Celebrity Comebacks That Put Social Media Trolls Back In Their Box

By Larissa C

Considering celebs are busier than the average person, it’s not unusual to think that they don’t have time to be on their phones. Well, Instagram and other social media have proved us wrong. Celebrities do have the time to be on social media — and they even take the time to leave comments on their friends’ pics or reply to comments on their own posts. It’s amusing to read the responses that celebs give to people because it shows a side of their personalities that we don’t always get to see. It’s nearly impossible to see what every one of our favorite celebrities is commenting on social media, but we’re fortunate that the “Comments by Celebs” page exists. These angels screenshot and share some of the best comments that celebs leave on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Here are 40 times that stars had the funniest responses on the internet!

All images in this article are courtesy of commentsbycelebs on Instagram.

I’ll give you a ride any day!

Olivia Rodrigo was quite famous as a Disney actress, but after releasing her hit single “driver’s license,” she became a huge global sensation. Nowadays, any song that Rodrigo releases becomes an instant hit. And even Cardi B listened to the young artist’s hit debut song.

Source: iamcardib/olivia_rodrigo on IG

Isn’t it hilarious that a 17-year-old girl has a driver’s license while Cardi B, who’s in her early thirties, doesn’t? Luckily for her, Olivia Rodrigo is a huge fan of Cardi’s and offered to drive the rapper anywhere she wants to go, including McDonald’s at 4 AM.

What did you expect?

The general public only gets to know celebrities on a very superficial level. We don’t actually know what stars are like when there are no cameras around, and 99% of us will never get to know that. Hence why we can understand this lady’s confusion:

Source: loryharvey on TikTok

For us, it’s pretty weird to call celebrities by nicknames or by anything other than their full names. But that’s not the case for the people who know celebs personally. Lori Harvey was Michael B. Jordan’s girlfriend until recently, so it only makes sense that she would call him Mike instead of using his full name! 

If she approved, then it’s okay!

If we’re talking about celebs that get criticized the entire time, we have to mention Kim Kardashian and her family. No matter how many years go by, it seems like the Kardashian-Jenner clan will never get a moment of peace.

Source: kimkardashian/selmablair on IG

Luckily for them, other celebs are okay with their presence on the internet. When Kim Kardashian dressed up as Elle Woods for Halloween, she got a lot of hate, but she also got a lot of support — including from the artists that starred in the movie!

She didn’t lie!

Hollywood is not particularly known for having long-lasting relationships. In fact, if a celebrity couple stays together for a year, everyone celebrates them as if they have been together for a lifetime. And while most celebrities don’t address this, Lisa Rinna doesn’t care!

Source: kellyripa/lisarinna on IG

The reality TV star is known for not holding back when stating her thoughts and opinions, so it’s not surprising that she would say this. Indeed, celebrities being married for more than 20 years is so rare that it’s like 100 Hollywood years!

Some of us have it good!

Now that we’re talking about aging, we can also talk about child actors who grow up to look quite different. One such example is that of the cast of Harry Potter, who basically grew up in front of the cameras.

Source: t22felton/mattdavelewis on IG

When they were kids, the entire cast was adorable. But as they grew up, some actors had it better than others. Tom Felton, for instance, doesn’t look quite as good as he used to, so he complained about aging. But Matt Lewis disagrees — for he ended up having quite a glow-up!

Dad has no chill!

When we’re in our teens, we don’t want to share things with our parents — but not because we don’t trust them. Teenagers don’t want to bring their significant others home because they actually don’t want their parents to embarrass them.

Source: maudeapatow/juddapatow on IG

But parents don’t really need us to bring someone over to embarrass us — they can do that on social media! Judd Apatow is a hilarious comedy writer, but he’s a funny dad above all. And he certainly doesn’t care if his daughter will be embarrassed if he leaves comments like this one on their pics!

She has a point.

Living in famous cities like New York and Los Angeles means that you will get to live in the same area as celebrities. Can you imagine walking down the street for your morning jog and bumping into an A-list artist?

Source: overheardla/gwynethpaltrow on IG

The only downside of living around celebrities is that they might spot you when you’re having a bad moment. What this girl said about crying in the car and seeing Gwyneth Paltrow staring at you is true! Though it seems like Gwyneth is here for it and will give you a shoulder to cry on!

Change that caption!

Back when Justin Bieber first rose to fame, every young girl loved him. And if you ask any of those girls, they will probably tell you that they cried when the singer got married to Hailey Baldwin (now Hailey Bieber).

Source: justinbieber/haileybieber on IG

Justin and Hailey are such a popular couple that everything they do becomes news. If they post a picture together, it literally makes it to the headlines! And that’s why Hailey Bieber kindly told her husband to change the caption or else his fans and everyone else would spiral and think they’re expecting a baby!

Where can I sign up to be his friend?

Everyone needs to have a good friend, even if you’re unwilling to admit it. There are things that we can’t talk about with our families or partners, and that’s what friends are for. But that doesn’t mean that every friend is a good friend.

Source: complex/dwyanewade on IG and Dfree on Shutterstock

You will undoubtedly question your current friendships once you learn that George Clooney gave a million dollars to each of his closest friends. Basketball legend Dwyane Wade certainly did. If Wade — a millionaire who has millionaire friends — needs new friends, we don’t even know what we need!

The best way to start the day!

Shania Twain is a legendary country singer — but that doesn’t mean that the singer is too busy to reply to her fans’ messages on Instagram! She will always take the time to leave a message or two for those who have always supported her career.

Source: shaniatwain on IG

And what’s a better way to start the day than to have Shania Twain saying “let’s go, girls” to get us going? And it seems like the legendary artist is here for it — she’s even started the trend already!

Sisters will be sisters.

If you have siblings, you know there is always a fight going on, especially when you’re younger. But underneath all the fights and annoying each other, we all know that siblings love each other and will always be there for one another.

Source: kyliejenner/kendalljenner on IG

Even though they’re two of the most famous people in the world, at the end of the day, Kendall and Kylie Jenner are sisters. And like a good pair of sisters, they fight over petty things. But it’s funny to see how they’re just like the rest of us in this interaction!

The media is so cruel!

If you follow Ryan Reynolds on any of his social media accounts, you know that this actor is incredibly funny. His posts always have hilarious captions, especially when he posts pictures with his wife, Blake Lively, and their three kids. 

Source: VancityReynolds/People on Twitter

The best part about Ryan Reynolds’ sense of humor is that he is unapologetically sarcastic. He’ll post funny tweets like this without thinking twice. It’s even funnier that some people actually take his words seriously and think he was involved with the forever iconic Betty White!

If John Mayer said it…

The internet is full of random memes, and the trash post realm is quite popular these days. You’ve probably seen a viral meme or two that made no sense to you. And it seems like even celebs are into these kinds of posts!

Source: grapejuiceboys/johnmayer on IG

Well, at least John Mayer is into trash posting. This LEGO meme has been around for a while, and it’s pretty wild — but the singer clearly loves it. He’s even playing along with the original poster, and that’s funny.

Take notes, woman!

If you watch The Bachelor, you can definitely understand why Wells Adams is so beloved by cast members, the production team, and the general audience. The guy gives some of the best advice and is totally unproblematic. Plus, he’s pretty funny too.

Source: memezar/wellsadams on IG

We all would love to delete the people who have hurt us from our past, but that’s impossible. Unless you’re Carole Baskin and you have a way of getting a tiger to do your dirty deeds. Hey, Wells was just kidding, okay?

Leave the poor guy alone!

Are you a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Millions of people religiously follow the MCU and watch every single one of their releases — the billions of dollars Marvel has made at the box office is proof of that.

Source: tom.annaholland/tomholland2013 on IG

And if you like the MCU, you probably know that Tom Holland has a reputation for giving spoilers he shouldn’t be sharing. And it seems like the internet has made so much fun of the guy that even Tom Holland believes the fake news about his spoiler endeavors!

He would know!

When Cardi B and Meghan Thee Stallion paired up to release an iconic song whose title we shall not mention here, some of the lines of their song became extremely popular. You’ve probably heard or read the line “I don’t cook, I don’t clean” somewhere, haven’t you?

Source: kourtneykardash/letthelordbewithyou on IG

When Kourtney Kardashian used that line from the song on an Instagram post, her ex-partner Scott Disick couldn’t miss the opportunity to make fun of her. And he would know that the eldest Kardashian sis doesn’t cook and doesn’t clean — they were together for years, after all!

Jane Fonda will always be iconic. 

Jane Fonda first became popular back in the 1960s, and the actress hasn’t stopped being iconic ever since. She’s an icon and an inspiration not just for her successful career — but also for all the things she does off the camera.

Source: lauradern/courtneylove on IG and Steve Sanchez Photos/Philip Yabut on Shutterstock

If you didn’t know this, Jane Fonda has gotten arrested more than once while participating in protests to save the environment. And judging by her face in the picture, she’s willing to get arrested as many times as needed if it means helping the planet.

Not okay!

These days, it seems like people can’t get enough of the terms “boomer,” “gen z,” and whatever else. While these terms are quite valuable from a sociological point of view, most people use them to make fun of older or younger people.

Source: ryanphillippe on IG and Elena Yakobchuck on Shutterstock

Still, comparing these words to the offensive n-word makes no sense. Nobody gets that offended over getting called ‘boomer,’ and Ryan Phillippe certainly doesn’t. The actor didn’t miss the opportunity to mock the radio host by using his words against him!

In case you were wondering…

When child stars leave the spotlight, the audience can’t help but wonder what happened to them. We know that some child stars grew up to be quite problematic, but some have outgrown that troublesome phase and are now just being funny on the internet.

Source: culkamania/sarahmgellar on IG

Macaulay Culkin is definitely one of those people. The actor had his rough years, but now he’s just chilling with his family and making fun of himself on the internet. While he doesn’t actually look like that these days, we totally agree with Sarah Michelle Gellar — we would still want to watch a Home Alone reboot with Kevin as an adult!

Her plan backfired.

And once again, we will talk about Carole Baskin and everything that went on with the Tiger King crew. When this reality series first came out, the whole world was obsessed with it for a while, but not how Baskin had probably hoped.

Source: sourpsycho/gwynethpaltrow on IG

Instead of siding with Carole Baskin and going against exotic animal abuse, the world actually preferred Joe Exotic’s side of the story. And as Gwyneth Paltrow so eloquently put it, there really is no other explanation other than showbiz is crazy and completely unpredictable!

It doesn’t really make sense.

Matthew McConaughey is an iconic celebrity, not just for his stellar portrayals of different and complex characters. The actor is also well-known for his one-of-a-kind personality, and it seems like he acts that way in real life.

Source: officiallymcconaughey on IG

You might think that McConaughey is putting up a facade with cameras, but the people who interact with him when there are no cameras can confirm that the actor is quite peculiar. And it seems like even Matthew himself agrees!

Their fans go crazy!

You’ve probably heard those stories of how every person has multiple doppelgangers worldwide. While we have no way of proving that this theory is true or false, we have to admit that it’s hard to explain how some people look so alike.

Source: enews/paulwesley/nina on IG

They might not look alike now, but when Justin Bieber was young, he did look like a version of Paul Wesley in his early teens. The actor went along with the joke, and even his former castmate, Nina Dobrev, joked with him — and their fans must undoubtedly have gone crazy seeing the interaction!

She’s just like us, for real.

Some celebrities are more relatable than others, and we can prove that by how they act on the internet. While some celebs are professional and mysterious, other famous people don’t really care about that and will gladly share stories of torturing their siblings.

Source: ddlovato on IG

As you can see, Demi Lovato is one of the celebs who doesn’t mind showing her true personality online. The singer shared a story of her childhood that we can all relate to. After all, most of us did try to fly that doll into a sibling when we were younger!

You asked for it!

Many people seem to think that the internet is a place where there are no laws. But nothing could be farther from the truth. Just because a celebrity has millions of followers, it doesn’t mean that you can leave an offensive comment on their page!

Source: katebeckinsale on IG and lev radin on Shutterstock

Keep in mind that they might see your comment among thousands of replies if you do. And this is what happened here. This guy thought it would be fun to insult Kate Beckinsale, but the actress had the perfect comeback. Maybe he’ll think twice before doing something like this again!

Are you for real?

Celebs might have millions of followers, but everyone knows that, for every supporter, there are two haters. And public personalities like Chrissy Teigen know this very well. The TV show host gets criticized all the time, including on her own Instagram profile.

Source: chrissyteigen on IG

This person tried to be ironic, but they didn’t expect that Chrissy would take the time to leave a reply. Jet lag is universal, regardless of the aircraft you’re flying in. This person certainly didn’t need to be outsmarted by Chrissy, but they honestly asked for it.

This is the key to happiness.

For most celebrities, dealing with criticism is really difficult. After all, it must be tough to receive negative feedback for a project that you put your blood, sweat, and tears preparing for. But after celebs have been in the industry for years, they learn that criticism is not that big of a deal.

Source: annehathaway/busyphillips on IG

The truth is that there will always be that one person who will criticize everything that you do. For instance, Anne Hathaway might be an award-winning actress, but she gets heavily criticized. And do you think she lets it get the best of her? Not all! The actress actually makes fun of herself along with the haters!

We’ve all been there!

When we were in college, and we still did not have a lot of responsibilities and concerns, party time was our favorite time. And we’ve all been to a crazy party at some point in our lives that we couldn’t even remember the next day.

Source: paris200s/parishilton on IG

This meme is hilarious because it is incredibly accurate. While we’re at the party, we can’t see things correctly because of the lights and the substances in our organisms, so we think that every photo is perfect. Until we see the images the following morning and realize that we looked awful. And Paris Hilton certainly agrees with this meme, especially considering that it’s her in the picture!

Aren’t we all?

It’s pretty intriguing how haters will take the time to criticize every little thing about a celebrity that they don’t like. From the work they do to how they walk and talk, haters love to point out negative things about stars.

Source: evamendes on IG

These haters don’t expect that celebrities might reply to their mean comments. We honestly don’t get why someone would say that a person is getting old as if that’s a bad thing. And Eva Mendes doesn’t care that people will call her old as an insult — she’s aging and proud of it!

Truth be told…

You either like children, or you don’t — there is basically no in-between. Many adults don’t like children, so don’t feel bad if you’re one of them. But even when we don’t want children all that much, we can’t help but enjoy the presence of our siblings’ kids.

Source: sarahplevy/instadanjlevy on IG

Because our nieces and nephews are part of the family, it’s pretty evident that we will love them. And Dan Levy is no different. He might not like a lot of kids, but he is undoubtedly going to love his sister’s baby!

She can roast anyone!

These days, younger people might not know Dionne Warwick as well as other artists, but the singer is an icon and has made history in the music industry. Getting roasted by such an influential artist is actually more of an honor than anything else.

Source: _dionnewarwick/theweeknd on IG

And The Weeknd understands that. Instead of getting upset that an artist he looks up to was roasting his choice of artistic name, the singer actually felt honored. In fact, we wouldn’t even be surprised if he changed the name to The Weekend now that Dionne Warwick questioned his choice!

I need to know!

We bet that you have had a bad experience at chain restaurants and other stores. Sometimes, an employee is having a bad day, or maybe they have dealt with rude customers who ruined their moods. And then they end up lashing out at other customers and colleagues.

Source: solomongeorgio/ddlovato on IG

Instead of reading celebrity gossip, it would certainly be interesting to read “small-scale gossip” about regular people. Just like Demi Lovato, we certainly would like to understand the drama that goes on behind the scenes at the stores we shop in!

We don’t see what’s wrong here.

Life is pretty exhausting sometimes, and there are days that we just want to let all of our tension go. Wouldn’t it be fun to be allowed to do anything you want, at least for a day? We think that everyone would be happier if that were the case.

Source: jamielynnspears on IG

This woman didn’t wait until the “do everything you want” day was finally created. Once she reached her stress limit, the woman went on a rampage at her local Target. It seems like things didn’t go too well for her — but instead of judging, we should try to understand what drove her to do this!

That’s what friends are for.

Friends are the people we run to when we want to vent or share any exciting news. They’re always there to support our dreams and help us feel confident in ourselves. But friends also exist to make fun of us, that’s for sure.

Source: kevinhart4real/therock on IG

If your friend is a comedian like Kevin Hart, you can expect them to pull off jokes like this one. He recreated one of The Rock’s most famous pictures for Halloween, and it seems like he didn’t tell his friend before posting. Luckily for Kevin, Dwayne Johnson laughed it off — but not without giving him a piece of his mind!

We see what you did there!

There is nothing more rewarding for parents than seeing their kids grow up and become exemplar adults. Parents feel nothing but pride when their kids graduate high school and get accepted into the university of their dreams. But who said that celebrity parents are any different?

Source: drdre/diddy on IG

Dr. Dre might look like a tough guy, but he drops the entire facade when it comes to his kids. He’s proud of their achievements — and he also doesn’t miss the opportunity to make fun of other celebs. If you don’t get it, his caption is mocking the actors who got caught bribing their children into college!

Mom, what are you doing?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you must have seen or at least heard of the hit show Bridgerton. Netflix hit the bullseye when they decided to produce a series based on a popular book franchise, and it seems like women of all ages love the show.

Source: rogensandy/sethrogen on IG

And that includes Seth Rogen’s mother. Not only does she watch the show religiously, but it seems like she also takes the time to review Bridgerton on the internet. But considering that the show has multiple NSFW scenes, we can totally understand Seth Rogen’s embarrassment.

How are they pulling this off?

Nowadays, it is kind of trendy for celebrity couples to make fun of each other on the internet. The most notorious example is that of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, who are always writing hilarious captions making fun of each other.

Source: pattyarquette/chrissyteigen on IG

And Chrissy Teigen is following in their footsteps. When actress Patricia Arquette shared her thoughts on men who have two families and the quarantine, Chrissy posted this hilarious tweet about asking John to explain. Hopefully, her husband doesn’t actually have a secret family!

Imagine their power together!

It is no secret to anyone that the Victoria’s Secret Angels are some of the most beautiful women in the world. And Adriana Lima is proof of that. The Brazilian supermodel has one of the prettiest faces we’ve ever seen, and she does look a bit like Megan Fox.

Source: adrianalima/meganfox on IG

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the fact that both Adriana and Megan are gorgeous. And it seems like they’re both funny too. When the model pointed out that they looked similar, the actress took the opportunity to jokingly ask her out. We can only imagine how powerful they’d be together!

We’re all going to look the same way.

Once again, we go back to people who criticize celebrities online. While receiving hate and criticism is something that celebrities sign up for when they decide to become public personalities, it doesn’t mean that they have to take it all in silence.

Source: travisbarker on IG

Most rockstars have a bunch of tattoos, and Travis Barker is not different. He has hundreds of tattoos covering his body from head to toes, but he loves himself that way. And when this guy tried to be mean about his tattoos, Travis took the opportunity to politely remind him that everyone is going to get old and wrinkly one day!

Oops, my bad!

Everyone knows that lots of celebrities undergo a bunch of secret medical procedures to change the way they look. While some of them try to look younger, others want to change their entire appearance. But, hey, no judgment from us!

Source: kimkardashian/kyliejenner on IG

If getting plastic surgery makes you happy, go for it. And as you can see in this picture, all members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan have changed the way they look. Kim doesn’t mind sharing photos of her old self, but it seems like Kylie hates this pic and wants it gone immediately!

You’re not unique, ma’am!

Back when Birdbox first came out, it became a huge success. In fact, it was the most-watched movie on Netflix at the time, which is quite an impressive feat. Millions of people watched the film, including Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen.

Source: kimkardashian/chrissyteigen on IG

While Chrissy was being harmlessly sarcastic here, she did have a point. Everyone was watching the movie, and it was the only thing everyone was talking about on the internet. The way that Chrissy worded her tweet is hilarious, and we’re confident that Kim also laughed.

Moments before their lives changed forever.

The internet is an excellent place for fans to keep up with their favorite Hollywood stars. And it is also a great place to reminisce about the good old days. When Courtney Cox posted this picture on her Instagram, an entire legion of fans went crazy:

Source: courtneycoxofficial/lisakudrow on IG

Even though it has been almost three decades since Friends came out, this is still one of the most famous shows nowadays. And while each actor went their own way after the show, they have remained friends in real life!