Overtly Opulent: 35+ Customized Features In Celebrities’ Homes

By Isabel K

Most people can only dream of having the kind of money celebrities have. Having millions of dollars to spend on fancy clothing, designer handbags, furniture, or traveling around the world is something most people can only dream of. Yet for celebrities, buying a two thousand dollar jacket is just another Monday.

And with all that money, it’s no surprise that celebrities often make purchases that the rest of us normies can’t even fathom. Some celebrities have gone overboard and made some questionable purchases, but we aren’t complaining because it’s not our money. From walk-in sneaker closets to 100-seat in-home theatres in their homes, these stars love to live large.

Read on to learn about what pricey features your favorite celebrities have in their homes. Do any of them intrigue you? Or do you find them tacky and tasteless?

Katy Perry

Songwriter and musician Katy Perry is in a loving relationship with actor Orlando Bloom. But Katy has been a superstar for decades, and during that time, she has made some questionable decisions with the money she has at her disposal…

Image source: Splash News/hollywoodreporter.com

…like buying a convent as a home. After three years and thousands of dollars, she was granted ownership of the building. Perry soon packed up her things and moved in. She grew up in a very Christian home and started with gospel music, so it sort of makes sense.

Nicolas Cage

We assume that most celebrities want to live in mega-mansions in Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and the like, but that’s not always true. Nicolas Cage, for example, wanted to live in a house with more history. That’s why he decided that he wanted to move into one of the most haunted buildings in the US.

Image source: artemu kopylovk/Shutterstock

Nicolas Cage has always loved mysteries — something that won’t change anytime soon. Although this star has never reported anything out of the ordinary happening in his home, the history of the building is too scary to even think of spending a night there.

OJ Simpson

Although OJ Simpson is now infamous, he was once a household name and very loved by most of the country. Early in his career, he quickly became a football legend, and the money continued flowing. So he decided to commission a statue of himself! 

Image source: FlavorFlav/Twitter

While the statue was standing in the back garden of his home, he eventually had to let it go when his house was sold in 1999. Musician Flav owns the statue now and bought it at that whooping $3000 at the auction.

P Diddy

P Diddy is one of American history’s most respected musicians and rap legends, so it’s not surprising that he managed to build a life of luxury throughout all these decades. He spends his days in his glamorous LA mansion, where he lives with his children and hosts lavish parties.

Image source: Vogue on YouTube

The money he has accumulated over the years allowed him to build a bar in his house with a full-time living bartender. P Diddy is living the life if he can get a cocktail with the snap of his finger. 

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner, now a mother of two, has accomplished a lot by age 25. As a young star on Keeping up with the Kardashians, it’s clear that money isn’t a problem for this youngster. With the success of Kylie’s line of cosmetics, she can get whatever she wants.

Image source: beaudunnart on Instagram

With Kylie Cosmetics making her a billionaire, it is evident that she would pay homage to that success in one way or another. So she decided to cover her home with Barbie art. It’s not just any kind of Barbie art. It was commissioned by the artist Beau Dunn. Almost every piece costs around $20,000.

Mark Zuckerberg 

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is the “king” of social media. And with the income from Facebook’s properties, we can only imagine what one could buy. With a net worth of over $100 billion, Mark can live in the house he wants, anywhere in the world.

Image source: Idesignrarch

One of his unique houses is his Lakehouse on Lake Tahoe. In fact, he was so enamored with having a residence there that he bought two houses on the property, one next to the other, and made sure to install a massive hot tub.

Naomi Campbell

Famous supermodel Miss Naomi Campbell is used to a life of luxury and extravagance. What else can you expect from this English model and businesswoman? Her $150 million house almost doesn’t look real. In fact, her now ex-husband, Vladislav Doronin, drew the design on a napkin.

Image source: Zaha Hadid Architects

As weird as it looks, it’s even more surprising that most of the house is underground. The top of the house looks like it’s from a sci-fi movie in a unique shape stretching 30 meters above the ground. But it has everything, including a nightclub spa and four pools.


Oprah Winfrey is one of the world’s most recognizable TV hosts, so it’s no surprise that she is also one of the wealthiest women in the world. She’s gone on to launch numerous businesses, so you shouldn’t be surprised when you see some of her luxury properties, including her Montecito house.

Image source: Sage Auctions

On the property, she has a koi pond located in the garden. It’s not just a regular fish pond; Oprah’s fish pond is almost the size of a small lake and has its own temperature regulation system to keep the fish happy and healthy.

Mike Tyson

No other boxer is as hard-working as Mike Tyson. Although he retired from the sport, he’s still very popular today. Celebrities sometimes have crazy behavior, and Tyson has demonstrated his wild side more than a few times, especially at the peak of his career.

Image source: jcotten/Unsplash

During this time, Mike Tyson was flying high and decided to buy three royal Bengal tigers. These tigers even lived in the house with him, so we can only imagine what happened. But the tigers were very expensive and needed a lot of care, so he eventually had to let them go.

Tiger Woods

Since Tiger Woods is one of the world’s best golfers, we wouldn’t expect his house to be something “normal.” Although Tiger Woods owns 500,000 ft² of property in Florida, his home only sits on 9000 ft². Unsurprisingly, most of the land is a golf course.

Image source: Splash News

The four complete golf courses on his property are large enough for him to practice and maybe even hold a tournament if he felt like it. Since it’s his favorite sport and the one that made him all that money, it only makes sense.

Dj Khaled

Dj Khaled has been making hits for years. And with that musical talent, we’re sure he’ll give us more hits for years to come. Fun fact: one thing this musical star loves is sneakers. You won’t see him with the same pair twice. 

Image source: Complex on YouTube

That’s because he doesn’t repeat his sneakers. At all! If you enter his home, you will find that he has a massive sneaker closet filled with hundreds of shoes. The walk-in closet in his Miami mansion holds over 500 pairs of sneakers.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio’s famous for many things, including acting, philanthropy, and dashing good looks. His success over the decades seems to signal that there is nothing this star can’t do. With decades of success comes a lot of money, so you know he is living a life of luxury.

Image source: architecturaldigest.com

One of the properties under his name is a $5.2 million mansion. The mansion has built-in vitamin C field showers, so instead of the actor having to take tablets, he gets it all with his morning shower. We wonder how many celebrities had this installed as soon as they found out this existed.


Drake is a singer and a businessman who proved that you can make it to the top no matter where you started. If his social media presence and song lyrics are anything to go by, we know that this rapper loves spending money on the finest things in life, but who could blame him?

Image Source: YouTube

While this Grammy award-winning rapper owns numerous houses, one of the most unique ones is this California home that features his YOLO estate. The estate has a beautiful enclosed pool area filled with iron torches and a 24 m waterslide. The estate was named after the hit song motor, so it’s no surprise that he holds a ton of pool parties in his California home.

Kris Jenner

Kris might have made some questionable decisions regarding her love life, but she has always made the best ones when decorating her beautiful home. Her Architectural Digest YouTube video gave us an inside look at how she organizes her pantry and keeps everything around the house in order.

Image Source: Kris Jenner on Instagram

Although she isn’t as flashy as her sister, there is one gift her mother gave her that we are all envious of. It’s a cutlery set in the shape of a golden egg. Given that the set goes for $13,000, we assume that it’s made of real gold.

Neil Patrick Harris

The former How I Met Your Mother star is known for his elegant style on the red carpet and at home. So it’s no surprise that he has some interesting items in his New York residence that he shares with his partner. 

Image source: Animal planet on YouTube

You don’t have to ask his actor if he likes magic because he has a Houdini fish tank in his home. It resembles Houdini’s famous water tank, where he performed some of his deadliest magic tricks. The fish tank also has a unique design with bubbles coming out Houdini statue in the water.

Kourtney Kardashian

Being reality TV stars, the Kardashian clan have had to share their homes and private lives with the world. So it only makes sense that they would spend a lot of their time ensuring that their homes are ready when the cameras start rolling. And one of the most organized in the family is Kourtney Kardashian.

Image source: Burke Doeren and Tayler Dube

She always wants to ensure everything in her house is where it should be, and that includes her pantry. We’re sure the rest of the Kardashians turn to Kourtney when they need help around the house. With such a vast pantry, she even has space to hold over 1000 water bottles.

Nick Young

It’s almost impossible to predict what someone would do with their money, especially when they get it very young (no pun intended). But that’s the story of Nick Young and his career in the NBA. When he finally got his affairs in order, he decided to buy himself a $3.5 million house.

Image source: Nice Kiks on YouTube

In this is a significant investment, Nick Young had special plans for a section of his grand home. He decided to stock over 600 pairs of shoes in his guesthouse. Talk about a love for shoes. Nick also hired staff members to take care of the shoes in his guesthouse and ensure they are in perfect condition.

Dr. Dre

The rapper and entrepreneur has gone through a number of ups and downs in his life. With a successful rap career spanning decades, he has rightfully gained legendary status in the industry. But with all this film comes a lot of risks, including his security.

Image source: MLS on YouTube

With all his homes and other properties, Dr. Dre added some safety measures to his Los Angeles mansion. He decided to add a moat for protection, but it seemed it wasn’t as effective as he thought because four men still managed to break into his house.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has been in her fair share of controversy, but lately, she has settled down, gotten married, and focused on being a DJ. Since the socialite is worth close to $300 million, she is comfortable living her life to the fullest. At least we’re sure her dogs are living the very best lives.

Image source: ParisHilton/Twitter

To match her million-dollar mansion, Hilton has a mini-mansion for her precious little puppies. The multi-story doghouse comes with a temperature control system, state-of-the-art designer furniture, and even a chandelier. And, to piece it all together, it’s pink both inside and out!

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is a famous basketball legend who inspired numerous people, so it’s no surprise that he is now worth $1.6 billion. Most of that money comes from his endorsement deals, which have given us some of the best shoes in history — Air Jordan.

Image source: CNN Business

Just like Tiger Woods has an easy-access golf course, Jordan has an in-home basketball court. The indoor court is extravagant according to most standards, and since it’s out of the elements, he can practice even if it’s raining, snowing, or swelteringly hot.

50 Cent

Rapper, businessman, and producer 50 Cent is a musical powerhouse. With a strong career, it’s clear this rapper has the power and means to reinvent himself as many times as he wants to. With his success, he earned enough to buy a $4.1 million house. 

Image source: MTV cribs on YouTube

One unique thing about this home is every room is fitted with a surround sound system, and his house comes with an indoor nightclub. The star doesn’t need to leave his home to hold a fabulous party. All he is missing are a couple of bouncers, guests, and drinks to get the party started.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is known to be eccentric both in her personal life and in her music. Aside from her crazy and wild outfits, she also has some interesting items in her home that speak to her otherworldly personality. Her home in Malibu isn’t unique and is styled almost like an ordinary mansion.

Image source: The Richest on YouTube

But it has something special that tells us it is indeed Lady Gaga‘s home. In one of the rooms, there is a small theatre, a bowling alley, and many different games that seem to fit in an arcade, rather than a residential home. The “Poker Face” singer even has a poker table!

Kanye and Kim

When Kim and Kanye West were still married, they got a lot of people talking because of their unique choices in styling their home. The two emptied their $20 million mansion and decided to fill it with custom design items, from the sinks to the chairs and other decorations.

Image source: Vogue on YouTube

If you’ve seen some of the pictures of their homes, then this part of it will surprise you. Their sinks’ unique design is costly; surprisingly, the water won’t splash onto you when you use the tap. We want to try this one to see if it’s true!


That’s the kind of life famous DJ Zedd lives a busy life and doesn’t spend as much time at home as he’d like. So he decided that when he does get the chance to kick back, he wants it to be as close to perfect as possible. For him, that means having Skittles for days!

Image source: Architectural Digest on YouTube

That is why the professional DJ decided to put a Skittle vending machine in the middle of his mansion. The vending machine has four different flavor mixture options you can choose from if you ever find yourself in his house.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are going through a tough time now, but once upon a time, they were happily married and got a house in château Miraval in France. But it wasn’t just a regular house that these millionaires lived in. 

Image source:All about Stars on YouTube

The beautiful home came with 74 acres of vineyard, meaning they could make their wine whenever they wished. In fact, they had more than enough and ended up starting a winery business producing rosé. Although they aren’t together, their business is still thriving.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is one of the wealthiest men in the world, and although he looks rather ordinary, he loves to spend his money on ensuring that his life is comfortable. So with all that money and access to endless resources, Bill Gates decided to build a home that was as unique as possible.

Image source: The Richest on YouTube

His $127 million estate in Medina has an underwater music system in the swimming pool, a trampoline room, a system that can control the lights and temperature within the mansion, and other technology all around the house. But what do you expect from a tech billionaire?

Beyoncé and Jay Z

Beyoncé and Jay Z are one of Hollywood’s most powerful couples, so you wouldn’t expect the home to be anything less than the best. You’ve probably heard numerous things about their luxurious home in California, but their New Orleans home is what’s worth looking at.

Image source: TGF TV

It was built in 1925, and it’s still a beautiful structure to this day. After the renovations, the house is now a 10,000-square-foot mansion with a beautiful city view. Their home was once a church and a ballet school, so it has the history to go with its beauty.

John Travolta

Aside from being a famous actor and father, this Hollywood star loves to fly planes. In fact, he even has a private pilot license. So, what would a hobby aviator with millions of dollars want? Yup, you guessed correctly. He bought a landing strip.

Image source: Forbes

John Travolta’s home includes a private landing strip. The runway leads right to his front door, so he can hop out of the plane and right into the kitchen, just in time for dinner. And, of course, he has seven planes to land on that strip!

Will Smith

2022 hasn’t been the smoothest year for Will Smith, but we’re sure the actor and rapper will make a comeback. And the recent controversy doesn’t take away from his legendary Hollywood status and accomplishments. As one might expect, Smith lives in a home that looks fit for a prince (get it?).

Image source: The Richest

Will Smith’s home is beautiful, complete with an outdoor pool, tennis courts, a movie theater, a miniature golf course, and a garage that can fit eight cars. In fact, the Calabasas mansion is so massive it has its own ZIP code.

Shaquille O’Neal

We have another basketball legend on our list. Shaquille O’Neal is famously tall, often towering over other stars, so it’s expected that he wouldn’t live in an ordinary house. He made plenty of adjustments to his house so that it would be comfortable for him.

Image source: Shaquille O?Neal on Instagram

One of these adjustments is adding a 15 x 30 foot custom bed to his bedroom. This bed would be massive for any regular person, but for Shaquille, it’s perfect. The bed has enough space for even Shaq to move around without pushing anyone off.

Celine Dion

Musical sensation Celine Dion is known worldwide for her beautiful and angelic voice. She has been singing for years, and she’s remained calm and classy the whole time. Surprisingly, the star is just like us. She loves spending time at home! Perhaps that’s why she spent so much on her mansion.

Image source: Famous entertainment on YouTube

Her Floridian home features a water park, tennis court, and a golf course in the backyard. Would you want to leave that? The home also has 13 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. Although it was sold in 2017, she spent a lot of time enjoying it. 

Robert Downey Junior

Robert Downey Jr. is known for his eccentric style, and his friends love him for that. He’s gone through many hardships, but when he finally decided to get his life together, he returned to doing what he loves — acting. With the success he gained, he decided to buy an $11.9 million East Hampton cottage.

Image source: Architectural digest on YouTube

The reason this cottage is on our list is that it has a windmill! Yes, a windmill. But that isn’t even the craziest thing about this beautiful home. In the front garden, they have a beautiful and large praying mantis sculpture made by Lithuanian sculptor Andrea Petkus.

Jessica Alba

Although Jessica Alba is known for her acting, she’s done much in the last few years. But that doesn’t mean she fell off the radar. Alba might not have many recent film credits, but her name is all over her company, The Honest Company Inc.

image source: Patricia Hagobun on Facebook

When she isn’t acting or at work, she spends most of her time at home with her two daughters and son. One fantastic thing about her home is the interior design of the bathrooms. Two showers are designed to form a cabin with a bathtub right in the middle!

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the world’s most famous designers and has been dressing stars worldwide for decades. Being a designer, you would expect that his home would be a work of art, and it is — specifically, his New York penthouse is.

Image source: Architectural Digest on YouTube

The penthouse located at the plaza hotel features some of the world’s most beautiful artwork. One that stands out the most is his custom-built TV. For anyone entering his home for the first time, you think it’s just a mirror on the wall because, when the TV is off, it has a mirror effect.

David Beckham

Very few soccer stars are as famous as David Beckham. The soccer legend has made a name for himself in the world of soccer but is also a fashion icon in his own right. And we think it’s mainly because he has Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, as his wife.

Image source: msnscr/Unsplash

It’s clear David made the best decision when he decided to settle down. As a gift, his wife gave him two micropigs. The funny thing is that they named the pigs Elton John and David Furnish, who are great friends of the family.

Taylor Swift 

Taylor Swift just released her latest album, but when she’s taking time away from her successful music career, she loves to spend time in the comfort of her home. While one of our homes is an apartment, it has more square footage than the regular apartments you are thinking of.

Image source: Property insider on YouTube

Taylor‘s 5500-square-foot apartment in New York has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and an indoor pool. Does this sound like a small apartment? The pool is in the basement of her apartment, and although she says she hardly used it, it looks beautiful just sitting there.

38. Jennifer Lopez 

Jennifer Lopez is currently happily married to the love of her life, Ben Affleck. But the singer and actress had worked hard before they got together to get a Bel Air mansion that costs $28 million! The house is big and beautiful, with thirteen bathrooms and seven bedrooms that, other aspects of it that might shock you.

Image source: Picture News on Youtube

Her home has a private beach! Together with the beach, it also comes with 100 seat theater and a beautiful vineyard on the property. She must love nature because, on the property, she also grows organic fruits and vegetables in her lavish vegetable garden.

39. Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman has been on the silver screen for decades, but she always prefers to spend that time with the ones closest to her. She and her husband have several homes to her name, of which is a $10 million penthouse in West Chelsea, New York City.

Image source: Flashframe on YouTube

Aside from having a fantastic view of NYC, the home also has an incredible elevator that can hold a car. With this elevator, you can bring your car up to your house, get your groceries and send it back down. We can’t imagine putting in that much effort to not have to carry grocery bags.

40. Hugh Grant

The quirky yet handsome English actor is always a delight to see on screen. And he carries this personality all the way to his home. He is said to have a love for paintings and art, so it’s not surprising that his home is filled with many unique pieces.

Image source: Studio publicity still – Dr. Macro/Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons

The British actor has one specific painting that stands out from the rest. The piece in question was bought at an auction, so you know it’s not cheap. The art piece is an Andy Warhol painting of Elizabeth Taylor, which cost him $2 million!