Behind-The-Scenes Facts About the Epic 300

By Divya G

The movie that made Zack Snyder who he is today, 300 was an epic representation of Frank Miller’s graphic novel that took cinema to the next level. Gerard Butler starred in the 2006 action epic period piece, which retells the story of the Battle of Thermopylae that took place during the Persian Wars. The movie was shot using the Superimposition Chroma Key technique that helped Zack bring the original comic book’s imagery to life. The film won several accolades and is still considered a masterpiece. 

Here, we will take you to some behind the scene actions of 300 to help you see how fascinating its journey has been. 

#1 “This is Sparta!” wasn’t actually supposed to be YELLED. In the comic book, King Leonidas delivers the “This is Sparta” line in a stern but calm manner. While Gerard Butler tried a few takes to deliver the line as the comic book, it didn’t have much of an impact. Then the actor improvised and yelled the line. It turned out to be the best line from the movie, which still has a powerful impact. 

#2 Jack Snyder adapted the original graphic novel shot-for-shot. He used the novel as the storyboard for the big screen. 

#3 Production house Warner Bros. wanted a PG-13 rating for 300, irrespective of how graphic and gory the original comic was. But Zack Snyder convinced the producers to make it R-rated. 

#4 The blood was added in post-production. The bloodiest and goriest action scenes of the movie were actually created during post-production. During the entire shoot of the movie, they only used 2 gallons of fake blood. The rest was added during post-production with VFX. 

#5 All the actors in the movie underwent a grueling workout regime as the storyline and script required the male actors to be shirtless and ripped. All the actors went into an 8-week training program before the shoot. 

No wonder the final product was so awesome.