Order Up: A Look At What Our Favorite Celebs Eat On Cheat Day

By Madison H

Celebrities are proving more and more every day how they are just like us. Therefore, it’s no surprise that in between the gourmet meals and the exotic dishes, they have strict diets. Of course, anyone who has been on a diet could tell you: that there’s always a favorite cheat meal. Thus, if they are anything like the rest of us, that means they have their favorite cheat meals too. 

Some of the most well-known celebrities in the industry have shared their favorite go-to cheat snacks and meals (and maybe even some drinks!) From savory snacks to the sweetest of desserts, these celebrities have revealed what they reach for whenever it’s time to treat themselves. So what are your favorite celebrities’ cheat meal cravings? 

Karlie Kloss

Early on in her modeling career, American fashion model Karlie Kloss once could rely on her metabolism to help keep her in shape. Kloss says she was able to eat all the snacks and candies she wanted. However, she has since changed to a strict pescatarian diet.

Image courtesy of klariekloss / TikTok

Kloss does have one particular type of candy that is too hard for her to give up. Dark chocolate takes the top spot as her number one cheat day snack. Kloss says it is even better if there’s sea salt or caramel.

Sutton Foster

American actress, singer, dancer, and Broadway star Sutton Foster has shared a lot about her favorite foods and snacks. Foster recently shared that she and her daughter, Emily, are huge fans of making cookie dough as a treat. Foster even shared that her favorite comfort food was her dad’s burgers.

Image courtesy of suttonlenore / Instagram

However, Foster’s favorite cheat meal is a relatable one for most people. For Foster, frozen pizza takes the honor and sits at the top of her list. She says, specifically, that she is well known for enjoying Amy’s cheese pizza. Who can blame her?

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, an American socialite and businesswoman, is no stranger to dieting and staying fit. This Kardashian has often shared what she’s cooking in her kitchen, and how healthy she likes to eat while staying fit. Yet, she too has some favorite cheat foods…

Image courtesy of khloekardashian / Instagram

Kim has admitted that she loves to indulge in the occasional fast food trip to some of her favorite places, like Chipotle, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and In-N-Out Burger. However, there is one treat that seems to top them all: churros. Kim even got a churro machine for her birthday in 2015!

John Cena

Professional wrestler, actor, and former rapper John Cena is not a fan of the term “cheat day.” Cena thinks calling it cheating gives people a sense of entitlement to eat whatever they want. Instead, Cena decides to refer to it as a “load day.”

Image courtesy of manofmany.com

Cena’s load days are usually full of all the things he usually can’t indulge in regularly, like baked goods and starches. Cena says he finds himself reaching for potatoes and fried rice or cookies and pies. However, Cena’s favorites are breakfast sweets like french toast and muffins.

Katharine McPhee

Katharine McPhee goes all out when it comes to her cheat day, and we can’t say we blame her! McPhee is best known for her time on Smash and appeared as a contestant on American Idol in 2006. McPhee struggled with body image issues and an eating disorder before her recovery in 2017. 

Image courtesy of katharinefoster / Instagram

McPhee says her experience has taught her one thing: to enjoy her favorite foods when she wants them. However, McPhee’s favorite place to go on her cheat day is Mastro’s for their butter cake. Or sometimes she opts for pizza and wine. Either way, both options sound good to us.

Justin Baldoni

Justin Baldoni, widely known for his role as the sensitive dad with an eight pack on Jane the Virgin, is not new to keeping fit and eating healthy. Baldoni says he’s been working to keep healthy for years, but that doesn’t mean he does not have his occasional cheat day.

Image courtesy of justinbaldoni / Twitter

Baldoni encourages others who try to live a healthy lifestyle to indulge in their favorite things sometimes, citing that life is too short, therefore you should enjoy your favorite foods. Baldoni’s current favorite happens to be a bbq chicken pizza with gorgonzola cheese. That’s one cheat meal we can all get behind.

Michael Strahan

Michael Strahan is best known as a former American football player for the New York Giants. He has since expanded his career to include being a television personality and journalist. You may know him as a co-host of Good Morning America.

Image courtesy of Michael Strahan / YouTube and Facebook

Strahan has a history of loving to cook, saying that his love for it comes from his family. He believes food is a way to show your love. Eating the classic homemade mac and cheese is how he shows love to himself.

Luke Bryan

Country singer and songwriter Luke Bryan has established himself as a lover of all sorts of food, but when it comes down to his guilty pleasure, movie theater popcorn has his heart. Bryan is no stranger to country food and comfort food, though. He shares that turnips from his dad’s garden and cornbread were his favorite growing up.

Image courtesy of lukebryan / Instagram

Since then, Bryan has decided to use his appreciation for food to open up his own establishment. In Nashville, Bryan’s restaurant Luke’s 32 Bridge Food + Drink, has six levels, eight bars, and two different restaurants. The restaurant’s menus include an array of southern cooking, so you know Bryan’s roots are there!

Dwayne Wade

Dwayne Wade is best known for his time with Miami Heat as a shooting guard and point guard. Wade claims to be a certified burger connoisseur, so it does not come as a surprise to hear his staple cheat day meal is a burger, fries, and a Coke. 

Image courtesy of fastcasual.com

Wade’s love for burgers does not stop there. He recently opened his virtual restaurant, D. Wade Burgers. The restaurant will offer five unique burgers that Wade crafted alongside his chef, Richard Ingram. He sure has taken his favorite cheat day meal to another level.

Cindy Crawford

Supermodel and actress Cindy Crawford is a huge champion for eating non-processed and healthy foods, but she still has her cheat days, too. She recently launched a meal plan entitled Cindy’s Essentials. She compared her meal plan to having a vending machine of healthy food sprinkled into your diet.

Image courtesy of cindycrawford / Instagram

That doesn’t stop her from indulging from time to time, either. Crawford lives by the motto of being eighty percent healthy, eighty percent of the time. Crawford reaches for a cocktail or chocolate when she can indulge in a cheat meal. That sounds like an amazing choice to us!

Anna Faris

Comedian and actress Anna Faris may be one of the most relatable celebrities out there. When asked what her favorite food was, she couldn’t seem to pick just one. Faris comes from a family of bakers after all, so there’s no doubt she’s had her share of delicious meals to pick from for her favorite.

Image courtesy of annafaris / Instagram

However, when it comes down to it, Faris concluded that some of her favorite cheat dishes are pretty plain. New York Style Cheesecake, cheeseburgers, and french fries dipped in mayonnaise. Maybe we all need to give that last one a try.

Gigi Hadid

Famous model Gigi Hadid has been open about her process for her workout routine and diet regime to stay fit and keep herself healthy, but she also strives to stay sane. Most days she might stick to salads, which is one of her favorite healthy dishes.

Image courtesy of jimmyfallon / Twitter

However, as Hadid puts it, you eat clean to stay fit, but you have got to eat a burger to stay sane. Her favorite cheat day meal is a burger, specifically a cheeseburger with no tomatoes from J.G. Melon. And on occasion, she might serve up her famous pasta.

Hugh Jackman

Australian actor Hugh Jackman is well known for his role as the muscular Wolverine in the hit franchise. It takes a lot of work for Jackman to keep up his physique, and his regular diet usually includes eating nearly 4,000 calories a day to help him keep in shape.

Image courtesy of people.com and thehughjackman / Instagram

When it comes time for Jackman to have his cheat day, he pulls out his appropriately labeled “for cheat day” box. Inside includes his favorite Australian treat, called Tim Tams. These Australian cookies have chocolate creme fillings and layers of chocolate-malted cookies, and are coated in more chocolate. Sounds like heaven!

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff is an American actress, singer, and author who became a teen pop sensation in the early 2000s. Since then, she has had three children and worked hard to keep a healthy lifestyle and keep off that baby weight.

Image courtesy of hilaryduff / Instagram

Duff currently follows The Flexible Diet Coach’s guide to help her achieve her goals. However, Duff manages to always find a way to balance her diet and still enjoy some of her favorite snacks. For Duff, that is something as simple as ordering a side of fries with her healthy salad.

Selena Gomez

American singer, songwriter, and actress Selena Gomez has always been a vocal advocate of mental health struggles and body positivity. Gomez picks what she eats based on the level of stamina she needs for her day, and she loves quality fresh ingredients.

Image courtesy of selenagomez / Instagram

Gomez even hosts her cook show, Selena + Chef, in which she and a guest chef cook together. So, while Gomez may stick to a relatively healthy diet most of the time, she still finds time to enjoy her favorite snacks. Those favorites have always been pickles, hot Cheetos, and chocolates.

Gabrielle Union

American actress and author Gabrielle Union calls herself a vegan “most of the time.” Union, who is entering her fifties soon, clearly knows what to do to keep herself young and healthy. Union emphasizes strength training and pilates in her workouts.

Image courtesy of gabunion / Instagram

Union does not deny herself cheat meals, though. She’ll indulge in ice cream, cupcakes, or a short stack with no hesitation. There is one thing Union won’t give up though, and that is alcohol. On occasion, she’ll also chow down on a ribeye steak.

Jessica Biel

Actress and model Jessica Biel is a self-proclaimed foodie. In fact, she once co-owned and managed a child-friendly restaurant in Los Angeles. Biel takes inspiration for her routine from paleo and dairy-free diets. She even uses ingredients from her garden to cook dinner for her family.

Image courtesy of jessicabiel / Instagram

When Biel decides it’s a cheat day, she will go all in. She starts with multiple cups of coffee and then indulges in wine and pasta for lunch. She likes to follow up her lunch with dessert and more coffee and repeats it all for dinner. Can she invite us over next time, please?


Beyoncé is arguably one of the most famous performers of this century, so of course, this singer, songwriter, producer, and actress likes to have a cheat meal every once in a while. Beyoncé shared her intense workout regimen and diet before she had her historic Beychella performance, in which she lost forty pounds.

Image courtesy of beyonceonline.org

However, this mom of three lets herself indulge every once in a while. Some of Beyoncé’s favorite cheat meals include pizza, cupcakes, and best of all, popcorn. That’s right, Beyoncé loves to get her hands on a box of popcorn; she loves classic butter, cheese, and caramel.


Barbadian singer, actress, and businesswoman Rihanna sticks to a pretty healthy diet most of the time, according to her chef. She’s a fan of lots of high-protein foods and plenty of vegetables. RiRi credits her healthy eating as the reason she has glowing skin.

Image courtesy of badgalriri / Instagram

Rihanna’s desire for clear skin does not stop her from indulging in some of her favorite cheat snacks. Rihanna usually indulges in Cheetos (both regular and hot), Oreos, red and white wine, vodka, sodas, and garlic olives. She sure does like to be prepared.

Katy Perry

Pop sensation Katy Perry sticks to Harley Pasternak’s Five Factor Diet to keep her figure. In the plan, she eats five small, but nutritious meals a day and works out five times a week. Perry typically sticks to the plan while on tour.

Image courtesy of katyperry / Instagram

However, she always leaves room for her favorite cheat meal while — a burger. Perry says that on Sundays she gets to have a cheat day, where she gets to go crazy at her favorite place to get a burger, In-N-Out Burger.


Ciara is not just an impressive singer and performer, she managed to lose her sixty pounds of baby weight in just four months. Since then, she joined Weight Watchers to help her shed the thirty-nine pounds gained after her second son’s birth. She is no stranger to getting fit.

Image courtesy of ciara / Instagram

For Ciara, though, she can’t stick to her diet too long before giving in to her cravings. Ciara says that after a while, she will have to have a cheeseburger, pizza, and fries. If she is enjoying herself, she’ll have some Oreos and vanilla ice cream, too.

Joe Manganiello

American actor Joe Manganiello has had his fair share of intense diets and workout routines. He tends to gravitate towards high-protein meals that are low in carbs and sugar. When he was preparing for his role on True Blood, he ate five to six times a day.

Image courtesy of joemanganiello / Instagram

However, when it comes down to his cheat meals, he goes for the same thing most of the time. Manganiello has even allowed himself to indulge in his favorite meal at least once a week. He dives into two truffle burgers, cheese tots, and onion rings from Umami Burger to satisfy his cravings.

Sofia Vergara

Actress Sofia Vergara has a relatively different approach to her cheat day meals than her husband, Joe Manganiello. She prefers to indulge in whatever she’s craving over the weekend, but during the week Vergara has to be careful and eat healthier, due to her hypothyroidism.

Image courtesy of sofiavergara / Instagram

Vergara has a serious sweet tooth, but she manages to have the willpower to save it for the weekend. When that time comes, she just cannot help but indulge. The one that takes the cake though, literally, is cake. Vergara’s favorite cheat dish is a slice of cake after her meal.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is not shy about cooking up delicious meals in her kitchen. This model turned cookbook author has published several books, Cravings, and Cravings: Hungry for More, featuring her favorite recipes. Teigen claims to eat fast food several times a week.

Image courtesy of chrissyteigen / Instagram

Of course, Teigen says she strives to balance it all. Whenever she cooks, it’s always clean and organic. However, when it is time for a cheat day, she goes all out. Teigen’s favorites for her cheat day include a thousand-layer pancake, donuts, ice cream, and sake.

Tara Lipinski

Olympic athlete Tara Lapinski has always had to work hard to keep her figure for her figure skating career. She cites balance and moderation as helping her keep up with it all and is always listening to her body when deciding what to eat.

Image courtesy of taralipinski / Instagram

Lipinski knows what her body wants when it comes to cheating days, too. When most recently asked about her favorite cheat meal, she did not hesitate to show her love for Shake Shack. Her favorite is a chocolate milkshake and a chicken sandwich.

Lindsay Ellingson

Even Victoria’s Secret models have to have a break from their diet every once in a while, and ex-Angel Lindsay Ellingson is no exception. To have a supermodel body like Ellingson does take a lot of work, and she puts in the effort, but she rewards herself for her wins, too.

Image courtesy of lindsellingson / Instagram

So when it comes to time for a treat, Ellingson makes the move for a cheeseburger. She specifically loves bare burgers and prefers to add avocado and a side of fries with it. See, models are just like the rest of us.

Kate Hudson

Actress and businesswoman Kate Hudson used to be pretty strict about watching what she ate and working out, even working as a partner with Weight Watchers. However, since she had her children, she likes to allow herself the opportunity to indulge.

Image courtesy of katehudson / Instagram

Now, Hudson sticks to a healthy diet regularly, but she can not turn down having something sweet along with it. Hudson has a sweet tooth, and her favorite snack is always ice cream — dairy free, of course. Specifically, Haagen-Dazs oat milk ice cream; the dulce de leche flavor.

Olivia Culpo

Model Olivia Culpo has never been shy about her love for food. The social media personality and actress is well known for her sharing her workout routines and what she eats in a day with her followers. However, Culpo still keeps it real and stands by her own eighty/twenty rule. That way, Culpo assures, she can indulge on occasion. 

Image courtesy of oliviaculpo / Instagram

That does not stop Culpo from having plenty of her favorite dishes, both healthy and unhealthy. Culpo’s favorite cheat day dish is fried chicken cutlets with honey mustard and jalapenos on a bun. We are going to need her to send us that recipe.

Ryan Seacrest

American media personality and host of multiple television shows, Ryan Seacrest, has not been shy about sharing his relationship and journey with food. As a child, Seacrest struggled with his appearance and being bullied, as a result, he struggled with eating and enjoying food growing up.

Image courtesy of ryanseacrest / Instagram

Today, Seacrest shared his journey and showed off his favorite cheat day snack. Seacrest calls himself “conveniently vegan,” meaning he indulges in the occasional non-vegan friendly treat, like his favorite snack, a classic chocolate milkshake. And who can blame him? 

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez, known as A-Rod, is a professional baseball player who indulges on occasion, in between his high protein diets. But his cheat treats are not at breakfast. A-Rod has shared that he has the same thing for breakfast every day: egg whites, oatmeal, and coffee. 

Image courtesy of arod / Instagram

A-Rod’s daughter shared that he is usually munching on some Cheetos or some type of chip as his dessert. A-Rod himself says that sugar just does not appeal to him and that he will always pick the salty or the savory over a saccharine dessert.

Eva Mendes

American actress and model Eva Mendes is always striving to set the best example for her young and impressionable daughters. Mendes does not have a problem eating repeated meals, either. She views her meals as ways to fuel her body.

Image courtesy of evamendes / Instagram

Yet, that does not mean Mendes doesn’t indulge on those cheat days. She revealed she has a major sweet tooth, and that she usually ends a meal with something sweet to satisfy her cravings. And she usually turns toward candy. Not just any candy; Cadbury eggs are her all-time favorite.

Ryan Reynolds

Reynolds poses a great question: is it really bad for you if you enjoy it? The food in question for Reynolds is pizza. Citing Patsy’s Pizza in Harlem as his go-to spot when it’s time to grab some of his favorite dishes.

Image courtesy of vancityreynolds / Instagram

Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds is a bit of a stranger in the kitchen, claiming that he would probably burn his kitchen down. To put it plainly, he is a bit of a menace in the kitchen. Although Reynolds is eating pretty clean and keeping fit, he claims he could never take it as seriously as some other celebrities.

Joe Jonas

Jonas Brothers member Joe Jonas spends plenty of time at the gym taking care of his body. However, he and his brothers do not hesitate to keep some good snacks available backstage. The trio is known for noshing on popcorn and dark chocolate.

Image courtesy of joejonas / Instagram

Joe’s favorites for his cheat day usually depend on where he is located at the time. When he is in Los Angeles, you’ll find him at Salt & Straw, eating their cookie dough ice cream. Whenever he is in New York, though, Joe reaches for a slice from the aptly named Joe’s Pizza.

J.J. Watt

J.J. Watt, a Houston Texas NFL player, definitely has his intense regiments to keep fit during the season. Watt reported that he maintains a 9,000 calories-a-day diet, which makes sense if you see his intense training and crazy at-home workouts.

Image courtesy of jjwatt / Instagram

However, when it’s off-season, Watt will not hesitate to indulge every once and a while. His favorite way to end a season is by chowing down on a pack of Oreos. Not just a few; a whole package of them. Watt says that his favorites are the head or tail ones.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey has always been an advocate for healthy eating and diets, due to her long history of working alongside the weight loss company Weight Watchers. She is no stranger to giving out tips and tricks to help others lose weight.

Image courtesy of oprah / Instagram

Winfrey admits that she still managed to lose weight alongside indulging a bit every single day. Bread is the one thing Winfrey can’t seem to live without. However, that is not Oprah’s favorite cheat day treat. Instead, Winfrey prefers to indulge in some Cheetos. 

Blake Lively

Actress Blake Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds have a lot in common, of course, and that includes their desire to enjoy their food. Lively typically strives for a diet that is healthy and lacks processed foods. Lively’s goal is to keep her body fueled for the day.

Image courtesy of blakelively / Instagram

However, Lively still indulges, and she has a very useful hack to make it extra special. She says she loves to go to Umami Burger and get one manly burger and one four cheese chili burger, then cuts it in half and shares it with whoever she is with. That is one smart way to enjoy your cheat day.

Alexander Skarsgård

Alexander Skarsgård is a Swedish actor, and his whole family is in the business, too. However, one thing that may set him apart from his siblings is the level of intensity he puts into getting fit for his roles. Skarsgård had a 3,700-calorie diet when he was getting fit for his role in The Northman

Image courtesy of askarsjustsoswedish/Tumblr

However, Skarsgård had an even harder time when getting in shape for Tarzan. When he wrapped up filming for the movie, he indulged by eating some of his favorite meals, like pasta with creamy sauces and plenty of beer and wine. The best part of it all for him was his dad cooking it up for him.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is one busy pop star, and being able to perform for her fans without getting tired is important to her. Swift dedicates plenty of time to staying in shape and eating healthy, but doesn’t try to limit herself much when it comes to eating. Though she tries and sticks to being healthy during the work week.

Image courtesy of taylorswift / Instagram

However, when Swift isn’t watching what she eats, or is chilling on the weekend, she’ll indulge in some of her favorite treats. For her, if calories did not count, she would be devouring some chicken tenders. Yet, a more common treatment for Swift is a vodka and Diet Coke.

Dwayne Johnson

Former WWE Champion turned actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is well known for his muscular physique. However, that does not stop him from enjoying a cheat day on an occasion. Johnson is not shy about sharing his epic cheat meals on Instagram.

Image courtesy of therock / Instagram

Some of Johnson’s cheat meals include four pizzas with twelve pancakes, four pints of ice cream, and eight slices of french toast with apple pie. When it comes down to Dwayne’s favorite cheat day dish, it’s sushi. “The Rock” seems to not be able to get enough of it.

Zac Efron

Zac Efron was not the only Baywatch star to get fit for the film, and he was not the only one to share his cheat day either. Before Efron decided it was time to get buff for his role in the film, he claims he had a hard time avoiding sweets and other junk foods.

Image courtesy of zacefron / Instagram

After Efron’s diet for the movie came to an end, Efron shared that when he does indulge in something, you will no doubt find him at In-N-Out. His favorite meal there is a milkshake, burger, and fries. Sounds like that would be the perfect order.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston, an award-winning actress and often dubbed the Word’s Most Beautiful Woman, has shared some of her favorite meals and other healthy tips with fans since she first rose to fame in the ’90s. It is safe to say, she knows what she is talking about.

Image courtesy of jenniferaniston / Instagram

Aniston’s go-to when she’s giving in to her cravings is usually pretty savory. While her kitchen is full of sweets and candies, she never reaches for them. Cakes, sundaes, ice creams, Aniston says no. However, she goes nuts for nuts!

Ashley Greene

Actress Ashley Greene, best known for her role as Alice in Twilight, likes to stick to a pretty tough fitness and meal regime. For Greene, she has found success with early morning workouts. She has to get herself out the door first thing to set herself up for a successful day. 

Image courtesy of ashleygreene / Instagram

Greene still leaves time for the occasional cheat meal, of course. So while she normally eats fish, egg whites, and plenty of fruits and veggies, she loves to indulge in chocolate, wine, grits, and cheese. She had us at chocolate.

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth, best known as the bulky Thor, has a serious figure to keep. No one can argue he doesn’t have the shape for the Asgardian character. As he comes out of filming his fourth Thor film and moving into filming the sequel to Extraction he has had a huge shift in diet. 

Image courtesy of chrishemsworth / Instagram

So it is no surprise Hemsworth decided to take the time to have a cheat day in between the filming. He even took to Instagram to share a photo of the delicious meal. His ideal cheat day meal seems to be two pizzas, two orders of wings, alongside two beers. Or maybe finishing a whole cake by himself!

Gwenyth Paltrow

Actress, businesswoman, and model Gwenyth Paltrow does not have a different approach to her healthy eating and lifestyle as most people usually expect from the famous blond. She tries hard to keep to a clean and healthy lifestyle, including daily workouts.

Image courtesy of gwynethpaltrow / Instagram

Paltrow works hard to ensure she eats when her body wants it, and she makes sure she gets to enjoy a treat on occasion, especially around holidays. Typically, when she ends up indulging she loves french fries, cheese, or martinis.