Catch a Glimpse of 63 Iconic Moments in History- TEST 2

By Billy A

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Don’t Touch

The Swedish Royal Guards perform ceremonial duties and guard the Royal Palace of Stockholm and Drottningholm Palace. As guards to the King, they stand by on official state visits, formal audiences, opening of Parliament, opening of the Swedish academy and naval visits. While this guard stood in place, a girl suggestively touched the pointy end of his bayonet. Bet that was enough provocation for him to slightly move – at least with a grin?

Image Courtesy of Strictlysexmemes auf / Twitter

The changing of the guard ceremony happens every day, all year round. It starts around noon in the outer palace courtyard from Mondays to Fridays and 1:15 pm on Sundays. It includes the military marching band and parade. If there’s no musical accompaniment, the guard’s march from the Obelisk to the south side of the palace. Be sure to watch this tourist attraction on your next visit to Sweden.

The Queen of Pin-Ups

Why was she so alluring? She was the perfect combination of mystery and charm, shy and daring, sexy and naivete, largely due to her coal-black hair and blue eyes. She helped set the stage for a sexual revolution in the 60s. She graced the covers of Play Boy Magazine with only a Santa Hat and introduced couples to bondage.

Image courtesy of Visual Org

On one occasion she had been pictured with a gag ball in her mouth, quite different from the stealthy cheetahs standing by her side at a wildlife park in Florida. No one ever came close to usurping her title as the Queen of Pin-Ups. She had made women bask in their sexuality and men in her frequent undress.

Harley Quinn in Cuffs

In the 70s, Patty Hearst had been kidnapped from her apartment by members of the Symbionese Liberation Army. She was the granddaughter of newspaper publisher William Hearst, so money had not been a problem when the kidnappers held her for ransom. The demand had been to pay each person living in Santa Rosa and Los Angeles $70 in foodstuff.

Image Courtesy of Calisphere

A few months after, pictures of Patricia holding a machine gun, circulated. She had held down customers at a bank robbery and at a Los Angeles Store. It turned out that during her captivity, she had converted into SLA’s ideology and actively participated in its terrorist attacks. It wasn’t long before she was captured and subjected to the courts of justice. She was sentenced to 7 years in prison but that had been commuted.

Marley and the Jackson 5

In this rare photo, the Jackson 5 visited reggae genius Bob Marley in his home in Kingston, Jamaica. It had been 1975, and they were scheduled to play in the Jamaica Stadium. The artists were gathering support for equal rights and took some time off to casually converse, regally sitting atop a tree.

Image Courtesy of Marcoon The Bass Blogspot

Who was a fan of who? Turning to the lineup, The Jacksons opened for Bob Marley. The concert lasted six hours but had started later than schedule. It had been largely due to technical difficulties and an issue over seating arrangements. Nonetheless, fans sang and danced into the morning until the show ended. Later within the year, Michael would pursue a solo career and claim superstardom with his hit No Woman, No Cry.

An American Landmark

It had become an American landmark for the most infamous reason – it had been the vantage point from which John Kennedy was shot in 1963. The culprit had been Lee Harvey Oswald. He had served in the Navy earlier but had been released in 1959. Oswald had been a sharpshooter that had tried unsuccessfully to become a Russian citizen.

Image Courtesy of JFK.Org

He had bought a revolver and a rifle through mail. He attempted to shoot a former army general, but missed. His next try would be a successful one, but it had been aimed at the most influential man in the country – John Kennedy. Within two days, he was shot by Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby, who had been enraged at Kennedy’s murder.

Apple, in the 70s

The Homebrew Computer Club had been a group of computer aficionados trading ideas and hardware parts. Steve Jobs would frequent the meetings but where his peers where concerned with design and discovery, he was interested in making profit. Jobs had admitted that his engineering design was inferior to Wozniak, but he had an entrepreneurial flair that would be unmatched by anyone.

Image Courtesy of Computer History

Jobs had organized the manufacturing and publicity stunts of the group. He often badgered store owners and electronic suppliers for cash on the side. Way to go for hustling. He had persuaded Wozniak to leave HP, and then hired everyone in his company, Apple. Just in case you’re wondering, this club had been based in Silicon Valley.

We’re Lovin’ It

McDonald’s had humble beginnings. It first opened in May 1940 in San Bernardino, California. Brothers Maurice and Richard McDonald bought appliances including malt and shake mixers. Their hamburgers cost about half the price in competitor restaurants and it had been largely because of the lack of waiters and waitresses.

Image courtesy of Business Insider

The burgers had been cooked ahead of time, and placed under warmer lights. Customers would only pay for the merch while line before the self-service counter. Their seller saw great opportunity and offered a franchise program. It sprung in Illinois and soon after in other parts of the country. Within ten years, they had publicly sold shares of stock.

George R. R. Martin

That name should be enough to conjure images of a child falling off a tower, an incestuous love affair between the Queen and her brother, a ghastly but intellectual imp, and the spray of blood hissing from the neck of Cately Stark. Yes, that name is enough of a title to horrify, especially if you had been rooting for the Starks to begin with. This is picture of the young writer. Might we say he looks like Kit Harington?

Image Courtesy of george rr martin

We have to report this as abusive content, kidding. Could it be because of the dark locks of hair, his unkempt beard and his preppy boy style? We hadn’t imagined another version of Kit to be so groovy, or alternatively the young Martin making out with Daenerys Targaryen. Nonetheless, those tresses are to die for. You’d still see him sporting them on the red carpet.

A New Hope

George Lucas’ artistry had been released in a limited number of theaters in America and in the UK. But what had captivated the public was its unprecedented special effects. Where people would once envision it, now they can actually share the idea, a tub of popcorn and amazement with others at the cinema. Lucas made sci-fi inclusive for everyone, not just nerds.

Image Courtesy of The Guardian

It had first been featured in North America, and UK had to wait for months before they could watch it in theater houses. The anticipation had risen too high, that moviegoers piled up for weeks on end. Profiteering had been prevalent; tickets were bought and resoled for nearly 15 times their original amount. Limited editions puzzles, shirts and candies were easy steals.

The Author and the Actor

He wasn’t acting in this shot. Beside Charlie Chaplin sat blind and deaf author Hellen Keller. He would guide her hands towards his lips, and utter some words. She would read his words based on its movement and the gutteral vibrations that echoed from his throat. In this intimate moment, Keller teaches the comedian the manual alphabet with her hands.

Image Courtesy of GhostsofDogma / Reddit

There is no mistaking the genuine interest and awe Chaplin held for Hellen Keller. Could it be because he had become friends with Granville Redmond,a deaf painter, who had sponsored his acting roles and had given him a movie lot studio? Whatever may be the reason, Chaplin sought to learn more about their means of communication, and had even used some pantomime signs in A Dog’s Life.

IVF Babies

In the 70s, subfertility was frowned upon. You would only have adoption to choose from, and most couples wanted a descendant of their own. With the help of modern science, couples could choose to undergo in vitro fertilization. Simply put, mature eggs from the mum were taken and kept in lab dishes, where it was met with sperm from the donor dad.

Image Courtesy of Telegraph CO Uk

If the two formed succesfully, the zygote would be implanted in the mother’s womb where she would carry it to term and deliver it. In this picture, Lesley Brown gave birth to the first test-tube baby, Lesley Brown, in Manchester England. Unfortunately, Lesley grow up bombarded with hate for having being created through alternative methods.

Mr. and Mrs. Hawkings

If you had watched the Theory of Everything, remember to entertain a healthy degree of disbelief. Below, you will see a picture of the newlyweds – Stephen Hawking and Jane Jones. She had published a memoir and requested producers to craft the movie based on it, but they probably thought it wouldn’t be much of a hit if they hadn’t glossed over the time-consuming realities of caring for a person with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Image Courrtesy of NBC News

They had spent their honeymoon at a physics conference in Cornell University, New York. This had been the routine for Jane, who would attend seminars and conferences while having to care for her husband and three young children. She states that the mistakes, the discrepancies between reality and the movie scenes were going to be immortalized, which they have been.

Murder, Murder, Murder

On November 18, 1978, the largest mass death was captured on camera with only two parrots standing witness. Jim Jones, leader of the Peoples Temple cult group, spread paranoia and incited the collective suicide of its members. About 900 people died, a third of which were minors. How had this happened? Jim Jones ordered the cult to drink Flavor-Aid laced with cyanide.

Image Courtesy of Britannica

In case you’re wondering, it was a painful death. Members would have first convulsed in which time the person’s mouth is filled with saliva, vomit and blood. Because your airways are obstructed, you could die of oxygen deprivation. One of Jones’ mistresses claimed that the children crying were only doing so because it tastes bitter.

Proper Posture Pageantry

These women have lined up and bagged the awards for a certain type of beauty pageant, one that catered to the liking of Chiropractors. They’re standing beside X-ray films because they were gauged on a 50-50 scale of perfect standing posture! How was this measure? They stood on a pair of scales. If you registered the same weight on both, that meant you had correct body posture.

Image Courtesy of 90 Min

Chiropractors had been unlicensed in the 50s. And to be taken seriously, they held pageants such as this. It was the perfect PR stunt to prove that good body posture had an effect on one’s health and well-being. The last contest was held in 1969 when their time had come and gone. At least now, it’s recognized as a branch of medicine.

The Iron Lady

Margaret Thatcher was known for the longest- serving British prime minister of this century. Dubbed as the Iron Lady, she is known for intense and unyielding political views and an authoritarian leadership style. She had inherited a weak British economy and that had been the first concern to be addressed. She had sought the privatization of several public services and industries.

Image Courtesy of Britannica

She had grown further unpopular because of rising unemployment and inflation rates. During her second run, she curbed labor unions’ power to hold strikes and organize. Miners returned to work without any concessions received. In the international arena, she had been vocal about anti-communism, and had at least gained favor from the electorate given her anti-nuclear stance.

Musical Genius

Janis Joplin had been a singer-songwriter who performed, soul, rock and blues music in the 60s and 70s. She joined psychedelic rock band Big Brother and the Holding Company after they had eagerly offered her membership. She would use drugs and drink hard liquor during gigs – both of which created an unrestrained, raw vocal sound that captivated listeners.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest Kr

Eventually she parted ways with the band, believing that it held her back professionally. She released a solo I Got Dem Ol’ Kozmic Blues Again Mama! and the public had been ambivalent towards it. It had caused her distress because she had wanted to make a name for herself as a female solo artist. She eventually did so, but her drug abuse and alcoholism led to a heroin overdose in 1970.

Vigils for Lennon

There had been an outpour of grief for the untimely death of John Lennon. He and Yoko Ono were on their way home to The Dakota in New York on December 8, 1980. They had alighted from their limo and were pacing the courtyard when Mark Chapman, a security guard, cocked his revolver and fired five shots at Lennon. He was briefly disarmed by the doorman and patiently waited for the police to arrive.

Image Courtesy of mashable

Lennon was rushed to St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital but there had been no chance of rescuscitating him. Fans flocked The Dakota reliving the icon’s career and legacy. Millions joined in on 10 minutes of silence to mourn his passing. Chapman states that If Lennon was less famous than three or four other people on the list, he would not have been shot.

The Seductress

She rose to fame during the Golden Age of Hollywood. She was one of Italy’s most beautiful women and illustrious actresses. You would never have thought that she grew up in poverty-stricken Naples, or that she had been an illegitimate child. Could it be that these circumstances impelled her to make a name for herself?

Image Courtesy of Imgur

One of her most distinctive marks is that scar by her chin. When she was a six-year-old, a shrapnel from a bomb imploded near her house, and had cut her. It only added to her appeal, and the men of Hollywood lined up for her hand – namely, Cary Grant and Carlo Ponti.

It is Back

Arnold Schwarzenegger had served in the Austrian Army as a teenager. He drove a 1951 M-47 Patton tank during the early phase of the Cold War. It has a max speed of 30 mph and uses about a gallon for 2.3 miles. Being the Terminator that he is, he had the same tank he’s working on below, to the US in 1991.

Image Courtesy of Weare The Mighty

Yes, he had bought and had it shipped for $20,000. To ramp up youth enrollment, at-risk and disadvantaged students check out the tank on home visits and sit in the driver’s seat. Arnold usually explains how it functions. He put it up as an Omaze reward to The After-School All-Stars Program where the winner could run things over with it.

Hostage Crisis

President Carter encountered a nightmare of a hostage situation perpetrated by a group of militant Iranian students. The US government had previously allowed the confinement and treatment of an ousted Iranian shah. The militant group responded by holding 52 Americans hostage and demanding Shah Pahlavi to be deported to Iran for trial and execution.

Image Courtesy of History

For failing to resolve the issue, the hostage attempted resulted to the death of several people. Carter lost in the next presidential elections, while Reagan assumed duties. He responded by freeing $8 billion frozen Iranian assets and the hostages were released after 444 days.

Blonde Bombshell

Her start in Hollywood had been much of a disappointment. Jayne Mansfield had initially been cropped out of an advertisement for General Electric because she was too sexy. It was only in 1955 when she had her first break on a big-screen debut – namely Illegal, Hell on Frisco Bay and Pete Kelly’s Blues. She was able to do so by claiming pink – pink clothes, pink cars and a pink house.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest NZ

In a media gathering, she accidentally lost her top in a pool surrounded by numerous journalists. Boy, was that a shocker. No wonder she had caught the eyes of many in no time. Unfortunately, she had suffered a horrific car accident at 34 which led to an abrupt end to her pin-up status in Golden Hollywood.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

The Wall was designed by 21- year old Maya Lin. She had been deeply affected by the sight of stone cutters adding a name to the Yale University’s Memorial Rotunda roll. It had contained rows of people’s names killed during the Vietnam War. As part of her assignment in funereal architecture seminar, she designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

Image Courtesy of Biography

It was a V-shaped wall of black granite sunk into the ground. There had been no political side to belong to. Those who had been confirmed dead and missing in action in the War were included in the list. It was eloquent owing to its simplistic design and inclusive purpose.

Bhopal Gas Tragedy

The worst industrial tragedy occurred due to a gas leak incident in Union Carbide India Limited pesticide plant. Water entered a tank containing methyl isocyanate. There had been an immense build-up of carbon dioxide, and the impending pressure caused the temperature within to reach over 200 degrees celsius.

Image Courtesy of The Economic Times India Times

Within a couple of hours, workers were reacting to the noxious substance. Thirty tonnes of the chemicals escaped the pipes and effused in the atmosphere. what had compounded the tragedy was that doctors did not know how to react to it, or treat it. Over 600,000 workers were affected and 15,000 were killed due to the Bhopal tragedy.

Liberating the Girls

In the 70s, feminists demanded that women be liberated from enforced cultural norms. They sought free abortions, state-supported childcare centers, equal pay for equal work, and notirously the bra-less campaign. Women ditched the makeups, aprons and corsets as had been done in the 1968 Miss America pageant.

Image Courtesy of 70dd/ Reddit

Steinem wrote that after black power came women’s liberation. Access to decent jobs would allow women to become additional human resources for the state. That would mean four-hour workdays and higher take-home pays for the family. Schools can teach gender-fluid roles. It had gotten so invasive that TIME awarded its Man of the Year to American Women.

I Wannabe a Marilyn

Decades after her death, Marilyn had been commemorated a number of ways. Many look-alike pageants have been held where contestants participate in a runway walk, a Q and A portion and a talent portion. In the 50s women were judged based on shape, figure and looks.

Image Courtesy of ridiculously Interesting

She had died too soon, at the age of 36 due to drug overdose. The bits and pieces we have of her memorabilia are displayed in Ripley’s Odditorium. That dress she had sung the president Happy Birthday in was sold for over $5 million dollars. Who wouldn’t want to be sewn in that dress!

Guerrillas against Sexism

No, it wasn’t an intense bout of jello, wild sex and steriods. As you can see, the picture was taken in broad daylight, but the Gorilla had been confronted for an uncommon protest. Behind the masks stood women in badass women with short skirts and high heels. They had observed that only 13 females of 169 artists were exhibited in a New York Exhibition.

Image Courtesy of SMH

The Guerilla Girls are anonymous, except for Donna Kazz. If you want to join in on the group, a member has to invite you in and train you. There are three subgroups, one is responsible for visual arts, another posts online and keeps apace with public information on the net, while the other is based in the theater world. Some had been interviewed on the Late Show of Stephen Corbert.

Murderess on the Orient Express

She is best known for her plays, short stories, detective novels and fictional sleuths -Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot. Until now, she is still the world’s best-selling novelist. But what had made her books a delight to read? Was it because they were understandable, or was it because the details of each killing had been so realistic?

Image Courtesy of War History Online

We’d say it’s both. If you’ve ever wondered how Agatha Christie achieved the latter, it was because she used her knowledge of poison and medical concoctions as a method to homicidal madness. She had done so as a war time nurse in the First World War. This photo had been taken when she had served with the Voluntary Aid Detachment in Torquay.

The Fuhrer Digging

No, he wasn’t digging a site for the bodies. He was just shoveling dirt at a construction site for an autobahn(highway). Years after he had come up with the Master Plan to colonize Central and Eastern Europe and restore Germany to its former glory. He would establish a racial order dominated by the “master race” and propagate exclusively German populations.

Image Courtesy of Washington Post

Might we say, he was digging up his own grave? He had advocated a big enough lie and told it frequently that it had been believed by the German masses. He invaded Poland and later Russia to create a Lebensraum (living space) for his people to secure and become self-sufficient in. Fortunately, fate had other plans for this master plan.

Chernobyl Anniversary

On April 16, 1986, Reactor no 4 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant malfunctioned due to a flawed design. It had been operated on by inadequately-trained workers. Within a couple of hours, steam and fire exploded off the reactors’ lids and some radioactive materials had been released into the atmosphere. Instead of addressing the issue, officials attempted a cover-up of the incident.

Image courtesy of Daily STar

Many fell prey to the radioactive nuclides carried through air current. These were more radioactive than the atomic bombs that blew up in Japan during the Second World War. Almost the entirety of Europe was affected – acres of forestries and land were contaminated and livestock were born deformed. Thirty years after the event, people stand vigil in the Slauvitch square as tribute to the victims of Chernobyl.

Taking Flight

It had been the start of a new century, and man was fascinated with air travel. The Wright brothers had been afflicted with the belief that it was possible, and they had devoted the next few years into making that a reality. By 1903, they had designed a fully-functional airplane with only cloth, wood and steel.

Image Courtesy of Mono Visions

In the picture above, Wilbur Wright manned the airplane with his younger sister beside him. Katharine Wright accidentally stirred the fashion industry by creating a hobble skirt. She had done so simply by tying her skirt with a string; while coursing the air, that skirt would have flown atop indecorously don’t you think?

Loving Nature

Tree hugging and tree sitting had been a type of civil disobedience where a protestor hugs or sits atop a tree to keep it from being cut down. Here a woman appears to be naked while hugging a bunch of leaves for an advocacy campaign. It seems that the 70s had been a time for people’s love of bushes.

Image Courtesy of Berkeley Side

This protest has been used for decades. One tree hugger even went so far as living inside a giant Redwood tree. She would never set foot on ground, climbing the branches and trees, changing altitude and residing peacefully in her 4 by 6 platform home. volunteers would travel 3.5 kilometres to deliver her food and supplies. Would you risk your life to save nature this way?

This Way to Your Seats

You wouldn’t believe it, but the model on the right is showing off a stewardess uniform to be worn by Scandinavian Airline attendants. The meager amount of fabric is scrutinized disapprovingly by Birgitta Lindman. We would have been able to inspect it from afar and wonder if it would hold in high air pressures.

Image Courtesy of Better Be

If there was anything men should have stuck to, it’s the cockpits. With this sheer clothing, passengers wouldn’t have traveled to arrive anywhere, they would have traveled with the journey in sight. Fortunately the uniform was disapproved. Just imagine a stewardess strolling by with the food cart in this uniform. Yikes!

The Kennedys

The Kennedys had been an influential family in the 60s. On the leftmost stands U.S. Attorney General Robert Kennedy; in the middle is Edward “Ted” Kennedy and the rightmost is President John Kennedy. This picture had been taken a few months before Johns’ motorcade assassination. Could it be due to the curse surrounding the family?

Image Courtesy of News Virginia Edu

Their eldest brother had died during the Second World War. He was supposed to be their father’s bid for presidency, but it had fallen on John’s shoulders. Ted had two close encounters with death on plane crashes, but he lived until 2009 when he died of cancer. Robert, was unfortunately assassinated by Sirhan Sirhan in 1968. People claimed that Sirhan had been under the state of hypnosis, but his defense lawyers alleged that he had diminished mental capacity instead.

Prey to a Pet Cat

You wouldn’t believe it, but Walt Disney had introduced our esteemed character to his pet cat. Here he is, illustrated against a white backdrop, waving innocently at a predatory creature. The cat shifts its gaze from Walt to Mickey, fascinated with the monochromatic taste he had been offered. It had been Mickey Mouse that kept this cat fed, and launched the animation industry.

Image Courtesy of NiNagore / Reddit

Other characters followed suit – the Seven Dwarfs taking their time, yawning and stretching to bewilderingly seeing Snow White in their beds; Dumbo who had soared the skies with over-sized ears; and, Pinocchio who could bridge a lie with his nose. We’re glad that some part of our childhood resonates with people of different generations.

Mary Ann Summers

Wouldn’t you want to be a castaway if you encountered a wholesome beauty such as Mary Ann Summers, played by Dawn Wells? Turns out that over 5,000 fans did. They had sent the actress fan letters weekly when she had been on the show. Dawn Wells had initially wanted to be a ballerina but a physical injury kept her from doing so.

Image courtesy of HellsJuggernaut / Reddit

She joined the Miss America pageant, majored in drama and then moved to Hollywood to pursue an acting career. There she was cast in Gilligan’s Island. Despite the show having ended, she never took a break off of actin by engaging in theatrical productions. She has also produced a number of movies and founded an Acting Boot Camp in Idaho.

Battle of Normandy

On June 6, 1944, Allied forces attempted and succeeded in invading Western Europe through Operation Overlord. It had been an amphibious attack of combined naval, land and air assault in Northern France. On one of the ships, sailors shaved their heads and lined to show that where they were marching to.

Image Courtesy of Old Salt Blog

They hadn’t known it at that time, but the D-day had been a turning point for the Second World War in Europe. It had started off as a failure – with planes prematurely dropping 13,000 bombs before the landing of ships, but the Allied forces succeeded. Hitler had slept in late and failed to deploy German divisions in time for the Allied landing.

Lee Jun Fan

Known for being lithe on his feet and his effortless fighting style, Bruce Lee brought Kung Fu into western pop culture. His gym mantra had been to embody fluidity – using no way as way; having no limitation as limitation. After all water would find its level beneath all strong things.

Image Courtesy of E- Bay

Here, he poses with his Kung Fu master YiP Man. Under Yip Man’s training, Bruce Lee practiced wooden dummy techniques, sticking hands drills and free-sparring. He could do 1500 push-ups in a row with two hands and 200 push-ups by two-fingers of one hand, while 100 push-ups with just his thumb. Unfortunately, Bruce Lee passed away in 1972, a few months from his master’s death.

Disbanding the Beatles Sensation

They rose to worldwide fame because of their numerous hits and their stand on civil rights. But dynamic changes between the friends caused the group to lose interest in crafting music together. Lennon had created the group to cope with his dysfunctional family setting, while McCartney grieved his mother’s loss. They forged a bond through melodic songwriting, despite having different takes on music.

Image courtesy of Know Your Meme

One time while touring, John had asked himself what life would be like if the group had disbanded. And coming up with a frightening blank, he stayed in the group, growing listlessly disenchanted with making music. Simply put, his heart was no longer in it. Paul confronted the group stating that there’s only two choices: We’re gonna do it or we’re not gonna do it. He was met with no response, so he left.

Life Rally

What exactly had caused this uproar in the 60s? Abortion. The Supreme Court had just legalized it in Roe vs Wade. The interesting backdrop featured two women who had bore sons but had put them up for adoption because the statutes prohibited abortion. Then they sued the State. It was a monumental win – based on the belief that a fetus was not a person, and therefore had no Constitutionally-recognized rights.

Image Courtesy of Time Magazine

Protesters sprung to the streets. It was a livid display of hormones, maternal in nature calling for the protection of the unborn child. The pro-life message within the Roe generation had been, a fetus has life, and is worthy of protection from the State. Although backed by science, this debate is one that subsists until now, depending on the medical context.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Jamie Lee strolls the red carpet with her mom, Janet Leigh. The two Scream Queens are known for Halloween and Psycho, respectively. You will always know Janet Leigh for that bloody shower scene as Marion Crane. Growing up, Jamie Lee admits that although her mom had taken care of her there had been a distance between them. There had been a lack of intimacy probably owing to a generational issue.

Image Courtesy of Vintag

She claims that the most complicated relationship her mother had, wasn’t her marriage to Tony Curtis, but with her body. She had gotten too affixed to the notoriety a striking body affords; and when that commodity starts to change, the relationship with it deteriorates. Jamee Lee was able to grow through this transition by acknowledging normal bodily changes.

Sissy Spacek

It’s hard to imagine her being drenched in blood from top to bottom and then glaring at a bunch of high school kids. But this is Carrie right here, well at least, the actress that had played Carrie. Below, she poses for a poster in the 70s, just before she had starred in Prime Cut.

Image Courtesy of A History of Photos / Facebook

She was nominated for an Academy Award for playing Carrie. In our opinion, she deserved to win that award with that glossy, unflinching stare. We would have bagged that Oscar with our paranormal ability and deterred anyone else who stole it from us. Who wouldn’t want to have a taste of Carrie?

The Moon on Set?

The first moon landing was watched by nearly everyone around the world. Around 4:17 pm, Neil Armstrong commanded the Apollo 11 which landed on the moon. Beside him were lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin and command module pilot Michael Collins. This triumphant event ushered in the limitless possibilities of planetary science. But looking at this photo, conspiracy theories arose that it had merely been shot on set.

Image Courtesy of The Conversation

They still subsist until today…well kinda. With Elon Musk and his SpaceX Company, it’s hard to dispute that space travel is impossible. The template of these conspiracies boil down to the unlikelihood that a man could safely land on the moon. They state that NASA staged moon landings in a studio, and that it had covered up the hoax several years afterward.

The Bewitching

This American sitcom rose to fame in the 60s but quickly fizzled out, due to lack of potion and frog’s legs, in the 70s. A witch marries a commoner man and vows to live as a typical suburban homemaker. Elizabeth Montgomery steps out of her trailer on the set of the TV sitcom. She had not been the first choice for the lead role, but we can’t imagine Samantha as anyone but her.

Image Courtesy of Histolines

One fun fact is that actual liquor was used on the show. Cast members drank on set within the context of the script. Now that would have been a job perk! But it hadn’t been enough for Montgomery. She grew tired of the sitcom and left after a few seasons.

Lady Grinning Soul

She had been the inspiration for Rolling Stones’ song “Brown Sugar” and David Bowie’s hit “Lady Grinning Soul”. This American singer had sung as Ikette in the Ike & Tina Turner Revue. She was a musical pioneer that commanded soul, and had been performing 200% onstage with Tina turner. She had to. Tina had been a ball of energy and all that practiceprepared her for the future.

Image Courtesy of Messy Nessy Chic

She opened up the Rolling Stones on several occasions in their US tour and developed a close afiinity with its frontman, Mick Jagger. The latter had described her as the really hot one of the Ikettes, and we daresay agree. People had often seen them around in California’s nightclubs so it was easy for people to assume that she had been the inspiration for Jagger’s song. He confirmed this later on. It hadn’t lasted though, because of their schedules.

Pablo Diego Trinidad Ruiz Picasso

To be honest, hi name had been longer than that, but all you need is Picasso and several dream-like amorphous images come to mind. Thanks to him, much of modern art had been developed through Cubism. Over his lifetime, he had made over 20,000 paintings, sculptures, theater sets, ceramics , prints and costumes that convey different messages.

Image Courtesy of Huff Post

In this picture he poses as Popeye in Cannes. It would have made for an unsettling resemblance had there been a can of spinach somewhere, but maybe he’ll complete the picture in his next lifetime. His artistry can be separated into different periods – all of which continue to permeate the art world today.

Spielberg Needs a Bigger Boat

If you were swimming in the ocean you would paddle and thrash wildly to get to shore. But Steven Spielberg rests unfazed within this great white shark’s jaws because he trusted the men who had designed and operated it. Yes, that shark you saw on film, was mechanical. there had been three on set all named after the director’s lawyer, Bruce.

Image Courtesy of Fan Dango

The movie had inspired its own genre and later Alien, which was basically Jaws on a plane. If you ever want to see the predator in person, head on to the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures where it has been fully restored and kept in place. Another fun fact is that it was kept on a platform in between takes to keep the saltwater from creating rust.

Tension in the Munich Olympics

It had been a different kind of tension. It didn’t spring from an anticipation of glorious acknowledgement, but one that sprung from the base revulsion of Jews. In the 1972 summer Olympics, eight members of terrorist group Black September took hostage several members of the Israeli Olympic team and demanded the release of 230 Arab prisoners. The terrorist group had consisted of Palestinians.

Image Courtesy of ABC News

Here, this hooded figure looks out from the balcony from where the Israelis were first taken hostage. Negotiations were set in place and the hostages were brought to the Munich airport. There a gun battle had ensued when German police officers opened fire. Three terrorists were slain along with nine Israelites, two Palestinians and a policeman. To honor the slain athletes, the Olympics was suspended for 24 hours.

The First Lady

Regarded as an international fashion icon, Jackie O was known for her style and elegance. She had briefly worked as a reporter-photogrpaher for the Washington Times-Herald and had covered the coronation of Queen Elizabeth the II. Right after college, she had met John F. Kennedy and wedded him two years after.

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She had intended for the White House to showcase America’s most accomplished citizens in the different sciences including art and music. She raised funds to educate the public about the House’s holdings. Donations flew in from all over the country – art and furniture which would be housed as the State’s inalienable property. She led a televised tour of the home in 1962.

Trapped on Shore Leave

Emily Banks was born in Norfolk, Virginia and rose to fame for movies such as The Wild Wild West, Highway to Heaven and Star Trek: The Original Series. She played an enlisted crewman, Tonia Barrows who was stuck and deserted on Shore Leave Planet. Here, Banks appears onscreen and leaves audience members catching their breath.

Image courtesy of Trek No Babble

When she had been rescued, she was drafted aboard the Enterprise and promoted to bridge crew. About a decade after, her character held the commanding office at the Early Warning Monitoring Station at Jupiter Station. Her love interest had been Dr. Leonard Mccoy which she eventually married.

S-weed Loving

When marijuana had been legalized in different states, there had been a wider age distribution of consumers. The least expected age group were those above 50. In this picture, a grandma had grown her plants on a wheelbarrow for ease in access and quick disposition ( just in case the police come busting in her door). If anyone fancies a cup of tea, all she has to do is request the guest to wheel out the stash.

Image Courtesy of Gar1986 Reddit

Marijuana use is a better alternative to dependency on prescriptive drugs. But studies have shown that it may not be the case for older clients. A 2016 study showed that older marijuana users had higher levels of psychological stress as against older nonusers, and they were more likely to have more frequent ER visits and drive under the influence. Grandma may know best when it comes to safe storage, but not when it comes to the beneficial use of marijuana.

Up for a Cosmic Ride

Sally Ride was the first American woman in space. One of NASA’s concerns was her monthly period. Female astronauts shrugged it off by saying let’s consider it a non-problem until it becomes a problem. In this case, you would be accounting for 100-200 tampons a week for each female astronaut.

Image Courtesy of Nasa Astronauts / Twitter

NASA addressed this by having women take the contraceptive pill. Imagine if Sally had been menstruating and some of that (clean) blood was disposed in the toilets. The space station does not differentiate solid blood from liquid urine and it would have been recycled as drinking water. Hmm, how’s that for a rusty taste.

The Lone Superhero

He’s the first superhero every kid had in the early 60s. He was called upon his boss to create a rival comic. His inspiration sprung from the creations of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Jules Verne and within a year, he had co-created the Fantastic Four. He was able to discuss real-life issues such as bigotry, drug use, poverty and abuse of authority in his comics. His characters were so identifiable for having a sense of humanity, despite their superhuman capabilities.

Image Courtesy of 9Gag

He served as Marvel’s Ambassador as a slew of other creations arose – Doctor Strange, X-men, Spiderman, Hulk and Daredevil. The comic book titan has appeared on several cameos in Marvel movies, and fans have always been abounding with energy despite seeing him play a small part. His best ones are those in Thor, Ant-Man and Captain America: Civil War.

Einstein, the Civil Rights Activist

In the 40s Albert Einstein decried racial discrimination by teaching African American students in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The HBCU Lincoln University had been th first university to allow men of color to attain baccalaureate degrees. Einstein, had been a victim of discrimination himself, which would explain his empathy for colored people in America.

Image courtesy of Chicago Tribune

But despite his public sentiments, he had biases and prejudices as dark as any of us. His travel diaries from 1922 to 1923 reflect the scurrying demeanor of Japanese women and the impersonal fulfillment of the average Japanese man. Chinese people were, despite being industrious, filthy, and obtuse automatons.

Mistress of the Dark

Cassandra Peterson is best known for her stint as horror hostess Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. In the movie, Elvira inherits a rundown mansion from her great-aunt and travels to the small town where it is located. Upon reaching its outskirts, her car breaks down. She is met with local hostility owing to her clothes and her urban lifestyle. She struggles to find a job, but is assisted by cinema owner Bob Redding and a few local teenagers.

Image courtesy of Best Movie Cars

Her great-uncle attempts to buy off a recipe book from her, which had actually been a spell book belonging to her mother. She had refused to do so, and he attempts to burn her at the stake for this untoward slight. How will she ever stop evil? How about conjuring a few spells and summoning otherworldly creatures? We would have had more fun with that recipe book upon receipt.

Germany’s Glider King

Even as a kid, Otto Lilienthal took interest to flying by studying bird flight. He had attempted to understand the secret to how birds flew, stating that their movements were erratic and that they were too small to be observed. He took up engineering and then opened his fabrication shop where he built winged apparatuses – such as the human glider.

Image Courtesy of Air Space Mag

His first apparatus had been named a Seagull. He took off from a nearby hill, and realized that it needed further revision. He was able glide for about 80 feet using the Derwitzer Glider, and had also created other systems that involved bat-like wings, and flaps using a pulley system. Unfortunately, in one of his flight attempts, his glider nosedived and he broke his back. He died the next day from his injuries.

A Great Meeting

In the 70s, two of the greatest legends included Elvis Presley and Muhammad Ali. These two had established their careers in different industries and had become household names. They had been each other’s greatest fans, and in this rare happenstance they pose before the cameras. Elvis holds up fists while Ali innocently lets his guard down.

Image Courtesy of Elvis Biography Net

Elvis presented the latter with a custom-designed bejeweled robe. On its back Elvis had placed the titular People’s Choice. Conversely, Ali gifted the singer with signed gloves, on which he wrote Elvis, You are the Greatest. From Muhammad Ali. Peace 1973. The two liked each other from the start, estimating the other as originals. Until their deaths, they had remained friends.

Foxy Brown

Pam Grier starred on the revolutionary film Foxy Brown. It had belonged to the Blaxploitation genre which catered to African American audiences. Pam had been the embodiment of a kickass action heroine. Her character had been a sexy, streetwise woman who took a job as a prostitute to avenge her boyfriend’s death.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest CA

If a woman had walked in the suite looking as fine as that, we’d have our eyes off the muzzle and our fingers far from the trigger. The mobster boss Steve Elias and his girlfriend better watch their back because nobody messes around Foxy Brown. What’s interesting is that, the villains were played by white people. How about that for turning the tables?

Murder Afoot

The Zodiac killer had operated in the San Francisco Bay, Northern California from the 60s to 70s. He had a handful of victims but it is assumed he was responsible for more. He sent the police cards, made threats and letters – one containing Dear Editor: I am the killer of the 2 teenagers last Christmas at Lake Herman. Anyone would have taken that as a cheap taunt had it not been for the grisly details only the killer would be privy to.

Image Courtesy of SF Gate

Here, David Toschi and William Armstrong inspect the clothes of one of his victims at the San Francisco Hall of Justice morgue. By 1974, the letters had stopped but the investigation continued mercilessly. To date, no suspect has ever been arrested. The Zodiac Killer had been the inspiration for movie dramatizations such as Zodiac, Awakening the Zodiac and even Dirty Harry.

Hiroshima Shadows

World War Veterans recall what it felt like to be within a hundred kilometer radius of the atomic bomb blasts. One said that if he had been looking at you, he would see all your bones and blood vessels. If you were near or at the center of the explosion you would be immediately dissipated by the blast wave without feeling anything. Your imprint would be this.

Image Courtesy of All Thats Interestig

When the heat hits you, it’s as if someone your size had caught fire and walked through you. US Navy Sailors watched the bombs explode at a safe distance but they found themselves covered by a black and orange cloud, believing that they were witnessing the end of the world.




Voice of Vietnam

Barbie-like model Chris Noel traveled to Vietnam and helped boost morale by working on the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service as a disc jockey. She had started off on a show named Small World with George Church III. Interestingly, she was fired off it and made to do her own show, A Date With Christ, because of her success over the Vietnam airwaves.

Image Courtesy of History Net

She toured the country as part of her efforts to support Vietnam veterans. She recalls having rode on a car with mesh on the windows. It was placed to keep the grenades out. Most of the celebrities she had been with would complain about the heat and the lack of air-conditioning. Well, that hadn’t bothered the disc jockey, not one bit.

The Fall of Saigon

In 1975, the Southern Vietnamese government surrendered and ushered in an unsettling peace to the Vietnam War. North Vietnamese troops took up positions outside the Independence Palace. In a final move of desperation, American citizens and Vietnamese townsfolk sale the U.S. Embassy’s 14-foot wall to secure passage in evacuation helicopters. All around, defeated South Vietnamese troops discard military uniforms.

Image Courtesy of Washington Post

It had been a costly battle for America to intervene in, but it was one founded in fear of growing communism in the modern era. Vietnam had simply wanted to recover unified from the Second World War, but it had been ridden with division from Communist leaders and Democratic fronts.