult Caucasian Shepherd. And no wonder! These dogs grow so big that they made it to the list of the top ten biggest dog breeds in the world. Imagine going for a walk with a dog like this. People would not know who is walking who.

Ready, ready!

This guy right here is definitely the most prepared dog we have seen today. He looks more than ready to devour that yummy dinner that his human ordered for him. We wonder what he will have on the plate that made his mom need to put a bib on him.

Photo courtesy of

He does not look that happy, and we can tell this is either from the bib that annoys him or maybe because his food is taking too long to arrive. We are sure that this angry face did not last for too long and that it turned into a big smile when dinner was finally served.

No more snow!

According to this girl’s owner, this was the face and puppy eyes she gave her human when she told her not to eat snow anymore. As bad we feel for this sweet girl, we understand her human’s concern and we totally agree with her.

Photo courtesy of

Turns out that doggos can get sick, too, just like us humans. Not to mention that snow can hide all types of chemicals and waste that can intoxicate them and make them feel bad. So yeah, little girl, you better listen to your human mom!

Coca-Cola polar bear

If your childhood was in the late 80’s early 90’s you might remember this one. Around the time of the winter holidays, all over the TV channels, there would be this cool commercial from Coca-Cola that was showing a polar bear mama and her cubs.

Photo courtesy of

We might have found one of the cubs from that ad. Or if it was not him starring in the ad we all have to agree that he looks exactly like one of those Coca-Cola cubs. Oh, sweet memories! Hopefully, the brand decides to bring the polar bears back on our TVs soon.

Another Chow!

Yes, we know! The majority of the dogs we showed to you today are from the Chow-Chow breed. This is not only because most of them look exactly like real-life teddy bears but also because they are the definition of fuzzy and fluffy and soft.

Photo courtesy of

We are sure that if you look up soft in the dictionary, a picture of a Chow-Chow would be placed right next to the word. We started to love this breed so much that we might consider getting one for ourselves.

Can’t stop, won’t stop!

And it looks like we won’t stop showing Chows off until we convince you to add a new member to your family. Chow are devoted family dogs suited for families with children because it turns out they love children and are very protective of them.

Photo courtesy of

So they are not only cute but also perfect for your children. And if you don’t have children, it’s okay; they can be your kid because apparently they love being babied. If this breed is not perfect, then we don’t know what breed is.


We’ve never thought that this could be a thing, but here it is: we present to you the Goldendoodle. This puppy is a beautiful mixture between the Poodle and the Golden Retriever breeds. The two breeds have outstanding traits both individually, and of course, combined.

Photo courtesy of

So we can only assume that the crossbreed Goldendoodles are great dogs: they love socializing with humans and other dogs, and they make great companions for those who have allergies to dog hair. Have we convinced you to get one yet?


It is fascinating how some pictures can actually transmit so many feelings and vibes. For example, this one below is sending us some real cozy and comfortable vibes. So comfy, in fact, that it makes us want to go and lay in our beds.

Photo courtesy of

But before we go, we do have to talk about how adorable this pup is. There, on his bed, all cozied up with his favorite teddy bear, he himself looking like a teddy too. Everything about this picture is perfect in every way.

We got an idea!

We saw the Coca-Cola pup earlier, and we told you how much we would love if the brand would bring the polar bear commercial back. Well, if they do not bring it back this year, we might have an idea.

Photo courtesy of

We take all the polar bear look-alike pups that we saw earlier; we team them up and try to reproduce the commercial ourselves. Yeah, it might not be as good as the original one, but at least our 80’s and 90’s fellas will appreciate the effort.

Pugs too

We are indisputably fans of the Pug and of the brachycephalic breeds in general, but we never thought that baby pugs could look like teddy bears too. But it turns out they do, and now we can see the resemblance for ourselves.

Photo courtesy of

Okay, this baby pug is somewhere around one or two months. Even though they look like this when they are puppies, they grow up to look even cuter and more adorable. Nonetheless, we might have found another good reason to get a pug puppy too.

Do you see it?

The owner of the black Poodle pictured below asked people on the internet if her pup looks like a bear or not. Some said he does; some (we included) did not really see it. We do have to agree, though, that this puppy looks exactly like a real-life stuffed toy.

Photo courtesy of

Those curls he has on his shiny coat, the big fuzzy ears, and the cute little muzzle he has might not have made people think he was a bear, but they definitely can’t help but love him anyway. He is too cute for words.

Teddy the teddy bear

Meet Teddy, the Pomeranian pup! He is so adorable wearing his cute bowtie that he can easily be mistaken for a teddy bear. Not really considering the fact that, according to his human, he loves barking randomly during the day.

Photo courtesy of

Apart from this, he does look like a real-life teddy bear that kids would play with. And not only kids but us adults too. Matter of fact we might contact his owner and ask, ok, actually beg for a play date.

Beach day

This is Veda, and as her human told us, she loves the days at the beach. And no wonder she loves it there because Veda’s breed, Newfoundland, is known for being great swimmers and, all in all, big water lovers.

Photo courtesy of

Is it necessary to tell you how much we love this picture of Veda?? The person behind the camera managed to capture a perfect moment in a really scenic environment. The beach, the waves and Veda’s face, and crazy ear, everything it’s just pure perfection.

Smart pup alert!

We love a furry and fluffy pup. But do you know what we love more than this? A fluffy pup that loves books and spends his free time reading them. Meet Pinocchio, the dog that might be the smartest Goldendoodle on the block.

Photo courtesy of

And when we say “smartest,” we mean it! How many dogs out there do you think read books about cats to educate themselves and be two steps ahead of them and their cat strategy? Not many, we’re telling you. Not many!

The best for the last

As you already know, we always save the best for the last. (It gives you something to look forward to) And in this case, the best picture with the cutest subjects (obviously in our opinion) is the picture of newborn panda bear look-alike puppies.

Photo courtesy of

By now, all the pictures might have made you go “awww” more or less, but this one right here will definitely win your heart the way it won ours. Some dogs- from the moment they are born to when they grow big look like a cross between dog, bear, teddy or a combination of all, and we cant wait to see more of these BearPups in the future.