Did Anne Hathaway Just Change How We Eat Cupcakes?

By Fatime G

How do you eat your cupcake? You may think this is the most obvious question, but apparently not. And Anne Hathaway’s recent guest appearance on Kelly Clarkson’s show was proof of that. Is it cake first frosting later? Gobble the entire thing at one go? Or scrape the frosting and enjoy the cake alone? Guests on the show may have seen any of these coming, but no one was prepared for Anne’s demonstration of her cupcake-eating skills, not even the host, Kelly, who was left in awe of the technique. 

Image courtesy of The Kelly Clarkson Show / YouTube

While holding the cupcake from the top, peel away the liner at the bottom of the cupcake (keep your fingers claw-like to avoid touching the frosting). Using your fingers, rip off the bottom part of the cupcake and place it on top of the frosting. That way, you have; cupcake, frosting, then cupcake. Yup! Just like a burger! Impressive right? The audience at The Kelly Clarkson Show sure thought so when they gasped and applauded the star. Kelly even tried the technique. 

Who Invented That? 

Will we be adding innovator to Anne’s resume alongside, Award-winning actress and Lip Sync Battle Champ? Unfortunately, not. Ask around: there are quite a few people who eat cupcakes using the sandwich technique. The hack is not new, with online videos showing people how to eat cupcakes going back to 2012. Some people even go as far as crediting a Girl Scout leader who showed The Takeout team the technique in 1999. 

Image courtesy of The Kelly Clarkson Show / YouTube

Do We Approve The Trick?

It all comes down to preference. How Anne Hathaway eats her cupcake might be the way a bunch of us will now be eating our cupcakes; however, some people may think the nifty trick is far too messy. Crumbs all over, no liner to catch the mess, and the anxiety of unevenly ripping the bottom of the cake might brand the sandwich hack not worth the hype. Personally, I don’t think we should brush off the trick just yet until we have tried it. Who knows? This could be the new way you eat cupcakes.