Celebs Who Adopted A New Family Pet During Quarantine

By Letizia L

Together with an increase of abandoned pets during the quarantine, there has also been an increase in adoptions. VIPs have taken part in this trend too!

Singer Miley Cyrus, who became famous for the Hannah Montana series, is often in the center of the front pages for her great love for animals. Recently, she uploaded a new post announcing that he has adopted a puppy.

Source: People.com

Since June 12, JLo has also opened the doors of her home – and her social networks – to the Labradoodle puppy who had brought joy to JLo’s children. During the lockdown and confining due to the coronavirus emergency, JLo gave in, welcoming the little gold-colored four-legged fur-kid into the family.

“Here’s my quarantine companion, I don’t know what I’d do without her.” Riverdale’s Veronica Lodge wrote after she decided to adopt the little Truffle “with that ear up, a pronounced jaw and a direct gaze”. A real declaration of love of the new dog owner Camilla Mendez.

Source: Zap Gossip News

In a recent Instagram story, another Riverdale star, Lili Reinhart, wrote that her puppy Milo, whom she recently adopted, was injured by another dog during a walk near her house and later underwent surgery. Thankfully, everything worked out for the best and Milo went back to Lili to cheer her up during quarantine.

Leonardo Di Caprio’s girlfriend, Camila Morrone, is also a super fan of adoptions. So much so that she requested, for this lockdown, a little sister for his Jack, and sent a message to fans inviting them to give a home, even if only temporary, to the strays who live in shelters.