Cool Cats And Kittens Who Are The Leading Attractions In Some Hit Feline Films

By Jishnu B

There’s something delightful and wholesome about watching animal movies, whether they’re about cats, dogs, or any other adorable creature. The audience always seems to root for them as these endearing protagonists embark on cute little adventures and overcome their “hardships.” Cats, our feline friends, have graced our hearts and the silver screens for decades. On the big screen, cats are portrayed in all shapes and sizes — big, small, furry, sweet, grumpy, snarky, chatty, and even evil at times. These ferocious, cuddly furballs have also found their way into various film genres, including romance, comedy, action, and even horror. If you think a ‘purr-fect’ movie doesn’t exist, wait until you discover these cat flicks. For your pleasure, we’ve compiled a list of cat movies to watch for all you feline lovers that will keep your hearts filled with content for days.

The Lion King

When you want to be worry-free for the rest of your days, you know what to say: “Hakuna Matata,” which is the only problem-free philosophy. The Lion King is Disney’s prized possession, with a $1 billion box office haul. Critics and audiences all over the world have praised the movie and also adored little Simba.

Image credits: YouTube/Entertainment Access

It follows a tear-jerking story of love, friendship, hardship, and sacrifice between the superior of the feline kingdom. The circle of life scene induces goosebumps almost every time we think about the movie. A controversial remake of The Lion King was released in 2019, and a prequel is also set to be released.


He’s big, lazy, cynical, loves lasagna, and he is none other than Garfield himself. The ginger Persian cat has been around for nearly four decades. Garfield first appeared in a newspaper comic strip 43 years ago. The famous lazy cat received his own film adaptation in 2004. 

Image credit: YouTube/JoBlo Movie Clips

The titular kitty was voiced by none other than Bill Murray. Even though Garfield was not well received by critics, it was still amusing and entertaining to watch. A tale of friendship between the not-so-friendly neighborhood cat Garfield and pet dog Odie is conveyed in this movie.

The Aristocats

The Aristocats is regarded as one of Disney’s greatest cult classic films. The plot revolves around a wealthy Parisian duchess and her overly pampered classy pet cats, Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse. Unfortunately, the family butler ends up betraying the duchess and her kittens. This causes their luxurious life to take a turn.

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The shrewd butler ends up kidnapping them and abandoning them in the countryside. Their journey back to Paris begins with the help of the charming cat Thomas O’Malley and other animals. The film is jam-packed with comedy, adventure, old-school music, and excellent voice acting. After watching this movie, you’ll surely understand why “everybody wants to be a cat.”

A Whisker Away

A Whisker Away is Netflix’s newest original Anime film, and it has a lovely plot. Junichi Satoh and Tomotake Shibayama directed the film, which follows the story of Miyo Sasaki, also known as, “Muge.” Muge is a vivacious individual who also happens to be deeply in love with her classmate. Thus, this prompts her to transform into a cat in order to attract his attention after failing to do so previously.

Image credit: YouTube/Meta Anime Recaps

The film is delightful and depicts young love, depression, and how to deal with it all fantastically. It’s the story of a young girl who finds acceptance through escapism by transforming herself into a cat. However, as the story progresses, she is forced to embrace her true self as the dangers of remaining a cat forever prevails.

Puss In Boots

The original Shrek film, released in 2001, was well-received by critics and audiences alike, with everyone falling in love with the adorable green ogre. Shrek 2 was released in 2004, introducing us to their newest character Puss. Puss was also a popular character who received his own spinoff film in 2011.

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Puss In Boots follows Puss and his friends Humpty Dumpty and Kitty Softpaws on their quest to defeat antagonists Jack and Jill, who possess the magical beans. Salma Hayek, Billy Bob Thornton, Amy Sedaris, and Zach Galifianakis lend their voices to the film. Most importantly, Spanish actor Antonio Banderas provided the voice of the titular cat.

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

Homeward Bound, a 1993 Disney classic, tells the story of three endearing pets: Shadow, Chance, and Sassy. When the owner leaves for a vacation, the pets are left behind. They mistakenly believe they have been abandoned and embark on a journey through California to find them.

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The film is based on a true story about a dog who traveled 500 miles after being relocated. Michael J. Fox, Don Ameche, and Sally Field provide voices for the animals. Chance’s upbeat demeanor, Shadow’s wisdom, and Sassy’s quirky dialogue make for an “incredible journey” indeed. 

Hocus Pocus

Disney never runs out of ways to incorporate cats into their films, as made evident by the cult classic Hocus Pocus. Despite the fact that the film is about three eerie Sanderson sisters, it also includes a black cat named Binx. Binx was an ordinary boy before he was bewitched to transform into a cat.

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A film about witches without a black cat is never possible. It is a timeless classic that has long been a staple Halloween re-watch. The movie has the perfect blend of comedy, action, minor scares, great costumes, and, of course, a talking cat.

The Cat from Outer Space

This time, Walt Disney takes an extraterrestrial approach to the story of cats and thus emerges The Cat from Outer Space. The family/comedy adventure features an alien cat. The extraterrestrial is an Abyssinian breed and has to wear a special collar to communicate with the Earthlings.

Image credits: YouTube/vson8

The plot of the film revolves around an alien feline named Jake who becomes stranded on Earth. Three scientists assist Jake in repairing his damaged spacecraft so that he can return to his mother ship. However, their efforts are hampered by the US military’s and foreign spies’ interception.

Stuart Little

The 1999 film Stuart Little features Stuart the mouse as the protagonist. However, the family cat Snowbell still plays an integral part throughout the movie. The white Persian cat is jealous of Stuart when he gets adopted by his family. The film also shows other cats, such as Monty and Smokey.

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Image Credit: Columbia Pictures

Stuart Little follows the tale of a mouse called Stuart, who the Little family adopted. He, however, feels unwelcome and sad in the new home. Thus, he sets on a journey to find his birth parents with the help of the family. 

Oliver & Company

Animated musical film Oliver & Company was Disney’s take on Charles Dickens’ classic, Oliver Twist. The story revolves around Oliver, a homeless kitten. Oliver wanders the streets of New York by himself until a gang of street dogs takes him in.

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Oliver’s newest friends survived the rough streets by stealing. On one occasion of robbery, Oliver encounters Jenny, who flips his life forever. The family-friendly movie features the voices of Bette Midler and Billy Joel. Overall, the film is a joyride full of adventures and a retelling of a classic tale in a cat’s version. 

Lady And The Tramp

Released in 1955, Lady And The Tramp’s plot is evidently about dogs. However, it also features two Siamese cats Si and Am. There is also a song included about them which they sang along to. The animated musical romance film was produced by none other than Walt Disney.

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The plot revolves around Lady, who is a spoiled American cocker spaniel, and Tramp, a stray schnauzer. Following a period of hostility, the two fell in love. The film is a pleasant fantasy, and let’s face it, Lady would not have met Tramp if it hadn’t been for the two Siamese cats.

That Darn Cat!

That Darn Cat is a 1965 classic released by, you guessed it, Walt Disney Productions. It stars Haley Mills and Dean Jones. The story is inspired by the 1963 book Undercover Cat. It also revolves around a bank heist, kidnapping, and a mischievous Siamese cat.

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On a fateful night, while taking a routine stroll around the neighborhood, “DC” (“Darn Cat”) witnesses something sinister. He witnesses a bank employee being held hostage by two thieves. In a cry for help, the desperate hostage places a gold watch over DC. 

Cats & Dogs

Cats & Dogs, a 2001 spy comedy film, takes a classic approach to the Cats & Dogs cannot get along the story. The film is full of action, adventure, and a top-secret, high-tech war between cats and dogs. It is, indeed, a family film.

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The plot revolves around cats attempting to prevent a scientist from developing a cure for dog allergies. Surely the cats don’t want the dogs to get more attention from them. This led to a full-fledged war between the cat and dog species. The evil cats can be seen relentlessly plotting the demise of the dogs.


No, it’s not a movie about Keanu Reeves, but it does feature an incredibly cute tabby kitten. Although, Reeves does lend his voice to the movie. The action-comedy follows the story of Keanu, a cat who goes missing due to a series of unfortunate events.

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The film stars popular comedy pals Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele. This time, they play cousins Clarence and Rell. When Rell’s kitten, Keanu, is cat-napped, the two must go to extraordinary lengths to save him. They also end up posing as drug dealers and even instigating a gang war in the name of saving Keanu.

A Street Cat Named Bob

A Street Cat Named Bob, written by James Bowen, is adapted from a book of the same name. You will be more surprised to know that the events in the book and the movie are adapted from a true story. Bowen met Bob in 2007 while battling drug addiction.

Image credits: YouTube/The Cute Side

He discovered Bob abandoned and injured and began caring for the ginger cat, who was frequently seen wearing a scarf. Bowen also admitted that the cat saved his life, and the power of their love is at the heart of this story.

Inside Llewyn Davis

Inside Llewyn Davis is a black comedy-drama film about a merchant named Llewyn Davis who aspires to be a folk singer. It also features a ginger cat named Ulysses that Davis is trying to return back to his friends. 

Image credits: Movieclips Trailers/YouTube

The film is set in 1960, and Oscar Isaac gives an outstanding performance as Davis. It depicts the early 1960s Greenwich Village folk scene perfectly. Needless to say, there are numerous beautiful folk songs in the film. The talented Coen brothers also produce the film.

The Secret Life of Pets

What do our beloved pets do when we leave them home for the day? The Secret Life of Pets shows it all. The animated comedy-adventure film is produced by Illumination Entertainment. The story starts with Max, the dog gushing about how happy his life is with his owner Katie. But, there is only one problem: “She leaves!”

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The opening scene includes a lot of doors slamming in pets’ faces. However, in a mere few seconds, the pets seem to shake off their sadness and start having all the fun. This includes throwing parties, opening cage doors, climbing through windows, and many other activities.

Pet Sematary

It’s hard to come by movies about animals with a horror genre. Stephen King’s Pet Sematary is a rare find. Dr. Louis Creed and his family relocate from Boston to rural Maine. They soon come across a mysterious burial ground close to their new home.

Image credit: YouTube/Paramount Pictures

After the family’s cat is run over by a truck, Louis buries it in the pet cemetery. That is when unfathomable evil is unleashed on them, with disastrous consequences. The main antagonist in the film is Winston Churchill, a.k.a. Church. He is a terrifying character, and the film is definitely a must-watch.


Coraline is based on Neil Gaiman’s dark children’s fantasy novel of the same name. Although some may find the film eerie at times, it conveys a powerful message. It tells the story of Coraline, a girl who is tired of living her ordinary life.

Image Credits: YouTube/MsMojo

One day, she discovers a hidden door that leads to a parallel world to her own. The alternate world, on the other hand, has a strange and haunting setting. Coraline enlists the assistance of a talking cat to save her parents and the world.

The Cat Returns

Studio Ghibli’s magical films never fail to enchant their audiences, and The Cat Returns is no exception. Haru, a schoolgirl, encounters a strange grey cat while walking through the city one day. She is astounded to learn that the cat can talk and is, in fact, a prince of the Cat Kingdom.

Image credits: YouTuvbe/Madman Anime

The prince even invites her to his kingdom and proposes marriage to her. Haru gives mixed responses, which the prince interprets as a yes. Thus, the cats promise to return to take her to the cat kingdom. There she enlists the help of Baron, a cat statue, and Muta to return her to the land of humans.

A Cat in Paris

Oscar-nominated animated feature A Cat in Paris is a whimsical story set in the beautiful city of Paris. The charming film depicts Zoe, a mute girl with a pet cat that loves to prowl through the city of Paris at night. The film quickly shifts into a crime story involving a burglary.

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Zoe’s cat enjoys hanging out with a man named Nico, who happens to be a jewel thief. The cat brings one of Nico’s stolen items to Zoe one day. This triggers her involvement in a criminal scheme. This movie has a thrilling premise in addition to the beautiful animation and the city of Paris.

Gay Purr-Ee

Another cat flick based in the city of Paris is the musical comedy Gay Purr-ee. Originally released in 1962, this movie was Warner Bros’ first animated feature. Even Though the movie received great reviews, it still bombed at the box office.

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We all want the high life that Paris has to offer, and Mewsette the feline does as well. Mewsette decides to flee to the city of all things whimsical in search of a glamorous life. This animation is an underrated gem. 

Cats Don’t Dance

It’s not always the humans that desire to make it big in Hollywood. Sometimes anthropomorphic animals want it too. The film is set in 1939 and tells the story of Danny, a cat performer. Danny, who is naive and optimistic, aspires to be a Hollywood star.

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He soon discovers that the industry is not kind to animal actors. In fact, Danny was frequently typecast into minor roles. To prove the studio wrong, he enlists the help of other animal peers to put on a once-in-a-lifetime performance.

Nine Lives

The comedy-Fantasy film Nine lives follows an interesting premise to the human-turned-cat story. It tells the story of a real-estate tycoon named Tom, who becomes trapped inside the body of a tomcat by accident. The movie stars big Hollywood names such as Kevin Spacey, Christopher Walken, and Jennifer Garner.

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Billionaire Tom’s workaholic lifestyle makes spending time with his wife and daughter very difficult. Tom purchases a cat from a mysterious pet store for his daughter Rebecca’s 11th birthday. However, a strange turn of events traps him inside the cat’s body.

The Three Lives of Thomasina

Released in 1963, The Three Lives of Thomasina encapsulates a heartwarming tale of love and loss. There are some movies that you can re-watch again and again, and this movie ticks the box. The story revolves around Thomasina, a cat who lives with Andrew MacDhui and his daughter, Mary.

Image credits: YouTube/FoXy LoXy AnimaL TowN

Thomasina is very fond of Mary. However, on one occasion, she was found in a grave condition and had to be put down. Mary is absolutely devastated by the cat’s demise. But in a twist of events, we learn that Thomasina has been transported to cat heaven. She had also just had her first of nine lives.

Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever

Tartar sauce, also known as the Grumpy Cat, is well-known in meme culture. Tartar Sauce memes have been circulating the internet for quite some time. His nonchalant poker face has gotten him a lot of attention and earned him the moniker “grumpy cat.”

Image credits: YouTube/Lifetime

You might be surprised to learn that the grumpy cat has his own movie, Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever. The comedy-adventure film tells the story of a kitty who helps a young girl rediscover her love of Christmas. Aubrey Plaza provides the voice for the titular feline.

Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, released in 2010, is based on a classic adventure story. It tells the story of Alice, a 19-year-old girl who follows a rabbit burrow and discovers a magical world. There, she meets her dream friends, who assist her in discovering her true destiny.

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The popular film also includes a well-known Cheshire cat. The cat has a cheerful, philosophical, and slightly annoying demeanor. The film stars Hollywood heavyweights such as Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, and Anne Hathaway. Overall, the film is instantly recognizable as a classic adventure story.

Top Cat: The Movie

Family-comedy, Top Cat, tells the exciting story of a group of streetwise felines attempting to make it big through get-rich-quick schemes. Top Cat, also known as TC, is a slick con man. TC certainly seems to appreciate the finer things in life. This explains his unethical hustle to get rich quickly.

Image credits: YouTube/Vertigo Releasing

TC enlists the assistance of his loyal followers Benny the Ball, Choo Choo, Brain, Fancy-Fancy, and Spook. In order to make a quick buck, they engage in various scams, gambling, and ill-conceived stunts. Officer Dibble’s close watch on the gang, however, may put an end to their shenanigans.

Eye of The Cat

Eye of the Cat, a 1969 horror film, features a solid mystery with many twists and turns. There are certainly a lot of cats pouncing and prowling, as one would expect from a horror film. The tagline of the film says it all: “Terror that tears the screams right out of your throat!”

Image credit: YouTube/pop art heart

It tells the story of Wylie, who, along with his girlfriend Kassia, attempts to murder his invalid wealthy aunt. There is one catch, however: Wylie is deadly terrified of cats. His Aunt Danny’s house, on the other hand, is overrun with cats. Thus, begins the gruesome tale of terror, murder, and mayhem.

Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties

If you enjoyed the original Garfield film in 2004, you’d undoubtedly enjoy this 2006 sequel. In the sequel, Garfield returns with his canine sidekick Odie to embark on new adventures. The ginger cat is still sassy, lazy, and head over heels in love with lasagna and, most importantly, himself.

Image credits: YouTube/Movieclips

They get the royal treatment this time because Garfield is mistaken for a regal cat. Garfield’s royal visit, accompanied by his four-legged subjects, had been going well for quite some time. However, Lord Dargis puts jeopardy in his reign as he has other plans. Thus, his perfect life seemed to be turned upside down again.

Tom And Jerry: The Movie

Tom and Jerry, our favorite cat and mouse duo, are back to wreak havoc on our screens. If you didn’t grow up watching Tom and Jerry, you must have been living under a rock. The family comedy fills our hearts with nostalgia as we watch the classic duo chase each other endlessly.

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Jerry’s witty demeanor and escapade ideas never get old, combined with Tom’s unwavering hatred for him. The plot revolves around a wedding in New York City. When mischievous Jerry causes havoc at a wedding venue, his archrival Tom is summoned to get rid of him. Overall, the film is enjoyable, and the iconic duo’s chasing scenes are worth every penny.

Kiki’s Delivery Service

A movie about a witch is never complete without a black cat, and Kiki’s Delivery Service followed suit. Studio Ghibli animations never fail to warm our hearts, and this film is no exception. In fact, It follows a timeless tale of self-discovery which feels very real and grounded.

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Kiki is a young witch in training who embarks on a journey of self-discovery to fulfill a family tradition. She’s also accompanied by a talking black cat called Jiji. Jiji is a magical pet cat and also quite chatty, sarcastic, and humble. He’s always willing to lift Kiki’s spirits and assist her in any way he can.

Undercover Kitty

Undercover Kitty, also known as Miss Minoes, is a 2001 Dutch film. It is directed by Vincent Bal, who was inspired by the same-named book. It also stars Carice Van Houten, Theo Maassen, Hans Kesting, Sarah Bannier Olga, Jack Wouterse, Zuiderhoek And Pierre Bokma.

Image credits: YouTube/TV Cinema

A cat wandering around a rooftop one day comes across some chemicals that it misidentifies as garbage and consumes it. However, the cat instantaneously turns into a human woman and decides to call herself Minoes. Minoes soon finds herself wrapped around in an investigation as she helps the local journalist named Tibbe.

Harry And Tonto

If you enjoy cat movies that are sentimental and cinematic, Harry and Tonto is for you. The film beautifully explores the power of the human spirit and the joy of social interaction. It also succeeds in demonstrating an effective and natural bond between a human and a feline.

Image credits: YouTube/mazurskyfilm

Harry, who is in his seventies, is evicted from his west side apartment in the film. Thus, he is compelled to embark on a journey with his cat Tonto. The film seamlessly transitions into a road trip, with the duo meeting several people near and dear to them along the way. This film is a lush tapestry of people, places, moments, emotions, and memories.

The Cat Came Back

Have you ever heard of a stalker kitty? The Cat Came Back is here to prove it. It is a 1988 animated short film from Canada. Cordell Barker directed it, and Richard Condie, an award-winning animator, produced it. Surprisingly, the film is based on a very old folk song of the same name.

Image credits: YouTube/NFB

The short film tells the story of old Mr. Johnson, who is determined to get rid of a small yellow cat. The cat appears to have become Mr. Johnson’s bane, constantly outwitting his attempts to flee. The film is hilarious and was even nominated for an Academy Award. 

Kitty Love: An Homage To Cats

Kitty Love: An Homage to Cats is a wholesome documentary narrated by the show’s star feline, Abatutu. The documentary is available on Netflix. The hour-long documentary features Abatutu, the most well-known cat in the Netherlands. He is an actor, model, and the world’s first cat to receive a lifetime achievement award.

Image credits: YouTube/GTG TRAILERS

As absurd as it may sound, Abatutus’ owner owns a feline casting agency. Throughout the documentary, we see the casting agents go over various home videos of other felines. This is their moment in the spotlight. However, Abatutu is still the biggest star in the spotlight. Overall, the show is entertaining, with corny and catchy dialogue.


If you want a more mature take on the feline story, Felidae should be your number one choice. The 1994 animation thriller Felidae takes a dark turn in exploring the mystery genre. The animated film was also directed by Michael Schaack, who based his story on a book of the same name.

Image credits: YouTube/Francis Felidae

Francis the feline shifts to a new neighborhood with his owner. However, he discovers the body of another feline as he sets his paws on the new home. Thus, this transitions into a murder mystery quick enough, with Francis finding new leads on the way. Their suspicion is also on the “can-opener,” a cat slang for humans.

The Rescuers

The 1997 Disney animation, The Rescuers, takes you through a cheerful musical adventure. It also tells the story of a rescue aid society run entirely by a group of mice. One of their missions included rescuing an orphan girl named Penny, who had been abducted by an evil man.

Image credits: YouTube/TheRetroMike

They could not have saved the day without the help of a cat known as Rufus. Rufus is an elderly cat with a kind and warm personality. He’s also Penny’s friend and was always there to cheer her up even when she thought she would never get adopted. This film is one of Disney’s underappreciated gems indeed.

Two Brothers

2004 adventure drama, Two Brothers explores the story of two sibling tiger cubs, Kumal and Sangha. It tells a tear-jerking tale of the siblings being separated and reunited. Moreover, The film was directed and co-written by Jean-Jacques Annaud. The story is a broad melodrama and is quite effective at personifying the two brothers.

Image credits: YouTube/Serena de zwart

The movie opens by showing us the scenic beauty of the jungles of French Indochina, circa 1920. Kumal and Sangha live idyllic lives, prowling, wrestling, and free. However, on one fateful day, Kumal gets taken away by circus authorities. Thus, starts the journey of the siblings finding their way back to each other.


In Istanbul, street cats are found almost everywhere. They are found on car hoods, cafe benches, underneath tables at flea markets, on piers and doorways. In fact, they have wandered around the streets of Istanbul for thousands of years, bringing joy to the ones that pass by them. The 2016 documentary Kedi explores the beautiful story of these street cats in Istanbul.

Image credits: YouTube/FRESH Movie Trailers

The documentary shows seven cats and explores their distinct lifestyle, personality, and routines. They are also seen walking on a crowded city street in search of food, hanging around in a restaurant, bakery, or textile shop. The locals also appear to adore these cats. Kedi is a beautiful documentary paired with Istanbul’s beauty, diversity, and people.