45 Animals That Were “In Bread”

By Iulia P

How did they pets end up in this situation? Poor pets! The past year has not only been hard on us humans, but on our little balls of fur, too. Not only were they unable to have the house for themselves like they used to – and have some well-deserved alone time – but their owners made them jump on different trends, too. And this is without even asking them if they wanted to do so. One of these trends is the infamous “in bread pet.” Before informing us we’ve made a typo, we have to let you know that the pets that you will see are in bread – literally. Some of them might look like they’re fine with it, some might be over it, while some might be really angry. No matter the situation, the amount of cuteness will most likely melt your heart.

Guess who?!

What is small, white, fluffy, has brownish edges, and is most likely to steal someone’s heart? If your answer was anything other than “a fluffy Pom-Pom covering his happy face with a bread mask,” then you were so wrong. Sorry!

Photo courtesy of boredpanda.com

But, if you did manage to guess the right answer, kudos to you! That was a hard one, indeed. Now, you didn’t really win anything big, but this little guy’s huge, from-ear-to-ear smile should compensate for it.

Wait a minute!

When we first saw this picture we thought that the head of this little guy was photoshopped to be the shape of a slice of bread. It took us a whole minute to realize that it was not the case. Yep, this pup has a slice of bread around his head.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/LaneJennifer137

It’s funny how this pup’s coat and the color of the slice of bread are the same. And with this being said, can we have a slice of cuteness with a drop of wet nose and big puppy eyes, please?!

We have a question…

In case you haven’t already gotten your dose of adorable for the day, let’s try again with the following picture. What else can brighten one’s day other than a fluffy Pomeranian, proudly wearing a bread crown around its cute face?

Photo courtesy of instagram.com/ cece.pomeranian

As adorable as it looks to us, we have a feeling that this little lady was far from being content with what her owner decided to do to her. After all, can you blame her? Her hair looks like it’s taken care of, normally. We sure would be angry, too, if we were her.

Couldn’t choose

We usually choose the best picture of one animal, but this time we just couldn’t decide on one. Why? Because as you can see, all the pictures below have “CUTENESS” written all over them. Choosing one was just too hard of a decision for us to make.

Photo courtesy of instagram.com/ yuriya375

Also, if you look at all these pictures, you will see the evolution of this poor doggo’s emotions. In the first picture, he is really confused. Then, in the second picture, he tries to hide his face. Eventually, in the third picture, he is giving his human his “are you serious?” face.

Hot dog

At this point, we can’t help but wonder exactly what level of boredom the human of this pup has gotten to. Because to us, this seems to be a pretty high level. Whatever made this guy’s owner do this to him, honestly, doesn’t matter to us. We’re just happy to see it!

Photo courtesy of instagram.com/twowhippet

On the other hand, it looks like this guy is not happy about this costume. He gives us a vibe, though, that he has gotten used to his owner’s shenanigans, and he just wants her to finish taking photos, so he can go ahead with his pup life.

We have cats, too!

In case you are not really a dog person, but more of a cat person, no worries! We have “in bread” cats for you, too. Yet, the photos might not be as focused and clear as those of dogs, because you know how cats are.

Photo courtesy of imgur.com/Moeferd

If they do not want to do something, they will just not do it. It doesn’t matter if they will get their fur parents upset about their decision. Cats don’t care, and if you don’t believe us, check out the picture above. We rest our case.

Googly eyes on a slice

Has anybody ordered slices of bread with a spread of googly eyes, and big white muzzles? Because if you did, we have your order right here! And, to us, it looks like it’s going to raise one’s blood sugar level. It is just too sweet.

Photo courtesy of instagram.com/george_wertie_bosley

And funny, too. Imagine what creative mind could have thought of sticking two googly eyes on a slice of bread, and making a big hole in it so they can put it on the two little balls of fur. And what’s funnier than that is, they seem to be unbothered.

We have a pattern

We laughed, we made fun, but let’s try to be more serious. So, thus far, we have seen only small breeds hopping on the “in bread” trend (we mean, being forced to hop on the trend) and we cannot help but wonder: why is that?

Photo courtesy of instagram.com/river_the_mini_dachshund

Could it be because big dogs are more stubborn than the small ones? From what we know, the small breeds are the ones that always have an attitude. Can someone contact the dog experts? We have a mission for them!

The superhero

There is nothing wrong with having dreams. Even if your dreams might be hard to achieve because they are unrealistic, one should still keep on dreaming, and working hard to reach the stars. It just might pay off!

Photo courtesy of instagram.com/eldoodlegang

Take for example this beautiful Poodle. He is obviously a dog, but this doesn’t stop him from dreaming of being a masked superhero. And as yum as that slice of bread looks, we have to admit that making it into a mask for his superhero costume was a great idea.


Here we go again! Another “in bread” pic with the same first reaction: is this picture photoshopped?! And can you blame us? If you look too much at it, you will probably think the same: that it is just a picture edited by someone with little experience.

Photo courtesy of instagram.com/marniethedog

But, it turns out that it isn’t altered at all. That makes this picture even more cool and fascinating. It turns out that Marnie, the ball of fluff pictured above, it’s just a well-trained dog who loves his human so much that he let’s him do whatever he wants. Don’t we all want a dog like Marnie?

Not impressed

And if we may, this sir looks seriously insulted by the decision that his human made. Why would she put a slice of bread around his head? Who does she think he is? A pigeon? His serious expression makes it funnier, though.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/Noxull

Next time, she should treat this sir as he should be treated, and put a piece of beef stake around his head. She will see that his attitude will change, and that frown will turn upside down in a second.

Another kitty

We were pretty impressed to see that this little guy’s owner managed to snap a perfectly clear picture of his “in bread” cat. Not only that, but kitty decided to give the camera one of his cutest poses. It’s fair to say he nailed it.

Photo courtesy ofreddit.com/Proper_Shin

It turns out that cats are pretty cooperative when they are kittens. It’s when they become adults that they start being more independent – and uncooperative – when it comes to the fun activities their humans want to do with them.

Just a pigeon living his dream

We were just talking about pigeons and… here you go! A picture of a pigeon living his best life. Or, as most of the foodies will say, his dream life. What animal foodie wouldn’t love having his favorite food turned into a necklace?

Photo courtesy of instagram.com/cassiopeiathecorgi

Let us tell you, the animals would be on cloud nine if this was possible. Look at this pigeon, and how accomplished he looks. We are sure that this bread necklace is a sign of high status and wealth amongst his peers.

The “in bread” Corgi

If we tell you, again, that, at first glance, we did not see the slice around this girl’s face, you might not believe us. But in our defense, the color of their face and ears is almost the same as the color of the slice of bread.

Photo coutesy of instagram.com/jessholmes_

Which leads us to a cute idea for those who are quirky like us. Instead of describing the coat of some dogs as brown, or caramel, or cream, we should just use “toasty” instead. It’s easier, and by using it you can refer to different shades, from “lightly toasted” to “almost burned.”

Furry angel

Of course, all pets are furry angels. But this one right here really looks like she lives up in the sky among the clouds. Not only her face looks angelic, but that bread really looks like she has a halo around her head.

Photo courtesy of instagram.com/jessholmes_

And judging by her facial expression, we can only assume that she is not aware of her angelic look. But at the same time, she looks like she is very aware of it, because it seems to us that she is told very often that she is a good girl.

That smile…

From the many articles we’ve read, and also from our experience, behind every cute Chihuahua’s face there is a store of endless energy. They seem to be up for any trend their fur parents hear about. or maybe they’re just great actors.

Photo courtesy of instagram.com/daisyytheflowerr

We agree that this pup is the definition of cuteness. Based on that pose, we have the sneaking suspicion that this is not his first photo shoot, either. What a character. We’d love to see the whole roll of these!

Big “in bread” dog

Right when we were wondering why the big dogs have not jumped on the bread trend, we saw this lovely pup, who proved us wrong. There you go! Here is the big dog that has a very small slice of bread around his muzzle.

Photo courtesy of instagram.com/josh.alexander93

So far, the animals we’ve seen had their slices around the head. This guy is so big that the slice would only fit his muzzle. But this did not stop his human from taking the picture. And it looks to us that this beautiful pup was only putting up with it out of love for the person behind the camera.

The result

As hard as it may be to make your cat or your dog wear a slice of bread around their heads, it’s twice as hard to do so with a Guinea pig. We might say that this is one impossible mission, but not if your Guinea pig decides to do it himself.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/errathingistaken

Turns out, this Guinea pig thought it was a good idea to start eating a slice of bread from the middle to the ends. And lucky for us, their fur parent was around for this hilarious moment. they may have helped a bit, too. But we’re not mad.

Trust level: 100

It looks like this puppy is terrified. This might be his first photo shoot, and it’s likely his fur mom didn’t let him know this was part of the deal. Hopefully, he’ll adjust, because based on this picture, this pup will get the likes his mom wanted.

Photo courtesy of facebook.com/Harley Rescelo

We have to hand it to this puppy. He stood there, gave his human all his trust, and showed what a courageous dog he is. Props to him for being this brave! We hope he got a big reward for this stunt.

Remember Marnie?

In case you don’t, he is the Maltese pup that had a tortilla around his head. Well, it turns out that he wanted to prove a point – that he is the king of cute – or maybe to make a statement to show us he loves regular bread, too.

Photo courtesy of instagram.com/marniethedog

And here you go! Same doggo, different bread. Different pose, but the same energy, and the same amount of fabulous. We should also give the photographer her proper credit. She managed to catch one of the best angles of Marnie.

Another superhero

Or, at least, that’s what the bread mask of this adorable Labrador tells us: he is a superhero! He looks like he is on his way. And while the bread mask is a very eccentric and flashy choice, we can not help but wonder…

Photo courtesy of instagram.com/bariparty_golden

Where is the cape that all superheroes wear? With a mask like that, he needs a cape, too. Maybe he should get a cape made out of bread, too. Why not?! You know, just to make sure his suit matches and everything.

“In bread” Boston Terrier

For those who do not know much about the Boston Terrier breed, let’s characterize them with two words: dignity and seriousness. The boy pictured below clearly is no exception of this. He looks like serious might be his middle name.

Photo courtesy of boredpanda.com

The fact that he stood tall, serious, and with such dignity, while his human was most likely laughing out loud behind the camera, is fascinating to us. How come he didn’t start laughing, too, or at least show a little grim?

Just an “in bread” ferret

If the words “forced” and “resigned” were an animal, we are more than sure that that animal would be this poor ferret pictured below. It looks like he did not enjoy what his human was doing to him, at all.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/chonnes

But the fact that he calmly and patiently waited for his human to take the photo that he wanted makes us smile. And look at that small smile. It seems this ferret would do absolutely anything for his fur dad.


We cannot decide which one is more sweet: the adorable ball of fluffiness, or the yummy-looking marble cake slice. But together, they surely form the sweetest combination. The fact that there is so much sass is such a tiny body just adds to the joy this photo can bring.

Photo courtesy of instagram.com/its_all_about_the_boo

And guess what?! It is obvious that he did not care much about his human’s photo shoot project. He could not resist biting that yummy bread he had around his face. He looks like he regrets nothing, and the photo is priceless.

Cuteness level: 100

It is fair to say that little Waffle here is a big attention seeker. And if you don’t agree with us, you have to look at the following picture again. If a pup wearing bread on his face is chilling – and posing – doesn’t scream attention seeker, then we don’t know what does.

Photo courtesy of instagramc.om/waffalynch

Waffle may be a cutie with that pony on top of his head, but laying the bread box?! Waffle is just too much, and we’re sure he gets lots of love from his followers online. We sure do think he’s one of the cutest out there!

The bread helmet

You know what they say: safety always comes first. This doggo knew exactly what she was doing when she gladly accepted the bread helmet, and let her human put it on her head. Out of all the doggos seen so far, to us, she looks the happiest.

Photo courtesy of instagramc.om/waffalynch

And we are really curious to know why. Is it maybe because her human promised her a treat? Something tells us that her human is poised with a little something special for her after the photo shoot is over and done.

The “in-bread” Dachshund

We have a lot of favorite things and one of them are definitely the Dachshund doggos, or, as most people know them: the hot dog dogs. They are one of the cutest and funniest breeds, and you just can’t disagree with us.

Photo courtesy of instagram.com/babybear_dachshund

For example, take this funny girl pictured above. She is so cute, and all excited for her owner to take pictures of her. It looks like she was actually the one who decided her human should put that slice of bread around her head. Maybe she saw that these pictures were trending on the internet.

So yummy

They may say that judging a book by its covers is wrong, but in this case we have no option. This guy looks like a dessert. An adorable, puppy-eyed dessert. The type who could get all the treats you have with one cock of the head.

Photo courtesy of instagram.com/greyborder

And together with your dog treats, he manages to steal your heart, too. Have you seen those eyes? We’re honestly surprised that the bread with sprinkles compliments his coloring so well. We almost don’t notice it though, due to those unique eyes he’s got.

Please stop

Uh-oh! We have a case of ” this is too much, hooman,” and we need to save this poor pup. Not only does he have the dreaded cone head going on, he now has to put up with some insanity here.

Photo courtesy of boredpanda.com

Despite whatever he is going through, this pup come through with his posing skills. It looks to us like he knows the drill, and this picture is cute enough for us to want to see more. Those ears are so adorable!


A pretty new saying says that friends who jump on internet trends together, stay together. And even if it’s not that deep of a quote, let us tell you, it is very accurate. Take for example these two besties’ picture below.

Photo courtesy of boredpanda.com

Try to ignore the fact that they are both confused about why their human did this to them. Now, this right here is proof of friendship. These two pups stuck together through this, and also came through with perfect puppy poses for their other bestie, their human.

Competition time

And now that we’ve just spoken about the friends who jump on internet trends together, we have this pack of adorable Pomeranian pups who decided to do the trend, too. As you can see, the result is nothing less than cuteness overload.

Photo courtesy of boredpanda.com

If you look at each puppers’ faces, you will see that each one of them is a whole mood. One looks scared, one looks bored, another one looks annoyed, and one looks like he is beyond angry. No matter the mood, we just love their group pics.

Bunny sandwich

Well this may be one of the cutest sandwiches ever. And even if we are sure that our little baby rabbit here is treated with the finest carrots and lettuce leaves, we are wondering how long he managed to stop himself from eating that bread.

Photo courtesy of pinterest.com/Abigail Lezama

Now, that is one temptation we’re not sure we could not resist, because carbs are life. To us, it looks like he did not fail at his job as model. He managed to finish the photo shoot his owner did for him, with the photoshoot objects all intact.

Another hot dog

If we could not make you fall in love with the hot dog dogs, we have another one that we are more than sure will make you think of getting yourself one. We have to let you know that you have to steel yourself emotionally for this one.

Photo courtesy of pinterest.com/Ashley Altman

We warned you! We did not expect such an adorable hot dog “trapped” in real hot dog buns either. Not only is the idea itself cool, but the fact that this puppy cooperated and let his owner take the lead of the photoshoot makes him even cooler. Puppies are restless and always on the move. But this pup is one of a kind.

Scary Movie

The creators of Scary Movie made so many movies that, at this point, we lost the count. But, we are sure that after this picture was taken, the person behind the camera was in real danger. This Chihuahua does not look happy at all.

Photo courtesy of pleated-jeans.com

He looks mad. He looks like he was making his revenge attack plan while taking this picture. At this point, we can only hope that the photographer is safe now, and that he and this dog could reach common ground. We all know how vicious this dog breed can be.

The trend setter

She may not be updated with the “in bread” trend, but it looks to us that she used the bread trend to start another one. We don’t know if she really managed to do what she planned, but there is one “wow” thing about this cat.

Photo courtesy of imgur.com/4L9gLLO

The fact that she managed to take the same exact form as those 7 loaves of bread is just mind blowing to us. And she looks like it is not a big deal that she morphed into a greyish, fluffy bread.

Blending in

So far we’ve seen so many “in bread” dogs, we have to admit that our favorite pictures are definitely those in which the coat of the doggo matches the slice of bread. We’ve seen caramel tone, we’ve seen cream…

Photo courtesy of http://rebloggy.com/

But we have not seen white bread with brownish spots (from the seeds). And we never expected to see a cute muzzle that would blend in with such a slice of bread in such a way. We should give props to this pup’s human for coming up with this brilliant spin on the trend. We love the result!

Angry bunnies

If the baby bunny we saw earlier seemed to be okay with his owner’s idea of a photo shoot, well, it turns out that our two bunnies here are not okay with it. Actually, it’s fair to say that they look like they hate it.

Photo courtesy of boredwiki.com

The brown bunny looks upset, but if you take a look at the white one… Now, that is exactly what angry looks like. We have a feeling he did not keep quiet after the photographer took the photo. He looks like that type of bunny.

Sad kitty

We have already seen the happiest face of this trend, and now, we think it’s time to see the saddest face of all. We don’t even know what the reason is behind this sad face, but our hearts are already broken for this cat.

Photo courtesy of theverybesttop10.com

We do know that this is the face the Persian cat breed has, but we still feel bad for it. Seriously, that face is so sad we just realized that there is a bread slice around her face. Can someone give this cat some wet food? Maybe this will cheer her up.

“Paint me like one of your French girls”

This is exactly what this kitty’s face is telling us. She seems like she agreed with her human and his crazy idea of randomly putting a slice of bread around her head. And not only did she agree, but she is working the soul out of this slice.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/u/[deleted]

If you ask us, we think that she may be a professional model. And you know how models are. They easily adapt to every situation, and every new idea, that the photographer comes up with. Now that we look closer, we think we saw her before, on the cover of Cat-Vogue.

The result

As you can see the “in bread” trend brought to the people of internet some pretty funny, yet cool, photos of different pets. It turns out that the trend not only brought that, but also a cone replacement shaped as a slice of bread.

Photo courtesy of pinterest.com/Crystal Oechsle

Normal people work hard, but it seems that entrepreneurs work even harder. Not long after the “in bread” hashtag started trending, some websites started selling this product. Personally, we love it, and we are sure that pets would like this better than they like the cone.

The sibling slice

Not long ago, a very ingenious parent came up with the idea of creating a get-along t-shirt for their kids who were always arguing. If you have siblings, then you already know that living with them can be annoying sometimes.

Well, it seems like these kittens’ human may have found the equivalent of the get along t-shirt: a slice of bread that the siblings have to share. And by share, we do not mean eat, but wear, probably until they reconcile. We love the idea!

The turtle neck cat

We have two theories. 1. Either this cute boy is actually a geek. Or maybe, a book worm that just loves spending his time at the library, and is trying hard to get some attention from his social media friends by hopping on different viral trends.

Photo courtesy of pinterest.com/Lindsey Sethman

And, 2. Behind the cute boy mask, the turtle neck, and the bread that’s around his face, there is actually a bad boy that hates what his human does to him. And that he sneaks out of the house to go party with his friends at night. This will probably remain a mystery. We will never know.

Another Persian “in bread”

We might have partially blamed the sad face the other Persian cat had on the breed’s features, but we just realized that cat was really sad. This one below, on the other hand, is not sad. She is upset and she looks like she is going to do something about it.

Photo courtesy of boredpanda.com

Her human had the audacity to put such a tasteless food around her head, and get her perfectly brushed and soft fur full of bread crumbs. And to us, it seems like she should beware, because kitty is planning to take revenge.

Teach them young

This is the perfect example of, “teach them young.” If you want your Chihuahua to cooperate a bit with you when it grows older, you just have to make sure you start training them when they are young, naïve, and far from being the vicious and aggressive alphas they become.

Photo courtesy of boredpanda.com

Take for example this little cutie. He looks confused, but it seems to us that he trusts his human. So, he just decided to stay still with that piece of bread around his head, and to let his human take the pictures that she wants to take. We think this one will grow up to be different.

Angry is an understatement

If you have a dictionary near you, and if you open it to the word “angry,” you will most likely see the picture below next to the word. We present to you Mr. Angry (no, this is not its name), the angriest cat you will probably see today.

Photo courtesy of https://www.facebook.com/BreadedAnimals

Now that we acknowledged the cat and her anger, it’s only fair to acknowledge this cat’s human, and the amount of courage and bravery he has for taking this picture, despite the frightful look his cat gave him. So brave!