Celeb Confessions: 40 Scandalous Revelations By The Rich And Famous

By Jhoana C

Sometimes, being a celebrity isn’t as glamorous as it may look in photos. Sure, you get to attend exclusive parties and award shows, wear designer clothes, go on the most epic vacations and let’s not forget the money. Being famous pays. You can take that to the bank!

However, it all comes at a cost. Privacy is a foreign concept. Fans and paparazzi follow celebrities everywhere, hoping to catch a glimpse of their lives or take that million-dollar shot. The more scandalous the picture, the better.

So, before tabloids beat them to the punch, some celebrities decided to share their deepest and darkest secrets. From a whole family suffering from gas issues to pleasuring oneself to one of Maroon 5’s songs, here are 40 shocking celebrity confessions that will leave you slack-jawed.

#1 Amy Schumer Bad-mouthed the Met Gala

If you want to incur the wrath of the almighty Anna Wintour, here’s one way to do it— say that attending the Met Gala felt like a punishment. That’s exactly what the phenomenal comedienne, Amy Schumer, said after she attended the event in 2016.

Image courtesy of Amy Schumer/Instagram

As one of the most significant fashion events worldwide, getting invited to this gala is the ultimate sign that you have made it as a celebrity. However, according to Amy Schumer, it’s not worth the hype. Funny enough, she was among the guests who attended the following year’s event!

#2 Much Ado About Showering

We always idolize our favorite Hollywood stars and think they could do no wrong. Well, that’s until they go on a podcast and reveal something that rubs you the wrong way. In 2021, Ashton Kutcher shocked fans when he said he didn’t shower regularly.

Image courtesy of David Shankbone/Wiki Commons CC BY 2.0

The actor made this confession during an episode of fellow actor Dax Shepard’s podcast, adding that he only washed his armpits and crotch daily and not much else. Together with his wife, Mila Kunis, these two stars join a whole list of celebs who aren’t that crazy about showers.

#3 Naughty Sleep Talking

Though Camilla Cabello and Shawn Mendes are no longer an item, we can’t forget how adorable their relationship was. When things were good, they were really good, and we got to enjoy lots of PDA shots. Before they broke up, however, she shared a juicy piece of info about Mendes.

Image courtesy of Camila_cabello/Instagram

During an episode of The Late Late Show, Cabello said that her beau, like many of us, talks in his sleep. Because of this, she found out that he often had, let’s say, racy dreams. He would suddenly say in his sleep that he liked how it felt and then drift off again.

#4 Channeling His Most Famous Character

Without a doubt, one of Liam Neeson’s most famous and memorable characters is Bryan Mills in the film Taken. That movie gave us one of the most chilling and iconic lines in movie history: “I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.”

Image courtesy of CarlaVanWagoner/Shutterstock

The actor told a story once about a friend of his who got into an argument with someone. Neeson waited for a week, hoping the issue would escalate so that he could get a chance to fight. Not one of his proudest moments, but if someone hurt your friend, you’d probably feel the same way.

#5 Sandra Bullock’s Weird Beauty Ritual

Every Hollywood star has their own beauty ritual. Kim Kardashian, for example, swears by her vampire facial, and Demi Moore does leech therapy. Then we have Sandra Bullock, who does something she calls the “Penis Facial.”

Image courtesy of Eva Rinaldi – Sandra Bullock/Wiki Commons CC BY SA 2.0

The regimen’s official name is The Hollywood EGF Facial. It involves a series of steps whose masterpiece is a serum called the epidermal growth factor, derived from the stem cells of the foreskin of Korean newborns, hence Bullock’s hilarious nickname. Apparently, it’s the secret to brighter skin!

#6 For Jessica, Brushing Her Teeth Is Optional

Our parents and dentists have always told us that brushing our teeth is non-negotiable. It’s something that has to be done at least once daily, but that’s not the case with singer Jessica Simpson. She only brushes her teeth when she feels like it.

Image courtesy of Jessicasimpson/Instagram

We can’t even begin to fathom how our mouths would feel and taste if we didn’t brush for 24 hours. It’s just icky, and it’s a weird feeling for sure. In her defense, though, she says she uses Listerine and flosses daily.

#7 Charlie Puth’s Need For Release

Sometimes it’s hard to believe some of the stories we hear about our favorite celebrities. However, when it comes from the horse’s mouth, we have no choice but to accept it. Singer Charlie Puth wasn’t afraid to admit that he goes on a pleasure cruise to a Maroon 5 song.

Image courtesy of Charlieputh/Instagram

If you’re wondering what the song is, it’s This Love, one of the band’s most memorable hits. Charlie wasn’t even the tiniest bit shy to tell the band’s front-man Adam Levine, about his habit. Adam had nothing to say about it aside from telling Charlie it was weird.

#8 Daniel’s Coping Mechanism

Growing up in the limelight has its own perks and downsides. One of the worst things child stars have to deal with is the pressure of having their lives analyzed and scrutinized by everyone around them, which is hard enough to deal with as an adult.

Image courtesy of Christopher William Adach from London UK – WP-random-8 Wiki Commons CC BY-SA 2.0

Perhaps this is why most of them have such a hard time transitioning into adult acting. Daniel Radcliffe, who brought Harry Potter to life, admitted that at some point, he turned to certain beverages to cope with the crushing burden of stardom.

#9 Kanye’s Controversial Statements

You can always count on Kanye to speak his mind. The rapper has always been outspoken, even to the point of being offensive. Everyone remembers how he rudely interrupted Taylor Swift during the 2009 VMAs in the middle of her acceptance speech.

9 Image courtesy of David Shankbone Wiki commons Public Domain

In 2018, Ye was on a rampage again. During an interview, he made statements that claimed slavery was a choice. This was seen as rude, inconsiderate, and a betrayal, especially by African Americans. Since then, he has topped this statement with even more controversies.

#10 Petty Or Shrewd?

Youngsters today might not recognize Rita Moreno, but she was an accomplished actress, dancer, and singer during her prime. To date, she is among less than 20 entertainers who are EGOT winners. With that said, she is also human, just like the rest of us, lest we forget.

Image courtesy of SD Mack/Shutterstock

In the ’50s, she and fellow actor Marlon Brando had a wild relationship that ended with them not getting married despite Moreno wanting to. At one point, the actress even cozied up to The King Of Rock & Roll, Elvis Presley, to make Brando jealous. It worked, and according to Moreno, it felt wonderful.

#11 Two Partners A Day

Madonna has never shied away from talking about sex and sexuality. She gained fame and notoriety in the ’80s and ’90s for freely discussing a subject that was considered taboo to women then. But the Material Girl did not let the haters get to her.

Image courtesy of Denis Makarenko/Shutterstock

In fact, she pushed the envelope, which is reflected in her suggestive videos. During a game of “Never Have I Ever” on Ellen, she confessed that she’d once done the deed with two partners in a day! Now that’s something not many women in Hollywood would have the guts to say.

#12 Rumer Willis’ Crush Became Her Stepdad

Imagine if the man you had an intense crush on became your stepdad. Wouldn’t that be your worst nightmare? How would you even act around him knowing that you like him so much, and yet he is with your mom?

Image courtesy of Rumerwillis/Instagram

That’s precisely the situation Rumer Willis found herself in when her mother, Demi Moore, married Ashton Kutcher. But Rumer was a sport about it and even admired her mom for bagging Ashton Kutcher. She certainly handled it better than most.

#13 Rihanna And Chris Brown’s Complicated History

From 2007-2009, Chris Brown and Rihanna were R&B’s IT couple. Paparazzi followed them wherever they went, and the world couldn’t get enough of them. However, their relationship came to a tragic end when Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna in February 2009.

Image courtesy of badgalriri/Instagram

Seeing the Barbadian singer’s battered face on the tabloids was unnerving. However, she gave Chris another chance, telling the world she still loved him. They reconciled for a while, but the relationship ultimately ended. Now, she seems perfectly happy with A$AP Rocky and her little boy!

#14 Megan Fox’s Propensity For Blood

Megan Fox has been in the entertainment industry since she was a teen. Still, to date, we all mostly remember her for her iconic role in the Transformers movie. Nowadays, she’s making headlines for her relationship with rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

Image courtesy of Meganfox/Instagram

The two found love after starring in a movie and music video. Their relationship has made a couple of headlines since then, including a shocking revelation by Fox that they both drink each other’s blood! In the interview, she tried to make the news palatable by saying it’s just a few drops, but still…

#15 Robert Pattinson’s Version of Method Acting

Actors act; what they’re doing in front of the camera isn’t for real. However, some prefer method acting, where they immerse themselves in a character both on and off camera. Though Twilight heartthrob, Robert Pattinson doesn’t like method acting, he usually makes one exception.

Image courtesy of Martin Kraft – Own work Wiki Commons CC BY-SA 4.0

In an interview with Variety, the actor admitted to ‘pleasuring himself’ for real in a couple of his movies, saying some things just can’t be faked. The first time he did it was in the movie Little Ashes, and since then, he hasn’t been shy about doing it in a couple of more projects.

#16 Baby-making Lessons From Kourtney Kardashian

Newlyweds Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker seem to be intent on producing tiny Kardashian babies soon. Kourtney mentioned that her doctor had given her instructions to drink her husband’s bodily fluids so she’d get pregnant quickly. What in the world!

Image courtesy of KourtneyKardashian/Instagram

On an episode of The Kardashians, the mom of three was talking to a wellness expert when she revealed this shocking recommendation her doctor had prescribed. Why would a doctor say that? Luckily, the guru had a more reasonable way to help increase their chances of getting a baby.

#17 James Franco’s Sexual Misconduct Accusations

Before all the hoopla about James Franco’s misbehavior and his issues with dating fans and students, he was one of Hollywood’s up-and-coming young stars. We don’t know where to place him now, but we can’t deny that he is a talented individual.

Image courtesy of David Shankbone/Wiki Commons CC BY 3.0

Most of the accusations started in 2018 after several women online accused him of being inappropriate with them. These instances allegedly happened at Franco’s acting schools, and a couple of them even included minors. As expected, he insisted everything that occurred was above board.

#18 Cardi B’s Fantasies

Most ordinary people can’t relate to what our favorite celebrities say. However, Cardi B proved just how much of a regular person she was with a single statement. She once made a confession that she fantasized about having a threesome with model Chrissy Teigen and RiRi.

Image courtesy of iamcardib/Instagram

Wow! We know a few people who have the same fantasies as Cardi B, but we’re not dropping names here. All we can say is at least her confession is something non-celebs like us can relate to because Rihanna and Chrissy are stunning!

#19 Jenna Dewan’s Amazing Boss

Before hitting it big on her own, Jenna Dewan used to be one of Janet Jackson’s backup dancers. Reminiscing on her old job, Jenna said that Janet was a very thoughtful boss, and on one occasion, she even gave her and the rest of the staff a box of toys.

Image courteys of Jennadewan/Instagram

And no, we’re not talking about teddy bears and toy cars; Janet gave them a box of adult toys they could use during their ‘me’ time. Jenna further said that she was only 19 at the time so she didn’t have the faintest idea what the toys were for.

#20 George Clooney’s First

George Clooney is a Hollywood heartthrob who a lot of women could only dream of dating. He was Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor for years, with good reason. His dashing good looks, dreamy eyes, a great smile, and an even better personality.

Image courtesy of Michael Vlasaty – DSC_3336/Wiki Commons CC BY 2.0

He once told a cute story about the very first time he experienced pleasure when he was still in elementary school. The actor related that it happened when he was climbing a rope and had most of the elements of the coveted high.

#21 No Deodorant For Cameron

The actress may look fresh and gorgeous whenever she hits the red carpet, but don’t let appearances fool you. Cameron Diaz has admitted to not using deodorant because she believes that it contains chemicals that are bad for the body.

Image courtesy of Camerondiaz/Instagram

She explains that people smell in the first place because antiperspirants and deodorants keep the smell in. Along with Diaz, another celeb who doesn’t use deo is Mathew McConaughey, who claims he’s never needed it. Could these two be onto something?

#22 Lea Michelle Is A Good Friend

She may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and other actors might hate her guts and diva ways, but Lea Michelle has proved she can be a good friend. During her time doing the Broadway musical Spring Awakening with Jonathan Groff, she did something quite unexpected.

Image courtesy of leamichele/Instagram

At the time, Groff was still in the closet and was naturally nervous about doing intimate scenes, which were a major theme, with Michele since he felt ill-equipped. The two got really close as they worked together, and Michele, at one point, even showed him her lady bits!

#23 Kesha’s Supernatural Experiences

Kesha has always been eccentric and outspoken. On top of that, she has never shied away from declaring her love for the paranormal. She once mentioned that she’d had intimate relations with a female ghost whose name she didn’t know.

Image courtesy of Iiswhoiis/Instagram

She further claimed that she believes her nether regions are haunted. We don’t know what to do with that information, but this certainly sounds like a case that Dean and Sam from Supernatural would be interested in. Now that’s an episode we wouldn’t miss!

#24 Kylie’s Worst Fear

When you’re a celebrity, being judged unfairly, ridiculed, and lambasted comes with the territory just as much as being idolized and worshipped by fans. If you want to make it in the business, you need to have a thick skin.

Image courtesy of Kyliejenner/Instagram

The youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner Klan, makeup guru Kylie Jenner, said that her worst fear is having something bad written about her. It gives her such intense anxiety that sometimes she wakes up early to check online. Well, we hate to tell you, but there’s a lot of not-so-nice things about you there.

#25 Leslie Jones’ Time With Scientology

We’ve all had to do something in our lives that we weren’t very proud of to scrape by. Even struggling actors sleep in their cars, wait tables, and wash dishes just to get by while waiting on that one gig that will put them on the map.

Image courtesy of DFree/Shutterstock

SNL’s Leslie Jones is no different. She shared that before making it big, she had worked as a telemarketer for Scientology. Apparently, she breezed through the job interview by acting nuts! We didn’t even know that Scientology employed telemarketers. What for?

#26 Chris Brown’s Accidental Number 2

Chris Brown went from being one of the most loved singers to one of the most hated really fast, thanks to what he did to Rihanna’s face when they were still together. He’s undoubtedly had some not-so-great moments in his life, including this disgusting one.

Image courtesy of Joel Tellinghttpswww.flickr.comphotosjoeltelling71505848inset 1526141/Wiki Commons CC

He’s so committed to his craft that he once did a number two onstage. Apparently, it happened because he thought he could still do another song without going to the bathroom. That must have been uncomfortable and embarrassing, to say the least.

#27 Hoda’s Landing Strip

When you’re a celebrity, it’s only natural for people to want to know every single detail about you. However, most people draw the line somewhere. For Hoda Kotb, that line got a bit blurred once when she talked about her nether regions on air.

Image courtesy of SD Mack/Shutterstock

She shared that she had a landing strip down there. The broadcaster later claimed that she was pressured to share the information, although she didn’t really want to, and blamed her co-star for it. Ah, no, Hoda, she didn’t have a gun pointed at you.

#28 Katy Perry’s Hair Collection

Singer Katy Perry has a substantial hair collection, and no, it doesn’t involve wigs. The singer collects locks of hair from other people. So far, the collection includes Miley Cyrus’ and Taylor Swift’s hair, which makes us wonder why she does it. Does she intend to sell it later?

Image courtesy of Katyperry/Instagram

She says she puts bows on them and keeps them in her purse. Tell us, Katy, have the hairs brought you any luck so far? She went on to admit that she’s a freak. Since that was 2013, we wonder if the collection has grown and whose hair made it to the collection.

#29 Turning The Weirdness Up A Notch

Machine Gun Kelly turned the weirdness up a notch by proposing to his girlfriend, actress Megan Fox, with a ring that’s supposed to induce pain when removed from the finger. Why would anyone do that? We feel that veers a bit close to being too possessive, no?

Image courtesy of Machinegunkelly/Instagram

The ring is made of two gorgeous diamond, and emerald stones joined together by a magnet on a band made of actual thorns! MGK was very proud of the ring he had designed and let the world know about it, but not everyone was behind him. People thought it was weird, which we totally get.

#30 KJ Apa’s Fondness For Breastmilk

This makes us think of that episode on Friends about breastmilk. Without a doubt, many people have wondered what it tastes like. Instead of just wondering about it, KJ Apa says he regularly drinks his partner’s breastmilk, even in public places!

Image courtesy of Kjapa/Instagram

First off, no one should be competing with their baby for breast milk. The actor posted a video that showed him adding milk from a baby bottle to his coffee before he drank it. What do you think of this; plain weird or just gross?

#31 Meghan Trainor And Her Hubz Are Very Open

It’s normal to share intimate things with your husband. After all, if you can’t share those things with your husband, who else are you going to share them with? But to share your and your husband’s personal habits with the world?

Image courtesy of Meghantrainor/Instagram

That’s a little too much if you ask us, but Meghan Trainor doesn’t seem to think so. She said that she and her husband do their toilet business side by side. Isn’t that a little awkward, even if the guy in question is your husband?

#32 Jake Gyllenhaal’s No Shower Policy

When you look at Jake Gyllenhaal, many positive things come to mind. He must smell so lovely, must be very clean, and must brush his teeth regularly. Admit it, you think of those things too—aside from other more private things (wink!)

Image courtesy of JakeGyllenhaal/Instagram

Well, we hate to ruin your fantasies, but he doesn’t shower or bathe. Please don’t blame us; it was his confession. He says that he doesn’t find it necessary at times. Additionally, he says that our bodies clean themselves naturally. Okay, but we’re not gonna go anywhere near him.

#33 Beyoncé’s Alter Ego

Who hasn’t heard of Sasha Fierce? Beyoncé has talked about her before and confided that her alter ego does things that she might be afraid of. Channeling Sasha Fierce makes her more daring and unafraid of what people might say.

Image courtesy of Beyonce/Instagram

Jay-Z has known Sasha Fierce longer than Beyonce’s fans, which is understandable, seeing as they’ve been together for two decades. Not only does Sasha Fierce act and sing, but she also does other things in the bedroom. Bey is a bit coy with the details so if you see this, Jay Z, we need details.

#34 Patrick Stewart’s Foreskin

Everyone must know about their anatomy. It’s actually recommended that young children be taught the proper names of their private parts. One of the reasons we are saying this is because of a confession Patrick Stewart made some time ago.

Image courtesy of David Shankbone/Wiki Commons CC BY 3.0

Before his wife broke the news to him, the actor had always assumed that he was circumcised. We can only imagine how that conversation went. It must have been a bit embarrassing because it’s a bit strange that a grown man can miss the fact that his little man still has a foreskin.

#35 Daniel Craig’s Not A Fan Of Fans

It seems that even James Bond himself can’t cope with the constant and sometimes intrusive attention of the paparazzi and fans. He doesn’t like being photographed while eating and doing his daily chores. He even admitted that he sometimes feels like being violent.

Image courtesy of The Royal Navy/Wiki Commons OGL 3

We understand him, although we’re not celebrities. We can only hope that his feelings of getting physical never overpower his restraint because then there would be a problem. Fans and paparazzi need to learn that every human deserves the right to privacy.

#36 Nicki’s Refusal To Get A Booster Shot

Despite their popularity and status, it’s not smart to take medical advice from celebrities because they don’t have medical knowledge or experience. Most times, their personal opinions end up being the source of misinformation on important issues. An excellent example of this would be Nicki Minaj.

Image courtesy of Nickiminaj/Instagram

She tweeted about skipping the Met Gala because she refused to get a booster shot that was required of all attendees. We understand that it’s her body and her choice. Still, she also needs to realize that it’s the organizer’s right to refuse anyone who doesn’t follow their rules.

#37 Emilia Clarke Disclosing Jason’s Package

Emilia Clarke is famous for playing the “Mother of Dragons” and being Jason Momoa’s love interest in HBO’s Game of Thrones. She readily disclosed to fans that thanks to her intimate scenes with Jason Momoa, she found that he was well-endowed.

Image courtesy of Emilia_clarke/Instagram

The actress revealed this tidbit during a light-hearted interview where she described being pranked as they filmed a scene. We’re not sure if Momoa appreciated Clarke’s revealing the size of his package. His fans, however, were happy to have their suspicions confirmed!

#38 Steven Tyler’s Rock Star Life

As the lead singer of the highly successful band Aerosmith, and with countless hit songs under his belt, Steven Tyler can definitely be described as a rock star. As expected of this popular crowd, he’s engaged in most of the ‘vices’ that come with the lifestyle.

Image courtesy of Iamstevent/Instagram

He has also confessed about his spendthrift ways. Apparently, he once spent $2 million on things we can’t discuss here, but his statement about “snorting half of Peru” sums it up quite well. Well, at least he’s helping promote Peru. We only wish we had that kind of money.

#39 Kristen Bell’s Family’s Habits

Another Hollywood couple with unconventional parenting styles is Kristen Bell and her husband, Dax Shepard. The couple admitted that they let their children, then aged six and eight, sleep in the same room as them, which doesn’t sound so bad.

Image courtesy of Kristenanniebell/Instagram

They further added that the family suffers from terrible gas. Now, did she really have to add that piece of information? We can only imagine what their bedroom must smell like after a big dinner. Not a pleasant place, we assume.

#40 Christopher Mintz-Plasse And His Mom

We have saved the best (or worst) for last. Christopher Mintz-Plasse—yes, his name is a mouthful—once found himself in a situation everyone fears most. His poor mother was made to watch while he was in the middle of getting frisky with someone.

Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore/Wiki Commons CC BY-SA 3.0

Christopher was filming scenes for the movie Superbad, and his mom had to be there because he was underage at the time. He confided that he and his mom chose to keep mum on the subject and not to discuss it ever.