45 Priceless Photobombs That Make Us Take A Second Look

By Jhoana C

If you want to take great photos that are worthy of admiration, one of the most important things you need to know is to look at the background, not just the foreground, because there could be other things, objects, or people lurking there that can ruin an otherwise excellent picture. No matter how great the subject is, there could be other things in the background that can make your photo memorable for all the wrong reasons. You certainly wouldn’t want to print, frame, and proudly hang these kinds of photos in your living room only to realize later on that somebody’s or something is trying to sabotage it. However, some of them are pure gold and worthy of internet fame. Here is a compilation of priceless photobombs that will make you laugh and realize how lucky you are that you weren’t the subject in them.

Don’t judge her, she’s hungry

We know that feeling of hunger when you just want to eat a whole cow. We have all been there, and it’s not pleasant, especially when people judge you for your big food portions. We can understand how this lady feels.

Image courtesy of millselle/Twitter

She’s wolfing down a packet of chips as if there’s no tomorrow. She must have been famished, and it’s all documented for the entire world to see. She’s in a t-shirt and pajama next to ladies in their prom dress, and she looks like she doesn’t have a care in the world as long as she satisfies her hunger.

The best man canceled, so the Beluga had to step in

There are photobombs, and then there are photobombs that top all photobombs, and we believe that this photo belongs in the latter. It’s not every day that a beluga whale crashes your wedding ceremony. We think that this next couple should be thankful for the sea creature,

Image courtesy of twofirstnamez/Reddit

He noticed that the best man wasn’t around. He must have flaked on his buddies. So, the lovely sea creature took it upon himself to step in and make sure that the ceremony goes smoothly even without the presence of the best man. A job well done, buddy.

The moon of our lives

We remember characters as long as the show lasts, but there are characters that we remember even years after an epic show ends, and one such character is Khal Drogo. The copper-skinned god with his brooding dark eyes and muscular, tall physique is a dreamboat.

Image courtesy of honor_your_heart/Instagram

We can still remember him and his queen, Daenerys, exchanging their lyrical devotions of love for each other. If you think the great Khal is a cool guy, you’d be happy to know that the actor who plays him on TV is even cooler. Here, you see Jason Momoa photobombing a newlywed’s photo, and we can tell you they have never been happier.

Yup, a bomb was dropped when this photo was taken

Prenup photos have become a huge thing nowadays. We can count on one hand the number of couples who choose not to take prenup wedding photos before the big event. We can suffice to say that it has become customary.

Image courtesy of paigebartos/Reddit

This couple isn’t any different. They were ready to pose and be guided by the photographer on their prenup wedding photos when a stray dog decided to bomb them. Yup, the dog didn’t even have second thoughts relieving himself in the lake with the couple.

Why does he get to do that and I don’t?

Do you see that dog on the lower part of the photo? We know what he’s thinking. Why does the other doggo get to be so close to momma, and he doesn’t? Why is he only relegated in the background? What gives?

Image courtesy of nurseratchet86/Reddit

We understand if he feels a little jealous because, well, who wouldn’t be? We’d feel the same way if we were in his place. Look at him with those sad eyes. Awwww, we can adopt your doggie, and we’ll give you all the love you need.

We’d love to have this happy fellow in our photos too

The first thing we thought when we first saw this photo was that’s one cute and happy guy. This couple won the jackpot in the photobomb lottery during their vacation. They had the once-in-a-lifetime chance of being photobombed by a stingray.

Image courtesy of kebulatr/Reddit

However, some people on the Internet point out that there must be someone behind the photo holding up the stingray for the photo. Some would like to disagree and say that there are times when stingrays jump out of the water.

What is wrong with the girl’s face?

Some people have this sixth sense that lets them feel when others are taking pictures so they can jump in right on time and ruin it. We’re sure this girl has it because no one can dispute her timing.

Image courtesy of savanner/Reddit

Look at her in her car making faces as if she’s a duckbill platypus. We have to give it to the lady who’s taking the photo, being cool about it and just smiling. Not everyone would act the same way if they were in her place.

The girl is in the way

We love the attitude and personality of this kookie kangaroo. He’s game for a photo even though there’s a lady in the way of its photoshoot. Look at him sticking his tongue out and poking fun at his human photobomber.

Image courtesy of mrrluxx/Reddit

The lady photobombing this photo should count herself fortunate that the kangaroo didn’t keep her away by throwing a few punches in her direction. Seriously though, this is one of the photos we love most. The duo makes a great team.

Don’t throw the baby too high

Weddings are one of the most important events in a person’s life, and couples would like to make sure they immortalize it by hiring the best photographers and videographers to document it. After all, if you do it right, you only do it once.

Image courtesy of TrojanStark/Reddit

While taking pictures for posterity, some people came across this picture photobombed by a baby being thrown up in the air. We only have one thing to say, and it’s addressed to the person throwing the baby up in the air. Be careful, buddy!

That one great photobombing buggy

Speaking of wedding photos, here’s another one photobombed by one of the couple’s closest friends. While everyone celebrated the couple as they walked through with sparklers, one guy decided to kneel to honor the couple. This is a choice we highly respect.

Image courtesy of muzungu616/Reddit

People like this make the party livelier and the ceremony lighter. However, not all couples would appreciate such a thing, especially those who don’t have a sense of humor. We would also understand if the couple would want to keep the photo romantic by cropping him out.

The hilarious horsey

We would beg to disagree with anyone who says that animals don’t have a sense of humor. We have seen proof of that, and this photo is one of them. Look at this horsey photobombing this sweet couple who thought of taking a romantic photo.

Image courtesy of MelissaEnglePhotography/Facebook

We are wondering, though, if the horse ate or drank something spoiled for it to start acting that way, or did it just think that it would be a good idea to inject a little humor into the couple’s picture. Why take ho-hum pictures when you can make them exceptional?

Photobomber in the Moroccan desert

This photo is another example of animals with a sense of humor. They make the world a better place by outing a smile on our weary faces during the most unexpected times. A person traveling to Morocco took this photo of his newfound friends.

Image courtesy of emmett_sparling/Instagram

Not only are they tall and calm, but they also know when to make you laugh. We especially love the camel in the back, which made it a point to photobomb every photo taken, just like the guy who took it. We won’t complain if this happened to us.

That time when Dwayne Wade photobombed a proposal

Dwayne Wade, although already retired, is one of the biggest names in basketball, and he will go down in history as among the best who led his team to championships. People want to have their picture taken with him and want to get his autograph.

Image courtesy of RealisticYogurt6/Reddit

This couple didn’t even have to chase him to get both. He just walked in on their proposal photo, and we can assure you they were delighted. Who wouldn’t be? Look at that ecstatic look on the woman’s face! She couldn’t believe what happened.

One of her best holiday photos

One of the must-dos when on holiday is to take lots of pictures. Without them, there’s no proof of all the beautiful adventures you went on. We have been told to put down our cameras and phones and just be in the moment, but we can’t help it. We just have to take pictures.

Image courtesy of BearWithAScarf/Reddit

Perhaps this is a good example of why we should stop taking pictures sometimes. Look at that young man on the side with part of his t-shirt on his head, walking like a robot. It seems like he made it a point to photobomb the picture.

That kid isn’t happy

Some photobombing incidents are deliberate, but others are accidental. Accidental photo bombings are a gem, and they make the pictures even more hilarious and memorable than just a regular ol’ photo. A case in point is this one taken in the mall.

Image courtesy of juniormars/Reddit

Don’t make a mistake. The subject of the photo is the young man on the side. However, what captures everyone’s attention is the kid in the background who seems like he wants nothing more than to get out of the bouncy ride, but it seems like nobody cares about him.

We didn’t know Yeezy had a sense of humor

What’s better than being photobombed by funny and awkward animals? Being photobombed by celebrities. That doesn’t happen often, and it would be great to have them step into your photo frame instead of chasing them and asking for their pictures for a change.

Image courtesy of JF22177199/Twitter

This guy just returned from his trip, and someone casually took his photo at the airport. He thought nothing of it but got the surprise of his life when he took a closer look and realized that Kanye West, yup, Yeezy, was in the background photobombing him.

There’s always that one pet

If you’ve ever owned multiple pets, you will relate to anyone who tells you that there’s always that one pet who just seems to be a little less than normal compared to the others. It doesn’t do what most other pets are doing.

Image courtesy of ilikemountaingoats/Reddit

The pet in the background is a perfect example of that. Look at it photobombing his friend, who always seems to be prim and proper. Look at him making faces and acting as if he’s going to pounce on his friend anytime now.

Brunch was eventful today

Brunch might be uninteresting, especially if you always frequent the same place, so it might be a good idea to change things up a little. But hey, if it ain’t broken, why fix it? Or, you can always go to this place run into this little jokester.

Image courtesy of FatKeystone/Imgur

He’s made it his mission in life to entertain patrons by making hilarious faces when he sees people taking photos. Look at his recent photobomb achievement! This is a photo that deserves to be printed, framed, and hung on a wall.

An evil cat plotting against the dogs

Cats are very different from dogs; anyone will tell you that. They have much more attitude and sass, and they are not that friendly if they don’t know you. Some even say they expect their humans to serve them. We’re not sure if those things are true.

Image courtesy of Hajlen/Reddit

However, we get the feeling that cats seem to be sinister compared to dogs. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at this photo. The cat seems to be plotting against the three friendly dogs in the photo, and he was caught in the act with his evil plans.

Always check the background when taking photos

One of the most important lessons you will ever learn in photography is to check your surroundings before you start clicking away. You don’t want anything unpleasant to be included in the photo. You wouldn’t want to end up like this person.

Image courtesy of gooberbc/Reddit

That little kid is as happy as can be and looks delighted to have her photo taken. However, if you look at the upper part of the photo, you will see a dog dropping a bomb. Of all the places, why did the canine have to do that there?

Photobombed by a cute kid in Venice

Vacations are a great time to just forget about work, be amazed by new sights, and be in touch with people of a completely different culture and history. Vacations are a time for discovery as well as a good time for getting photobombed.

Image courtesy of julianignaciopr/Reddit

This couple took a trip to one of the most touristy places in the world, Venice. If you’ve been there, you know how crowded it can be, and it’s difficult to have a square foot all to yourself, especially during peak season. This couple seems to have gone there during the lull season, so they had the place all to themselves. But, that still didn’t prevent them from being photobombed.

The new version of Cristo Redentor

Rio de Janeiro is known for its long stretch of beaches, parties, bikinis, fun, and of course, its most popular landmark, Cristo Redentor. You can’t go to Rio without seeing the massive statue of Jesus Christ, which people from all over the world flock to see.

Image courtesy of earthwonders.co

This couple, of course, had to also see the statue to round up their Rio trip, and they took several photos to remember their vacation. However, we’re sure that they are going to be disappointed when they see this particular picture.

Well, Belugas seem to have the funniest personalities

Belugas are fast becoming our favorite sea creatures, and they seem to love weddings and would do anything to show up to wedding ceremonies. We have seen the beluga best man so now it’s to meet the beluga wedding witness.

Image courtesy of sir_stegosaurous_rex/Imgur

See the cute guy looking genuinely happy for the couple who finally exchanged their I Dos. Never mind that the new husband is wearing a kilt. The focus of the photo here is the Beluga. We dare say that it’s the couple that photobombed the adorable creature.

We don’t think it’s the best time to chase a chicken

Why did the chicken cross the street is one of the most common questions you will ever hear, but where this photo is concerned. The more important question is why did the chicken photobomb the newly married couple?

Image courtesy of da_purp_rolla/Reddit

Plenty of things can happen during photoshoots, such as chickens getting in the frame and ruining the wedding photos. The groom’s brother had no other choice but to chase after the chicken and end up being a contributor to the worst and most hilarious photobombing ever.

Felt cute, might pose for a photo

Some people make it their mission to make others laugh by showing up in the most unexpected places, such as photos. This group of girls met up and took a photo to remember the moment. And they sure will remember it because of an unexpected photo bomber.

image courtesy of princeofthepersia/Reddit

What they didn’t know is that somebody in a café saw them and thought it would be a good thing to intrude on their photo session subtly. Look at him smiling and looking as if he perfectly belonged in that shot.

Bad kitty

We’ve seen countless videos of cats taking over dog’s beds, and we’ve all see felines looking like they are torturing canines. This gives the majority of people the impression of dogs being kinder than cats. Dogs are more docile and more friendly.

Image courtesy of I_Spit_on_Cougars/Reddit

Look at this dog minding his own business and posing for a photo, and check out the photobombing cat in the basket. It seems like it has made it their mission to do whatever is necessary to ensure that the dog doesn’t get a decent photo.

The curious canine

Dogs are curious creatures, and that is why most of them want to leave the confines of the home and explore their surroundings. They want to explore the sounds, sights, and smells of their surroundings and their curiosity sometimes gets them into trouble.

Image courtesy of quikthoreau/Reddit

This doggo was wondering why his human went outside without him. Naturally, he followed to find out what was happening. Look at him photobombing the picture his human took of a moth. The photo is so adorable. It looks like it was meant to be.

The smiling sawfish

Being photobombed by animals is hilarious, and they don’t always happen to everyone, so count yourself lucky if you have even just a single picture where this occurs. This guy can count himself lucky because he got photobombed by a sawfish.

Image courtesy of Dpriummp/Reddit

Just look at the cute face on that sawfish. It looks like he knew exactly what was going on and got ready for his close-up. We have to admit; this is one of the cutest photobombs we’ve ever seen.

The baby bump and the dolphin

Most first-time pregnant ladies want to document their motherhood journey by taking photos of their baby bump. In the beginning, however, the bump grows so slowly. This mom-to-be thought the ocean would make a good location for her maternity shoot before she gives birth.

Image courtesy of mrpickem1/Reddit

She proved to have made the right decision because the adorable dolphin seemed to agree with her and even graced her maternity shoot with its presence. This rarely happens, so that momma-to-be is very lucky. She should show this to her future baby.

The expert daughter photobomber

This mom should be proud of her offspring as she has great photobombing skills. She’s not only making faces or sporting weird poses. She is flying in the photo and showing everyone that she would make a great superhero.

Image courtesy of Big-Custard2645/Reddit

Look at her jumping off the boat and acting as if she’s about to fly, and look at her other sibling and her mother with their smiling faces, not knowing that they were being photobombed. This photo deserves to be displayed for everyone to see during family reunions.

Jump shot

One of the most popular shots today is the jump shot. This type of shot just needs to be captured wherever you are in the world and who you are with. These students thought they would join the bandwagon with their own version.

Image courtesy of katebertelson_/Twitter

Unbeknownst to them, another group of male students was right behind them, doing the exact jump shot. So, who do you think did it better? Did the girls do it better, or were the boys more talented in the jump shot department?

These raccoons want to join the party

Weddings can be intimate, or they can be extravagant events, depending on the couple’s budget. Whatever type of wedding you prefer, one thing is for sure; people worldwide want to celebrate the union of two souls for eternity.

Image courtesy of sarah/Imgur

Raccoons are no exception. Although they may not be your usual wedding guests, they also want to join in on the fun. Who says only humans need to celebrate? This family of furry friends checked out the wedding pictorials for a few minutes before going about their way.

This guy wants to be a member of the Hell’s Angels

Most young boys dream of riding motorbikes someday. Motorbike riders have this reputation of being cool, although they can also be unruly at times. Most young boys and men get jealous when they see riders on their Harleys, Kawasakis, and other expensive and powerful motorbikes zooming past.

Image courtesy of vatosniffos/Instagram

The young man on his bicycle must have felt the same way, so when he got the chance to ride next to guys on motorbikes, he couldn’t pass up the chance of making sure he’s included in their picture. This local dude can’t help but pose and photobomb his idols.

This has got to be the cutest photobomber ever

For many, alpacas are some of the cutest creatures on Earth. Native to South America, they have an average lifespan of 20 years. They’re fluffy and clean animals. And, they don’t spit like llamas. These social creatures are vegetarians, too.

Image courtesy of Slamhain/Reddit

If there’s one animal we would gladly have to photobomb our wedding photo, it’s the alpaca. This couple got so lucky because an alpaca graced their wedding photo. Look at that cute guy acting like he is where he is supposed to be.

Kids these days

Kids are going to be kids, regardless if we are talking about humans or animals. They do and say the darndest things, and when you tell them to behave, they take it as a signal to do their absolute best to bother you.

Image courtesy of thatwasamusing/Reddit

If you think that humans are the only ones who have problems with their children, you haven’t seen this picture of a mom horse being photobombed by her baby pony. He’s made it his mission to disturb his mother’s pictorial presence that day.

Take my picture too!

For the most part, dogs are loyal, loving, playful, adorable, and curious creatures, but there are times when they are just plain crazy. Well, not all of them, but some of them. Everyone, we’d like to present to you Exhibit A.

Image courtesy of Rawtashk/Reddit

While his brother is acting perfectly normal and waiting for his picture to be taken, his brother in the back seems to be wondering why he is not being considered for the photo. So, he decided to ruin it by acting all weird.

Just here to take a peek

Before the wedding ceremony, some traditions must be honored, and two of them are having a bachelor party for the groom-to-be and a bridal shower for the bride-to-be. This group of women is having a bridal shower, but the men seem to be a bit bored.

Image courtesy of TheDorkKnight53/Reddit

Although the bridal shower is only for the bride and her circle of friends, that didn’t stop that one guy from photobombing them at the top of the stairs. Bridal shower, you say? Well, if he can’t join all the fun, he might as well include himself in the photo.

Call me on my cellphone

The Canadian rapper, actor, and producer, Drake, is one of the most pleasant people in the music industry today. You hardly hear news of him having beef with anyone. For the most part, he’s just busy with his music.

Image courtesy of moneyor2/Reddit

However, he still takes time off his busy schedule to make sure that he photobombs people, especially those who don’t know he’s in their midst. Look at this group of friends having dinner and look at Drake casually posing for the picture in the background.

How dare she photobomb the fish!

Is the fish photobombing her? No, we’re more inclined to think that the lady with the snorkel is photobombing the fish. How dare she take the spotlight away from the happy creature who’s all smiles? How will the fish react if they see this photo?

Image courtesy of essiehen/Reddit

One undeniable fact is that the fish is so darn cute, and it’s even cuter than the lady, so it deserves to be the star. However, there are times when humans think they are cuter and want to be the star of the show.

What are you people doing there?

It’s one thing being trolled and photobombed by family and friends. Still, it’s entirely different from being trolled and photobombed by strangers, especially if they go out of their way to ensure that their faces don’t appear unexpectedly in your pictures.

Image courtesy of zafirahnrjn/Twitter

This lady recently visited what looked like a museum or one of those popular tourist attractions and, of course, wanted to have her photo taken. She zoomed in and discovered that there was a couple who were doing their best to stay out of the way.

Her cat knows her secret

You can hide a secret from your husband, but you can’t hide a secret from your pets. This rings true for this lady who’s into online shopping and is trying to hide her package, perhaps from her husband. But, her cat knows her deepest and darkest secret.

Image courtesy of J_leo3/Reddit

She hid her Ups package with her doormat and took a picture of it, but if you look on the left side of the photo, you will see her beloved kitten with a knowing look, as if to say, “I know what’s behind the doormat. You can’t hide things from me.”

The pigtail that purrs

This might be the first and only time we see a pigtail that purrs. No, there isn’t any mistake. This pigtail makes a sound and is quite demanding, too. Do you see it? We’ll give you a clue. It’s the middle pigtail of this cute kid.

Image courtesy of ascendantofrain/Reddit

The little girl is already cute with two pigtails on her head, but the third one makes her look even better. That kitty knows how to make her presence felt in a photo. It pops in and out whenever it pleases, but we’re not complaining.

The playful dogs of the sea

Seals are often called the dogs of the sea because, just like the dogs we see on land, they are playful, creative, and they love children. They have a keen sense of smell and can hear well both in water and in air.

Image courtesy of Drown_In_The_Void/Reddit

If you need any proof of their playfulness, you need not look any further. This photo proves it all. Look at it happily photobombing this diver as if it’s saying, “Hey guys, here I am. What’s going on here?”

Stop donkey-ing around

For thousands of years, humans have relied on donkeys to bear their load and help them with various tasks. They have been called the “helping hooves” of humankind. And, long before buffalos and horses, they were the original beasts of burden.

Image courtesy of sowing-seas0n/Reddit

But who knew that donkeys also had a good sense of humor? Look at this little donkey and his face photobombing the horse. Mini donkeys have some big personalities. Ask anyone who’s ever had one, and they will tell you just how much better life is with them.

That dog is living the life

We’re not even looking at the weatherman in this photo. We could care less about the amount of rain falling and the humidity. Our focus is on the dog that seems to be living its best life. From the looks of it, it’s a pampered pet.

Image courtesy of IDonyKnow224/Reddit

It’s just happily snoozing away on its little couch with its pretty little head resting on a small pillow. It doesn’t have a care in the world, and just like us, it’s not even interested in what the weather will be like in the next few days.