Captain America predicted Coronavirus?!

By Letizia L

Captain America and Corona virus?

A crazy conspiracy theory linked to the first Captain America film released in 2011 has been quite popular recently on the web. According to many, the final scene of the movie of Captain America, that was shot in Times Square, predicted the arrival of the Coronavirus, because behind the hero with stars and stripes two placards appear: one with the CORONA beer and another with a design similar to that of a VIRUS

But things have taken a completely unexpected turn, as people started obsessing over this “premonition”, which quickly turned into a conspiracy theory.

Thankfully, twitter user William Mullally has indeed decided to investigate the matter.

The first thing the user did was to find the scene in fullHD to enlarge the advertising poster. Subsequently, after inquiring about the shooting days of the scene, he looked for possible movie posters or theatrical performances going on in New York during that period, but he didn’t find anything worth noticing.

After searching on Youtube for several videos recorded in Times Square in April 2011, however, he found the infamous billbord.

What did he uncover? It was none other than Barilla’s advertising sign for the new year, created with a perspective photo of some spaghetti.

Congratulations to William Mullally for carrying out an investigation worthy of the best investigator on Baker Street, saving us from further polemics.