Till Divorce Do Us Part: 45 Downright Odd Reasons People Got Divorced

By Liezel L

Nailing the marriage game is far from easy. It takes a lot of work from both sides every single day. Some people, though, are not willing to go through that for the rest of their lives. Gone are the days when people become martyrs for their marriage. Now, they just resort to divorce. And you know what? We absolutely get it. There are just some things you don’t want to risk being miserable for just because of your partner or, sorry, ex-partner. Just take a look at these outrageous reasons divorce lawyers shared on why their clients broke up. From literally the smallest things like smacking lips while eating to winning the lottery, these reasons will make you wonder why in the world these people got married in the first place. 

Not The Dogs

People find a lot of things to get angry about in divorces. He may have insulted his mother-in-law, or she might have insulted his friends, and those are alright reasons, we guess. But apparently, it’s more important that you never bring the dogs into it. 

image courtesy of anon poster and Tharakan922/ Reddit

The dogs may have a favorite person between the couple, but that doesn’t mean the lesser favorite gets a pass to talk bad about those lovely creatures. They should just suck it up and admit they’re jealous. Talking bad about the pups is just a cheap shot. 

Can’t Live Without That Breastmilk

We’re a firm believer that before you marry someone, it’s best to dig up as much dirt as you can on them and decide whether you can live with that or not. Without the research, you might end up like this wife. 

image courtesy of anon poster

How did the wife not know of such a concerning aspect of her husband’s life? And why didn’t he tell her? Maybe then, they could have arranged for his mom just to send him his breastmilk supplies for the honeymoon. Just kidding!

Not Enough Chest Hair

Believe it or not, there was a time when every single hair on a man’s chest actually counted for something in a relationship, and sadly, this one guy came up a little too short on that end. Did he also have a man bun? Because then, we get it.

Image courtesy of anon poster and invalidpassword999/Reddit

We know that there are people who divorce their partners because of their looks but seriously, chest hair? And not driving fast enough? Someone, please get this lady a race-car driver version of Mark Ruffalo or Tom Selleck now!

Dirty Dirty Dirty 

Alright, buckle up for this one, everybody, because this is as weird as it gets. Now, it would have been more acceptable if the guy just didn’t know how to change diapers or something as small as that, but no, he just had to go to extremes. 

image courtesy of anon poster

Seriously, what do you even do in this situation? Do you call the hospital, the in-laws, or the lawyer first? Clearly, the guy has some issues that need to be dealt with, and hopefully, he did get them sorted out.

Next In Line!

Sometimes, we just don’t get it with people who keep getting married and divorced repeatedly. There is such a stage in a relationship where you get to know the person you’re marrying and all that, right? But what do we know about love?

image courtesy of anon poster and Incident_Creative/ Reddit

For this woman here, though, her reasons for separating from her partners just make our jaws hit the floor. We don’t even want to imagine the other absurd reasons she came up with leading to the other divorces. Now, next!

Marriage Swap Works Apparently

We just can’t imagine friends swapping wives or husbands. That sounds like a prank or some kind of bizarre challenge on a reality show that leads to nothing good. Apparently, though, it is a real thing, and, strangely enough, these two couples made it work.

image courtesy of anon poster

It’s so bizarre they switched lives with each other, but fortunately, it made them all happier, and we guess that’s what counts. Maybe they finally found the right people at exactly the right time. Divorce story or not, this one is pretty sweet if you’re open-minded.

Someone Call An Exorcist?

Differences in beliefs, especially when it comes to things like religion, can really draw some people apart. It’s much worse when they can’t meet halfway. For this couple, though, we think it’s more than just a difference in their beliefs. 

image courtesy of anon poster and londonladse/ Reddit

Talking to deceased relatives so casually like that would already freak out some people, but lying down and chanting in an entirely new language is plain horrifying. Plus, the child! If she’d neglect her child like that, then it’s definitely a sign that staying isn’t the better option for him.

Cream and No Sugar Please Honey

For most relationships, people make an effort to remember all the little things about their partner, whether it’s that they don’t like spicy food or how they always want cool water in the morning. It’s just a simple way to show that they care. 

image courtesy of anon poster

As it seems, though, this wife might have missed that note or was forgetful. Still, it’s pretty hard to believe that after doing it for seven years, the routine still hadn’t settled deep into her bones. And while it might be a small thing, it just built up for him. 

That’s Definitely A Deal Breaker

There are so many reasons for divorce. Your partner could be too jealous, they could refuse to contribute to any of the housework, they could be insensitive, but you know what a real deal-breaker would be? When they refuse to pay ransom for you. 

image courtesy of anon poster and Viviana Agostinho/ Flickr

We know it’s an unlikely scenario for most couples, but if it does happen and unless they’re John Wick or someone like that, you’d expect your partner to pull through, right? Flat our refusing to do so is just cold-hearted. 

The Skid Marks Were Too Stressful

When you start living with your partner, you discover more than just their quirks. You get to see and experience every moment of their every day, including all that the human body naturally does. Apparently, though, this man was not prepared for one of them. 

image courtesy of anon poster

Sure, these stains are gross, but they’re perfectly normal. If he gets too grossed out by something as minuscule as that, maybe this woman dodged a bullet. Seriously, it would have been easier to get some bleach or tell her to clean it up rather than haul in a lawyer and everything. 

The Good Old Wedding Brawl

Wedding brawls aren’t such odd things. Sure, they’re unpleasant, and everybody prays they don’t have any, but weddings carry many emotions, and they do happen. Unfortunately for this couple, their wedding brawl was something their marriage didn’t manage to survive. 

image courtesy of anon poster and Women of Tomorrow/ Flickr

By how quickly the events unfolded, we think it’s safe to say that not everyone in the family agreed with the wedding or at least the partner. Well, at least neither side didn’t have to endure years of awkward dinners and family reunions. 

The Force Is Not Strong With This One

One of the marvelous things about Star Wars is its ability to bring people together. Little did we know, though, that it can also tear people apart. But not just the films. More specifically, it’s the puns that come with them. 

image courtesy of anon poster

We get that too many bad Star Wars puns can be grating, especially if you’re a fan of the franchise, but don’t they think divorcing over that is going a tad overboard? Who knows? There might come a day when she needs an awful and silly pun to brighten her day. 

Good Case

You might love a person, but some things can make you question why you love them in the first place. In this instance, though, it’s not even a question of love anymore. It is a question of sanity and morality. 

image courtesy of anon poster and thesoupcanygk/ Twitter

While her reasons may sound ludicrous, we do completely get it. To some people, once something gets on their nerves, it just builds up until it hits a breaking point. At least she got out early before someone got terribly hurt, right?

What A Load Of Garbage

Now, this one makes us want to punch somebody in the face. See, you get divorced over things like irreconcilable differences, financial problems, children, affairs, or something like that and not because you suddenly realized you don’t like them anymore. What are you, 9? 

image courtesy of anon poster

Apparently, though, in this day and age, people definitely do things like this. Remember, it’s generally a good idea to actually like your partner before asking them to marry you and ideally spend the rest of their life with you. 

Zip It

If you didn’t like the way someone talked, or if you didn’t like the way someone gobbled their food down, would you still date them? These things don’t always become part of the other person’s charm in the long run, after all, so we’re wondering what happened here. 

image courtesy of anon poster and SamHealey/ Reddit

If he didn’t like the way she talked, maybe he should have just left her alone in the first place. She doesn’t need a controlling partner like him in her life, and she is definitely better off without him in the picture. 

Lost In Translation

Couples that separately speak multiple languages don’t really encounter any problems with a language barrier as long as they have one common language. Apparently, the trouble starts when one of them starts using a language the other doesn’t speak to talk about them behind their back. 

image courtesy of anon poster

Talking about your spouse behind their back is quite normal. There are, after all, some things you just can’t say to their face. But using another language and doing it while they’re in earshot, really? That’s just childish and mean. 

Tupperware Wars

In divorces, people don’t just fight about relationships or feelings. They also fight about money, houses, children, properties, and other assets or possessions. People will fight over anything that has value, so you can imagine the lawyer’s surprise with this one. 

image courtesy of anon poster and elizaboothy/ Flickr

We can completely imagine the weeks of stress he had to endure and how many referee jobs he had to do and only to discover that it was all about Tupperware. We would get it if it were at least fake china. Get a life, people.


In this day and age, it’s actually pretty amazing to see those old couples that have been together for well over half a century. It becomes even more amazing, though, albeit heartbreaking, to see them decide to divorce, especially for reasons like this one. 

image courtesy of anon poster

Clearly, someone wasn’t happy with her new hobby. We wonder, though, what really pushed him after all this time to finally decide to divorce her just because of bingo. We also wonder how many times she went after the divorce. 

Sleep Priorities

Sleep is important. Even in relationships, one has to account for sleep. After all, enough sleep maintains physical, emotional, and mental health, and you need all those to maintain your relationship. Sadly for this couple, that lack of proper sleep might have just been the death knell for their relationship. 

image courtesy of anon poster and marian_moss/ Flickr

We think it might have been a lot nicer if they’d talked it over first. They could have even gone to a marriage counselor. That part where he’d lock her out of the bedroom is just kind of brutal and a bad sign for the rest of their relationship, don’t you think?

Never Going To Be Good Enough

Here’s a case that many of us know pretty well, thanks to TV and the internet. There are plenty of entitled people out there in the world who expect their partners not only to love them but to worship them and the ground they walk on.

image courtesy of anon poster

Many people would already be over the moon if their partner remembered their birthday and got them a cake or something simple, but this woman was just not having any of that. We hope the guy found someone who actually appreciates and deserves his kind gestures. 

Didn’t Know Spirituality Could Be So Sneaky

For some people, having their partner claim that they can speak to the dead is already ground for a divorce, and we get it. That can be pretty freaky to live with. This story, though, takes it a lot further than that. 

image courtesy of anon poster

This story is crazy enough to actually be the background story of a revenge movie where the wife just goes crazy and decides to take back everything he conned her out of. Seriously though, this poor woman needs some justice. 

Gotta Make Your Own Way. Pal

Generally, when people get married, there’s the expectation that they will be making their own way together in the world, which includes providing for themselves and leaving the nest. Apparently, though, some people don’t want to follow that norm. 

image courtesy of anon poster and oatsy40/ Flickr

Unfortunately for this guy, going against the expectations didn’t end too well for him. Married couples need their own space, of course. They’re going to be building their own life, after all. This guy wasn’t ready to grow up, and by the time he does, it will be too late. 

Find The Stories Elsewhere

It can be frustrating or annoying to be around someone who isn’t that great at telling stories. They can be all over the place; they can give away the punchline before they should, or they could be plain boring. Regardless, we don’t really think it’s enough to demand a divorce. 

image courtesy of anon poster

If he really did love her, though, we think they could have worked through her storytelling skills. And as it turns out, that’s not the only reason he wants to get away. Funnily enough, he’s still the villain of the story, either way. 

The Great Betrayal

There are plenty of vegetarians, vegans, and pescatarians who really take their diet and beliefs seriously and would totally give their partners a lot of trouble for feeding them something they don’t want to eat, and they have a right about it.

image courtesy of anon poster and ShaopengPitt/ Flickr

This dude really doesn’t realize how traumatizing what he did is to non-meat eaters. While it might be difficult at first to have very different diets when you’re living and cooking in the same house, the key here is respect.

Coupons For Life!

Whether you’re married or not, a good coupon is a good coupon. There’s no shame in using them if you’re getting a really great deal. Apparently, some people can take it overboard with the coupon game to the point that it destroys their marriage. 

image courtesy of anon poster

We can just imagine how grating it must have been for this guy to know that every time he’s in the bathroom doing his business, there’s someone at the door listening in and calculating how much toilet paper he uses. It just makes us cringe as well. 

The Starbucks Affair

If we’re going to be completely honest, there is probably no other divorce reason that could be so first-world such as this one. Of all places, Starbucks? It’s the most overrated place there is; it’s not even as good as it’s cracked up to be. 

image courtesy of anon poster and buttercream_bae/ Reddit

Sure, you can splurge once in a while and get yourself that venti iced whatever concoction you get, but spending $65 a week in that place is just silly. We’d probably think of divorce, too, if we were that woman. 

Cheeky Parakeet

Divorce is a messy affair, and it’s just never fun. Sorry not sorry for this one, but the reason for this couple’s divorce had us cracking up. It’s bad enough to get insulted by people, but getting insulted by your pet? That’s a different kind of hurt. 

image courtesy of anon poster and neehaw92/ Reddit

Imagine coming home from a long and stressful day at work only to be greeted by your sweet bird cussing you out. That would definitely put an additional damper on your day. It’s such a passive-aggressive way to tell your spouse that you’ve lost the love for them too. Wow. 

You Got Pranked!

These days, we can see all these couples on social media pranking each other, and while we do admit that a lot of them are fun to watch, there is always that thought at the back of our heads going, “what if they go too far?”

image courtesy of anon poster

Pranks are good in a relationship unless, of course, you’re not into that. For some couples, it offers fun and a good bout of spontaneity. It’s best to know the limits. What might be funny to you might be the final straw for your partner. 

Doggie Diet Divorce

For many pet owners, pets are the first children, and they take their care very seriously. And how their partner takes care of the pet gives them clues as to how they’ll take care of them or their future children. 

image courtesy of anon poster and Amockdfw89/ Reddit

We get it. Health is important, and there are drawbacks to overfeeding, but maybe a talk about doggie health could have better worked than divorce. Who knows? Plus, fat dogs don’t always necessarily mean fat kids, right? There must be more to this story…

Mama Knows Best

We’ve all heard about the scary and horrifying mother-in-law stories, right? There are so many out there that can have you second-guessing if marriage really is worth it. Be thankful if you don’t get a mother-in-law like this one. 

image courtesy of anon poster

We know that they want the best for their kids, and they want them to live a happy life, but seriously, someone should give a wake-up call to these ladies and tell them that the married people’s parents don’t decide on divorce. 

Food = Sacred

Now, this one isn’t so much weird as outrageous. We know that food is sacred, and some people really don’t like sharing it, but when you get married, you can expect some kind of sharing to go on unless you have an iron-clad agreement not to do so. 

image courtesy of anon poster and chapendra/ Flickr

To be fair, though, if we were in his place and if she really did keep eating up all his stuff all the time, especially in those moments when she says she’s not hungry or she doesn’t like the food, we’d flip too. Also, does he remind anyone else of Joey from Friends?

A Rationed Marriage

Whether we want to admit it or not, money plays a major part in any relationship. It can even be the downfall of one. It could be that one partner loves blowing up cash, or in this case, it could be that they’re the very embodiment of a penny-pincher. 

image courtesy of anon poster

From rationing the toilet paper to getting home haircuts and all that, it can be pretty easy to feel stifled in that house. And we’re pretty sure those aren’t the only things, so we aren’t surprised this marriage fell apart. 

Nothing Like A Deserving Divorce

There are some marriages that you don’t want to see dissolve, like the high school sweetheart couple you’ve known since you were kids or the sweet old couple across the road. Then, there are just some marriages that need to end.

image courtesy of anon poster

First of all, no one has any right to say, “I give you three chances to give me a son.” We’re not stuck in the middle ages anymore, for Pete’s sake. Plus, he’s not royalty either. It’s a shame she married him in the first place. 

Shower Curtains Are Important

Marriage is a partnership. And in that partnership, you expect you and your partner to help each other and divide the work. Oftentimes, when someone falls short in that responsibility, there’s tension. In some cases, there’s divorce. 

image courtesy of anon poster and Cereal_png/ Reddit

What is with this shower curtain? Did it hold a symbolic significance for them? Was it the breaking point of so many things that have been building up? Or was it code for something else? It must have been something big to lead to divorce. 

Not So Prim and Proper, After All

Royals know many people from all over, but even though their network is large, we all know that they love keeping their dating pools limited. That is to say, they won’t find their partner in the local mall and much less on the internet.

image courtesy of anon poster

We feel sorry for the husband, who didn’t even know that his wife was unhappy or unsatisfied with their marriage until her announcement. Still, how could she not have fact-checked the man she was ruining her marriage for, especially someone who claims to be a prince?

Daddy’s Girl

No matter how much planning or how much thinking you do, you won’t be able to foresee everything that will happen once the vows have been said. Take this guy. Surely, he didn’t see murder in the cards when he got married. 

image courtesy of anon poster

While the murder part in itself isn’t enough grounds for divorce, it’s the wife’s reaction to it that seals the deal. We get that he’s her dad, but clearly, her moral compass has gone quite askew. She needs some therapy. 

When The In-Laws Win

Everybody knows that partners won’t always get along with in-laws, but if your spouse starts fighting with them on the very first night of your marriage, we’re sad to say it might not get any better in weeks or years to come. 

image courtesy of anon poster and Lua Semisi/ Flickr

We wonder what the fight could have been that had this guy packing and leaving at an ungodly hour on the first night of his marriage. Surely, he could have still tried to work it out with his new wife, right?

Scrapbooking Stuff vs. Junk Cars

It’s nice for spouses to have their own hobbies. For this couple, those hobbies might have been part of the reason each of them reached the point that they actually set out to destroy the things the other one loved. 

image courtesy of anon poster

As it seems, these two simply weren’t a good fit for each other. It makes us wonder why they married each other in the first place. So lesson learned; before marrying someone, make sure you could stand them and their hobbies, alright?

Kitty vs. Kiddies

We’re sure you’ve heard of couples arguing for custody over their pets. After all, each person spent time with said pets. But have you ever heard of a divorcing couple arguing custody over their pet even more than their children?

image courtesy of anon poster and gerbilminion/ Reddit

The husband and wife called it different names and fed it different times, and we all know the cat just cared about being fed. The kids, meanwhile, those poor dears, got nothing. Hopefully, both the cat and the children found better homes. 

The Hose Battle

While some people immediately pack up and leave when they find something they disagree with their spouse on, some people take the passive-aggressive route up and stick around until their breaking point, as is the case for this woman. 

image courtesy of anon poster

As it seems, not a decent conversation was made to address the issue in this case. But perhaps the hose was just the icing on the cake. If he’d rather wash his cars all day than talk to his wife, then there is definitely a problem there. 

Not The Right Way Out Of Debt, Bucko

Gambling is a serious thing. Not only can it mess up your financials, but it can also mess up your personal life and your relationships with other people. This guy was actually willing to sacrifice his marriage to pay for his bad decisions. 

image courtesy of anon poster and domitille parent/ Flickr

The worst part about it all is that he didn’t even seem even remotely remorseful about it. We guess, in the end, his debts weighed far more than his desire not to leave his wife. We could only hope she found a better life away from all that. 

Those Must Be Some Pretty Awesome Pinball Machines

If you’ve ever tried collecting things, especially over many years, you know just how attached you can become to them. However, we have never heard of anyone choosing their collections over the person they chose to spend their life with. 

image courtesy of anon poster and Jeff Wolfe/ Flickr

It’s like this guy answered one of those “if a building were burning, who would you save?” questions, and ultimately, the truth got out. At least now the ex-wife knows that if a guy looks at his toys with a lot more love than he does when he looks at her, it’s time to get out of there.

The Complexities of Loud Chewing

Loud chewing and loud smacking can be pretty irritating to some of us, but that doesn’t mean we always have to avoid eating with the person who does it. For some people, it does get bad enough that leaving the table might not be enough. 

image courtesy of anon poster

Interestingly, there is a condition called misophonia where certain sounds trigger unreasonable responses in people. As it seems, this might just be what the husband has. Still, though, doesn’t divorce sound a bit drastic? Maybe he could have tried earplugs first?

They Didn’t Predict Divorce In The Cards?

We see cases of married couples divorcing all the time because of financial issues, and a lot of these cases involve a spouse spending too much on things like clothes, cars, weird wellness retreats, or in rare cases like this one, psychic hotlines. 

image courtesy of anon poster and Claire Winter/ Flickr

What kind of psychic hotlines are these? She spent over $42 000 on them. The least they could have done was predict that her marriage was soon coming to an end. That and that she’d be paying so much more for the divorce. 

Bad, Bad Parents

This one isn’t really absurd, but it’s sad. It’s not even about the divorce itself. The ex-couple didn’t have any problem whatsoever about the separation and subsequent divorce. They just had trouble deciding who would get custody of the kids. 

image courtesy of anon poster and Nora Molnar/ Flickr

Unlike most divorce cases where the parents fight tooth and nail to keep the kids, these parents were the complete opposite. Why did they even have kids if neither of them wanted the responsibility of having kids? Jeez. The kids deserve better.