Where Are They Now?: Love Is Blind Season 1 Cast Catch-Up

By Louise P

Love is Blind has proven to be the ultimate binge-worthy TV show. It serves up all the drama, suspense, love, and hate we could possibly handle in one sitting. The show’s “find love, sight unseen” premise was groundbreaking and had us begging for more after each episode. Well, we asked, and Netflix delivered. Season 2 served up even more heroes and villains and had us cussing at our TVs as we sat alone on the couch in sweatpants because obviously, we know much better. All the new intrigue had us thinking of the OG cast of the show and what they are up to now. Who is still together, and who has moved on to bigger and better things? Here is an update on all the Love Is Blind participants from Season 1, and spoiler alert, it’s going great!

Lauren is a Star

Lauren Hamilton walked away from Love is Blind with more than just a man on her arm. She has also started a new career and is a full-blown influencer in her own right. She went from selfie queen to full-on social media celeb overnight.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @LaurenSpeed-Hamilton

She has represented CAA (Creative Artists Agency) and household brand Microban 24 in recent months and is looking gorgeous as ever while doing it. Looking pretty on camera and getting paid to do so is our version of “living the dream.”

Lauren & Cameron

Since day one, these two had us rooting for them, and we are happy to confirm they are still going strong. They had their fair share of troubles along the way, including some family disputes and questions surrounding their different races, but they came out on top.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @LoveIsBlindNetflix

They have also taken their relationship to the next level. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a Youtube channel! Hanging with The Hamiltons follows the couple on their journey through wedded bliss and shows viewers what it takes to make it work.

The 3 Hamiltons

Just when we think we can’t love the Hamiltons anymore, they prove us wrong. They have grown their family by one member, a furry one, that is. The couple is now proud parents of a fur-baby that is too cute for words.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @CameronHamilton

Their 2-year-old Airedale Terrier joins the couple on all sorts of adventures and can be seen on their popular Youtube show. It took Cameron only three days to fall in love with Lauren, but we bet it only took 3 seconds to love this furry face.

Amber & Barnette

This one is a surprise. Amber and Barnette seemed doomed from the start, but they have stuck to it and are still (happily?) married. When the bomb dropped about Amber’s debt, we were sure that was the end for them.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @LoveIsBlindNetflix

But Barnette accepted her, warts and all, to prove that love truly is blind. The couple still lives in Georgia with their dog, Koda, and has been enjoying trips all around. In late 2021 pictures surfaced of the couple looking o-so-in love while skiing in Utah.

Barnette Has Some Energy

Amber’s crippling debt proved to be no problem for Barnette, who stepped up to the challenge and helped his new wife get out of the red. He has taken advantage of his newfound stardom and even changed his Insta handle to @BarnetteIsBlind.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @BarnetteIsBlind

He has also signed on to be a brand ambassador for Bang Energy, but word is still out if this was for money or he actually needed energy drinks to keep up with Amber. He is still working as an engineer, so he didn’t quit his day job.    

Amber is Fighting Online

Amber is one of the few lucky girls to walk away from the show with a new husband, but it hasn’t been all sunshine and roses for the former tank mechanic. Amber has seen her fair share of online hate, but what do you expect when you go on reality TV?

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @aTypicalAmber

Online trolls have been mocking Amber for her airbrushed and photoshopped photos, and she has not held back. And in all honesty, are there even any honest people left on Instagram? Let Amber do Amber and worry about your own lives for a change, please!

Giannina & Damian

These two looked like they had it all figured out, but Damian flipped the script at the last minute and left his blushing bride at the altar. Since then, the pair have been dating on and off for what seems like forever.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @DamianPowers

In August 2021, Giannina finally went on the record to confirm they had officially broken up and that she had been focusing on herself for a while. “Damian and I ended our relationship, and I wanted to start traveling and wanted to start experiencing new things,” she told Insider.

Damian Got Fillers

One of the main things that brought Damian & G together was their mutual love for all things beauty. The pair made us doubt if love was truly blind or if it was instead just turning a blind eye till someone could make it to the cosmetologist’s office.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @DamianPowers

Damian has never been shy about his metro habits, and we applaud him for taking care of himself. He received some fillers under his eyes, a popular trend amongst influencers these days, looking to rejuvenate their appearance. Looking good, Damian!

Giannina Became a Mom

The Venezuelan native has let go of her iconic blonde locks and settled for a more demure chestnut tone. She has also become a dog mom to a fluffy bundle of love called Georgia. Things look like they are looking up for the once bitten twice, shy bride.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @GianninaMiladyGibelli

She is also seen advertising various brands on Instagram as an influencer and has close to 2 million followers. She even has an ultra-cute collection under her name on Fan Joy, a custom merchandising company for creators like G.

Mark Is a Dad

Our hearts bled for Mark on the show as he was left at the altar and also as he was constantly mistreated by Jessica when he had nothing but love to give. But, Mark is now living his best life! On his birthday, he posted a few images with the caption, “Living the life I always dreamed of. Cheers to 28 years.”

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @markanthonycuevas_

Mark is now the proud father of 2 beautiful boys, Ace and Axton. He also has an adorable four-legged friend by his side and recently married the mother of his children, Aubrey Rainey. To top it all off, he is regularly seen doing promotional posts and giveaways, tapping into that reality TV money. You go, Mark!

Jessica Found a Man

Jessica emerged as the villain of season 1 after feeding wine to her dog and ditching sweet Mark at the altar. Her baby voice and obsession with Barnette have made her a laughing stock of the internet, but season 2’s Squinty Shayna has since dethroned her.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @JessicaBatten

On the 4th of July, Jessica showed the world who her new bae is, Benjamin McGrath. He is a foot and ankle surgeon from California and has two children of his own. “I’m thankful to be able to follow my heart and choose my happiness. I hope you all do the same!” she wrote to her fans/haters.  

Kelly Is All About Girl Power

Kelly and Kenny were one of the engaged couples we were rooting for the hardest. The pair ended up parting ways at the altar as Kelly realized she had a lot of growing to do on her own terms. You go, girl!

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @KellyChase

Kelly has taken her new approach to life and also focused it on a new career. She is now a mindset coach who helps single women harness their energy and put it towards becoming girl bosses in their own right.

Kenny Found Love

Kenny and Kelly seemed to be a match made in heaven. We could already see their “KK” monogrammed towels hanging in their picture-perfect country cottage. But alas, our dreams were dashed when the couple parted ways at the isle. But that wasn’t all for Kenny.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @KennyBarnes11

Thanks to a mutual friend, Kenny got introduced to his now fiancé. The couple looks super happy, and they have a cute dog together. They are set to have a spring wedding in 2022, and we wish them all the happiness.

Carlton Is Being Honest

Carlton was one of the bravest members of the LIB S1 cast, coming out as bisexual to his fiancé, Diamond. She did not react well to the news, but Carlton stuck to his guns and decided to live his truth.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @CarltonMorton

He has since moved back to his hometown of New Orleans and focuses a lot of his energy on his faith. In a recent Instagram post, he also mentioned that he looks forward to starting a family sometime in the near future.

Diamond is Cashing In

Diamond’s dreams of happily ever after were dashed when she and her fiancé, Carlton, went to Mexico. She had a less than favorable reaction to his confession of being bisexual and threw her engagement ring in the pool in the most dramatic fashion.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @shoptheladybox

Diamond has cashed in on her unique name and started a jewelry line called Lady Box. She has also dived back into her studies and is pursuing her Ph.D. She is still single, but it seems like she has enough on her plate to keep her busy!

Anyone Remember Dory?

Love is Blind follows 30 men and women into the pods, but only six couples came out engaged and got whisked off to Mexico. But, more people found love than you might realize. Do the names Rory and Danielle ring any bells?

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @DanielleDrouin

These two also got engaged in the pods, but producers only have enough resources to follow six couples. These two were seemingly drama free and were let go to explore their relationship on their terms. But did it last?

Rory Started Talking

Rory thought he had found love with Danielle, but it turns out the pods got these two a little overly excited. They went on their own breakaway to Miami, but the magic didn’t last, and the pair soon broke up.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ Rory Newbrough

Rory has spoken out in a few interviews about the conditions that participants had to live in. He compared their rooms to prison cells with tiny beds and awful mattresses. We’re pretty sure inmates don’t get to lounge in pods looking for love each day?

Danielle is Living Her Best Life

Danielle and Rory thought they could make it work, but life outside the pods seemed to disagree. We often see couples moving in together after getting engaged on the show, and their true colors come out, proving to be too much for each other.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @ DanielleDrouin

Danielle and Rory parted ways, but Danielle found love after their failed engagement. At least she didn’t get left at the altar like some of the other brides! She is now pursuing her passion for yoga and spends her time traveling and living a healthy life.

LC Is Making Her Voice Heard

Lauren Chamblin, or LC as we got to know her, was yet another of the broken hearts that Barnette left in his wake. LC fell head over heels for Barnette, but Amber and her, er, endearing laugh won his heart in the end.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @LaurenChamblin

She now has her own podcast called “Permission to Enter.” You can listen to her dish about all her heartaches, triumphs, and dreams. She also shares some beauty secrets and life hacks. Lauren is one of our favorite cast members, and we are still big fans of all her girl-next-door energy.

Matt is Still Moving

Matt Thomas wasn’t one of the breakout stars of season 1, but his charm and chiseled physique got our attention. Matt was looking for love that went past the superficiality of dating apps but failed to do so. On the show, at least.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @movingwithmatt

It seems like Matt has found love in real life and continues to work as a charity director of “Brawl for a Cause,” a charity boxing association. Matt is in better shape than ever, and his Insta is filled with images of him spreading joy in the world.

India Is Being a Boss

India joined Love Is Blind, hoping to find someone who loves her for her brains over her beauty. And honestly, her beauty can be seen from miles away, so it is understandable that people don’t give her brains a second thought.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @IndiaBridgeforth

Instead of searching for love and external validation, she channeled her energy into her studies and completed her Master’s Degree from Louisiana State University. She is also focusing on her son, who is in elementary school. Keep on slaying, Queen!

Westley Still Going Strong

The premise of love is blind: folks are looking for love without seeing their potential partners. This would give people with some insecurities a chance to be their authentic selves without worrying about being judged. Westley Baer has a little insecurity of his own.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @WestleyBear

Westley has always been insecure about his height and felt that it held him back in the dating game. Can we send you our numbers, Wes? He has since become an ambassador for Liquid IV, a hydration supplement that is said to restore the electrolyte balance in your body.

Aly Met Her Match

Aly Costa was another of the less featured cast members, but her awkward date with Cameron really stuck out to us. Ally confessed she could date someone who doesn’t own a dog, as long as they don’t yell at dogs. What a strange thing to say…

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @AlysonCosta

Aly’s time in the pods might have taught her what she wants and likes in a man, and she seems to have found love after all. Her new beau has been a frequent feature on her Instagram, and they seem to be hitting it off just fine. Do we assume he doesn’t yell at dogs?

Has Taylor Done the Deed?

One of the most memorable characters from season 1 was Taylor Lupton. He came on the show and was very open about his virginity. This fact shocked many of the ladies and made many more swoon because of his openness.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @TaylorLupton

We don’t think he will be posting about his virginity on a public forum any time soon; we still love seeing him flourishing as he puts his energy into his family and baby nephew. We will be over here rooting for you, Taylor; your person is out there!

Briana Is Going Strong

Briana went on the show to try and get over the social anxiety she faces when diving into dating. “I feel that if given an opportunity to finally be myself, without feeling paralyzed by how I look, I could succeed and truly fall in love.”

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @BrianaHolmes

Did this theory pan out? Briana did not find love on the show, but it does seem like it helped her confidence a lot. She has since become an ambassador for Rent the Runway and appears to be living her best life. Get ’em, girl!

We See You, Andy

Andy Rickert was another hopeless romantic that left the pods without a fiancé, but he is not jaded. He said that he still believes love is blind, but it is also unconditional. Can we get an “amen”? This is the kind of lesson we want to learn from the show.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @AndyRickert1

Even though there is no Mrs. Right on Andy’s feed anymore, he doesn’t seem to be slowing down. He is rocking one hell of a summer bod all year long and is frequently seen getting some fresh air on hikes.

Lillie Mae TM

Lillie Mae went on the show looking for love but said she never felt a spark or chemistry with any of the guys in the pods. This might have been a blessing in disguise because she has made the most of her single time and written a book!

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @iamlilliemae

She has a flourishing PR business and has even trademarked her company name, Glambitious. Her book, entitled “Dear Singlepreneur,” is all about empowerment, and she has recently said on her Insta that she is still “accepting King applications.” Yass Queen!

Lexie The Business Woman

Lexie is what we would have called in the 90s a “blonde bombshell.” But now, we call her a fierce businesswoman with a good head on her shoulders. She went on the show to try and find love beyond the superficial as she felt her looks often attracted people before her personality.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @LexieSkipper

After the show, she has moved quite a bit but has finally settled and started her own fashion company. Skip the Line is Lexie Skipper’s styling company based in Atlanta and aims to help everyone from bloggers to moms look their best.

Ebony’s Entertainment Empire

Ebony Alexis is an entertainment powerhouse, but her polished appearance has made it difficult for her to find true love in the past. She said that’s “because everything seems to be so disposable, including people.” But it looks like she might have changed her tune!

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @itsebonyalexis

She is a journalist, makeup artist, and CEO of Justice Tees. That’s a new kind of triple threat. But she has also met a hot man, and they seem ultra-loved up on her feed. Ebony seems to have it all going for her, and we couldn’t be happier.

Kay Nicole Is Moving Forward

Kay Nicole is another brainy beauty that has gone on to do bigger and better things after Love Is Blind season 1 wrapped. She hoped to find a God-fearing man with a killer sense of humor, but instead, she found renewed vigor to pursue academics.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @KayNicole.m

Kay hit the books through the pandemic and obtained her Master’s Degree from Brenau University. Wow, all we learned during that time was how to wear sweatpants in 10 different ways. This navy vet is still single but is now a Doctoral student, which is a way more impressive credential than being hitched.

LC and Amber Buried the Hatchet

It’s not only happy couples that came out of Love Is Blind, but it proved to be an interesting platform for friendships too! Nothing brings people together like blind-dating the same guys. These LIB ladies fell for Barnette, one a little more than the other.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @LaurenChamblin

Lauren and Amber have been seen on social media together, sharing a few drinks and laughs. It seems like all is forgotten, and these two ladies can bond over their shared experiences on the show. More power to you girls!

Boys Time

A fun aspect of LIB is that all the contestants live in the same city. This has made it easier for participants to keep in touch and form friendships outside of the show. Apart from dating 15 of the same women, Barnette, Damien, and Cameron have one more thing in common.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @DamianPowers

They all love to keep fit! These three are looking better than ever, and they have been seen hitting the gym together. We can totally see them sharing some gossip over a protein shake too. Keep up the good work, fellas! We see you, Cameron, the scientist.

LC and Diamond Forever

Nothing bonds two women together like a broken heart. It’s sad, but it’s true. Luckily, these ladies have taken it in their stride and formed a tight bond way past the show’s end. LC and Diamond enjoy spending time together and are each other’s biggest cheerleaders.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @theladybox

Who needs a man if you have girlfriends?! LC was even involved in the launch of The Lady Box, Diamond’s jewelry company, and featured on many of the company’s official promo posts. There is no surprise there, as LC is a stunner and perfectly shows off the fabulous jewelry.

Matt and Damian are Bro’s

Another bromance to flourish after the show’s end is between Damian and Matt. These two have been heating the streets of Atlanta as newly-single bros after both of them ended their relationships. Slide into our DMs, boys…

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @DamianPowers

Matt and Damian have bonded over their mutual love for looking good, keeping fit, and fast cars. That kind of sounds like every bromance to us, though. But we live for all these long-lasting friendships that have bloomed from the show.

Love Triangles Aside

Who could ever forget the epic Amber-Barnette-Jessica love triangle? It was a story for the ages, and poor Mark was caught up in the middle of it. Jessica strung him along just long enough to see Barnette get married and know she doesn’t stand a chance.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @MarkAnthonyCuevas

Although there is no love lost between Jessica and Mark, he could find common ground with Barnette and Amber. Mark and his new wife have been getting close to the Barnett’s, and the four of them seem to be having a blast together.

Awesome 4-some

These four just can’t seem to get enough of each other. They have been living it large in Atlanta, being regulars on the social scene. Whether it be double date nights or puppy playdates, these four seem to be inseparable.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @MarkAnthonyCuevas

Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall to one of these dates, though? We know Jessica gave them enough ammunition to bash her for years to come. But perhaps they let bygones be bygones and enjoy looking to the future together.

New BFF Alert

Giannina and Kelly are two sides of the same coin. One got left at the altar while the other said: “no thanks” to her potential husband. Yin and Yang of the reality TV world. These girls might have left the show without a man, but they have gained a friend for life.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @KellyChace

Can we buy a ticket to a night out on the town with these two? We are sure that offers nothing but fun and mischief! These two girls are helping each other live their best lives and growing their businesses to new heights.

Girl Squad

Life in the Love is Blind apartments doesn’t seem appealing to us. No TVs, cellphones, radio, or internet. What is left? Conversations? Ew, gross. But these ladies made it work and ended up fostering some solid friendships by the end of their time in “lockdown.”

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @AlysonCosta

Lauren, Diamond, and Alyson are the three best friends anyone could have. Where can we put in a request for a Love Is Blind girls reunion episode? Sans Jessica, of course. We don’t need any of that drama, only good vibes.

Getting Together All The Time

The shared experience of Love Is Blind is like no other reality show. From living together without technology to going on blind dates with each other’s future spouses, this show is truly a bizarre trip. And we will be watching every step of the way!

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @LaurenChamblin

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the cast has formed some truly unique bonds outside the show. Here you can see LC and the gang showing up at the launch of Matt Thomas’s charity, Brawl for A Cause. Let’s hope this is a genuine friendship, and they aren’t just doing it for the gram.

Single and Ready to Mingle

Once out of the pods, there were 26 people left unmarried, and it’s easy to believe that they all hit the town together, possibly ready to start dating again. If you are going to air all your dirty laundry on national TV, you might as well get some friends out of it, right?

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @DanielleDrouin

In this picture, you can see a bunch of pod-inmates who ended up single, hitting the streets of Atlanta. Castmates are regularly seen out together, being pseudo-celebs on the Atlanta scene. How do we become part of this exclusive club without going on TV?

Hosting Duties

Hosts, Nick & Venessa Lachey, are the model couple hosting LIB. Their own love story has been public from day one, and they don’t shy away from talking about their road to marital bliss. But what are the happy couple up to now?

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @Nick Lachey

They are fresh off airing Season 2, and Season 3 has apparently already been filmed. They have also doubled up on hosting duties and are also the faces of the new (highly toxic) dating show, Ultimatum. Just give us a second while we pop some popcorn…

Mark & Lauren

If we had to pick two people we wanted to befriend from Love is Blind Season 1, it would hands down be Mark and Lauren. Our hearts bled for Mark as he was being used and gas lit by Jessica, cast aside because of his age and appearance.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @MarkAnthonyCuevas

On the other hand, Lauren restored our faith in humanity as she found her Prince Charming in Cameron. These two have made frequent press appearances together, including the Tamron Hall Show, Fox 5 News Atlanta, Daily Mail. Give us more Mark & Lauren, please!

Crew Cocktails

We just can’t get enough of the crew pics! Seeing all the singles living it up in Atlanta makes us realize that sometimes the only love you need is from your friends. It’s ok if they are your ride or die!

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @DanielleDrouin

Ok, but hear us out. How about a “Love is Blind: Friendship Edition”? Everyone is secluded to their pods and becomes friends out of pure desperation for human interaction. Seems healthy? We wonder who will be BFFs from Season 2.

New Hookups?

So, we have a morbid curiosity about whether or not any other romances flourished from the show. Did any of the snubbed participants ever get together in secret? Once it was all done in the pods and everyone got back to Atlanta, who dated?

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @MarkAnthonyCuevas

This picture has sent us into a frenzy. The lovely lady in the middle is Mark’s sister, and if we may be so bold as to say, she is a stunning addition to Damian’s side. Was Mark trying to play cupid? And if so, did it work? We need more tea!

Who Dat?

With 30 cast members, everyone couldn’t get their moment in the spotlight. One of these background characters was Kenneth Smith. Look at that face! Why didn’t we see more of him! He looks like he could have broken a few hearts.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @KennethSmith

Kenneth, with his clean-cut looks is trying to make a name for himself as a model but has set up shop in Florida in the meantime. A barbershop, that is. Visit him in Gainsville for a trim at Sticcks Barbershop. And get his number for us while you are there?