Disney’s The Mandalorian Season 2 Predictions

By Shane R

Shallow Focus Photo of Stormtrooper

For those of you who watched the first season of “The Mandalorian,” fans were left with a lot of unanswered questions (spoilers ahead by the way). Well, Disney+ is bringing “The Mandalorian” back to end 2020. Push away the pandemic, and read on to hear about predictions for this season.

#1 – An Important Character’s Death

There were some deaths in Season 1, like Ugnaught Kuiil and “The Client.” But, another key character might see themselves ended quickly this season. Hopefully, it is not the Mandalorian himself, but the show must go on, right?

Star Wars Bobba Fett Costume

#2 – Master Powers For Baby Yoda

We all love ourselves a little Yoda. Baby Yoda might be even cuter than a real baby. But, one thing is for sure. Season 2 is going to bring some more powers out of Baby Yoda. Baby Yoda just scratched the surface of his powers, so get ready for some Force-choking and/or some levitation.

#3 – The Revenge Of Moff Gideon

Moff Gideon sure did not like how things ended for him and his crew. Gideon’s TIE fighter is no longer, but luckily he survived. But, you can bet he has death on the brain and the Darksaber is going to help him do his bidding.

#4 – Luke Skywalker Sighting?

Alright, you probably will not see Luke Skywalker in The Mandalorian, but you can bet your bottom dollar that this season will have a mentioning of him. Maybe Ahsoka Tano will be embedded as well, as she should from this point on in any Star Wars film, movie, cartoon, comic strip, TV series, etc.