Tips To Save Money And Keep Major Companies From Ripping Customers Off

By Divya G

You have excelled at cutting back your spending and getting significant control of your expenses, but your bills are still high. This will happen regardless of your spending habits; you will be stuck with the inescapable monthly bills. However, this can be curbed if you can stop yourself from getting ripped by these companies.

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Wouldn’t it be a great solution if you got an alert every time you added items to your online cart? There are free add-ons that can help with that. These tools will check other online stores, including Walmart, eBay, and others, to find out whether the product you want is cheaper somewhere else.

Car Insurance

Most car insurance companies usually overcharge you. The good news is that you don’t have to spend much time on the web looking for a decent deal. Websites like EverQuote will help you view all your options at one time.

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Credit Card

While you are getting stressed over your debt, your credit card company is getting rich with the insane interest rates they charge you and millions of other people. Fiona is a platform that will help you find a relatively low-interest loan that you can use in order to clear your credit card debt. 

Get Cashback

It is understandable if you are doing online shopping for various different needs of yours. What you probably don’t know is that free websites such as Rakuten can link you to most of the online stores from where you shop. Therefore, it means that you can get a cashback of up to 40% every time you buy something online!