Celebrity Trivia: Uncovering The Hidden Talents Of 45 A-List Stars

By Ekhama O

We’ve all got a thing or two we’re good at, a special ability of some sort. Some of us take advantage of this gift by using it to gain wealth or even fame; others like to keep it on a low as a secret. When it comes to celebrities, most of their unique abilities are already known.

If they’re musicians, they’re great at singing, and if they’re actors, great at taking on roles, but some of them have a couple of hidden talents that they don’t get to showcase. That’s because most of them are acts that are entirely unrelated to what we know them for.

Wondering what special skill your favorite celebrity has? Take a look at this list of 45 celebrities and their hidden talents to find out!

Snoop Dogg is a football coach

Snoop Dogg is by far one of the most renowned and legendary rappers. Everyone knows him to be a rap and hip-hop artist, but we doubt many know he’s also been a football coach and mentor for quite some time now. 

Source: Dave Dilauro / Netflix

He started a youth football league back in 2005 and has coached so many people who’ve gone on to play in the big leagues. Snoop has also revealed that coaching has changed his life for the better, and we can’t help but think how great that is.

Mark Ruffalo is good at riding unicycles

Anyone who’s ever learned to ride human-powered vehicles knows the order of difficulty increases from tricycles to bicycles, then unicycles. Riding a unicycle is incredibly hard work, and it takes a lot of practice before one can achieve this feat.

Source: The Graham Norton Show / Youtube

That’s why we were so psyched to learn that one of Hollywood’s most delectable actors is pretty skilled at riding a unicycle. We wonder what the backstory is behind this talent of Mark’s, and we’d love to see him actually showcase his skills on one someday.

Sandra Bullock is bilingual

Sandra Bullock, the Golden Globe, and Academy Award winner, has made a name for herself in America’s entertainment industry as a top-notch actress with her amazing skills, but what many people don’t know is that she’s got another unique set of skills.

Source: Sawfirst

Although she doesn’t make much of a fuss about it, Sandra is also a fluent speaker of a central European language: German. Her mother was German, and she was raised in Nuremberg (a city in Germany) for twelve years, which explains her fluency.

Harry Styles loves to knit

Everyone has one activity they love doing during their leisure time. Whether it’s sleeping or reading, it’s usually something calming and nice that helps them to unwind and relax. Former One Direction band member, Harry Styles, is not any different.

Source: sushiforari / twitter

During a tour, when the group was still together, Harry would reportedly knit often to relax and help himself deal with all the hustle and bustle of life on tour. Some fans can get a little crazy, and we don’t blame him for wanting to keep his mental health in check!

Terry Crews is really skilled at drawing

We’ve come across quite a list of actors here who’ve got a knack for a thing or two besides playing roles, and Terry Crews is one of them. He’s not just an actor, host, and former football player, but he’s also a skilled illustrator.

Source: SiriusXM

Many of his works have made the rounds on the internet, and we were some of the millions who were amazed by his unbelievable skills. We’d have never guessed in a billion years that Terry was also good with a pencil and some crayons.

Harrison Ford is a pilot

Hollywood has got quite a number of legends, and Harrison Ford can quite easily be called one of them. He’s one of the highest-grossing actors ever and has a number of accolades under his belt. Besides acting, he’s also a pilot.

Source: Zanybao/WordPress

The actor started flying far back in the 60s, but it wasn’t until much later he was given his license. Now, the legendary actor has got thousands of flying miles to his name and can call himself one of the best pilots in Hollywood. 

Vin Diesel contributes to the development of video games

Anyone who’s even got the slightest clue of who’s who in the world of action movies must know a man named Vin Diesel. He’s been the star of numerous blockbusters, some of which have featured him in their video game versions.

Source: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

In fact, Vin founded a video game company, Tigon Studios, and they’ve been the creators of these video games. He also joined Studio Wildcard, an American video game developer, as their president of creative convergence, contributing even more to the world of video gaming.

Angelina Jolie is a skilled knife thrower

We’re not the best at statistics or guesses, but we can comfortably say it won’t be all that easy to meet people that are fascinated by knives. We can also say it’ll also be pretty hard to find one who’s good at throwing them.

Source: rtl.fr

That’s exactly why we think Angelina’s talent is one in a million. She even told Conan O’Brien, the popular television host, that she’s been collecting weapons since she was a little girl and showed off her super cool butterfly knife skills during the interview.

Bradley Cooper speaks French

We’ve already talked about a bilingual star who makes a lot of success in Hollywood, so this next one isn’t as much of a shocker. The A Star Is Born actor Bradley Cooper is another star who speaks a foreign language fluently.

Source: Chad J. McNeeley, U.S. Navy / wiki commons / public domain

Bradley has a good command of the French language as he studied in France for a short while. The actor has shown his French language skills in public as he’s spoken the language during an interview, setting the internet ablaze.

Steve Carell played ice hockey

Besides Mark Ruffalo’s unicycling talent, not many of what we’ve seen so far have required that much physical strain. That’s why Steve Carell’s talent for playing ice hockey is an impressive one and another favorite we’d like to see in action.

Source: totallystefanal / reddit

In fact, we don’t need to wish for that to happen. Steve put his impressive ice hockey skills on full display during an episode of The Office, a comedy series he starred in. Watching the episode really put some perspective on how great he is at the game.

Christina Hendricks plays the accordion

Christina Hendricks, a Knoxville-born actress, is known to many as one of the stars of the critically acclaimed drama series, Mad Men. But, on top of acting, the redhead also has a knack for playing a particularly unique wind instrument.

Source: AMC

It turns out that she isn’t just an accomplished actress who was nominated for over five Primetime Emmy awards. She’s also an accomplished accordion player. Out of all the instruments in the world, we’d have never guessed she’d be into accordions!

Amanda Seyfried is a triple threat!

It’s one thing to have a single hidden talent, as it really shows you’re incredibly gifted, but it’s another to have several talents, just like the amazing Amanda Seyfried has got here. She isn’t just an actress; it turns out she’s also got killer vocal skills.

Source: Press Logic

Her talent for singing was on full display when she was cast for a role in the 2008 musical romantic comedy Mamma Mia! After watching that movie, we were in awe of her abilities. Not only that, but she happens to also have a hand for knitting and crocheting.

Kristen Stewart Juggles

Kristen Stewart is an amazing actress known for starring in many blockbuster movies. She was the subject of a love triangle in the Twilight franchise and was also one of the private agents in the 2019 remake of the iconic Charlie’s Angels.

Source: David Fisher / REX

Besides starring in quite a number of huge films, Kristen Stewart is also pretty amazing at juggling. She showed off her skills on a TV talk show, The Lopez Show, back in 2010 and wowed the audience with her expertise in the art.

Steve Martin plays the banjo

Actor, musician, and comedian Steve Martin is also a multiple-time Grammy Award winner, as well as an Honorary Academy Award winner. However, before he became the star he is today, he started off with stand-up comedy, where he’d play the banjo in his routines.

Source: Forrest L. Smith, III – Own work / wiki commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

Now, he can thank his more than sixty years of banjo-playing expertise for all those Grammy awards. In fact, he even launched a prestigious award to recognize and promote skilled and old-time banjo players, empowering other players and appreciating their art.

Kaley Cuoco is an equestrian

The Big Bang Theory was by far one of the most successful comedic series of the current era and one in which the lovely Kaley Cuoco starred. She might have played “the girl next door” for most of the early seasons of the series, but in reality, she’s a skilled equestrian.

Source: kaleycuoco / ig

In fact, she’s so dedicated to this passion that, despite the fact she nearly lost a limb during an accident in late 2010, Kaley still horse rides, which we think is commendable. The actress also owns a stable with several horses, all of which she cares for and loves deeply.

Nick Offerman is a woodworker

For many of these celebrities, their hidden talents are just extra things they have and get to explore or show off every now and then. For others, it’s a major part of their life, and one such celebrity is the actor, producer, and comedian, Nick Offerman.

Source: Jane Parrott/LA Times

Nick isn’t just a big-time Hollywood star, but he’s also a skilled carpenter. He founded a workshop nearly two decades ago in California where he and fellow woodworkers make and create furniture, bespoke items, and all sorts of wooden items.

Heidi Klum yodels

We’ve seen many hidden talents in this post so far, and as special as one or two might have seemed, we can comfortably say this one is by far one of the most unique we’ve come across so far. Being able to sing is one thing, but yodeling is a whole other.

Source: heidiklum / ig

Heidi might be recognized for being a model, the first-ever German one to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel at that, but she also has a unique talent up her sleeve, which happens to be yodeling. She even gave an auto-tuned performance during the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Jennifer Garner plays the saxophone

It isn’t unusual to see a celebrity have more than one skill in the same industry. For instance, an actress can also sing (think Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga), so we weren’t as surprised when we learned one particular actress also has got some awesome musical skills.

Source: vanity fair

Jennifer Garner is a talented sax player who once showed off her skills during an interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Late Night Show during the pandemic. She also put on a little show for her friend, Reese Whitherspoon, as a little birthday surprise, and we don’t know about Reese, but we loved it.

Diane Keaton’s got an eye for interior design

In every industry, there’s always some form of hierarchy, with the seniors being somewhere at the top, and the same can be said for the world of entertainment. With a career spanning more than six decades, it’s safe to say Diane Keaton is one of the veterans.

Source: Reagan White House Photograph / wiki commons / public domain

But the Academy Award winner isn’t just a legend on screen; she also happens to have a thing for impressive interior design. Even though she tends to buy properties with impressive designs, she’s renovated and designed quite a number of projects of her own.

Eminem draws comics

Many celebrities aren’t just gifted with the talent they decide to exploit and share with the world, but with some extra others that they like to participate in when they get the chance. For the rapper Eminem, one of them includes his childhood hobby of drawing comics.

Source: eminem / ig

Years ago, he made a lovely handwritten letter to the legendary rapper Tupac’s mother, and it made the rounds online. And that wasn’t just because of his impeccable handwriting and what he wrote, but also because he included a personal drawing of the rapper himself!

Kendall Jenner’s great at making bird noises

We’ve seen quite a list of actors and actresses who’ve got unique hidden talents, so we thought we’d switch it up just a little bit by including models too. The model we’ve chosen to put under review here happens to be the runway model Kendall Jenner.

Source: kendalljenner / ig

On an episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden back in 2017, Kendall got on stage and showed the world her unique talent for making bird noises. The internet went bonkers about it, and after hearing how great it was, we get why.

Billie Eilish is into crochet

Billie Eilish is one of those artists that found fame at such a young age and continues to ride on that wave of success to this day. Her talent for dark pop music might be the source of her fame, but it isn’t the only thing she’s great at.

Source: Justin Higuchi – ALTer EGO 1/18/2020 / wiki commons / CCBY 2.0

It turns out that the “Everything I Wanted” singer has a hand talent as she’s also pretty skilled at crocheting. We’re always impressed with artists who are great at more than just one art form and knowing Billie’s one of them makes us adore her even more.

Keanu Reeves played ice hockey

Most people have a sport that they once were generally good at when they were younger, and the John Wick actor is one of them. Just like fellow actor Steve Carell, Keanu Reeves also played ice hockey when he was much younger.

Source: thelegendarykeanu / ig

In fact, Keanu even had dreams and aspirations to play for the Canadian Olympic Team. He was a goalie for his team back when he played, and if you check online, you can find a couple of photos of him in hockey gear.

Aaron Paul can guess a dog’s gender

So far, all of these talents are things all sorts of people could be good at. What we mean is that it won’t be that hard to come across normal people who can do one or two of the things we already mentioned. The same can not be said for Aaron Paul’s talent, though.

Source: marniethedog / ig

The Breaking Bad actor isn’t just a multiple-time Emmy Award winner but also happens to be a dog whisperer. It turns out he can tell if a dog is male or female just by looking at it. A talent’s a talent, but we think we can call this an eccentric one.

Margot Robbie does amateur tattoos

One of Hollywood’s favorite blondes and the star of the critically acclaimed movie I, Tonya, Margot Robbie’s an Australian actress who’s made it pretty big in Hollywood for her acting. Even though she’s great at her job, Margot’s still got another talent she gets to showcase every now and then.

Source: Gage Skidmore – Margot Robbie / wiki commons / CC BY-SA 2.0

Turns out that Margot Robbie is also an amateur tattoo artist. She even gave a member of The Graham Norton Show some art on his foot right on TV, but after botching up something for a friend, she put down the ink gun and retired as an artist.

Ed O’Neill knows Brazilian jiu-jitsu

While we see celebrities having talents very different from the ones we know them for, none of them have really surprised us that much. Of course, they’re all unique, but it wasn’t so shocking to learn they were also good at those things. 

Source: Yam-One / reddit

We can’t really say the same for the Married… with Children actor Ed O’Neill, who’s actually a pro at martial arts. It turns out Ed is a BJJ black belt under Rorion Gracie, meaning he’s one of just a handful of celebrities that are.

Gerard Way writes comic books

Rock star and the lead vocalist of the band My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way might be known for being a singer and songwriter, but he also writes comic books. Some of his works have even been adapted into television series, including the hit show The Umbrella Academy.

Source: Gage Skidmore / wiki commons / CC BY-SA 2.0

He’s also the co-founder of the DC Comics’ Young Animal imprint, writing the first volume of the animal version of the comic book series Doom Patrol. His work is amazing, and we can’t wait to see what more he’s got in store for us.

Andrew Garfield was a gymnast 

The Social Network and Spiderman star, Andrew Garfield, is known for being a charming British actor today, but he had different plans from becoming a Hollywood star when he was much younger. He actually planned to study business and did some gymnastics as well.

Source: GarfySource / twitter

Andrew was also reportedly a swimmer, and although he didn’t do all of his character’s stunts for the role of Peter Parker in The Amazing Spiderman movies (probably for financial reasons), we wouldn’t be surprised if he claimed he could have done a few.

Viggo Mortensen is also a painter

A number of celebrities we’ve written about so far are gifted in areas completely different from the ones they’re known, and Viggo is no exception. The Lord of the Rings actor isn’t just also a musician and director; he also happens to have a knack for painting.

Source: Angela George / wiki commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

The internet has a catalog of some of his works, and all we can say is they’re beyond impressive. We’re not the most art-inclined individuals, so we don’t know much about the topic, but we can say his style is mostly abstract and looks like works that could be placed in a museum.

Chris Evans plays the piano

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has given us, as an audience, a whole lot. But if there’s one thing that we’re eternally thankful for, it’s for them bringing some of the actors we know today into the spotlight, one of such being Chris Evans.

Source: thebeardedcap / ig

Although he’s most widely known for playing a superhero named Captain America in the Avengers movie universe, he’s also a great pianist. The actor played various pieces, posting them on social media and having the internet swoon over his skills.

Lady Gaga is a great chef

Lots of us have heard of chefs like Gordon Ramsay, Bobby Flay, Jamie Oliver, and even Giada De Laurentis. We’ve watched their shows, heard their names, or even read about them. They’re all well-known for being some of the most popular celebrity chefs out there.

Source: ladygaga / ig

Although the Shallow singer Lady Gaga isn’t counted among them, she’s got some decent culinary skills of her own. The singer and actress is reportedly a great cook who watches cooking shows frequently and has learned a lot from them. 

Susan Saradon plays ping pong

Academy Award winner and Hollywood veteran Susan Saradon is a star on the big screen and an activist in real life. She’s got far more than just an Academy Award under her belt, and one of those things includes being a table tennis player.

Source: Strombo / youtube

She’s an advocate for the sport and was even invited for an episode of Good Morning America where she played the sport with some anchors. Sarah also partook in a ping-pong showdown with James Corden during an episode of The Late Late Show.

Chris Paul can beat you at bowling

It’s not strange to see a sports star have a good hand at another kind of sport, but this one is a little surprising because the sport we’re talking about is blowing. Even though Chris Paul is known for being a superb basketball player, he’s also pretty good at bowling.

Source: fan buzz

His love for the sport started off with him watching his dad play in leagues, and even though Chris never got to do it big time, he still devotes some of his energy to the hobby. Chris even set up a bowling tournament and looks forward to bowling even after he’s retired from basketball.

Sydney Sweeney is a mechanic

The year 2019 brought us a lot of things, and one of them was the coming-of-age drama series Euphoria. It quickly became a massive hit, bringing a lot of great actors and actresses into the spotlight and giving them more fame.

Source: motor1

One of those actors just so happens to be Sydney Sweeney, who plays Cassie Howard in the series. It turns out that she’s not just an actress but also a mechanic too. Sydney once even showed off a vintage car she restored at a car show!

Pierce Brosnan is a fire eater

Irish actor Pierce Brosnan might be known as the former James Bond star, but back in his teens, he was taught by a street performer and was trained professionally to be a fire eater. He even performed in circuses, showing off his skills to the crowd.

Source: Wenn

The last time he ate fire was actually on an episode of The Muppets. Staff had given him white gas instead of kerosene, which ended up leaving him with blisters in his mouth, hence the end of his practice for the skill.

Conan O’Brien is a talented tap dancer

If you’ve gone over at least ninety percent of the celebs on this list, you’ll see that most of them happen to be actors and actresses. But other personalities do have a unique gift or two of their own, and one of these celebs is the talk show host Conan O’Brien.

Source: TBS

The late-night talk show host and comedian took on tap dancing lessons as a young child and carried on the talent decades later, using it to wow his guests on the show from time to time. There are numerous videos all over the internet of him performing, and we love every one of them.

Matthew Perry plays tennis

If we had to rank the best and most successful sitcoms of the past half century, surely, Friends would be one of the entries at the top of our list. It ran for ten years and shot all the major cast members to stardom.

Source: play your court

Matthew Perry, who played the sarcastic friend Chandler, was one of such members. As it turns out, he isn’t just great at saying witty lines, but he’s also pretty good at tennis, going as far as getting ranked nationally for the junior singles and doubles category.

Jennifer Lawrence is a good mime

This one doesn’t come to us as much of a surprise. Of course, it’s a great talent and something that’s hard to achieve, but seeing as Jennifer Lawrence is already a great actress, being a mime doesn’t sound like it would be hard to attain.

Source: JenniferUpdates / twitter

Despite what we think, the Oscar winner showed off her hidden talent during a Vanity Fair secret talent video and wowed the internet with how impressive her mime skills were. There are loads of videos online (some even in black and white for more emphasis) of her doing her thing.

Demi Lovato is reportedly incredibly flexible

Some people are naturally gifted with the talent of singing, and others have to train for it. Others are naturally flexible and great at stunts, but others have to practice to be like that. Demi Lovato needed no training or practice for either.

Source: Backgrid

The actress is already well known for singing, but it turns out she has a little “stunt,” for lack of a better word, side to her as well. Apparently, Demi is also incredibly flexible. In fact, some sources even describe her as having circus-like flexibility! Now, isn’t that something?

Zac Efron does pole poses

There’s a reason why Hollywood heartthrobs play heartthrobs in series and movies; it’s because they look the part. They’re hunky and tall and handsome, but some of them aren’t all that great in reality. Zac Efron, on the other hand, is.

Source: The Graham Norton Show / instagram

Not only is the Neighbors and Dirty Grandpa star incredibly attractive, but he also happens to showcase some of that strength he’s got with his impressive pole poses. During a talk show, he held himself sideways up with just his arms on a pole, and we were beyond impressed.

Bruce Willis plays the harmonica

Some actors are known for playing a particular kind of role in a particular kind of movie, just like Bruce Willis. He’s starred in a number of action films over the span of his decades-old career, where he’s always played the wisecracking or hard-edged character.

Source: worldofharmonica/Blogspot

That’s why it came as a huge surprise to us when we got to find out he actually has a great hand in playing a nice and calming instrument, the harmonica, showing off his skills once during a jam session with his friend.

Tom Cruise is great at fencing

Tom is known for acting in some of the biggest action movies of the current era (think Mission Impossible, War of the Worlds, and Edge of Tomorrow), so it’s expected he had to do lots of training for each and every one of them.

Source: Dick Thomas Johnson / CC BY 2.0 / wiki commons

We’re just not sure if fencing was part of the training for his roles, which makes his love for the sport even more admirable, seeing as it’s natural. In fact, he even formed an informal club to meet up and practice the sport with Will Smith and David Beckham.

Emme Stone and pogo jumping

The charming Emma Stone is the recipient of a plethora of awards as well as even once holding the title of being the world’s highest-paid actress, but that’s not all she’s got going for her. Turns out Emma’s not just great at acting…

Source: Eva Rinaldi / wiki commons / CCBY-SA 2.0

..but she’s also a great pogo stick jumper. In a video released on Youtube by Vanity Fair back in 2017 (not too long after the hit movie La La Land was released), Emma gives out lessons on how to pogo stick. 

Jessie J sings with her mouth shut

The Grammy-nominated English singer and pop star Jessie J is known for her captivating voice and her amazing chart-topping hits. We’re used to hearing her sing out her lyrics, but it turns out she can do that with her mouth closed.

Source: The Graham Norton Show / Youtube

On an episode of The Graham Norton Show, the singer would show off her talent to the audience, singing a couple of lines from one of her biggest hits, “Bang Bang,” as the audience, mesmerized by her ability, erupted in applause.

Neil Patrick Harris is a magician

On top of having starred in one of the greatest sitcoms of all time (How I Met Your Mother), Neil Patrick Harris has also had some memorable roles in the cinema. Who doesn’t remember him in the most recent The Smurfs movies?

Source: vagueonthehow / wiki commons / CC BY 2.0

However, NPH is not only an incredibly talented actor. Apparently, he has also harbored a long-lasting love for magic tricks since his childhood. The actor started practicing different tricks from a young age and was once the president of a highly exclusive magic club!