Cinéma Sur l’Eau: the New Initiative of the Cinema in Paris

By Letizia L

A floating cinema where people can enjoy a movie while sitting on boats while keeping socially distant is a much talked about new event taking place in Paris and it’s completely free.

The “Cinéma Sur l’Eau”, or cinema on the water, is an event that was held for the first time July 18th to celebrate the start of “Paris plages”, a summer program managed by the municipal administration of the city, where beaches on the banks of the River Seine will allow local to play and sports.

Source: Artbooms

Cinema enthusiasts can enjoy the free screening directly on the water, as 38 electric boats will be available, for which there is no need for a license and which can carry from two to six people. The small boats will be kept at a safe distance to comply with anti-COVID provisions. People on board the same boat must belong to the same family or be a group of friends.

The inauguration also included two free concerts of the Orchester de Chambre in Paris in double appointment: the first at 11 am on the Seine promenade de Berges and at 5.30 pm at the Villette before the screening.

In an environmentally sustainable setting, cinema embraces a new way of experiencing art and space. And the cinema is enjoyed (on the water).