Sleep With One Eye Open: 35+ Comical Pics That Prove Children Are Creepy Creatures

By Larissa C

Back in the day, little boys and girls were taught that everyone had the ultimate purpose of growing up, getting married, and procreating. Nowadays, you can choose whether or not you want to have any children. In fact, the people who have a family sometimes advise their friends not to have kids. That’s because some kids are pretty…peculiar. Your kids will be born intelligent and cute if you’re lucky enough. Now, if you’re like most people, your kid will probably be only one of those things — and they may also have additional traits that are somewhat questionable. In this article, we’ve compiled 35+ pictures proving that children are creepy creatures — as per their parents’ and siblings’ own words!

How does she even do that?

What would you do if destiny had chosen you to birth a weird kid? Obviously, you would love them all the same, but you indeed would look at them and wonder what goes on in that head of theirs. Especially if they did things like this:

Image courtesy of katscotloo/Twitter

Our very first question is: how does this girl even do that? Cutting off a doll’s face is no easy task, and this girl seems to have mastered that art. While this is rather creepy, let’s look at it from an optimistic perspective: maybe this girl will grow up to be a world-class plastic surgeon. Maybe.

Maybe you should use different words

Kids can be creepy without even realizing it, and that’s actually even weirder. How can they say the craziest things and think that it’s okay for them to express them? Maybe kids should try wording their sentences differently to avoid saying things like this:

Image courtesy of KelgoreTrout/Twitter

First things first: this kid should not be peeling the paint off the wall and destroying the house for no apparent reason at all? That’s a big no. And comparing the strip of paint to human skin? Yeah, this kid needs to watch his words.

Don’t I look cute, mom?

When adults want to be mean to children (in a funny way), they usually try different methods of scaring them. Some kids will get frightened by their own shadow, so this is usually not a complicated prank to pull off.

Image courtesy of xiaraaaaa_/Twitter

But what if your kid is the weird one that doesn’t get scared easily? That’s exactly what this mother found out after she tried to scare her kid with a Michael Myers mask. Instead of crying or running away, the girl put on the mask and refused to take it off for hours!

Do you want to talk to mommy about something?

Before you have kids, keep in mind that you’ll find out soon enough if your future kid is a bizarre one. It doesn’t take that long for parents to notice that their kids are peculiar, as you’ll see in the picture below:

Image courtesy of katedarvall/Twitter

Ruby may only be three years old, but she’s already spooky enough. And we’re not even talking about her drawing. The drawing is pretty cute. The problem is the message and what Ruby said about her imaginary pregnant 14-year-old mommy.

I’m a horror movie fan, so what?

If you have a typicalkid, they’ll probably love colorful and lively things. Now, if you have a weird kid, they’re likely going to enjoy darker things. When this girl was asked to choose her birthday party theme, this is what she went with:

Image courtesy of dreeaaxo_/Twitter

Out of anything in the world that she could have chosen, this is it? A creepy nun-themed birthday party? We’re pretty sure that the kids in the neighborhood didn’t feel good as they attended this party! Well, at least the girl looks happy with her party, we suppose.

We’re sure that she meant no harm

Children say weird things from time to time — but does that mean that they are weird? The truth is that, sometimes, kids will say things without realizing it or without meaning any harm. Or at least that’s what we hope when they say something like this:

Image courtesy of staceyrebecca/Twitter

Being an angel is a fantastic thing in a young kid’s mind. Being able to fly and travel between heaven and Earth? That’s like a dream come true! The only thing they don’t seem to realize is that, for someone to become an angel, they have to pass away first.

What are you talking about?

Do you believe in the legend that says that children can see ghosts? Lots of people say that when a child stares at the same spot for too long, it’s because they can see something that adults can’t. Even if it’s just a legend, that’s really weird, right?

Image courtesy of jerkytart/Reddit

In this case, this man found out that his kid could see ghosts after the boy gave him this drawing. He told his dad that the small figure is the father and that the large figure in the picture is the monster that follows the father around without the father realizing it. We’d move out of the house immediately!

I’m moving out!

Having a strange kid at home is quite an experience, not just for the parents. Siblings also have to deal with their little brother or sister’s weirdness! Imagine how this girl must have felt when she woke up in the middle of the night and found her brother like this:

Image courtesy of bitchim2rich/Twitter

In his defense, he wasn’t being this weird on purpose. The kid is a sleepwalker, and he ended up doing that creepy pose during one of his nightly walks around the house. But you know what? The sister probably started looking at places she could move to after seeing her brother like this!

I’m coming for you, mother!

Unlike broken appliances, you can’t return a kid to the store. If you got unlucky in the gene pool and ended up with a quirky child at home, the only thing you can do is be patient. We’re just kidding — parents love their children endlessly, regardless of their weirdness levels. Even if they scare them like this:

Image courtesy of kaitykat19/Reddit

Imagine walking into the kitchen to fetch a glass of water when you see a tiny hand creeping out from under the pantry door. It must’ve been quite a shock for this mother, especially because she had already put her kid to bed!

Nope, we’re not doing that

Some children are odd, we’ve established this. Dolls have a tendency to be pretty creepy. And the kid from the following picture should get an award for being the most bizarre kid of the year. We mean, who hangs their dolls like that?

Image courtesy of brittanysandovalrn/Instagram

The fact that this kid likes to go to bed and stare at her dolls, which are hanging upside down from the bed frame, should be more than enough to make her parents want to take this girl to the doctor. Or to church, maybe.

The next Picasso!

When we have kids, we want them to be able to do multiple things. Some parents want their kids to learn to play an instrument, while others want them to be into sports. This kid’s parents wanted him to have an interest in the arts, but this is not what they expected:

Image courtesy of askoso/Reddit

Okay, we have to admit that this kid has talent. Not every 10-year-old can paint like this. But there’s no denying that his art style is pretty spooky. We feel kind of bad for the parents who have to hang this painting to not make their child feel upset!

Did it have to be so dramatically organized?

Parents want their kids to be independent, and that’s why we teach them how to do things for themselves from a young age. This mother wanted to teach her kid how to plan his outfits for school, but she never expected him to be so dramatic:

Image courtesy of VaginalHubris86/Reddit

Instead of simply picking his outfit, the kid had to lay it out so dramatically on the floor. How did he even find that doll’s head and a microphone? We have to admit that this kid has quite a creative mind!

Why would you say that to me?

The thing about kids is that most don’t have a filter. If you’re a parent, you can probably recall multiple occasions when your kid embarrassed you with something they said in public. But what if your kids said something like this:

Image courtesy of AshesSmokeAndEmbers/Reddit

We got the chills just reading about this! Kids don’t always think before they speak, but this boy didn’t have to be so terrifying when talking about death. And the fact that he gave his father an expiration date? Way too creepy for our liking!

No phone for you today, sir

It seems like kids learn everything at an incredibly fast pace these days — especially if it’s something tech-related. Young children learn how to use a phone faster than a middle-aged person does, and it’s pretty amazing. Well, it’s mostly impressive.

Image courtesy of seriousbizinis/Reddit

Sometimes, kids learn way too much. Like this boy who decided to take a picture of himself twisting his tongue and then edited the photo to replace his eyes with his tongue. Thanks a lot for serving nightmare material, little boy.

I think you may have overdone it

Young girls are pretty curious and want to learn a lot of things. After watching her mother putting on makeup, this girl decided she wanted to experiment with makeup too. And let us tell you: the makeover she gave her doll was quite experimental indeed.

Image courtesy of LysdexicPenguin/Reddit

This girl’s mother must have been quite surprised to see the result of the doll’s makeover. Obviously, her daughter took the “smoky eye look” a little too seriously, so seriously that her mom should put the doll away immediately.

What kind of movies have you been watching?

For parents with newborn babies at home, one of the most helpful devices they can count on is the baby monitor. Being able to check on your kid while they’re asleep while you’re in the living room is quite a blessing.

Image courtesy of jaywillis/KevinBaum013/Twitter

How would you react if you checked on your baby and they were staring at the camera like this? This kid looks like that horrifying kid from one of The Ring movies. Jay must have been frightened to see his kid on the screen like that, but Kevin couldn’t miss the opportunity to make this joke!

Geez, what’s up with these kids?

If you have a child and they’re the sweetest kid you could have expected; this means that your next kid will probably be the weird one. It’s always like this: one child is just like any other regular child, and then the other kid is spookier than most.

Image courtesy of mervatim/Twitter

This woman has two boys, and she will totally agree when we say that there is a 50/50 odd of parents having one average and one creepy child. In her case, her oldest kid is the creepy one. We wonder where he even got this crazy idea from!

Go to bed, boy!

Being a single mom is quite the experience. The routine of working moms who raise their kids on their own is exhausting, and sometimes they don’t make it to bed before midnight. That’s because they have lots of chores to do, and they can only do them after their child falls asleep.

Image courtesy of TheFartingKing_56/Reddit

After her son fell asleep, this woman did her chores around the house and finally got to take a shower at 1 AM. Imagine how scared she must have been when a voice said “bless you” after she sneezed. She thought she was alone, but her creepy kid was sitting silently in the bathroom!

Maybe we should take him to church

We said it before, and we’ll repeat it: baby monitors are a blessing for parents. Getting to keep an eye on a baby without being next to the baby is really helpful for parents who have other things to do.

Image courtesy of scottymac23/Reddit

But the thing about baby monitors is that they also capture hilarious and weird moments like this one. Through the baby monitor, these parents found out that their kid was getting up in the middle of the night and staring at nowhere in particular!

Excuse me?!

Kids are amazing creatures. Sometimes, they’ll say things that, if you don’t record it, no one will believe you if you tell them. While they can say brilliant things, they will also say mysterious things that’ll have the hairs on the back of your neck standing up.

Image courtesy of MissSneed/Twitter

This woman, for instance, was chilling in the living room with her daughter. Suddenly, the girl asked if the mother had tapped her on the back. The child was very casual to the mother’s surprise that a ghost had touched her…again.

Why would you do this?

Having a creepy kid is an unforgettable experience. No matter how many years go by, parents will forever remember the moments when their children showed just how abnormal they could be. And these parents are certainly going to remember this moment forever:

Image courtesy of notagain82/Reddit

If you’re having a hard time figuring out what’s going on in this picture, we will pull you out of your misery. This is simply the face of a child who thought it was a good idea to use a printer to print his own face!

At least she has talent, right?

Every parent must feel proud when they see that their children are talented at something. This mother certainly loved gushing about her daughter’s artistic talents, but she never thought the girl would come home with an art piece like this one:

Image courtesy of cherrythrow7/Reddit

There is one adjective to describe this sculpture and one adjective only: creepy! But we do have to admit that it takes quite a lot of creativity to come up with something like this, so kudos to this child and her weird mind.

Honey, what are you trying to accomplish?

Eerie kids seem to like doing awful things to their toys. For instance, many kids will bury their dolls in the garden and leave them rotting back there. And it seems like this girl is trying to drown her bear before squashing it:

Image courtesy of Reddit

How this young girl learned about this method remains a mystery. This image looks like something straight out of a mob movie. Maybe she watched The Godfather? Hopefully, this bear was okay after the waterboarding session promoted by this girl!

Nope, I’m not staying here

Even if you don’t have any kids, that doesn’t mean that you have no chances of meeting a creepy kid. Believe us when we say that weird children are all over the place, and you’re bound to meet one of them at least once in your life.

Image courtesy of Kinkykuteness/Reddit

That’s exactly what happened to this person. As soon as they moved to a different neighborhood, they found this ‘gift’ on their doorstep. Apparently, that’s the neighbor’s daughter’s creepy way of saying “welcome to the neighborhood.” We’d be moving out the next day!

Is this a cult?

Is there any way to explain why some kids are naturally otherworldly? We are pretty sure that parents aren’t purposefully teaching their children how to become weird individuals — no one wants to share a house with a creeper, right?

Image courtesy of Mikisg1/Reddit

Regardless of what parents want, if you have a weird kid, you will have to stick with them forever. Unconditional love, remember? This means that you have to stand by your child even if they do creepy things like place their dolls in a cult-like position.

Okay, time to look for help, sweetie.

Children often throw tantrums around the house, especially after they don’t get things their way. It is pretty exhausting for parents to deal with this kind of behavior. But it’s even worse when you have a bizarre kid at home.

Image courtesy of foggybrewsters/Reddit

After this woman scolded her daughter, the little girl got so mad that she made a creepy drawing of her mother. The story gets more absurd as you keep on reading the texts. We have one piece of advice for this mother: get your kid some help — maybe from an exorcist!

Who had the brilliant idea of buying this?

Some kids are weird in a way that gives adults nightmares, but some kids are strange in a way that makes us laugh. Well, we laugh after we’ve recovered from the jumpscares they give us. This girl, for instance, is always pulling pranks on her mom:

Image courtesy of insaneshayne/Reddit

While we are sure that she means no harm, this creepy kid probably gives her family nightmares. She’s obsessed with the weird mask, but who’s the one at fault, really? The girl, or the person who gave her that mask in the first place?

Do kids realize he’s a bad guy?

Remember that one kid who wouldn’t take off the Michael Myers mask? Well, it seems like she’s not alone in this world. Maybe it’s a common trait for quirky children, but they all seem particularly interested in this villain.

Image courtesy of GIZZZYO/Twitter

We wonder if their parents told these kids that Michael Myers is not a friend; he’s actually a foe. But, for some reason, we think that this reveal wouldn’t change how kids feel about wearing this creepy mask. They’d probably love it even more!

Time to find a new house!

Every day, at least one person finds out that they live in a possibly haunted house. Your realtor might not have told you, but maybe your house was once the crime scene of a brutal murder. And perhaps the ghosts still live there.

Image courtesy of thefabulouspot6/Twitter

Don’t believe us? How would you react if your kid told you that there’s someone in the basement talking to them? This kid from the example does not seem scared of talking to a stranger in their own home. Maybe it’s time for this family to move out!

Time to get a new iPad…or a new kid!

If you have a child, you know that you can’t leave them alone for one second. Children are so curious about the world around them that they end up doing crazy things without even realizing how wrong those things are.

Image courtesy of XxSnowflake/Reddit

This boy flushed his parents’ iPad down the toilet, but not before recording the whole thing. Judging by his face, we can tell that he knew that he wasn’t supposed to do that — but he obviously did not care!

The things these dolls go through

When we buy dolls to give to our daughters, we expect them to treat them like princesses. Girls are allegedly supposed to be more delicate, but that’s not always the case. These parents bought their daughter a bunch of Barbie dolls, but they never expected her to do this to them:

Image courtesy of onemoretrain/Instagram

Instead of making her Barbies wear cute outfits and pretend to go out with friends, this girl had quite a different way of playing with her dolls. Barbie quickly became the victim of a kidnapping in her hands. Not creepy at all, right?

Don’t mess with that

If you’ve watched horror movies, you know that we shouldn’t be digging through our backyards. In films, it is really common for families to find out that there’s something buried in their garden, and that’s what’s making their house haunted. 

Image courtesy of Ziff7/Reddit

What would you do if you found this doll buried in your garden? It looks like it was planted decades ago, for reasons unknown to this family. When this woman’s daughter found this doll, she decided that it would be a good idea to scare her parents and little brother.

At least they’re having fun, right?

If there is one thing that we all learned from this article is that creepy children are utterly obsessed with weird masks. Give them a Michael Myers mask, and they’ll have the time of their lives wearing it for hours on end!

Image courtesy of Lahoura/Reddit

While this mask is not that scary, it is still pretty creepy to think that this boy and his best friend wanted to get scary masks. They requested to get this specific mask just so that they could scare each other around the house. Well, at least they’re having fun.

Already looking for a new neighborhood!

For some people, not having kids is a choice. But does that mean that they’ll never find themselves around children? Not really. Kids are everywhere, and everyone is bound to interact with at least one of them at some time.

Image courtesy of kokko_lintu/Instagram

Imagine deliberately choosing not to have kids and then moving to a neighborhood where most families have kids? While that shouldn’t be much of a problem, the issue here is that this person moved to a neighborhood where all the kids are creepy and go around making drawings like this one on the floor!

I’m going to strap you to your bed

While some children sleep through the night with no problems, some kids have trouble staying asleep. Some of these kids walk around the house in the middle of the night because of their sleeping issues, and the parents think that’s just creepy.

Image courtesy of THESPUNKYSPROUT/Twitter

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to find your kid staring at you from the foot of the bed. We’d probably jump out of bed and start praying immediately! Maybe it’s time for this woman to start locking her bedroom door every night.

The germs, though!

Before you get the wrong idea, we want to make something clear. Odd children are not just the kids that enjoy horror-related things. Kids who have peculiar habits and actions are also considered strange. For instance, if you saw this kid on the street, you’d immediately perceive him as a kook:

Image courtesy of generalmalk/Reddit

Even though it’s hard to tell what this kid is doing, we’re going to break it down for you. He’s licking the mailbox. Yes, you read that right. After school, that kid was walking home and suddenly decided to lick the mailbox. Why? No one knows; that’s just how he is!

I’ve seen things you won’t believe

It’s not a secret that young children can be pretty weird. Even if you don’t have a kid of your own, you’ve probably heard of babies’ bizarre obsession with staring blankly at no one in particular. But we bet you’ve never seen a kid so serious about it like this one:

Image courtesy of observeanddespise/Reddit

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to find your toddler staring at you like this? This kid looks like he’s seen plenty of things for his young age, and we’re not sure if we want to talk about it. 


The world has been upside down for a while. And maybe that explains why children are growing up to be little weirdos. Some kids can lift their heads on their own just days after being born — creepy AF, right?!

Image courtesy ofxXSJADOo/Reddit

And some kids are asking to get creepy birthday gifts, like this girl. Instead of asking for a Barbie doll just like the other girls her age, she chose to craft her own weird, bald dolls. We wish we could’ve seen her mother’s reaction to her kid’s preference for creepy dolls!

I’m not flattered

After seeing so many creepy children, do you want to test whether or not you have a weird kid at home? One of the easiest ways of bringing out the weirdness in kids is to ask them to draw something. 

Image courtesy of Finn_Storm/Reddit

If your kid draws something as weird as this, they’re one-hundred percent strange. And if you have no idea what this drawing means, we’ll explain it to you. This was supposed to be a portrait of this kid’s aunt. Safe to say she wasn’t flattered at all to see the result, right?