Combating Disney

By Shane R

Few companies have been able to compete against Disney when it comes to animated films. Well, Netflix is trying its hand at taking on the animation giant. With the Netflix movie Arlo The Alligator Boy, feedback is out, and we got it here for you first.

It’s A Musical

Not only is Arlo The Alligator Boy an animated film, but it is also a musical (Take that Disney!). The story revolves around a young alligator who heads to the city to look for his father. Ryan Crego is the director of this film, involved in his first main director role ever. The cast includes Michael J. Woodard, Mary Lambert, Annie Potts, Jonathan Van Ness, and Tony Hale. Woodard is similar to Crego, as it is his first acting role.

The Future

After the movie comes out, Netflix will be releasing 20-episodes of a continued series called I Heart Arlo. Even when this revolutionary idea, people want to know what the critics are saying. Let’s start with Petrana Radulovic. Radulovic believes that the movie seems more like a pilot episode. Without the characters fully being developed, Radulovic thinks this is a negative. But, with more episodes to follow, this makes sense. Still, the musical numbers are solid, and the designs are fantastic.

(C) Pexels

More Critics

Kristy Puchko is another critic who has been making waves with her comments. She loves the love and empathy in the film. Additionally, Kristy does not believe the songs are great, but they make for good family entertainment nonetheless.