Hollywood’s Heart Of Gold: 40+ Celebrities Everyone Can’t Help But Love

By Isabel K

Perhaps it’s the money or the fame, but celebrities are now the closest thing to royalty. Why? Because of the millions of fans who support and root for them no matter what project they’re working on. So, it’s no surprise that these stars are always promoting different brands and companies. The influence they have could mean crazy profits from worldwide sales.

However, some celebrities don’t care about the fame or which brands want to use them for their next campaign or promotion. There are a select few that are more concerned about being an excellent example to others and making a change in society. These are only a few of the reasons why the celebrities on this list are respected, loved, and supported by millions of fans. 

1. Steve Carell

Steven John Carell is a famous American actor known for his role in the NBC sitcom, The Office. However, he does much more than make people laugh through his shows and Hollywood films. He has also contributed to various charities.

Image source: Jennifer / pinterest

Steve Carell has been cited as being a genuine and loveable person. Not only because of his movie-star looks and charm but also his generosity towards fans worldwide. The star is down to earth and even has a general store in Massachusetts run by his sister-in-law.

2. Betty White

Betty White is commonly known as the First Lady of game shows, but she was much more than that. Throughout her career, which spanned over seven decades, she made a difference in the lives of the people around her through her performances and movies.

Image source: Angela George / wiki commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

Although she was a talented performer, she was also known for being charming and comical around everyone she met. She never got into any drama, which was probably one of the reasons she lived a very long and happy life.

3. Will Smith

Despite the slap-gate incident, Will Smith is known to be a great guy. From his funny Instagram videos to his charity work, The Fresh Prince is known for his charisma and charm toward people he meets. The actor is multi-talented and has been both an actor and rapper throughout his career.

Image source: news-w.orgworldnews6417 / youtube

His non-profit organization, The Will Smith Foundation, is dedicated to providing positive life experiences to those who need them, especially children. These include providing social services, promoting art education, and working to end malaria deaths worldwide. Way to go, Will!

4. Meryl Streep

Mary Louise Streep is an American actress known for roles in films like Devil Wears Prada, Mamma Mia, and Death Becomes Her. On top of being a legend in Hollywood, the Academy Awards winner is known to be kind and caring towards her costars and fans.

Image source: Montclair Film

The actress has a foundation known as Silver Mountain Foundation for the Arts. She founded it in collaboration with her husband, Donald Gunner. When she isn’t nabbing Oscars, the actress likes to knit. Yes, knitting! She’s even been found knitting on set.

5. Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Julia is an American actress, comedian, and producer known for her roles on Seinfeld, Veep, and the television series Saturday Night Live. She is reported to have a net worth of close to $250 million! However, you can hardly tell she is a millionaire because she is calm and kind.

Image source: officialjld/ Instagram

The actress is very involved in helping save our earth. After the actress survived stage two breast cancer, her perspective on a lot of things changed. She is aware of the next generation’s burden, so she wants to do anything to help.

6. Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock is a famous American actress and producer. Some of her popular roles include The Proposal, The Blind Side, and Miss Congeniality. However, the actress has rarely been caught in any career-ending drama. Maybe because fame doesn’t matter to her that much?

Image source: shutterstock

While she is always glamorous on screen or on the red carpet, the actress loves to relax and get away from the paparazzi when she can. Bullock even stays away from social media to protect her privacy. Instead, she prefers to spend her time remodeling homes.

7. Robin Williams

Although Robin Williams is no longer with us, he certainly left a mark in people’s hearts and minds through his words, laughter, and movies. The actor made people happy, and he was always kind to strangers and fans he met worldwide.

Image source: U.S. Air Force photo / Airman 1st Class Tabitha M. Mans

Robin Williams participated in over 30 charities and brought light to various issues and illnesses during his life. Williams was one of the most famous people to be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder(ADD). However, it didn’t make him cower and hide away from the world. He used this to make the rest of the world laugh.

8. Sir Ian McKellen

This X-Men actor is known to be a charming and personable man. Aside from being a very talented and remarkable actor, that isn’t the only lovely thing about him. He is also a good man to the people around him.

Image source: BBC

Despite his fame, Sir Ian McKellen is still very warm and generous towards people. The people who have met him said that he is cordial towards them, which must be one reason why he survived this long in the entertainment industry.

9. Fred Rogers

Fred Rodgers is an American producer, tv host, and writer known for his popular show Mister Rodgers’ neighborhood, which lasted between 1968 to 2001. Throughout his life, he stood for what was right. He did this by taking a stand against racial inequality in the United States.

Image source: santafenewmexican

In 1969, Mister Rodgers invited a black man into a pool. This was during a time when black people and white people were not allowed to share the same facilities like buses, restaurants, or even schools. Most people say that that episode of mister Rodgers broke the color barrier in the states.

10. Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews is a famous actress known for her roles in movies like My Fair Lady and The Princess Diaries. She always plays very charming and considerate roles, but from what we’ve heard, she is closer to these characters than we know.

Image source: Jennie Park/ mydisneyadventures

In Hollywood, Julie Andrews is known to be very kind and caring, whether on set or outside it. While some costars didn’t have the best words to describe her, she has been helpful to others by supporting numerous charitable causes over the years.

11. Bob Ross

Bob Ross is a famous painter, but did you know he was once a drill Sergeant? Seems doubtful, right? No one has ever commented negatively about this painter, and that’s saying something. Despite gaining worldwide recognition for his art, Bob never stopped being down to earth and caring to his fans.

Image source: urbanmatter

Bob Ross was very soft-spoken and always treated others with respect and kindness. Through his painting show, he taught people how to create art, soothed them, and gave them an escape from their daily lives. Despite those who didn’t like his method of painting, he still changed people’s lives and made a difference in the world.

12. David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough is trying his best to make the world a better place despite the harm other humans may bring to the planet. Throughout his adult life, he has helped show the world some of the most beautiful creatures while educating the masses on taking better care of our environment.

Image source: BBC

It’s no surprise that the Queen herself knighted him. He worked for Nat Geo for a while and even got a chance to be interviewed by a sitting president—Barack Obama. Despite all this fame, he is still down to earth and focused on doing what’s best for the planet, the animals, and the people living on it.

13. Patrick Stewart

Another knighted actor on this list is Patrick Stewart. The X-Men and Star Trek actor has had a fulfilling career spanning decades—and that’s not only because of his talent. When you see him walking around, you might not think that he is worth millions and is famous worldwide.

Image source: imgur

His friendship with Sir Ian McKellen is one that is incredibly cherished and special because they have gone through a lot together. He is also a strong feminist, having been raised in a home where his mother wasn’t treated very well.

14. Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a former professional wrestler, actor, and comedian known for his time in WWE and in Hollywood movies like Black Adam, Jumanji, and The Fast and Furious franchise. Although the star is worth close to $800 million, he is still a gentle giant.

Image source: Dwayne The Rock Johnson / facebook

When he isn’t traveling around the world or making movies, Dwayne Johnson can be found hanging out with his little girls. And he shares these wholesome moments with his followers on Instagram. He spends the other time working, and his cute dogs are always there to keep him company.

15. Dolly Parton

The current generation mostly knows the legendary Dolly Parton as Miley Cyrus’s godmother. However, she has a great career spanning decades that earned her the title of “the queen of country music.” But she isn’t only loved because of her beautiful voice.

Image Source:Curtis Hilbun

Dolly Parton also has a big heart which is evident in the acts of kindness she has performed throughout the years. The talented country singer has a charity ( The Dolly Parton Imagination Library program) that has helped millions of children.

16. Nick Offerman

The American actor and comedian Nicholas David Offerman is best known for his role in the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation. However, most people don’t know that he is also an accomplished woodworker. He even owns the Offerman Woodshop in Los Angeles. 

Image source: www.nysparksnaturetimes.files.wordpress.com

The hilarious actor is charming and relatable to fans and co-workers. He is a proclaimed feminist, saying that from a young age, he understood that there should be no gender limitations. Everyone should be able to do anything, whether it’s cooking or starting a bonfire.

17. Rowan Atkinson

The Mr. Bean actor is known worldwide for making people laugh through his movies, cartoons, and animations. However, the Johnny English actor is much more than just a funny face. He also helps the world by supporting multiple charities worldwide.

Image source: Eva Rinaldi / wiki commons / CC BY-SA 2.0

Rowan Atkinson is worth millions, but he hasn’t let all that change how he behaves or interacts with his community. He even blamed social media for widening the divisions between people. Maybe that’s why the star is not on social media.

18. Tom Hanks

You might have been introduced to Tom Hanks through movies like Forrest Gump or Cast Away. His likable personality, both off and on-screen, made him a favorite among most fans. Some even say he is one of the most beloved actors in the industry.

Image source: stonetear2017 / reddit

People say he is a man with a heart of gold. Tom Hanks is known to be kind, even to random strangers or the fans he meets. In 2016 he even crashed a Central Park wedding, and the couple was excited to have him photobomb the event.

19. Brad Pitt

Almost everyone has heard of Brad Pitt. He is a Hollywood heartthrob that has made women swoon for decades. He proved himself to be an A-list actor by taking on roles in movies like Bullet Train and Fight Club. Sadly, he hasn’t been so lucky in love, and his marriage with actress Angelina Jolie ended in 2019.

Image source: Glenn Francis, www.PacificProDigital.com / wiki commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

He founded the non-profit The Make It Right Foundation in 2007 to help the environment. Some of his most notable work was helping rebuild houses in New Orleans’s lower 9th ward after Hurricane Katrina. The foundation spent close to $20 million to help the residents.

20. Danny DeVito

Danny Devito is known for his standout roles in Matilda and Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Before he got famous on screen, he spent most of his time performing in theatres in the United States after graduating from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Image source: chrisbeta916 / reddit

Danny is also a prominent political activist and supports different energy, social, and environmental causes worldwide. The Academy Award nominee is never afraid to speak his mind regarding what he is passionate about in society. He even helped campaign for Vermont senator Bernie Sanders.

21. Jack Black

Jack Black is a beloved American actor and comedian known for his famous movies like High Fidelity, Orange County, Jumanji, and School of Rock. However, he is a very down-to-earth and friendly superstar, which can’t always be said about every famous person.

Image source: racctrusted

He has done plenty of charity work, like working with the Alzheimer’s association. He has also inspired a number of people to be themselves, no matter what that looks like. He is just a regular, down-to-earth guy, and we love him for it.

22. Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves is one of the world’s most beloved actors and celebrities. Although the star went through a tragic past, that didn’t change who he is. The John Wick actor is known to be selfless, caring, and kind even to non-celebrities.

Image source: jesswitkins.wordpress

Over the years, he has done several good deeds that endear people to him even more. The fact that he rides the subway regularly is just the tip of the iceberg of how down-to-earth he is. He even gave up his seat for an old lady on the subway like a true gentleman.

23. Denzel Washington

Pretty much everyone in the world knows the handsome actor and filmmaker Denzel Washington. Denzel has been acting for decades, and he has won numerous awards and built a worldwide fan base because of his talent and charisma. Everyone adores him.

Image source: Paul Rudman / wiki commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

But the charming actor also takes his time to help the next generation of actors and filmmakers. He even supported the late Chadwick Baseman through theatre school and helped him become the great actor he was. When Chadwick dedicated his award to Denzel, the 68 years old couldn’t help but cry. 

24. John Candy

Many people know the actor and comedian John Candy through his work in Hollywood films. However, John Candy was a family man who loved spending time with those he loved and the animals around him. He even helped various charity organizations.

Image source: Hollywood Reporter

Although he sometimes struggled with drugs and alcohol abuse, he was still a kind and funny man. He had trouble with his weight, but he always found joy in sparking joy in others. His costars always described him as being a stand-up guy.

25. Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise is a famous American actor and musician. However, most people like him because of his humanitarian work around the world. Although the actor doesn’t have any real-life military service, he has done a lot to help veterans and military personnel.

Image source: Daniel Schwen

Gary Sinise has made various contributions to veteran causes thanks to his foundation, Gary Sinise Foundation. This foundation’s purpose is to help serve the nation by honoring veterans, defenders, first responders, their families, and those in need. He has earned tons of awards because of his work.

26. Rick Moranis

Frederick Allan Moranis is a Canadian actor and musician known for his sketch comedy and 80s films like GhostBusters. When his wife passed, he stepped away from the limelight to raise two children. However, he still provided voice-over work for different animated films. 

Image source: prensalibre

The Honey I Shrunk The Kids actor struggled to balance his personal life as a single dad and his thriving acting career. Making the difficult choice to take a step back from acting showed us the kind of family man Rick Moranis is. 

27. Levar Burton

LeVar Burton is an American actor, tv host, and director known for his roles in Star Trek, Reading Rainbow, and the mini-series Roots. However, this accomplished actor is also one of the most well-known advocates of children’s literacy worldwide. Certainly a worthy cause.

Image source: Super Festivals from Ft. Lauderdale, USA

The famous television show Reading Rainbow, which Burton hosted for more than two decades, always encourages kids to take a look at what’s inside a book. He also hopes to get more kids to access books across the United States, increasing literacy and improving society.

28. Christina Applegate

Christina is a famous American actress who started her career as a child actress in a sitcom. She is also very charitable to various organizations and causes she cares about. She is a spokesperson for the Lee National Denim Day that helps raise millions for breast cancer research.

Image source: LG

She also supports world animal protection, The Trevor Project, and the Motion picture and Television Fund Foundation. The actress also started her charity and non-profit, Right Action for Women, to help women access preventive care for breast cancer. Since she has overcome breast cancer herself, her passion for the cause makes sense.

29. “Weird Al” Yankovic

You might know this brilliant man as a songwriter who parodies popular songs. He does such a good job that some fans only know the “Weird Al” versions of most songs, not the original. Wow, talk about being super talented.

Image source: nwaonline

Aside from his glowing resume, Weird Al Yankovic is also a very humble guy. He even performed a concert the day he found out his parents had died from a gas leak. To him, it was better than sitting around crying.

30. Carol Burnett

Actress, singer, and comedian Carol Burnett has been in the entertainment industry for decades. Although she has a net worth of close to 45 million dollars, she is a very calm and kind lady to those who know her. She is also passionate about arts and education.

Image source: NY Post

To this end, she has established different scholarships around the country, like the Carol Burnett Musical Theatre Competition at her former school, UCLA. Known as one of the first pioneers of television, Carol does what she can to help the next generation of actors and performers.

31. Paul Rudd

The Ant-Man actor has been on our screens for years. Some wonder whether he even ages at all. He’s always smiling anytime he is photographed; even during interviews, you can’t help but be drawn in by his charming aura and charisma.

Image source: Time

He is loved by his fans and his close friends, who have nothing but good words about the actor. He also writes entertaining and compelling books when he isn’t working on his next Marvel movie. The funny actor has a lot going for him.

32. Dave Grohl

The American musician Dave Grohl is known for much more than being the founder of the band Foo Fighters. He is a guitarist, songwriter, and the band’s lead singer. So, he already has millions of fans who love him because of the excellent music he makes.

Image source: mycentraljersey

David has supported over fifteen charities, including the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Teen Cancer America and Autism Speaks, and Worldwide Orphans Foundation. He is also a good role model for his fans, talking to them about the dangers of drugs and advocating for LGBT rights.

33. Henry Winkler

American actor, producer, and author Henry Winkler is known for his film work and has been nominated for various awards like the Primetime Emmy awards. According to different publications, the actor has accumulated a net worth of close to 40 million dollars.

Image source: RCFOX4KC / twitter

He even wrote a children’s book about dyslexia. In 2011, Henry was awarded an honorary OBE for his work helping dyslexic children in the UK. Based on his personal difficulties with learning, he wanted to help children deal with this struggle and bring awareness that it isn’t a disability.

34. Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin, also known as “The Crocodile Hunter,” wasn’t only famous in Australia, where he was born. He was known worldwide as an educationalist, tv personality, and environmentalist. His father, Bob, taught Steve everything he knew, and he passed on the knowledge to his children.

Image source: Bernard DUPONT from FRANCE

The star didn’t change even after getting recognition from high-end publications and tv shows. The Crocodile Hunter passed away doing what he loved but influenced millions of people to love their environment and its creatures. We will always remember how loving and kind he was to his children.

35. Dick Van Dyke

Richard Wayne Van Dyke is a respected actor and comedian from America. The 97-year-old entertainer is worth 30 million dollars and has two sons. Despite being with millions, this star always takes time to give back to the community in any way he can.

Image source: Gage Skidmore / wiki commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

He has been charitable during his entire career. More recently, when the world was plunged into a lockdown in 2020, he handed out money at a labor center to help people get by. For years he volunteered at the Midnight mission in Los Angeles. This mission is a homeless shelter that provides emergency services to those in need.

36. Elijah Wood

Elijah Wood is one of the most famous American actors and voice actors due to his role in the classic Lord of the Rings trilogy. And he was still in his teens when he took on this legendary role that changed his entire life!

Image source: heraldextra

However, he has remained grounded despite all the fame. The former child star is known as one of the most well-adjusted stars in Hollywood. No matter what he has on his plate, he remains kind. Interviewers and costars have always called Elijah very polite.

37. Steve Burns

Aberdeen actor and tv host Steve Burns gained popularity due to his long-running television program for preschool children, the Blues Clues. He even got a Daytime Emmy nomination in 2001 for his show. His Nickelodeon show had an impact on kids around the world.

Image source: ecwx509 / reddit

After he left the series in 2002, he went on to create music and do some voice acting for advertisements. He is also a community hero thanks to his contribution of time, energy, and resources to improving the community. He is much more than what most people think

38. David Tennant

Many people think that David Tennant is a kind and sweet guy, and we do too. If you’ve watched Doctor Who, then you probably know him as the tenth Doctor. He’s also had some pretty terrifying roles, like in Jessica Jones, so it’s clear he is very talented.

Image source: Hello Magazine

But his fame hasn’t gotten into his head like most people think it would. The Scottish actor also supports various charities like the Willow Foundation, Kidscape, and Comic Relief. He once talked to fans who showed up to meet him and even shared his candy with the kids.

39. Steve Buscemi

Steve Vincent Buscemi is a world-renowned actor whose face is instantly recognizable by all his fans. If you don’t remember him on Con Air, then you’ll probably recognize this actor from the popular series Boardwalk Empire. However, he is also a genuinely good man.

Image source: imgur

He even helped during 9/11. The firefighters who worked alongside the actor during the tragic incident recalled that the actor worked close to 12 hours each day to help in any way he could. Despite the roles he plays, he is selfless and generous.

40. Hugh Jackman

The Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman is known for his charming personality and acting prowess. Throughout his acting career, he has used his fame to help the less privileged by being an ambassador for World Vision Australia. He has worked hard his entire career to get to where he is today.

Image source: ABC

The actor is also involved in various charities like the Actors Fund in America, Cancer Research Institute, and Elton John AIDS foundation. In 2020, he even reached out to a bullied kid who was his fan. These are only a few acts of kindness he has done over the years.

41. Michael J. Fox

Michael J Fox is a Canadian-American retired actor who has been in the business since the 70s. Although the actor has Parkinson’s disease, he didn’t share this information with the public until seven years after his diagnosis. Thankfully, this illness did not stop him from fulfilling his dreams as an actor.

Image source: jtnix16 / Instagram

After his diagnosis, he committed his time, resources, and efforts to further research about the diseases and helping millions of people going through the same struggles. He also brought awareness to the condition through the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s research, founded in 2001.

42. Tony Hawk

Another guy who doesn’t seem to have any negative publicity around him is Tony Hawk. Tony makes a ton of cameos in popular movies, and it’s funny that he doesn’t seem to realize how famous he is. Also known as Birdman, Tony Hawk is credited with making skateboarding what it is today.

Image source: theneptunes

Through the Tony Hawk foundation, he has helped build skateparks in various locations in the United States and worldwide. Despite dominating competitions and breaking several bones in his body for the sport he loves, he still participated in numerous philanthropic activities through his foundation.

43. Maggie Smith

If you’ve watched Downton Abbey or any Harry Potter movie, then you probably know who Maggie Smith is. The fact that she has been in almost 60 films is not the only thing we love about this beautiful actress; she also has a heart of gold.

Image Source: Rex pictures

She is one of the world’s most famous actresses and has been awarded accordingly throughout the years. But her life hasn’t been easy; suffering from cancer while filming Harry Potter in the 2000s and dealing with Graves’ disease wasn’t the only challenge she had to endure. However, she has no plans to retire from doing what she loves.

44. Alan Rickman

Another Harry Potter star on this list is Alan Rickman. He won over people’s hearts worldwide with the role of Snape in the famous blockbuster movies. But unfortunately, he is no longer with us. Still, no one has ever had anything negative to say about him.

Image source: BBC

He played a very serious role throughout his career and had a reputation for being a kind-hearted person who really loved being around children. Some of his friends even said that he helped them not give up on themselves when they were going through a rough time.

45. Brendan Fraser

The Tarzan actor Brendan Fraser has gone through a lot in his lifetime. But that didn’t make him any less kind. Brendan Fraser was taken advantage of by a Hollywood bigwig and had back injuries that did a number on him physically and emotionally.

Image source: [unknown user] / Pinterest

He took a break from Hollywood but has now returned to acting, and we are more than happy to see him on screen again. Despite all this, Brendan Fraser is still as friendly and as humble as ever. He proved to the world that you shouldn’t lose yourself despite going through all these tribulations.