Sinister Snapshots: 35+ Creepy Pictures We Doubt Would Be Better With Context

By Jhoana C

Few things catch our attention online nowadays. Between TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit, we’re flooded nonstop with new content. That’s why it’s a feat when an account can make us stop and scroll endlessly through its curated content. Take Cursed Images on Twitter, for example. While there are weird images floating around online all the time, this account has taken on the dark task of compiling them all in one place.

Since the account has been around for almost seven years, there’s a lot of content to uncover. From disastrous food hacks to cursed DIY projects, you’ll find tons of pictures that will leave you scratching your head. If you’re hesitant to look for yourself, or you just want a taste, keep reading to see some of the odd photos shared by the brave user(s) behind the account.

All images in this article are courtesy of @cursedimages on Twitter.

We have our eyes on you

Have you ever had the feeling that someone is looking over your shoulder and watching out for every move you make? Well, if you have sheep like these on your farm, you probably won’t be able to be at peace.

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

Look at those eyes glowing in the dark! We won’t even be able to leave our home at night if this is the sight that would greet us. This is a picture that is a good example of cute but creepy.

What kind of dog is this?

Dogs are man’s best friend, and for most people, their canine companions are not only pets but also confidantes and loyal family members. There are more than 300 breeds of dogs, but not all of them can be kept as pets.

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

Toy dogs or small dogs are very popular with people who live in condo units and small apartments in urban areas. But would you want to keep a small dog that looks like the one in the photo? It’s just downright scary.

Such a good waste of bread

Growing up, we have always been told that we shouldn’t waste food because there are people all over the world who don’t even have a single crumb to fill their stomachs with and we have kept that lesson until now.

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

This person, however, must not have been taught that crucial lesson that she thinks it’s okay to put slices of bread on her stairs and walk all over them? For what purpose? Perhaps to get as many likes as possible on Instagram.

Are the cats planning something?

This image is very unnerving and we are left here wondering what these cats are planning or are about to do. We’re just happy that we are not the person sleeping in that house with all those cats because they might just jump on us and start tearing us to shreds.

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

On the other hand, you can look at things from the positive side because it’s possible that these cats are like those in the movie Sleepwalkers, and instead of being villains, they are here to save humanity from monsters. Or maybe they’re all lined up for a big fluffy cat hug.

That’s a TV we don’t want in our house

According to estimates, there are more than 120 million TV in homes across the United States, so it’s safe to say that most households in the US have TVs, although most people today get their news and shows from their mobiles and tablets.

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

But this is one TV that we don’t want in our house. First off, who decided to put a TV inside a big cow? Secondly, what is written on the cow? That’s very distracting if you’re trying to watch TV.

Would you like a Furby nightmare tonight?

Originally released in 1998, Furbie looks like a hamster or an owl, and back in the late ’90s to the early 2000s, it was a must-have toy. Interestingly, it was apparently banned by the NSA due to fear that it would record and repeat confidential material.

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

What you see before you are a plethora of Furbies and must be someone’s collection of toys. What’s scary about them is that they might all just start giggling in the middle of the night while you’re asleep. Taking the batteries out might not even save you from the cacophony, either.

We are not alone

Several pieces of evidence have been discovered pointing to the fact that we are not alone in this universe. And numerous people have come forward to narrate their stories of being abducted by aliens, as well as artifacts that have been unearthed, all pointing to intelligent life outside our atmosphere.

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

If you need further evidence of that and also something to keep you awake tonight, this is the photo you have been looking for. Here are two are bosom buddies that can seek refuge in a single blanket without batting an eye.

The hand that reaches

If we saw a hand reaching out from one of the toilet stalls, we would be alarmed and call for security because this image is just plain creepy. We have witnessed this scene countless times in horror movies, and it doesn’t lead to anything good.

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

We don’t know how the mobile phone got that far away from whoever is in the toilet; it must have fallen and rolled away from their bag. Was the person in the stall trying to call people to give them some toilet paper?

Would you like some dishwashing liquid with your waffle?

Those pancakes look perfect, but the topping immediately kills our appetite. Dishwashing liquid might have the same consistency as maple syrup, but we wouldn’t recommend it with your breakfast. Well, perhaps this serves two purposes, one is to wash the dishes, and the other is to wash your mouth. 

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

The color lavender or the variation of purple would make your waffle breakfast interesting but we don’t think your stomach would agree with it. Either you will be foaming at the mouth, or you will be heading to the toilet every 5 minutes.

Waiting for his human to come home?

If we saw our neighbor donning a Dalmatian costume and standing at the door as if he was a real dog waiting for his human, we’d probably reach for our phones and dial the local police station to report the suspicious activity.

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

Who knows what our neighbor might be capable of? He might just try to bite us when we head out to our car, steal our mail, or start ripping up our daily newspaper. It’s unnerving because neighbors like this are the ones often portrayed as serial killers.

Are they tanning themselves in the fridge?

We didn’t know that you can now sun yourself inside the fridge. If we were in our friend’s home and opened our refrigerator to see this, we would be wondering what they had been doing with their lives. Perhaps we should have checked in with them more often.

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

At the same time, we would be thinking, “why is there so much beefcake in their fridge” and if they had been collecting all these dolls and for what purpose. We all know things like this escalate to dangerous levels.

Why would you not want to hold the spoon?

If you want to make your life miserable, you should do what this person did: hold a spoon with chopsticks. We still haven’t mastered the art of using chopsticks yet, so if we do this, we’ll probably be finishing our meal in a hundred years.

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

Well, if it works for this person then who are we to judge; we’re not into making life more complicated than it already is so we will steer clear of this. We also don’t want to starve to death or have people laughing at us.

It followed the deer home

Shakespeare once said, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Truth is indeed stranger than fiction and it surprises us now and then. It’s great if all surprises are pleasant, but if they look like this, we’d rather not be caught unawares.

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

This is an image showing a strange child with two deer. We’re okay with the deer, but we’re more concerned about the strange girl, at least to us it looks like a little girl. It looks like one of those feral children you read about in fantasy stories.

Nope, this isn’t Bugs Bunny

We have a feeling that we are no longer in Looney Tunes land because Bugs Bunny has quickly turned to a more menacing version of himself. He’s wrapped in duct tape, and we don’t see the carrot anywhere hear his hand.

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

So many things are running in our minds and one of them is what in the world has happened here? Did Bugs Bunny just get abducted? But he has a smile on his face, so maybe he likes whatever is going on.

What abomination is this?

For starters, we’d like to know the name of this restaurant because we will make it a point not to dine there. We love avocados and guacamole, but there is no way we are going to scoop it out of a doll’s chest.

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

Yes, the doll doesn’t show any sign of distress, but we’d really rather not go there. We’d rather have our guacamole in a boring glass bowl because this kind of meal is going to give us nightmares. We understand some restaurants want to make an impression, but this is not the way to go about it.

Who would want to copy spaghetti?

An employee in the office must be angry with someone and, as an act of revenge, left a ton of spaghetti on the copying machine. How else do you explain this? Why would anyone need to copy spaghetti? What does it have to do with office work?

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

We don’t know what really happened here, but we’re sure that the boss isn’t going to be happy when they find out. Do you know how hard it is to clean a scanner? Someone must be getting fired after this incident was discovered.

A world of Winnie the Poohs

Winnie the Pooh is one of the most popular cartoon characters today. Winnie the Pooh was inspired by a real bear bought by a Canadian veterinarian, Lt. Harry Colebourn for only $20 while he was serving in World War 1.

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

We love Winnie the Pooh and we have nothing against the lovable and cuddly bear but a world populated by hundreds of adult-size Winnie the Poohs is just disturbing. It’s like being in a sinister parallel universe. Maybe it wouldn’t be so scary if it weren’t for their creepy smiles.

Nothing to see here, folks

Black bears are the smallest species of bear in North America. They can reach up to 4.5 feet tall, which is shorter than the average human. But, looking at their size, we don’t think there’s anything small about them. Adult male black bears can weigh over 500 pounds!

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

They look cute when they are small but wait until they grow those razor-sharp nails. This black bear, however, doesn’t look menacing at all. It’s just chilling on a hammock and enjoying life. So, go on with your evening, folks.

What kind of outfit is this?

We may not be expert seamstresses, but we feel safe saying that this is not how you sew. The last time we checked, eggs weren’t involved in the process. Scrambled, fried, poached, or eggs benedict but we have never heard of eggs served stitched.

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

Sewing machines aren’t the most expensive machines out there, but they’re not cheap either. Sewing an egg on your clothes could easily ruin a perfectly nice sewing machine! If you want eggs on your clothes, you can just buy the fake ones.

The dog wore it best

First of all, pancakes are meant to be eaten and not worn on the face. If you need something to moisturize or rejuvenate your face with, there are plenty of sheet masks on the market today made for precisely that purpose.

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

The pancakes must have tasted really bad that they thought they would be put to better use as face masks instead of food. We don’t like what they did with the pancake here but we have to say that doggo wore the pancake mask best.

The cat who wanted to be Spiderman

This cat looks like it wants to be Spiderman, or perhaps it was already Spiderman in its past life as is just now realizing it. Cats have always had the uncanny ability to land on their feet and they always seem to maintain their balance.

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

This cat, however, is on a whole other level. We have never seen a cat do what this one did. Either it’s very skillful or this photo was manipulated so that we’d spend a good time analyzing it…like what we are doing now.

Shrek and Fiona’s dream wedding

First of all, we’d like to say that this seems to be a happy picture, and the couple looks like they are having the time of their lives, so it doesn’t automatically belong to the list of cursed images or images that won’t let you sleep.

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

The only thing disturbing about it is that they are in full Shrek and Fiona makeup and costume. We understand some couples want to make a statement on their special day but to dress as Fiona and Shrek? Well, to each their own.

Have tin foil, will redecorate room

Most of us think of tin foil as something to use in the kitchen. We never knew until today that it could also be used for interior decoration. Just look at this room! How much foil did they use here? It’s giving us Dexter vibes.

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

It makes us feel that the person who owns this room must have sinister plans in their mind. Thinking that someone who is abducted might be kept and tortured in this room is very unsettling indeed. It’s like an episode of Criminal Minds.

Does bread scare you, too?

We love our bread, and no matter where we are in the world, we make it a point to try to visit local bakeries, and so far, we have not been disappointed. The first loaf of bread was made in the Middle East at around 8000 BC.

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

We’d consider bread tasty, crispy, creamy, but never creepy. What is so scary that this guy is cowering in the corner? It looks as if the bread was coming out of the faucet, and it’s about to drown him. We’d probably have the same reaction if that were the case.

Who drinks Spaghettios?

One of the best things to have ever come out of Italy is spaghetti. It was invented thousands of years ago, and, among the kinds of pasta, it’s the simplest to produce on an industrial scale. Like most pasta, it is made of water and milled wheat.

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

Frequently served with meat or vegetables and sauce, it is one of the most recognizable pastas out there. We don’t have anything against the instant version, Spaghettios, but we don’t know anyone who consumes it from a can using a straw.

The doggo is not impressed at all

Winter fun is not just for humans, it’s for dogs, too, and this dog is having a great time. The only problem with his day was that he was not impressed with the snowdog version of him made by his hooman.

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

In his mind, he thinks that he looks better than the ice version of him. Not only is he more handsome, he is more loyal and warmer, too. He just might be thinking of getting back at his hooman someday for this atrocity.

Good luck with that

Picnics are fun, but the party stops when you find out that you forgot something. Cutlery, plates, and food are all essential. Whatever are you gonna do when you need to cut or slice something and you left your knife in your kitchen?

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

This person wasn’t going to let his forgetfulness ruin his day. He is still going to cut through his food, even if it means he has to use a CD. We’d like to know where he got that CD because they are not that common nowadays.

Can I have some spaghetti?

Here we go again with spaghetti. It’s one of the easiest dishes to prepare; that’s why it is so common at parties and get-togethers. This guy must have gone to a party and told the people who invited him that he’d like to take some home.

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

Of course, he forgot a container to pack the food in. But he didn’t let that stop him from taking home his share. Apparently shirts can make for good takeout containers. Who knew? Though, a small piece of advice would be not to wear the shirt…and don’t pick a white shirt, either!

Where did the frogs even come from?

This is a scene that is straight out of a horror movie. We could imagine the characters roaming through a haunted house and finding this in the bathroom. Though, to be honest, we’re more horrified by the state of the toilet itself.

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

A few more days in that environment, and we’re afraid the frogs are going to croak (get it?) just from the sheer filth in the surroundings. Hopefully the person who took this photo got a bucket and scooped out the poor fellas.

Do you think he’s sexy?

Elmo has got to be one of the most popular characters of the show Sesame Street but did you know that during the 1970s he was just an extra puppet who lacked a distinctive personality? The early version of Elmo was more like a caveman.

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

Fortunately, they decided to make a few changes and now he’s the one of the stars of the show and one of our favorite childhood icons. However, this kind of Elmo wouldn’t be very welcome on any kid’s TV show. Maybe this is from Sesame Street: After Dark?

Someone must be ovulating

Eggs belong in the chicken coop, a bird’s nest, or in the kitchen — sorry, chickens. Looking at this photo, we’re thinking that either someone is ovulating or someone is angry; they’re out for revenge. At the very least, this is not what we would call a delicious breakfast in bed.

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

Just thinking of the stain on the sheets and the damage this would do to your mattress is undoubtedly not going to result in an egg-cellent sleep. Get it? We just hope whoever did this is caught and is able to eggsplain what happened.

Teatime with spiders

This is one brave little lady because most children we know are afraid of spiders, even toy spiders. We even know a few adults who are still afraid of them. There is just something sinister about these arachnids and we don’t trust them at all.

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

We would like to know where she got the idea of having tea with spiders because we sure haven’t seen any cartoon show promoting such a scene. She looks like she is enjoying it too and would rather have tea with spiders than dolls.

Appropriate for Halloween

This picture gives us the creeps. It reminds us of a disturbing Halloween costume or a horror movie killer’s getup. We’d be screaming our lungs out if we came across someone with this mask on because it’s giving us Human Centipede vibes.

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

We understand the idea of having the face of a koala as a mask, but to put the mask part on the koala’s body? That’s not only unusual, it’s also horrifying. We’re sure even Australians would find this image very disturbing.

Is it clown day today?

Clowns are creepy because they have that eerie smile permanently plastered on their faces, so you can never really tell how they’re feeling. It doesn’t help that they have consistently been portrayed in books and movies as killers. Remember Pennywise?

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

And history isn’t kind to clowns, either. Famous serial killer John Wayne Gacy was a clown by profession. Although Ronald McDonald doesn’t have the same creepy air about him, seeing nine of him gathered in a parking lot would give anyone nightmares.

Birdie on the potty

This may be a very unusual picture, but there’s a perfectly innocent explanation for the storks being in the toilet. Hurricane Andrew was a category 5 when it struck various parts of the US in 1992; it caused so much devastation and displaced wildlife as well as people.

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

A lot of zoo animals were in danger of being struck by the hurricane. To protect them, zoo employees had no other choice but to get them somewhere safe and for some animals, the toilet was their sanctuary. It’s a sweet story, but the flash certainly gives it a sinister vibe.

Stop badgering me!

Some animals are nocturnal, meaning that they are active at night. One such animal is the badger, though we have never seen as many badgers as there are in this photo. They must be starving that they don’t care if there are people around.

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

This may not be as bothersome as the other pictures on this list, yet there is still something unsettling about it. There is always the possibility that these badgers portend something more sinister. What if they’re not in this person’s yard because they’re trying to escape a scarier creature are lurking in the woods?

It’s alive!

Something’s definitely coming out of the garbage bin, and it’s not your friendly dumpster diver looking for furniture that can still be salvaged. This image right here looks like it belongs to an episode of Ghostbusters. Is it Slimer’s cousin or something?

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

Others might think it’s scary, but we choose to look at the bright side and want to think that this is only dough that someone has thrown out. The yeast must have prompted the dough to grow and spill out of the bin.

Good night, bike

Tucking your pet into bed can make for a cute photo op. But what if your pet is your bike? It’d be harder to position it on the mattress, and chances are the picture will end up on the border between funny and cursed.

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

This guy must have saved up to get this bike for a darn long time that once he was finally able to afford it, he couldn’t help treat it like his baby. Hopefully, he’s not too attached to those sheets as there is sure to be dirt and motor oil smeared everywhere after this photoshoot.

I loaf you

We all want to be recognized and make our mark in this world. This is a very good explanation of why people want to be the biggest, tallest, and strongest. Those who are not that physically gifted try to beat records and create or grow oversized items.

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

Although we think that the loaves in this picture are not large enough to warrant a mention in the Guinness Book of World Records, we still think they are gigantic. We might just spend a whole month trying to devour a single loaf of bread.

Genius or lazy?

This photo either has to be the zenith of a man’s genius or laziness. We don’t recommend eating in the bath, but who are we to judge if you’re that hungry? We all need nourishment to function properly, after all.

Images courtesy of cursedimages/Twitter

We just hope that the plate doesn’t capsize and the hotdog doesn’t end up drowning. Not only will this person end up with mustard in their water, but soggy bread, too. This may not be that disturbing to some people but it leaves us scratching our heads.