Beyoncé’s Trainer Reveals 5 Ways To Stick To Your Workout Routine

By Francis Tunwase

Angela Manuel Davis is a famous personal fitness coach for Hollywood’s A-list celebrities, including Beyonce. The class of celebrities she has worked with lends credence to her expertise. When it comes to efficient personal fitness, she knows her onions.

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Here are ways to stick to your workout routine, as shared by Angela:

  1. Have an intention

Angela believes that intention plays a significant role in staying fit. Being intentional is a game-changer in staying in shape and being your best self.

  1. Show Gratitude

Angela suggests that you must be thankful for the fact that you are even able to get up and go to the gym. Not everyone has the physicality to get up from the bed and work out. Gratitude, they say, breeds more goodness.

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  1. Work with purpose

Angela brings purpose and intention into her workout routine using affirmations. She believes purpose unites intention and gratitude. She stresses that you should put in purpose in the pedal stroke when you get to the gym. Purpose signals the beginning of every successful thing.

  1. Commit for 21 days

Angela says that having an intention, showing gratitude, and having a purpose are all excellent. However, without consistency, you will not get any result. This is the reason she recommends a 21-day commitment.

  1. Find Something you Love

Angela says that applying a commitment to an activity you love and enjoy is a lot easier. She also stresses that the 21-day commitment is a way that could help you discover an activity that you love. Pleasure in the job, Aristotle says, puts perfection in work.