Contestant On Naked And Afraid Powers Through Challenge Despite Injury

By Martin B

A fishing trip turned into a painful ordeal for one Naked and Afraid survivalist on the second day of the 21-day challenge in South Africa. Cheeny, a 31-year-old SERE specialist in the Air Force for eight years, got a barbed fishing hook lodged deep in her thumb.

Source: @trophytechnology/Unsplash

Despite being able to manage the pain, she received medical help to remove the hook. In an excruciating procedure, the medic had to cut the hook and feed it through her thumb to remove it.

The incident had some viewers cringing, but Cheeny was able to finish the challenge with no complications. After the challenge, Cheeny expressed her gratitude for the experience and said that she had done it for the SERE community. She hoped that they would be proud of her.

Naked and Afraid is famous because it challenges contestants to make it for around three weeks in the jungle without any clothes or modern amenities. The show has gained a following due to its unique premise and the challenges that the contestants face.

Source: @chrisabney/Unsplash

Cheeny’s experience is a testament to the resilience and toughness required to complete the Naked and Afraid challenge. Her ability to endure the pain and continue with the challenge demonstrates the training and mindset that she developed during her time in the Air Force.

Despite the dangers and challenges that come with the show, many contestants return for more. The show’s popularity shows no signs of waning, and viewers can look forward to more thrilling and challenging episodes in the future.