A Recap Of The Romantic Lives Of Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, And Gwen Stefani

By Larissa C

When people get married, they expect that their union is going to last forever. Celebrities are humans just like you and us, so they definitely feel that same way. Even though some celebrities get married multiple times in a lifetime, so do some average folks. Blake Shelton is one of those celebs. The country star is married to Gwen Stefani now, but he has been married two times in the past. And the interesting part is that both relationships ended in similar ways and amid quite a lot of controversy. In this article, we’re going to show 45 photos that depict Blake’s trajectory from getting his first divorce to his relationship with Miranda Lambert. Finally, we’ll show you how his life is now that he’s married to Gwen Stefani!

Blake Shelton was once married to long-time girlfriend Kaynette Williams.

Before Blake Shelton became the country superstar he is today, he was just another dreamer trying to make it big in the music industry. Back then, he was dating Kaynette Williams, whom he met when he was just 15 years old.

Image courtesy of Toni DiVito/Photorazzi

The couple was together for a long time before they tied the knot in 2003. But they were more than romantic partners. The pair also shared a bond in their work life as Kaynette was Blake Shelton’s manager for the duration of their relationship.

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert collaborated on stage in 2005 for the first time.

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s love story began in 2005 when they went up on stage to sing a duet. They sang the song “You’re The Reason God Made Oklahoma,” and the crowd loved it. And it wasn’t just the audience that loved the team-up.

Image courtesy of Eileen Blass/USAT

Blake felt really overwhelmed as he sang alongside Miranda. In fact, he revealed years later that he started falling for Miranda Lambert on the stage as they sang that love song. This was obviously met with a lot of criticism, considering that he was married at the time of the collab.

One year after singing one stage, Blake and Miranda started dating.

Upon singing a duet with Miranda, Blake fell in love right away. It didn’t take long after their stage collaboration for Blake Shelton to divorce Kaynette Williams. The pair separated that same year, but their divorce was only finalized in 2006.

Image courtesy of kurtnewsong/YouTube

Even though there were lots of rumors at the time, both Blake and Miranda always maintained that they only got together officially after his divorce was complete and Blake was once again single. They started dating and collaborating professionally as they wrote songs together.

After many years of dating, the country stars finally got engaged.

Approximately five years after Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert started officially dating, the country superstar proposed to his equally talented sweetheart. Their fans had already been expecting this for a while, so it wasn’t that shocking that they had gotten engaged.

Image courtesy of Miranda Lambert/Twitter

Even Miranda herself made fun of Blake when she announced that he had proposed. On her Twitter account, she jokingly said that her boyfriend “finally got a brain” and proposed to her. She was probably tired of waiting for the big question after half a decade together!

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert got married on May 14, 2011.

While it took Blake and Miranda years to get engaged, it only took them a couple of months to get married. The happy couple was probably feeling too anxious to wait a long time before the wedding bells rang for them.

Image courtesy of Robert Evans Photography/Us Weekly

Just a couple of months after announcing their engagement, the pair tied the knot in Texas — Miranda’s home state. They had a beautiful ceremony that reflected not only their love for each other but also their love for country music and culture.

The road of love is not easy, as Blake and Miranda soon learned!

While Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert loved each other very much, it goes without saying that love isn’t always easy. And it’s definitely not easy for two country superstars who are always out and about performing their songs all over the country.

Image courtesy of Miranda Lambert/Twitter

While Miranda was out touring the country, Blake stayed back home working on his music. The distance between them was not easy to deal with. But you know what they say — distance is supposed to make the heart “grow fonder”…or something like that.

Things got even harder when Blake Shelton joined The Voice in 2011.

In the same year that Blake and Miranda got married, the country singer joined The Voice as a judge. While this was a great move for his career, it meant that he would have to spend even more time away from his wife, given that the show was recorded in Los Angeles.

Image courtesy of NBC

Miranda could’ve easily moved to Los Angeles to be with her husband, but she didn’t like the city very much. Blake was recording so much in the city that he didn’t have a lot of free time to go back to Oklahoma and visit Miranda, which was not easy on their marriage.

The rumors regarding Blake and Miranda’s relationship never stop.

From the moment he joined The Voice, the distance between Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert grew immensely. And not just in the physical sense. The pair didn’t have a lot of time together, and maybe their hearts didn’t grow fonder after all.

Image courtesy of Blake Shelton/Twitter

But the distance was not the only thing taking its toll on the couple’s marriage. Like most celebrity couples, the rumors about their personal lives never stop. When the pair was together, there were rumors that they were having a baby, cheating on each other, feuding with other celebrities, and all kinds of crazy things.

Sources say that Miranda Lambert cheated on Blake Shelton!

While Blake was accused of cheating on his ex-wife with Miranda Lambert during his first marriage, it seems like the tables turned after he said his vows a second time. While nothing was ever confirmed, sources claimed that Blake learned that Miranda had cheated on him.

Image courtesy of Miranda Lambert/Instagram

However, other sources from the bride’s side of the story claimed that Blake was the one who had engaged in extra-marital affairs. These cheating allegations were the last straw that drove the couple to finally get a divorce in 2015.

In July 2015, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert announced that they were getting divorced.

Almost ten years after they first got together on stage and sang a heartfelt duet, Blake and Miranda announced that they were separating. Most fans expected a pregnancy announcement, but they were shocked to see their favorite stars parting ways after a dream relationship.

Image courtesy of Qello Concerts/YouTube

However, the divorce was anything but dreamy. There were lots of rumors surrounding their divorce, especially infidelity rumors. Both parties were accusing each other of cheating, not to mention the fact that tabloids were all over the pair and their high-profile divorce.

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale first got together in 1995.

When Blake Shelton was still dating Kaynette Williams, Gwen Stefani was getting into a long-term relationship with Gavin Rossdale, lead singer of the band Bush. At the time they started dating, he was only the second boyfriend Gwen had ever had!

Image courtesy of Gwen Stefani/Twitter

Gwen was so not ready for a serious relationship at the time that she was even living with her parents! Much like Blake Shelton did with both Kaynette and Miranda, Gwen dated her boyfriend for a long while before they tied the knot. 

In September 2002, Gwen Stefani got married to Gavin Rossdale.

Eight years after they first exchanged phone numbers, Gwen and Gavin finally got married. The most interesting thing about their engagement at the time was that, despite both artists having a rebellious reputation, Gavin asked for Gwen’s father’s permission to marry her!

Image courtesy of Gwen Stefani/Instagram

The pair had a lovely ceremony in London (Rossdale is British, hence the location), and Gwen obviously didn’t stick to the norms. She wore a white and pink gown to the wedding and had a lot of fun with her groom and their 150 guests!

Three years after tying the knot, Gwen and Gavin announce a pregnancy.

While Blake Shelton never really got the “having children” stage in either of his first two marriages, Gwen and Gavin took only three years after tying the knot to have their first child together. In 2006, the pair announced that they had welcomed a baby boy.

Image courtesy of Gwen Stefani/Instagram

A little over two years after their first kid was born, Gwen and Gavin announced that they were expecting a second child, a boy again. The couple seemed to be living their very own version of the so-called happily ever after!

By 2012, Gwen and Gavin are still happily married.

In Hollywood, it’s not often that celebrity couples remain married long. That’s why the fact that Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale were still happily married after ten years (and 17 years together in total) was special. There were no hints that there was any trouble in paradise.

Image courtesy of Gwen Stefani/Instagram

A 10-year-marriage in Hollywood is like a 50-year marriage for us regular folks. And the fans just loved to see the iconic singer having such a successful union and nurturing a beautiful family. Gwen told the media that her marriage was her biggest accomplishment!

In 2014, Gwen Stefani was on The Voice for the first time.

Two years after her 10-year anniversary with Gavin Rossdale, Gwen Stefani had a fabulous year. In 2014, she appeared on The Voice for the first time; this was the first time that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton worked together. But as they were married to other people at the time, the relationship was strictly professional.

Image courtesy of Gavin Rossdale/Instagram

In addition to joining The Voice, Gwen also had a huge surprise that year as she gave birth to her third child with Gavin Rossdale — they had another boy. With the family expanding and her career back on top, everything seemed perfect for Gwen.

A couple of months after their son’s first birthday, Gwen and Gavin announce their split.

While 2014 was the perfect year for Gwen Stefani, it seemed like 2015 was set to destroy everything she had built. A few months after her third son’s first birthday, Gwen Stefani announced that she was getting divorced from Gavin.

Image courtesy of XPOSUREPHOTOS.com

Everyone was naturally shocked by the announcement. While we thought that they would share the news of baby number 4, they were instead announcing that they were divorcing but were still going to remain friends for their children’s sake, as they’d be co-parenting from that point on.

The news of Gavin Rossdale’s infidelity breaks out.

One month before Gwen and Gavin announced their divorce, the family was spotted celebrating the Fourth of July with Gwen Stefani’s parents. It seemed like there was nothing wrong with the happy family, and that’s why tabloids were digging deep to find the reason behind the divorce.

Image courtesy of FameFlynet

As the world soon found out, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale got divorced because of his infidelity. Gwen discovered that he had cheated on her — but that wasn’t even the worst part. The worst part was that he cheated with the children’s nanny, which definitely felt like a stab in Gwen’s back.

Simultaneous divorces brought Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton close.

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert announced their divorce in July 2015. And then Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale announced their own divorce just one month later, in August 2015. It’s solely a coincidence, and Blake and Gwen didn’t get divorced from their respective spouses to be together.

Image courtesy of Adam Levine/Instagram

The rumor was that Miranda was the one who did the cheating, and we already mentioned how Gavin cheated with the nanny. Their divorces, however, brought Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton close together. They were the only ones who truly knew what the other was going through at the time.

The divorces were taking their toll on Blake and Gwen.

Even though Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani found a pretty strong support system in each other, it didn’t mean that they were faring just fine with their respective divorces. Gwen was really upset about having to start over after 20 years together with Gavin.

Image courtesy of Gwen Stefani/Instagram

And Blake was not only upset about getting divorced from the woman he had been with for almost a decade, but he also had to deal with the insane media coverage of his divorce. All that stuff combined, and Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton showed significant weight loss — and it was not thanks to any diet!

For Miranda, things weren’t much different.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani were not the only ones suffering because of the divorce. Gavin probably deeply regretted everything that had happened because of his infidelity. And Miranda was having a hard time coming to terms with the divorce from Blake as well.

Image courtesy of Miranda Lambert/Instagram

A few days before her divorce was finalized, Miranda Lambert broke down in tears during one of her concerts. Seeing the country star crying on stage was shocking, but it was the song that caught people’s attention. She stopped performing in the middle of “The House He Built Me,” which Blake had given her during their marriage!

Finally, things start looking up.

Sources say that, from the moment Blake and Gwen met, there were sparks between them. This kind of connection is rare, but the pair didn’t do or say anything about it at the time. They were both married to other people, remember?

Image courtesy of exitoina.perfil.com/thethings.com

After they each got divorced, they grew close, and, later that same year, the audience began to get suspicious. Blake and Gwen were flirty on set, and they seemed to be hanging out in the same places more often than not.

Gwen and Blake were spotted in lots of different places.

Later in 2015, both Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton were single and ready to mingle. Because they had connected so quickly and strongly during their divorces, it was only natural that they would stay in each other’s orbit and not drift away.

Image courtesy of Gwen Stefani/Instagram

The audience started noticing how the chemistry between the two singers was off the charts on The Voice. And it didn’t take long after that for Blake and Gwen to be spotted in the same hotels and same parties — often arriving together or within minutes of the other.

The pair makes things official.

After months of being spotted together, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani still had not said a word about their budding relationship. Finally, it became official when their representatives told the media in November 2015 that the two were dating after being “long-time friends.”

Image courtesy of Gwen Stefani/Instagram

However, it took the newest It couple on the block to make their first official appearance together. It happened at an afterparty during the 2016 Oscars when they made their red carpet debut with a cute and sensual photo for Vanity Fair.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s relationship moved slowly.

Before she got together with Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani had been in a relationship with Gavin Rossdale for almost 20 years. That’s a lot of time, especially for celebs. And Blake had been with Miranda Lambert for almost ten years, which is also quite a lot of time.

Image courtesy of Gwen Stefani/Instagram

Considering that both had their respective long-term marriages, it’s not hard to understand why Blake and Gwen’s relationship moved so slowly. Sources said that the country star was still dealing with the pain of his divorce — even two years after it happened!

While Blake and Gwen were happily dating, Miranda was still singing about the divorce.

Everyone has their own way of coping with hardships. Regular people usually try to keep themselves busy in order to not have time to think about a breakup. Meanwhile, artists usually translate their pain into their work as a way of healing.

Image courtesy of Miranda Lambert/Instagram

Miranda Lambert’s way of getting over her divorce from Blake Shelton was to write songs about it. While she’s usually subtle, one of the songs she released with the Pistol Annies was called “Got My Name Changed Back,” which most likely was written with her divorce in mind.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani made no efforts to hide their relationship.

In Hollywood, time moves differently. While regular humans usually take months (or even years) to move on, celebrities move from one relationship to another as if it’s the most common thing in the world — and maybe it is, in their celebrity world.

Image courtesy of ACM/YouTube

After they made their relationship public less than six months before their respective divorces, Blake and Gwen never once tried to keep their romance under the radar. On the contrary — the pair had no problem with the spotlight, making many public appearances and even performing love songs on television! 

A source revealed that Miranda Lambert was the one that had been cheated on years before.

Back when Miranda and Blake announced their divorce in 2015, everyone was shocked. But the public was even more surprised when they found that Blake Shelton was the one who had filed for the divorce, rather than the other way around.

Image courtesy of Miranda Lambert/Instagram

That was when people started accusing Miranda Lambert of cheating. Years later, a different source — from her side, this time — would claim that it was the other way around. Blake was the one who had been unfaithful, but his PR team managed to put the blame entirely on Miranda.

Miranda Lambert also moved on pretty quickly.

As we mentioned before, celebrities move on from their relationships and marriages really quickly. Even though their divorces can be excruciatingly slow and painful, it’s definitely not unusual for a celebrity to start seeing another person (or other people) a couple of months after separating.

Image courtesy of Anderson East/Twitter

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani started dating a few months after they each got divorced, and so did Miranda Lambert. The country princess started dating Anderson East sometime in September 2015, even though they only went public in December that same year.

Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, and Miranda Lambert made sure to avoid one another.

If you come to think about it, the world of celebrities is a pretty small one. These stars all attend the same events, the same parties, and the same awards show. This is especially true if they are country artists because they attend both the big parties and the genre-specific ones.

Image courtesy of Gwen Stefani/Instagram

Considering that both Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are award-winning country singers, they usually attend the same award shows in Nashville. Because of that, many people feared what would happen if Blake, Gwen, Miranda, and Anderson met. However, the public soon learned that the two couples were doing everything to avoid each other.

Children on the way for Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani?

While Blake and Gwen were doing their best to avoid running into Miranda Lambert, the pair was also thinking of having kids. Stefani already has three sons with her former husband, while Blake never had a child. But having kids was not as easy for the couple.

Image courtesy of Gwen Stefani/Instagram

Once a woman gets to her 30s, it becomes increasingly harder for her to have kids, hence why Gwen and Blake decided to try having a baby via in-vitro fertilization, according to sources. However, the pair have been together for seven years and have yet to announce a pregnancy.

Blake Shelton gets along really well with Gwen Stefani’s kids.

Even though Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani (still) don’t have any kids together, Gwen has three sons from her first marriage. Blake, on the other hand, chose not to become a father, even though he was married twice prior to dating Stefani.

Image courtesy of Gwen Stefani/Instagram

Nonetheless, Blake Shelton is like a father to his lady’s children. While Gavin Rossdale is still a part of the boys’ lives, Blake has also stepped into a paternal role. He gets along well with the kids, and it’s clear that they love Blake dearly.

While things were going great for Blake and Gwen, Miranda broke up with her boyfriend.

Nearly three years after Miranda Lambert and Anderson East went public with their relationship, the pair announced their separation. Miranda’s fans were shocked to hear the news, especially because everyone thought that the couple was getting closer to an engagement.

Image courtesy of Anderson East/Instagram

However, it seemed like Miranda and Anderson’s relationship was not meant to last. And, surprisingly enough, the sudden breakup announcement was not the most shocking piece of news. Everyone was appalled when Miranda quickly moved on to another relationship soon after!

The audience was shocked to learn of the newest developments in Miranda Lambert’s love life.

Shortly after Miranda Lambert announced she was single again, her fans were surprised to see that the country singer was already in another relationship. Everything was so sudden that everyone could only rely on rumors to understand what was going on.

Image courtesy of ZapatA/MEGA

And the rumors were that Miranda Lambert and Evan Felker were now an item — even though he was still married to another woman by the time he started working with Miranda. That’s why the public couldn’t help wondering if Evan had cheated on his wife.

Was trouble arising for Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani?

As with any celebrity couple, there are a bunch of people who love them, and there are lots of people who loathe them. For Blake and Gwen, it wasn’t different. While the lovebirds were having the time of their lives, haters stirred up trouble.

Image courtesy of Gwen Stefani/Instagram

Don’t just believe everything you see in the tabloids, they say. And this is especially true when it comes to Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. Fans of their previous relationships started creating rumors, like inventing that Gwen was suffocating Blake. The truth is that the pair is always together because they’re madly in love!

Meanwhile, Miranda Lambert’s new relationship was heavily criticized.

While Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani had to deal with numerous rumors regarding their relationship, so did Miranda Lambert. The only difference is that, while the rumors surrounding Blake and Gwen were unfounded, the ones surrounding Miranda were not so far-fetched.

Image courtesy of ZapatA/MEGA

Considering that her boyfriend, Evan Felker, was married until he went on tour with Miranda Lambert, people wondered how their relationship came to be. He only filed for divorce after their relationship came to light, which is why the relationship was received with so much criticism.

Only a couple of months later, Miranda Lambert announced she was single again.

Miranda Lambert didn’t seem to have that much luck in the love department after her divorce from Blake Shelton. The country superstar had already broken up with Anderson East, and just a few months after getting together with him, it seemed like they were over.

Image courtesy of Miranda Lambert/Instagram

Who can guess the actual reason behind the breakup? Maybe the negative repercussions took their toll on the lovebirds — we’ll never know. What we do know is that the announcement was shocking. After all, it seemed like Evan Felker had filed for a divorce from his wife just to be with Miranda!

Blake Shelton talks about his relationship with Gwen Stefani during an interview.

Since Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani got together, they have only had great things to say about each other. But does that mean that their relationship is perfect or that they have always been sure of the strength of their love?

Image courtesy of Gwen Stefani/Instagram

Well, not really. Blake said in an interview that at the very beginning of their relationship, they were both unsure. Blake and Gwen both thought that maybe they were just each other’s rebound after their respective divorces, which we now know was not true.

Blake and Gwen were going strong, and Miranda was embarking on her second post-divorce relationship.

After her divorce from Blake Shelton, it seemed like Miranda Lambert was making a bunch of impulsive decisions. No one knows if it was the toll that her divorce had taken on her, but the country star was definitely shocking everyone with her love life.

Image courtesy of Miranda Lambert/Instagram

Just three months after parting ways with Evan Felker, the country singer met Brendan McLoughlin, a police officer in New York City, during an appearance at Good Morning America. The pair likely hit it off right away, considering how fast their relationship moved.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani buy a mansion and move in together.

Speaking of moving, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani took their sweet time buying their first house together. It seemed like the pair was definitely trying to take things slow as they each continued living in their own houses while their bond grew stronger.

Image courtesy of Gwen Stefani/Instagram

…until 2019 came around, and the superstar couple finally bought their first house together. And it wasn’t just any house. Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani purchased a $13 million mansion in California, so there would be plenty of space for Blake, Gwen, and the kids!

The public wondered how Blake Shelton felt about Miranda Lambert’s new relationships.

Celebrities stay in the spotlight for so long because we, the public, are obsessed with them. After all, stars get to enjoy some of the best things in life. Ever since Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s relationship became public, everyone’s been obsessing over them.

Image courtesy of Miranda Lambert/Instagram

Hence, everyone was curious to know Blake Shelton’s thoughts on Miranda Lambert’s adventures in love. While he’s never spoken about that, sources close to him did reveal that he was totally over Miranda and didn’t even think about the past anymore!

A couple of months later, Miranda Lambert announced she had gotten secretly married.

From the moment Miranda Lambert met Brendan McLoughlin in New York City, we bet the two were attracted to each other immediately. In fact, it certainly wouldn’t be wrong to assume that what they felt was love at first sight.

Image courtesy of Miranda Lambert/Instagram

If you’re wondering why we’re saying that, it’s simple. Less than three months after Miranda and Brendan met, the pair got secretly married in January 2019! It surprised everyone, especially because Miranda announced the news on Valentine’s Day, one month after the ceremony.

Meanwhile, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani were still moving at a snail’s pace.

While Miranda Lambert had already been in two relationships and gotten married to her boyfriend, Blake and Gwen were taking things slowly. It took them four years to move in together, and while they were clearly in love, there were no indications that the pair would get engaged.

Image courtesy of Gwen Stefani/Instagram

Fans were anxious for new developments in Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s relationship, but they weren’t receiving much news from their favorite pair. Instead of worrying that the couple would break up, the fans were happy to learn that they were simply taking things one day at a time.

Five years after they got together, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani got engaged in 2020.

Do you know how they say that patience is key? Well, it seems like Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s fans were more than happy with the reward they got for their patience. After five years together, the pair finally made the announcement everyone was waiting for.

Image courtesy of Gwen Stefani/Instagram

In October 2020, the couple used their social media accounts to tell the world some great news. After five years of dating (and one year living together), Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani finally got engaged. It seemed like they were one step closer to their happily ever after!

Gwen Stefani had an amazing bridal shower.

Considering that Blake Shelton thanked Gwen Stefani for saving his year and saving his life, it’s safe to say that their engagement was a successful one. As such, both the bride and the groom needed epic parties to celebrate this moment of their lives.

Image courtesy of Gwen Stefani/Instagram

According to Gwen Stefani, her family and closest friends made sure that she had a great time during her bridal shower. They “kidnapped” the star and took her to a surprise bridal shower that they had prepared behind her back!

In July 2021, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani finally got married.

Because of the circumstances, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani had to wait a while before they could actually tie the knot. The country star and the pop singer wanted to gather both their families for this important moment in their lives.

Image courtesy of Gwen Stefani/Instagram

After being engaged for almost nine months, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani finally got married. They made sure that everyone was healthy and safe to attend the ceremony. The wedding took place in July 2021, at Blake Shelton’s ranch in Oklahoma.

In May 2022, Miranda Lambert makes a rare comment on her divorce from Blake Shelton.

The one thing about Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton’s divorce is that things were so messy that the two never really spoke about each other openly. Sure, they made statements between the lines, and sources close to both country stars shared plenty of info.

Image courtesy of Miranda Lambert/Instagram

And then, in May 2022, Miranda Lambert openly spoke about her divorce to CBS. The country superstar briefly mentioned how she wasn’t prepared for the divorce. The singer went on to say that she’ll always tell her truth via her music. It seems that Miranda and Blake have yet to make their peace with each other.