People Share The Comical Names They Gave Their Phone Contacts

By Abigail T

You can tell a lot about a person by how they store the saved phone numbers of their friends, family, and just about everyone else on their phones. If they’re pretty straightforward, they will do first name and last name like most people. If they’re in their teens, there are probably a couple of emojis involved. If they saved a person’s contact when they were drunk, there would probably be some typos. If they’re funny, they’ll find a way to be witty with their contact names. People have fun with these things, and there are actually some pretty creative ones out there. Scroll on to check out some of the most hilarious contact names people have assigned to the people in their lives!

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1 and 2

Remember that old children’s show Bananas in Pajamas? The main characters were giant bananas named B1 and B2. Remember Dr. Seuss’s Cat in the Hat? There were characters called Thing 1 and Thing 2. Numbers are apparently easier for people to remember than names.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@sweetlove_bybritt; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@RomanLinksaf

Twitter user @RomanLinksaf implemented the same logic when naming their second husband in their contact list. Which Peter? Either Peter 1 or Peter 2. All we can think is, how awkward must it be to be married twice to people named Peter?

He who must not be named

It’s all sunshine and daisies when you’re in a relationship. Until, of course, things go south, and you break up. Suddenly your favorite person becomes your worst enemy, and you can’t even say his name. That’s why @megabyte407 changed her ex’s name into Lord Voldemort.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@megabyte407

If we can make a suggestion, we would have changed it to He Who Must Not Be Named. Because obviously, you’re not supposed to say his name! Whatever this ex did, it must have been terrible if he was equated to Voldemort when their relationship came to an end.

Emoji overload

Some people just communicate better through emojis than words. That’s probably why this Twitter user has listed her husband’s contact using more emojis than actual letters of the alphabet. Check out the torrent of emoticons she used! You can’t even tell what her husband’s name is until you’re looking up close.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@skrutsick

All these emojis are no doubt a collection of things that represent their relationship, inside jokes, and pet names. We’re not even going to try to decode everything. To each their own, right? If she wants to use all those emojis, then let her.

Dating app success

Not a lot of people can say that they met their spouses on a dating app. This is mostly because relationships that started out on Bumble, Tinder, or OK Cupid, don’t usually make it to the marriage phase. So if you’re one of those rare couples, you should take the win.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@GuerillaMemoir

We would have never changed this contact name, if only just to commemorate the fact that we found love on OK Cupid. The fact that @GuerillaMemoir only had to match with three guys before she found the one is insane. She’s a lucky one!


Sometimes the only reason you name your contact something funny is to have a laugh when your Siri reads it out loud. That’s why Twitter user @MISTERLISTER named his mother’s contact using the old lady emoji at the end.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@MISTERLISTER

Okay, we have to admit. It is pretty hilarious that his car reads out this contact name as “mum old woman.” Not to be ageist; it’s just true! We just can’t imagine a grown man cackling to himself in the car every time Siri reads that contact name alone.

Emergency contact

It’s always useful to have an emergency contact set up on your phone in case something happens to you. It just makes it a lot easier for the people who are helping you to know who to notify. But when you have your wife listed as “Panda,” that makes the situation a little more difficult.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@panda_love08_; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@mitchmcewen

We can’t imagine this guy’s classmates panicking, trying to find his wife on his contacts. Nothing comes up when they search “wife” or “wifey.” Nothing comes up when they looked up her name. They probably had to call everyone on the list until they got to his wife!

Putting you in your place

When you’ve tried everything in your power to make your younger sister know her place inside of the family, you need to have a last resort. Yup, changing your contact name on her phone to remind her just who you are.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@CroixCrenshaw

@CroixCrenshaw’s sister wanted her to know that she was simply a mere mortal in the household. The sister is the Awesomeness, the Supreme Overlord. Everyone else only bows down to her. Apparently, this contact name will do the trick.


Who else remembers drunkenly exchanging contact info at a bar on a Friday night? Soon, we’ll be able to do this again! Then we can experience what @hogwashanheresy did with his wife at that Halloween party eleven years ago.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@hogwashanheresy

Not changing the spelling of his wife’s name is such a power move. It’s so sentimental, as a way of remembering the night they first met. How cute is this? Consistency is key, fellas. That’s how you get the girl.

Movie date

Here’s another way to commemorate your first date with your significant other by not changing their contact name. @alesziandra still has the title of the movie she went to go see with her boyfriend on their first date, written on his contact name.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@gojirarising; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@alesziandra

No, she isn’t dating an actual gremlin. They just went to see Gremlins on their first date! It’s so cute that she still hasn’t changed his contact name. You can just tell how much she appreciates that day and wants to remember it for always.


As we said at the start of this article, you can tell a lot about a person by how they name their contacts. Twitter user @With_Two_Rs is a pretty straightforward guy. He uses people’s full names as their contact names.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@With_Two_Rs

Apparently, to his sister, this indicates an imminent failure in the future. But who said that you always have to use emojis in contact names? Or name people according to how you feel about them? It’s a lot easier to just have their names there, is it not?

The Feds

Oh, kids. When they get to that rebellious phase where everything Mom and Dad do is annoying, they really know how to rub it in your faces. For Twitter user @ssteingarber1, she found out what the kids thought of her the hard way.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@emergency_vehicles_of_america; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@ssteingraber1

Sure, parents can be strict. But the rules they set are only there because they love you! To equate them with The Feds is like saying they’re super rigid and cold. In truth, they only want what’s best for you, and they want to keep you safe.

Drunken night

Here’s another contact detail saved during a drunken night out. As suspected, it is riddled with typos! Of course, when you’re in a dimly lit pub surrounded by all that noise and intoxicated by substances, spelling would be the least of your concerns.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@TheBlackGate

It’s impressive that @TheBlackGate even remembered about Dave Gardner the next morning. If we came across a random contact spelled “DVe Gaebdwher” on our phone, we would have immediately deleted it! Guess the guys didn’t get all that smashed after all.

It’s probably Brad

As you get older, you reach a point where the people who call you are the same three people. That makes saving contacts a lot easier because it doesn’t really matter what you name the other ones. You can even pick up the phone without looking and just know that it’s going to be one of those three names.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@adrianneViewing

Twitter user @adrianneViewing is definitely creative here. Since she and her husband always call anyway, might as well get humorous with it. If her phone ever rings while she’s out with friends, they can tell her, “it’s Probably Brad.” Punny, huh?

The other twin

When you’re twins, it’s always a battle to set yourself apart from your counterpart. You try to dress differently, look different, and take an interest in different things so that people don’t mistake you for each other. Sometimes, it can create a kind of bitterness, as is apparent by this tweet here.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@wahanamotor_bogor; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@jonbirger1

You would think that twins have an inseparable bond, an abnormal connection with each other. But nope. Some twins are just your regular siblings, name-calling the other twin and making them feel bad. Labeling each other as spare parts in the instance that one needs a kidney.

She’s not wrong

Sometimes contact names have to be brief, concise, and factual. It’s designed so that you would know who is calling you, and you would know whether you want to answer. On Twitter, one @wiseoldsnail’s daughter named her as “my creator.”

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@wiseoldsnail

Technically, she isn’t wrong. Not only is this contact name creative in that it steers away from the normal “Mom” or “Dad, but” it is also factual. As long as she knows that it’s one of her parents’ calling, she’s good.

Is somebody gonna tell her?

We’re unsure if Androids do the same thing, but iPhone users know that their OS predicts an unknown number based on pre-existing interactions with said number. When someone you might have already texted before calls you, but you don’t have their number saved, Apple suggests that it “Maybe” someone.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@iamelliestott

Who’s gonna tell @iamelliestott that this just means her husband hasn’t saved her number onto his phone? They’ve probably just texted before, or her number is linked to her email and Apple ID, and that’s how Apple made the connection.

I got connections

It’s always good to have a little fun, have a little roleplay going on in the relationship. Twitter user @jaimedotan and their husband sure does. The husband set his name on @jaimedotan’s phone as the name of their favorite football player!

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@jaimedotan

Let’s pretend said player is Aaron Rodgers. @jaimedotan is driving their kid and some friends home when the car speakers announce, “’ Incoming call from Aaron Rodgers.” The entire van freaks out. “You know Aaron Rodgers?! Pick up the phone now!!!”

Very telling

What you name your contacts doesn’t only say a lot about you; it says a lot about the person on your phone as well. Heart emojis next to their name means that you love them. On the other hand, naming someone “Evil Sociopath” probably means you’re not their biggest fan.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@lighteyedlatina

Twitter user @lighteyedlatina named her spouse “Evil Sociopath,” most probably out of spite. But if they’re working through things and trying to get divorced, then good on her. We wouldn’t want her to stay in a marriage with an evil sociopath.

Keep the romance alive

Well, isn’t this a sign of a love that perseveres? An important part of a relationship is to keep the romance alive. It’s so easy to let the pressures of life get you down and make you forget to be romantic. @Matculture’s husband is just trying to fan that flame.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@beloved_textiles; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Matculture

It’s sweet that despite being over 60, he still calls his wife “babe,” even naming her contact with that pet name. We can only hope we find a love like this one day. We’re sure that these two are very happy together.

Cool neighbors

There’s nothing more reassuring than having your new neighbors be friendly and welcoming. Moving houses is already daunting as it is. Nice neighbors can actually make you feel a lot less stressed about it. Twitter user @drewbie_g can attest to this.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@drewbie_g

It’s so great that these guys found such awesome neighbors. They even had wine together! Neighborly behavior is rare and should be treasured. Of course, after a few glasses, the vino gets in your head. But it’s not like Claire was lying. It sounds like she is the best neighbor!

The older generation

Oh, to watch the older generation try to adapt to technology. It can be entertaining to see them struggle, but that’s why younger, more tech-savvy people exist. Isn’t it in our job description now as children to help our parents set up their new phones?

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@TayyWyna

@TayyWyna’s dad probably thought that the “First Name” and “Last Name” fields in contexts were to be taken literally. That’s why he listed his mother by her full name, and he was shocked to learn that he could put literally anything there!


What kind of person are you when you’re annoyed? Are you the confrontational kind where you will let other people know how they’ve upset you? Are you the quiet kind who keeps everything to yourself? Or are you passive-aggressive about it?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@i_am_godsgift; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@ailimex

Twitter user @ailimex seems to be the latter. When she’s annoyed at her friends, she doesn’t tell them. She just changes all their contact names into the monkey emoji until they find a way to resolve the issue. Whatever works for her!

Loving husband

This is what happens when you’re sappy and sentimental, but you have a straightforward husband. You would think that your husband would have saved your number on his phone as “My Love” or “Darling.” But that isn’t the case for @wrefinnej.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@wrefinnej

It seems that her husband was just looking for an efficient and straightforward way to identify everyone in his contacts. But just because he uses her full name as her contact name, it doesn’t mean that he loves her any less!

Rap couple

The couple who jokes together stays together. A sense of humor is so important in a relationship. You have to be able to laugh, not only with each other but at each other sometimes. The couple in the tweet below seems to have that down.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@rapteeworld; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@derekester

How cute is it that these two have rapper names for each other? Even better, they named each others’ contacts as their rapper names! They seem like a pretty cool couple to hang around. We wonder what rapper name they would give us.

She who must be obeyed

We can’t tell if this is more extreme or less extreme than that person who saved her ex’s number as Lord Voldemort. You know that saying that women are always right? Well, @BearsBasketbal1’s husband took that a step further.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@BearsBasketbal1

Guess we now know who wears the pants in this relationship. You don’t see @BearsBasketbal1 saving her husband’s number as “He who must be obeyed.” It seems like this husband just needed an extra reminder of the roles in the household.


Do you know how people say that once you’re married, you’ll realize you didn’t really know the person you’re with? You’re always learning something new about them. For @imanevertrumper’s husband, this includes learning how to actually spell his wife’s name.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@imanevertrumper

We’re just curious to know how her name was spelled on their wedding invitations. This can’t be just an innocent typo. How can you be with someone for years and still not know how to spell their first name properly? It’s a crime.

First time we met

This is by far the most creative way to save your contacts. Emojis are cliché; first name and last name are standard. Twitter user @trishofthetrade used to name her contacts by what happened at the time they exchanged details.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@trishofthetrade

In doing this, one plus side is that you’ll never forget how you first met that person! It makes for a good story, especially if you end up maintaining that relationship for years down the line. We might actually start doing this for fun.


You can be a skeptic all you want, but we’re here to tell you that meet-cutes still happen! If you just so happen to be one of the lucky ones, you might meet someone the way those movie characters would—kind of like how @evahagberg met her boyfriend.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@genresilient; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@evahagberg

It’s factual that they were both very much in pain after their surgeries when they met. But it’s so funny the way they both have the word “pain” in each others’ contacts because the pain was what brought them together in the first place!

She loves you

…yeah, yeah, yeah! Twitter user @lfPreception must have been a huge Beatles fan back in the day if this is what he names his wife’s contact. The pure joy in this tweet is making our hearts swell. He’s just so glad that he has someone who loves him!

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@almanaccomercury; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@lfPreception

Audio readouts can be thrilling too. Every time his wife calls, Siri goes, “Incoming call from She loves you, yeah yeah yeah.” It’s both entertainment and an affirmation of their love for each other, which everyone needs small doses of every day!

The confidence level

Sometimes you have to remind your husband that you are the greatest good that ever happened to him. There are, of course, many ways to do this. But @clarknova11’s wife chose to give him a reminder every time she calls or texts him.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@clarknova11

Yup, she changed her own name on her husband’s phone. Just a little reminder that she is indeed the love of his life, the magnificent. Now he will never be able to forget it and always appreciate her for who she is in his life.


Here’s another child who decided to go the factual route with their contact names. What is a mother if not a birth giver, giver of life? This kid isn’t wrong. But we can understand why some parents may find this a little offensive.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@LizaWieland

A mother doesn’t only give birth to a child. She carried the child for 9 months, risking her life to bring life into the world. And her job doesn’t even stop there. She’s the one that raises and provides for the child until they can stand on their own. So no, mothers are not merely birth givers.

Another dating app win

If you’re someone who met the love of your life on a dating app, you’re one of the luckier ones. The odds are almost always against you when you decide to create a dating profile. There’s no guarantee you’ll find anyone.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Chafinhofer

Twitter user @Chafinhofer met her spouse of 7 years online. We think that warrants saving each others’ numbers as their dating app handle. It’s a nice reminder of how they first met and the app that got them all the way here.


A spouse is not only a lifetime best friend. He or she is also your partner in life. All the best marriages work because a partnership exists between two people. @LacyWhite4ever’s wife understands this and seems to take it to the next level.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@lee_duerden01; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@LacyWhite4ever

Some spouses can function as both life partners and business partners. It may be difficult to draw the boundary between the two when work ends, and the marriage begins. Maybe putting “Director” in Lacy’s contact name helps her wife establish this boundary.


It appears that husbands have the same perception about their wives. They also have the same idea to name their wives’ contact details after said perception, which is that they must be obeyed. @PeterPendlebur2 is the second guy on this list who did this!

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@PeterPendlebur2

Maybe this is just what happens when the wife is in charge of the family. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just funny imagining grown men scared of accidentally disobeying their wives to the point that they did this to remind themselves.


Who knew there was a way for someone to exact a cutting burn through their use of contact names. Not only can you change people’s contact names when they’ve upset you. You can also change their contact photo. And @QBBeauties did both.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@QBBeauties

Her rage is warranted and valid. Her husband did just cheat on her. If that ever happened to us, we would also lash out in any way we can. Now that we’re reminded of changing contact photos, we might do the same thing the next time someone annoys us.

New number

We all have that one friend who’s always changing their phone number. It’s either they keep losing their phones, breaking their phones, or forgetting to pay their phone bill. You end up having to save multiple numbers under the same contact.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@PatsSoxFran

The solution is, of course, to immediately replace the old number with the new one. But sometimes you’re too lazy, so you just create a new contact instead. Well, that “new number” is going to stay new for the next ten years, apparently!

Factually correct

When your last name is Short, it really doesn’t do you any favors, even when people are saving your name into their contacts. Dependent on the phone’s settings, some phones display contact names as the last name first, followed by the first name.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@KayShortEIG

Despite being Wifey, Short in order of first name to last name, the phone displays the contact name as Short Wifey. Which apparently is factually correct for Twitter user @KayShortEIG. It’s okay, Kay. Take it as a compliment either way.

Maiden name

The tradition where women take their husband’s surname after marriage is becoming archaic. Plenty of women keep their maiden names, even after getting married to their husbands. It’s entirely their choice. They’re not obligated to change their names at all.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Matt_NCGC1987

We’re not sure if @Matt_NCGC1987’s wife legally took his last name after they got married. But we see no fault in Matt still keeping her under her maiden name in his contacts- as long as it’s still his wife’s number!

Ace Ventura 2

We think it’s completely adorable that people give references to their first date in their phone contacts. There have been multiple couples who have done the same thing on this list. And @toerner_nick and his wife are no exception to this.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@melissa_legard89; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@toerner_nick

To the naked eye, this contact name may seem a tad bit inappropriate. But that’s only if you’re not familiar with the reference. This is a nod to the film Ace Ventura 2, which is a pivotal movie in their relationship. How cute!

Inside jokes

Most of the time, you won’t understand the names that couples use in each other’s contacts. That’s because it’s either an overly specific pet name or an inside joke that only they are in on. The same is the case for @twosnapsup and his girlfriend.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@twosnapsup

Their inside joke came from an episode of 90 Day Fiance that had their stomachs in knots. Nobody else who sees the contact name “Ukrainian Private Investigator” would get the joke. But these two do, and that’s all that matters.