45 Bravo Stars Spill The Tea On Moments They Regret Or Would Like To Live Again

By Happiness A

One of the most popular franchises in reality TV history is Real Housewives. But there are other shows that are also really popular, like Summer House and Winter House. But what else do these shows have in common other than being successful?

Well, all these shows air on the same cable network: Bravo. This channel is number one in reality TV, and its programs usually launch the stars to fame. In fact, there is even a name for the celebrities starring on the channel: Bravolebrities.

In order to become a Bravolebrity, one cannot have a lot of inhibition. You don’t have to be unhinged, but you can’t be all shy and quiet, either. However, that doesn’t mean that reality TV celebs don’t regret some of the stuff that goes on in front of the camera.

Here are some of the moments that Bravo stars wished they could live again or redo!

Taylor Armstrong

According to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, she wished that she could have shown more of her fun and crazy side. The lady mentioned she had lots of hilarious moments that were never aired because people wanted drama.

Source: taylorarmstrong/Instagram

While there was still drama between the cast members, the original ladies did have plenty of fun together. But when the episodes were edited for TV, the producers cut down the fun time and amped the drama time. Oh, well. Let’s hope they release the fun moments in the future.

Kyle Cooke

For Kyle Cooke, the moment he would love to shoot again was his wedding to Amanda Batula on Summer House. The lovebirds felt like the ceremony was too fast, and they would love to experience pure bliss once more.

Image credit: Instagram/imkylecooke

As for a moment that he regretted deeply, it was calling his now wife lazy. If you watched the show, you know that their relationship wasn’t necessarily perfect, and Kyle said plenty of hurtful things. He probably regrets them all, but this one was the worst for him.

Gia Giudice

Watching your mother get married to the love of her life is always a special moment, and it was no different for Gia Giudice. For the young star, the moment she wished she could live again was, unsurprisingly, Teresa’s wedding.

Image credit: Instagram/_giagiudice

But a moment that she regrets a lot is Little Joey’s christening ceremony. The whole thing was a mess, and she thought it was just awful. We suppose that Gia is not the only one in the family who wishes they could go back in time and fix things.

Tom Schwartz

Most guys who have a bachelor party go off. It’s their final moment to have some crazy times before they have to dedicate themselves to their married life. As for Tom Schwartz, he wishes he could go back and have his bachelor party all over again.

Image credit: Instagram/twschwa

However, his bachelor party is also the moment he regrets the most. While it was fun for the audience to watch, it was one of the darkest moments of Schwartz’s life, and he wishes he could’ve done things differently instead of blacking out.

Lindsay Hubbard

For Lindsay, one of the moments she truly wishes she could live again was that iconic birthday celebration where Carl dressed up as her. It was a lot of fun for the audience, but it was also really fun for the stars to shoot that scene.

Image credit: Instagram/lindshubbs

As for regrets, the only thing she regrets is walking around her house without any clothes on. Because there are so many cameras all over the place, she knows that the editors have to remove plenty of X-rated images from their footage!

Teresa Giudice

Teresa is one of the most iconic Bravolebrities, and we don’t even have to mention why. Just like her daughter, Teresa Giudice wishes she could go back and live her wedding all over again. The ceremony was really beautiful and emotional, so it’s no wonder she wants that again.

Image credit: Instagram/teresagiudice

Now, the star has a lot of regrets. However, there are two moments she wishes she could go back and redo. The first was when she started a nasty rumor about Evan and Jackie. The second moment was when she encouraged two cast members to fight!

Kathryn Dennis

Kathryn has plenty of moments she wishes she could live again. The lady had plenty of fun when shooting Southern Charm. But the huge party at Patricia’s was the moment she had the most fun – and not just because of the delicious punch they served that night.

Image credit: Instagram/kathryndennis

When she shot the first season of the popular show, Dennis was much younger and still becoming aware of who she was as a woman. Because of that, she regrets plenty of choices that she made during the opening season.

Joe Gorga

Joe Gorga is all about living in the moment and making the most of his time on Earth. As such, we are definitely not surprised that the moments he wishes to relive the most are the moments when he was out partying with his buddies, especially in Nashville.

Image credit: Instagram/joeygorga

As with any other Italian family, the Gorga and Giudice clans are really close. However, there were moments when Joe or his sister said nasty things to one another, and those are the moments he regrets the most. For Joe, going back in time would allow him to put an end to all their family drama.

Dolores Catania

Apparently, most Bravolebrities want to relive the fun times they have on vacation or when they’re out partying. As for Dolores, she loved everything, but she truly wished she could experience once again the moments she had during the latest cast trip.

Image credit: Instagram/dolorescatania

Unlike most other stars, Dolores Catania has no regrets at all. She joined the Real Housewives franchise being 100% aware of the fact that the world would see her private life, both the good and the bad. So, she doesn’t regret anything at all because she is always true to herself.

Emily Simpson

For Emily, there was one moment that was more special than all others. Back when she traveled to Key West (Florida) with Gina, the two of them rented a luxury car and had the best time driving around the island. It wasn’t a rager, but it was a moment she’ll never forget.

Image credit: Instagram/rhoc_emilysimpson

Like most of us, Emily Simpson wishes she wouldn’t spill all her secrets after drinking her bottomless mimosas. Well, we have all been there at some point, so we can’t judge her. We can only hope we’ll learn to stay quiet the next time we’re out for drinks with friends.

Margaret Josephs

Not everyone gets along with their mothers, but if you two have a nice relationship, you know just how lovely it is to spend time together. For Margaret Josephs, her mother’s birthday celebration was the moment she wished she could go back to.

Image credit: Instagram/therealmargaretjosephs

If you watch the Housewives or their reunions, you know that fights ensue pretty often among the cast members. And Margaret was in one of those fights once and had her hair pulled out! For the woman, that’s the moment she regrets the most and wishes she could redo.

Amanda Batula

In the Summer House Season 6 opener, Kyle planned to spend the first night in the Hamptons by himself, and Amanda became upset when she couldn’t reach him. For the woman, her disagreements at moments like these are the moments she regrets.

Image credit: Instagram/amandabatula

And while her husband wishes he could live their wedding ceremony again, Amanda actually wants to go back to the moment of their engagement. There’s nothing like the feeling of getting proposed to, so we’re not surprised by this reveal.

Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia Bailey had an iconic moment in Real Housewives when she managed to somehow convince her fellow castmates to dress up as her for her birthday. That was an episode to remember, so it kind of makes sense she wants to live that moment again.

Image credit: Instagram/cynthiabailey

As we said before, Housewives fight a lot, and the fights are usually the moments they end up regretting later. For Cynthia, it was no different. Her explosive fight with Porsha is still the moment she regrets the most, even if she did apologize at the time.

Andrea Denver

Sometimes, it’s the simplest memories that make Bravolebrities wish they could travel back in time and experience amazing feelings once again. For example, Andrea Denver wishes he could relive a dinner he hosted in which his guests discussed a lovely topic: love.

Image credit: Instagram/andreadenver

But while his dinner filled everyone’s hearts with the purest emotions, there were times that Andrea was not exactly nice to those around him. His biggest regret was throwing a woman into the sea during a crazy party. Well, at least he’s learned his lesson and hasn’t done that again.

Heather Dubrow

If you watch Bravo shows, you know that they usually have the cast go on a trip together. For Heather Dubrow, one of her fondest moments on Real Housewives was going to Ireland with the cast. They had lots of parties, and everyone had a lovely time at an iconic pub in Dublin.

Image credit: Instagram/heatherdubrow

However, at the same time that she loved the trip to Europe with her girlfriends, Heather despised the fact that they had to ride a bus home. Not because she’s too rich to ride a bus – but because the bus was really uncomfy, especially considering the ladies were all drunk.

Jackie Goldschneider

In order to become a Real Housewife, one has to be rich and fabulous. But that doesn’t mean that they’re all about glam and wealth. For Jackie Goldschneider, her fondest memory was celebrating her son’s birthday in the driveway of their home with just pizza and cardboard boxes!

Image credit: Instagram/jackiegoldschneider

While her happiest memory was that moment with her family, her regret was one of her conversations with Teresa Giudice, where she wasn’t clear enough and ended up creating a huge mess. If she could go back in time, she would’ve chosen her words better.

Frank Catania

You’ve probably noticed that most male Bravolebrities are really fond of their party time. The guys love hanging out together and drinking and having all kinds of fun. For him, one of the moments he wanted to relive was the day the guys had a blast in Nashville.

Image credit: Instagram/frank.catania.sr

Every parent needs to have an embarrassing talk with their teenage kids: sex talk. For Frank, his biggest regret was chatting with his daughter about that on camera. He said things he shouldn’t have and got a lot of backlash for that.

Gina Kirschenheiter

Who said that the Real Housewives aren’t just like us? They also laugh until they cry! And that’s exactly what Gina Kirschenheiter wishes she could relive. In one of the episodes, she had so much fun with her friends that she wet her pants with all the laughter!

Image credit: Instagram/ginakirschenheiter

Just like Dolores Catania, Gina has absolutely no regrets. For her, both the bad and the good moments are important for the show, so she wouldn’t change a thing. She’s all for putting all of herself out there, even if that warrants negative criticism.

Kenya Moore

When we have a fight with somebody that is important to us, we feel awful. You don’t want to upset a friend, even if they upset you. And for Kenya Moore, one of her fondest memories was when one of her friends apologized for having wronged her.

Image credit: Instagram/kenya

As for her regrets, she does regret getting way too drunk at one of the parties and quoting an old movie. Well, at least she wasn’t spilling her secrets or insulting anyone, right? Still, the lady wishes she could go back and not get that drunk.

Luke Gulbranson

While some stars are spot on with the moments they wish they could relive, others are vague. Luke Gulbranson is one of those who can’t pinpoint a moment he wanted to replay. For him, lots of moments were great, so he would be happy with anything, basically.

Image credit: Instagram/lukegulbranson

Now, when it comes to moments he regrets and wishes he could redo, he has plenty. For him, the biggest regret is all the times that he almost fought with his friends Kyle and Carl. However, he does admit that the fights helped the three of them become closer than ever.

Brandi Glanville

Whenever the housewives travel together, you can be sure that fights will ensue. They’re not always nice to each other, so it’s no wonder that some of them dread spending time together. For Brandi Glanville, traveling on a boat with the ladies is not an experience she wants to relive.

Image credit: Instagram/brandiglanville

As for regrets, Brandi says she has so many that she literally can’t mention just one. Well, if she has that many regrets, we sure hope that she is at peace with herself, at least. It’s not healthy to live with so many regrets!

Craig Conover

As for Craig, he wishes he could go back in time to redo a bunch of things, but mostly to express himself better. He knows that he could be more concise and civil in his deliveries. Maybe this way, his words wouldn’t be distorted so often.

Image credit: Instagram/caconover

As for his best memories, the reality star says he will never forget when he traveled to Colorado with his Southern Charm cast members. The cast had a lovely dinner and spent a great time together after the cameras were off. We wish we could’ve seen that!

Carl Radke

When you’re filming for a reality television show, there’s a lot of pressure. The producers love it when there’s drama among the cast, and they go out of their way to stir drama. Because of that, friends end up fighting. For Carl, his biggest regret was fighting with Luke and Kyle.

Image credit: Instagram/carlradke

The 36-year-old mentioned that he was more than happy when the season was finished and he could patch things up with his friends. As for moments to relive, he just wishes he could relive all the happy moments he shared with the cast.

Kandi Burruss

Some vacations live on our heads rent-free. For Bravolebrity Kandi Burruss, one of her happiest moments was when she got to travel to Africa. It was during this adventure that she met her future husband, so it truly was a trip to remember.

Image credit: Instagram/kandi

As for regrets, the star says she doesn’t have a lot of them. For her, going back in time wouldn’t mean changing things; she would’ve done everything the same way. Now, that’s what we call leaving the past in the past.

Vicki Gunvalson

If you have kids, you likely cherish all the moments you spend with them now. Once they grow up, you won’t get to see each other as much, especially after they move away for college. Vicki Gunvalson misses her kids, so the moments with them are what she misses most.

Image credit: Instagram/vickigunvalson

One of the things she most regrets is when she decided to get divorced. Vicki thinks that if she could go back in time, she would think things through before making such a hasty decision. Well, no turning back now!

Raquel Leviss

When you love your friends, you feel the happiest when they’re having the time of their lives. And Raquel is just the same. For her, one of her favorite moments was when Scheana and Brock got married, and she truly wished she could live that again.

Image credit: Instagram/raquelleviss

Now, one of her biggest regrets was the way she interacted with Oliver during the season. She wishes she could change that, but she’s happy that at least the experience helped her grow as a person. Well, at least she’s open to admitting she was wrong!

Lala Kent

For Lala Kent, one of her favorite moments was when she went partying at the Pride parade with her friends. She’s all for celebrating love in all its forms, and she loved the energy at the parade. But that doesn’t mean that she was always this woke.

Image credit: Instagram/lalakent

She truly regrets the one time she got way too drunk and started talking about summer bodies. Lala is well aware that all bodies are valid and that it’s okay not to be super skinny. We’re glad that she recognizes her mistake and now makes sure to be more careful with her words!

Caroline Manzo

Caroline Manzo is one of the Bravolebrities that has no regrets at all. She might regret some of her fashion choices and fashion mishaps, but she doesn’t regret anything other than that. For the lady, there is no point in regretting what you can’t change.

Image credit: Instagram/carolinemanzo

A memory that she is truly fond of is when she traveled to Italy with her cast mates. For her, the trip was simply amazing, and she had great laughs while she was there. Luckily for Caroline, the cast goes on a trip every season, so she can make new memories!

Karen Huger

Karen Huger is pretty well-humored when it comes to her wigs. Instead of trying to hide the fact that she wears wigs, she literally makes fun of herself. In fact, one of the moments she wanted to experience again was when she had to change her wig because she had lost her other one.

Image credit: Instagram/officialkarenhuger

As for regrets, she says she has none. According to Karen, she was herself the whole time, and her fans loved that about her. Well, let’s hope she continues to be herself and live her truth without a care in the world!

Melissa Gorga

Melissa Gorga has a lot of happy moments and very few regrets. One of her fondest memories is from the day she was featured on a huge radio show. According to the beauty, she loved the energy backstage, and she loved filming that moment for her reality TV show.

Image credit: Instagram/melissagorga

Because she has no regrets, she would rather focus on the moments she would love to live again. And the first moment that comes to her mind is the day that Joe proposed to her. Because she wasn’t expecting it at the time, it was quite a nice surprise!

Taylor Ann Green

The folks starring in Southern Charm always have a fun time. So, it’s no wonder that the cast members are really fond of all their trips and the places they visit. For Taylor Ann Green, a moment she wished she could relive was the day they visited Auldbrass.

Image credit: Instagram/tayloranngreen

As for regrets, she probably has the same regret as lots of Bravolebrities, and it’s all related to the reunions they have. The cast reunions tend to heat up really quickly, and Taylor wishes she could go back in time and be calmer in front of the camera.

Olivia Flowers

And just like her friend Taylor, Olivia Flowers also loved the Auldbrass trip. It must have been one of the best group adventures for all of them! Olivia says she would love to throw an egg at Shep again and that she’d love to relive the moment she had to ride a horse.

Image credit: Instagram/oliviabflowers

As for regrets, Olivia feels like she would do things differently if she could go back in time to the cast reunions. She was too young and too worried about things. She feels like now she knows herself well enough and would feel much more relaxed.

Gizelle Bryant

When they’re not fighting, reality TV shows cast members have quite a lot of fun together. While one may think that it’s all a facade for the cameras, they do actually enjoy spending time together. For Gizelle, one of her fondest memories is from the day she dressed up to spy on another cast member.

Image credit: Instagram/gizellebryant

Not everyone in reality TV shows gets along, and that’s a fact. Well, humans are all different, and, just like in real life, there are times when we just can’t get along with someone. For Bryant, her biggest regret was getting angry at Charrisse.

Naomie Olindo

Unsurprisingly, Naomie is yet another Southern Charm cast member who loved their trip to Auldbrass. The stars got to ride golf carts, play games, and do lots of fun stuff (like throwing eggs at one another. She honestly wishes she could relive that experience for the first time again.

Image credit: Instagram/naomie_olindo

As for regrets, she has a lot of them. Naomie isn’t particularly known for handling her emotions well, and she wishes she could go back in time and do some things differently. After all, staying calm in all situations is the key to a happy life!

Teddi Mellencamp

While Teddi has gone on a lot of memorable trips with her cast members, she loved it when they went to Provence. She had plenty of fun and got to do a lot of things she wanted. But she does regret some things from the trip, like drinking too much.

Image credit: Instagram/teddimellencamp

In another instance, the cast traveled to the Bahamas, and there was plenty of drama, as usual. And it was during one of the fights that Teddi missed the opportunity to show the receipts and defend herself from some nasty accusations. She wishes she could redo that moment.

Shannon Beador

Shannon, Tamra, and Vicki had a lot of fun in one of the episodes. They got to ride golf carts, get drunk, and have impromptu parties with nothing but a cell phone. It was a blast, so it’s no wonder that Shannon wishes she could live that moment once again.

Image credit: Instagram/shannonbeador

Ever so concerned about her looks, Shannon regrets the day she took her top off in front of the camera after she had gained 40 pounds. The lady says she can’t watch the episode without feeling like crying. We do hope she comes to terms with her own appearance!

Captain Lee

It seems like the whole cast loved their trip to Tahiti. Well, that’s not surprising, considering that the place looks like paradise on Earth. For Captain Lee, being in Tahiti gave him a feeling he had never experienced before, and he wished he could relive that.

Image credit: Instagram/captain_lee_rosbach

While he has no regrets, Captain Lee wishes he could go back in time to redo one moment in particular. Remember when Ashton went crazy on the boat? Well, Lee says he would’ve done something to prevent that from happening.

Lisa Barlow

Lisa Barlow lives for moments of reflection. For her, the moment she got to reflect a lot was when she was at the racetrack. She wanted to relive either that moment or the day she went paddling with Whitney. After all, who doesn’t love hanging out in warm water?

Image credit: Instagram/lisabarlow14

As for a moment that she would love to redo, it was the day the cast had a hot mic moment. It was the perfect opportunity for her to voice exactly what she had been feeling and thinking, but she shied away at the opportunity.

Austen Kroll

If you watch Southern Charm, you probably remember that iconic cannabis dinner. The cast literally had the time of their lives. Perhaps it was the substances they had consumed, but they could not stop laughing if their lives depended on it! And Austen would love to relive that exact moment.

Image credit: Instagram/krollthewarriorking

As a true Southerner, Austen Kroll wishes he could go back in time and be more polite. He knows that he should’ve minded his Ps and Qs but also that he should have been more careful of other people’s feelings.

Robyn Dixon

Lots of Bravolebrities live without any regrets, and maybe we could learn a thing or two from them. After all, who wouldn’t want to accept all of themselves and not dwell on things you can’t change anymore? Robyn Dixon is perfectly aware that she’s not perfect, but she regrets nothing.

Image credit: Instagram/robyndixon10

As for happy moments, she has had so many that she can’t pick just one that she would love to relive for the first time. Well, we can only hope that one day we’ll get to live so happily and with no regrets, just like Robyn!

Scheana Shay

When you’re in love and about to get married to the love of your life, that is basically the happiest moment of your adult life. As such, we’re not surprised at all that Scheana would love to relive her marriage to Brock. The day was just so special!

Image credit: Instagram/scheana

As for regrets, the beauty has so many that she literally wishes they could just delete some seasons entirely. For starters, she would love to forget all about Rob and their disaster together. Well, at least she has found love ever since, huh?

Mya Allen

The thing about reality television is that the audience will either love you or hate you deeply. While every person who joins these shows is aware of that, it doesn’t mean that it’s easy to deal with. As for Mya Allen, she regrets all the online bullying she suffered after joining Bravo.

Image credit: Instagram/myallen

As for a moment that she would love to relive, it would be the day that Kyle did a striptease. She was so amused by the sight that she wished she could experience it over and over again. For her, that was easily one of the most entertaining moments of the season.

Ariana Madix

If you’re into reality TV, you know that it’s not unusual for the audience to watch the stars in their every moment, whether it is a good or a bad moment. Ariana Madix would love to relive her birthdays on the show. Every year was a fun experience!

Image credit: Instagram/arianamadix

Ariana feels like she was too tired during the season and would love to go back in time to change that. Well, being on a reality TV show is probably exhausting because of all the drama and the rollercoaster of emotions, so we don’t really judge her.

Jennifer Aydin

During one of the cast trips, Jennifer and her partner ate a bunch of spicy chicken. For some people, that experience is not one they would like to relive – but Jennifer Aydin isn’t like most people. In fact, she’d love to reenact that exact moment.

Image credit: Instagram/jenniferaydin

Well, while most stars regret fighting or drinking too much at a party, Jennifer is more concerned about her looks. She regrets that she didn’t get a spray tan before attending a castmate’s summer party. Now that’s the kind of regret we wish we had!

Madison LeCroy

Madison had plenty of fun times on Southern Charm, and she can’t pick one moment that she would like to relive. Also, she has different priorities now. The star just got married in a private ceremony, and she’s more than happy to be starting this new phase of her life.

Image credit: Instagram/madison.lecroy

And just like she has had many great moments she’s fond of, Madison also regrets a bunch of stuff that happened on the show. In fact, she even said that there wouldn’t be enough time to list all the things she would go back in time and change!