Celebrities Who Have Taken A Breather From The Internet

By Kanyi M

Social media, as we know it, can be a blessing all while being a curse. Unkind words from strangers cut to the bone and even deeper if you are in the public eye. It is because of these that celebrities are now taking a breather or indefinitely leaving social media. Some of the celebrities to take this bold step include; Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lowe, and Lili Reinhart among others.

Selena Gomez

More than once, the hitmaker has deleted Instagram on her phone and often takes breaks from social media. It’s not a secret she puts her mental health above everything else.

Image Credits: DFree/Shutterstock

Emma Stone

She termed social media as selective truth because you only got to see the best of people from their accounts without knowing the true self. There was a lot of anonymity which she couldn’t stand.

Ed Sheeran

Even though he is now more active on Instagram than ever, the Grammy Winner once took a break from all social media in 2015. He said he needed to see the world through his eyes instead of a screen

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Lili Reinhart

The Riverdale star announced leaving Twitter last December owing to the thousands of hateful messages she woke up that took a toll on her mental wellbeing.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

After siring another child last September, the actress stated she’d be taking a break from social media and utilizing the time scrolling more effectively; workouts, breathing, and family time.

Pete Davidson

After breaking up with fiancé Ariana Grande, he left an alarming message on his Instagram story before deleting Instagram along with all of his other social media accounts.

Ariana Grande

Healing after the breakup with comedian Pete Davidson would be impossible for her with all harmful news bites. She said goodbye to her fans on the internet before leaving for a while.