“Charlie Bit My Finger” Boys: Where Are They Now?

By Anthony K

It’s been about a decade and a half since the comical video, “Charlie Bit My Finger,” was initially posted on YouTube. It is a funny clip featuring brothers, Charlie and Harry, and over the years, it has received over 880 million views. The then young toddlers are now all grown up.

On May 22nd, 2007, Howard Davies, their proud dad, took the footage of his two cute boys. The film began as baby Charlie and Harry, a toddler, relaxed on their home armchair as they grinned happily. However, what would transpire next would be a life-changer. The clip, as of 2017, collected around one million euros in royalties bringing the boys into the limelight.

Image courtesy of TODAY Show/Pinterest

The youngsters in this viral clip flogged it for 500,000 euros, and it has been pulled out of YouTube. The two now teens, Harry 17 and Charlie Davies, 14, auctioned the clip off as a non-fungible token (NFT). Now the video is in sole control of an anonymous purchaser. The video auction started at $1000 between 11 bidders, and the anonymous buyer won the bid.

Image courtesy of nypost.com

Following their popularity, Charlie and Harry have made various appearances on TV, including appearing on Good morning Britain. They have also featured in adverts for EE, Renault, Delta Airlines, and a company that makes finger food for toddlers known as Ragu and Gerbe. Undoubtedly the funny clip made the two boys and their family’s life changed for the better. The two boys are now entering adulthood. Their parents Howard and Shelley, also have two other boys Rupert and Jasper. Their mum Shelley admits they wouldn’t have more kids without the royalties of the video from YouTube. The royalties also helped them educate the kids.