40 Sarcastic Notes From Mom And Dad That Put The Kids In Their Place

By Philip B

Undoubtedly, sarcasm remains one of the most artistic forms of communication. It has proven to be an effective means of passing crucial messages in a funny way. However, one must be sure that the other party is in tune with this style to maintain effectiveness. Interestingly, the use of humor and sarcastic notes is as old as humankind. One of the most unusual categories of people that have employed this means of communication are parents, and they do this for several reasons. Most of the time, they use it to make necessary corrections without causing any outburst. The internet has further propagated the use of sarcastic and hilarious notes in many homes, and today, we have scoured the web for 40 of them. Let’s get into it.

Get me some food

Very few situations are as ugly as visiting a restroom that’s out of toilet paper. It doesn’t just make you stranded; it also sucks the good feeling out of your seemingly good day. It’s even worse if you’re in public.

Image courtesy of domesticatedcompanion.com

This dad didn’t find it funny that the kids abandoned the toilet paper holder, but he subtly intends to rectify the situation. Toilet paper is not food, but it definitely will satisfy the holder and the residents in this situation.

Do not disturb

Parents are either busy at work or busy at home. They barely have time to cater to their personal needs. Instead, their focus is the well-being of their kids and family. They also compromise their sleep time while doing this.

Image courtesy of Reddit/queen_of_the_koopas

This mom and dad must have had a busy night and decided to sleep in deep into the morning. We bet they haven’t had much sleep time in a while. They also dropped a note with some frequently asked questions for their kids.

Not every paste is sweet

This is a father whose morning routine went south when he started brushing his teeth with anti-itch cream. We think that someone must have left it there to cause some confusion, but the father surprised us all with his funny note.

Image courtesy of Reddit/RaptorCat1

Instead of going all mortal combat on the kids or whoever the culprit was, he simply left a note for the next victim. A lesson for us all here is that not everything that looks like paste is sweet.

No one needs to know your dark secrets

The internet is invaluable and contains all sorts of meaningful content. However, it also contains some dark things that one shouldn’t show the whole world. Let’s find out what happens when you don’t know how to hide your history.

Image courtesy of danoah.com

This father was cool about his kids doing the unthinkable but wanted them to hide their trails next time. He introduced them to the incognito browsing feature that enables you to hide your web history—a smart way to teach a kid.

Nothing is free even in Freetown

Today, almost everyone relies on the internet and its content to get things done. The situation is not different with kids. They have games, movies, books, and even assignments they need to do with the aid of the internet.

Image courtesy of lifebuzz.com

Apparently, nothing is truly for free, as this dad insinuates. In order to help the kids get their chores done, he has listed some conditions like walking the dog and making their bed a prerequisite to get the WiFi password.

Save unicorns by eating a sandwich

Parents go through a lot, especially with kids that are picky eaters. Kids just want it sweet all the time without minding the health implications of their choices. Here, a dad is trying to alleviate the situation in a smart way.

Image courtesy of Imgur/Iunderstoodthatreference

He has left a note that could scare the daylights out of the kid by telling them to eat the sandwiches or a unicorn dies. He has also lessened the scary situation by leaving a love signature at the end.

The plug code

We all live by different codes in our lives, but this is the first time we are learning about a plug code. This dad is trying to rectify a situation that most of us are guilty of. It also seems like the house has a scarcity of free sockets.

Image courtesy of Reddit/ekhowitt

He must have had some unpleasant experience with people not reinserting the fish tank or WiFi plug after use. While his language choice at the end of the note spells frustration and anger, we believe that the message was received.

The dishes won’t wash themselves

Some parents are hilarious, and they do not try to hide this side of their personality, especially with their kids. Being excessively serious has its downside and benefits. The same thing goes with joking excessively. However, we recommend a middle ground.

Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

These kids have made a habit of not doing the dishes at the right time. Interestingly, the parents aren’t finding it funny but decided to get creative with their correction instead. The funniest part is cutting out the paper in the middle.

Hunger spares no one

Fathers do more than provide for the family. They cater to the emotional, psychological, and social needs of the house and the family. All these responsibilities almost make us forget their human side. This dad successfully gave us a memory jug.

Image courtesy of Imgur/kthxbubye

Apparently, he was hungry and had no choice but to take a bite from his kid’s sandwich. If there wasn’t a note, we’d have thought this was a theft case, but we’re glad he was humble enough to leave a funny apology.

A letter to a murderer

Sarcasm knows no end, especially with hilarious parents. When we buy things for the home, they usually have specific and safe places where they must be kept at all times. Doing this will prevent many unintended injuries and accidents.

Image courtesy of Reddit/ChalkyWhite23

This home owns a hatchet, and the kid put it back in an improper place. The parents are trying to let them know that this is not the best place to keep it, but they end up writing a letter to a murderer.

Learn to use me properly

Here’s a laundry basket that’s trying to teach the house owners how to put their dirty laundry away. Most of us are guilty of this even as adults, especially when we are busy or coming home after a long day’s work.

Image courtesy of Imgur/fairyduchess

The situation is as clear as day since a basket can’t write a note. The parents want the residents to drop their dirty linen in the basket, and the emoji at the end of the note says that they mean business.

Nothing is worth more than these carrots

Everyone loves to trade something for another, especially if it is worth more than what we own. However, this dad is trying to make the rules clear on the prohibition of any form of trade related to these carrots.

Image courtesy of Imgur/thesimper

Apparently, these carrots are worth more than twinkies, according to the dad, and he has protected them accordingly with a stern note. Let’s hope that the kids are not craving twinkies once lunch rolls around or are tempted to make a trade.

The first is not always the best

Here’s a very busy dad that still cares so much for his kids. He pastes a note on the wall telling them what to do if they can’t find something to eat. However, the list is super hilarious and sarcastic, hopefully.

Image courtesy of Imgur/Chelsead**nit

There are three options, but apparently, the first is not the best in this case. We believe the first isn’t even an option, but the dad is trying to pass the message across in a clever way and shock the kids.

Do you wish to start a fire?

This is the question on a dad’s mind when he sees the largest collection of lint in his dryer. The real problem isn’t the enormous pile of lint that was collected over a long period, but the propensity for it to start a fire is high.

Image courtesy of Imgur/atthehelm

In a bid to stop any unintended fire hazard, the dad tries to correct his kids by making a sarcastic note. We believe that the message was passed successfully. Let’s hope that the recipients are on the same page.

Is this Morse code in words?

This dad left a three-word note for his kid, but we are having a hard time deciphering what he intended. Some have guessed that his kid is nick-named “Em” and he is trying to tell them that a cake is in the room.

Image courtesy of Daily-Choices/Rouella Midel-Bagiscan

Others have stated that the dad needs a cake. Whatever he meant by the note, we can all agree that parents have a busy lifestyle and don’t have much time to write long notes. They are constantly trying to balance work with home commitments.

Don’t make the wrong switch again!

This note spells frustration. The background story is not here, but we can deduce that the kids have been toying with the wrong switch for a while. The dad decided to put an end to it with this clear illustration.

Image courtesy of Instagram/mrsemilymeyer

Using the wrong switch can be really upsetting, especially when it becomes regular. After this clear illustration, we hope the kids don’t end up making the same mistake. The dad might break down or consider a more physical approach.

It doesn’t matter son

This dad must be a blunt fellow with a knack for a straightforward parenting style. We can deduce from the note that his kid doesn’t have a thing for vegetables. Interestingly, the dad turned to sarcasm for help in encouraging him.

Image courtesy of Imgur/fairyduchess

The approach is somewhat terrifying for a kid, but the message is loud and clear. Life goes on whether you choose to do something or not. If the kid knows what’s good for him, he’ll embrace the vegetables without qualms.

Give me some diesel

If cars could talk, they would probably make constant speeches to kids that use their parent’s vehicles without replacing the fuel. This car named itself diesel and demanded some fuel from whoever wanted to use it.

Image courtesy of Imgur/ fairyduchess

We all have been in this scenario a couple of times when we were kids. Our parents also endured a lot, but this dad wants to set the records straight once and for all. The note says it all for the next driver.

Money in the cat’s den

Dinner with family is such a wonderful routine, especially when we were young. As time passed, people went on with their lives, and the tradition waned. This dad has left some compensation for his kids during a night out.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Cnelz_

He left some money for pizza and beer, but he left it in a tricky way. If those kids wish to have a chance to get dinner, they have to hope that the cat remains fast asleep, or else he might put up a fight for it.

Moms are always adorable

Here’s a picture that was taken by a kid whose mom packs her lunch box every day. The mom also drops a note for her with the food. The kid found the message funny on this particular occasion and decided to share.

Image courtesy of Imgur/Michellehas2ls

Undoubtedly, parents are a blessing even when they do things that seem embarrassing. This kid must have found some of these notes embarrassing a couple of times, but we can’t deny how adorable they are. Mom definitely knows how to make them laugh!

No is no

We do not know what has happened in this home, but it’s clear that the parents have had enough. One single sticky note saying no can’t do it anymore. Instead, they dropped several notes that said “no.” It looks like they’re there to help the kids do laundry.

Image courtesy of lifebuzz.com

This scenario might be familiar for those who have kids at home. Instead of closing the washer, they just tried all sorts of buttons and disrupted the machine’s settings. Let’s hope that those notes bring about a change for the parents.

You’re in trouble

Whenever the words “we have to talk” are directed at you, it always strikes some fear no matter the situation. If it’s your boss, you’re probably getting fired, or your time at the office is coming to an end.

Image courtesy of weruntheunderground.com

At home, hearing those words from your parents still spells trouble. In this case, the mom discovers her son’s rolling paper, and she’s about to have some words with him. Let’s hope he comes out of the encounter unscathed.

Good luck Kid

When we were young, most people must have been in this scenario that this kid found himself. Having a curfew was and still is a normal thing for most kids, but staying past the time happens when something important keeps you out is a no-no.

Image courtesy of Dailymail/Aoibhinn Mc Bride

This time around, his parents decided to make him learn the hard way. They hung a note saying that he mustn’t knock or ring the doorbell. This moment was terrifying, but let’s hope they consider him later when he’s stuck outside.

A legendary meme

This meme has to be one of the classical and most sarcastic out there. Making a spelling error these days rarely goes unnoticed, and this situation is no exception. Someone is simply trying to warn other users of the broken handle.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Tikistand

The innocent good samaritan didn’t know what was coming for him. Someone wanted to make a joke of the spelling error and attached a picture of the great composer Handel on the microwave. The funniest part is the part that says “me?”

Will you risk a punch in the throat?

Undoubtedly, moms are superheroes in their own right, but we all must remember that every superhero has their limits if you push them. Many people also have personal things that they cherish, and for this mom, it’s the kitchen.

Image courtesy of thechive.com

She has put in a lot of work in making the floor spotless and the sinks empty. That’s her territory, and you must follow her rules. She has also made her intention is known to whoever flaunts any of the explicit rules.

This isn’t a joke anymore

This note spells terror and imminent danger. The kids must have frustrated the mom for her to have gone to the extent of using the Xena princess’s famous angry face. However, we all agree that she isn’t a slave.

Image courtesy of boredomtherapy/stompk

Kids must understand that parents are human and have their own problems. They have to contend with various things at home and work. They also have to keep their sanity when dealing with different people. The least we can do is honor them.

Food for the cat

Here’s a fish writing a note to its keeper about forgetting to feed it. However, we’re glad Tiffany stepped up to help. What’s funny is the fact that the fish offered a way out for its owner if he is that tired of taking care of him.

Image courtesy of Reddit/scoobydoobdoob

You can simply feed me to the cat, the fish wrote. We all know the fish is being sarcastic, but we hope that the other party has understood the message. Pets are meant to be taken care of adequately.

One parent, two sets of rules

Eric must have a history of going against the rules, and as we can see here, he has got his mom and dad writing separate rules for him. We can also appreciate the dad’s direct approach compared to the mom’s subtle style.

Image courtesy of giveitlove.com

We all wish to know which of the rules or reminders Eric decided to follow and the ones he fully embraced. Either way, he has got wonderful parents who want to look out for him at all times and make him laugh.

A future barber

Demi sure has some talents, as she’s shown in this picture. She cut her hair during class while the tutor was busy with some other kids. However, the teacher thought to make a note of it for the parents.

Image courtesy of Instagram/sandcastle07

Teachers have always proven to be wonderful caregivers and advisors. They look after their pupils as if they are their parents. Truly, we can’t ever fully repay them as their reward is more than the payment they receive monthly.

Hell has no fury like a mom scorned

This mom has two adorable babies that are fast asleep. Raising two babies isn’t an easy task and getting them to sleep is even arduous and time-consuming. We all know the kind of hell that awaits anyone that wakes them.

Image courtesy of Daily Mail/ Bianca London

Coincidentally, the mom has put up a note that warns anyone not to bang the door and wake her babies. We could feel her tiredness from the note, and we hope no one decides to test her or her babies.

Pray for mom

This note is a little weird as it has lots of interpretations. Before now, we haven’t heard of anyone needing prayers before going to a mall. Something tells us there’s more to this note than what we see here.

Image courtesy of lifebuzz.com

Perhaps the mom is going to buy something strange, or she’s scared of the fact that she’s leaving for Walmart early in the morning. Whichever reason it is for writing this note, the kids better be on their knees.

The kitchen is sacred

We’ve said several times that kitchens are sacred places for moms in every home. They spend a considerable amount of time there, and they ensure that the place is spotless for the sake of the household.

Image courtesy of youbeauty.com

This mom has threatened to cut anyone who makes a speck of single dirt in her spotless kitchen. We do not know how real the threat is, but we are not in the mood to find out. Let’s just leave the kitchen spotless.

Whiskey to the rescue

We all have what we turn to when we need to get things done in a jiffy. Some people turn to coffee while others go for some liquor. Either way, these stimulants will help you get the job done, whoever you may be.

Image courtesy of thechive.com

This mom turned to her son’s booze and did well to compensate him. The most sarcastic part is writing the note on a Hangover movie flyer. Let’s hope her son could replace the liquor with that cash. Or maybe he used it on something better.

This is not a movie script

Everyone knows that things are about to get real when Liam Neeson threatens to find you. The TAKEN star’s legendary picture and the famous line are enough to strike fear into any living soul out there. Talk about desperate measures for desperate times.

Image courtesy of Imgur/awwwwwyisss

This is not a terrorist and hostage situation, but it’s about a father whose kid isn’t big on cleaning the dishes. The father has threatened them efficiently. It might not be Liam, but who would want their WiFi and phone plans taken away?

Watering the wrong flowers

This parent must have gotten these flowers as a gift from a friend. However, they are so fine that they almost look natural. In a bid to be dutiful and caring, the kids pour water in the vase every day.

Image courtesy of awesomeinventions.com

The parents had to stop them from putting water in an artificial flower unless they wish to risk a flood at home. Keeping flowers alive is a worthy virtue that every kid must know except when they are artificial.

Don’t forget the cake

We all have an app on our phones that we use to set reminders or write short notes. However, we often forget to check these notes even though we are always on our phones unless someone reminds us to do so.

Image courtesy of Reddit/przybang@aol.com

This mom has adopted another route and strategy. You can write the reminder on a sticky note and paste it on your phone. The catch is that you’ll always see the reminder as long as you have your phone.

An apple a day

This is an innocent apple trying to beg for some attention. The backstory is that of a guy who takes an apple to work every day without eating it. It almost makes us think that the apple is not edible.

Image courtesy of Reddit/vertexoflife

The apple is fine and healthy, but the same cannot be said of the owner. So, someone wishes to rescue the apple by pasting a notice for help. We hope the next person who sees the note doesn’t think it’s a work accessory.

The colon needs help

When you have a suspected disease or bleeding in your colon, the doctor will most likely request that you undergo a procedure known as a colonoscopy. The procedure involves the doctor putting a tube-like probe up your bum.

Image courtesy of Reddit/herecomesthedrums

This kid’s dad has an appointment with the doctor for a colonoscopy, and the mom decided to make a joke about the situation to help the kids understand. Let us hope that the kid doesn’t take the words in the literal sense.

It’s not that hard

There are many household chores and routines that are simple, but for some reason, we all fall short of doing the right things sometimes. This dad must have been pushed to the wall to let out such anger in a note.

Image courtesy of Reddit/abhold

Towels are meant to be used and hung at the appropriate place. This home has up to four towels, but the kid decided not to use any. Consequently, the dad put up a warning note with a love signature at the end.

Protect yourself kid

Sarcasm is one of the best ways to say things without any fear of being weird or compelling. This mom dropped a note for her son to protect himself using the item provided in case things get serious. Way to be a responsible parent!

Image courtesy of weheartit.com

Adolescence is a very sensitive part of our lives, as we all know, and every young adult needs protection, education, and guidance in this stage of their life. Let’s hope Ashley doesn’t get the wrong idea when she sees the note.